"An alpha controls and protects the pack, not the other way around."


1. Zéro

It's almost been a year since the government done messed up. When they thought they could recreate the human DNA by mixing it with animals to make us "better" I guess.

The one used the most was a mixture of dog and or wolf DNA. Wasn't the best idea might I add, but when was something that involves DNA testing that had no medical reasons a smart choice? The correct answer is NEVER! 

They ended up making them far to close to these canines. Making it so they could... Turn into the animals like werewolves from the movies and crap. It was something that took the world by storm causing the world to burn. Only a few people were said to survive, so those people would work to make sure every last wolf would burn. The only thing that stopped most packs of wolves from being wiped out was the Alpha.

A feared member that no one ever can say they stood face to face with. Many said once they see you harm one of there own. You're a dead man, the rest, on the other hand, were easy to take out you had to simply hide in a tree and wait for them to go into your sight.

But an alpha was something to fear and you always knew when one was in the area simply from the aura they carried with them. It was the darkest thing imaginable. That was only when they were in human form let me remind you. In a wolf form, you can tell by the dark eyes and larger body structure.

My whole life I've only run into Omega and Betas which were a hassle as well since you only had seconds to shoot before they got help. But the one day I had run into the alpha, I wish I have never had even entered that area...

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