The tales after the crumbling

Little drabbles of stuff after the events in Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children trilogy.Some dark stuff and whump.Please, if you don’t like that type of stuff, don’t read.


Author's note

Enjoy, if this is your cup of tea.

2. Come on out

I couldn’t hide forever behind a rocking chair.They’d notice all common hiding areas, the rocking chair being the best option.Even if they didn’t try to search, Miss Peregrine would know.No one else had survived the enticing beds or alluring nature of sleep except for a few.And those few would have left a while ago.I couldn’t, unless I wanted to be caught.That was one of the few downsides of being invisible.You can’t really pass the blame on someone else or pretend to be them.It’d be overly noticeable in more or less every aspect.Even if you were good at imitating someone’s voice and personality, you’d be expected to come out and say ‘hello’ or something.

“Millard, please come on out”

I sighed dismally.They knew already.I had two options, run back to the room, or come out and basically admit defeat.It would be more embarrassing to get scolded in front of everyone in the morning.I straightened up to my full height and pulled on the large, pooling-around-my-feet bathrobe, tying it in the middle and buttoning all of the buttons.No way was I going in front of Jacob’s parents naked or allowing the bathrobe to billow around my feet in a manner that would be showing those areas if I had been visible.I wanted to make a more formal image of myself.Though, I suppose that had already been ruined when I first met Jacob’s father.No matter.That was in the past.I strode out from behind the rocking chair, expecting one of Jacob’s parents to become angered at my blatent, momentary thievery of their bathrobe.Instead, they stared at me.I rapidly became uncomfortable with the stares.

Jj“I’m...sor-ry?”I said unsurly.I felt an awful guilt burn at my insides.

I inhaled deeply.”I’m sorry... for..... eavesdropping.... on your conversation.... and borrowing the...... bathrobe”I finished lamely.I hung my head slightly.Not like they could notice me anyhow.

“.....He’s invisible.”

The mother spoke and the father nodded his agreement at the obvious statement.Oh.

”Yes he’s got quite the peculiarity”

I could feel my cheeks begin to heat up.I averted my eyes.

“Erm, well.... goodnight, I...... guess”

I turned to leave and couldn’t help but notice the stunned expressions once more.One shook themselves out of the trance.

“Wait” The mother said darkly.

I shuddered and turned around to see the mother fix me with a scolding glare.I gulped.

”Yes ma’am?”

“Explain yourself” Miss Peregrine said lightly, beating Jacob’s mother to the punch.

“I-I was.... wondering what you were......”I trailed off.I gulped down the nervousness flooding me. 

I started up again, steeling my voice.

“I was wondering what you were talking about.”

Well, now my excuse sounded really pathetic.At least it was honest.Still, I could feel a blush creep into my cheeks.

“Is that all?” Miss Peregrine asked.She seemed surprised.I guess that would be expected, seeing as to how we were never so... straightforward... about our answers.

“Well, what were you expecting to hear?”

“... I... don’t know.” I admitted, ashamed.I thought I could get away from the conversation with some new information.So far, nothing.Meaning, I had either just wasted my time, or this was going to be an extraordinarily long conversation.

”..... Well, you can sit and listen with our little Jakie” His father said affectionately while ruffling his hair.Jacob became a bright red and his mother smiled down on him lovingly.

I blinked, startled by their invitation. ”Thank you” I replied after a moment, grateful for their kindness.Jacob and his mom made room for me to sit between them.                                 And they began talking once more.

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