Claw Marks and Corridors

Felicity saw something she shouldn't have. A dead girl in the bathroom at school. Not just any girl, Robin Cross, the head girl. Since that night all she's had in her head is images of a creature ravaging her body. But Robin was just stabbed excessively, right?

Felicity's life is shattering as she struggles to find the truth and anyone who will believe her. Even the corridors start to not feel safe anymore.

*First Draft*


Author's note

This is a first draft, meaning that a couple of the chapters are going to be changed/need serious editing at some point! Please bare this in mind.

3. Two


Half an hour earlier

"What about this?" 

I raised my eyes from my phone to see April come out of her en-suite for the fifth time. I just lowered my eyes back down and shrugged.  

She made an exasperated noise. "You didn't even look, Fe!" 

"It looks great," I commented and met her eyes, trying a convincing smile. She just scowled back, her large eyes scrunching below her bucket fringe. 

She gripped at the skirt of the bright yellow dress and frowned in thought. "You don't think it's too bright next to my hair?" 


April sighed but still smiled at me. "Why do we both have to have no fashion knowledge? At least one of us should, in this friendship." 

I just rolled my eyes at her and she giggled before she went back into her bathroom. 

If she wanted to wear it, she could, I was getting sick of waiting. As for her hair, I was envious. It was always soft and straight, this perfect gingery colour. Mine was a complete contrast, thick and wavy, constantly matting itself up. It was a shade of light brown which always looked washed out when I stood next to April. As we were similar heights, we always stood next to each other in school photos and it was almost funny how much April stood out, and then I was just that, pale looking child next to her. April's parents had all of the school photos from many years on their wall in the dining room. 

April emerged from the bathroom again, full make up on. She giggled like an excited child and ran to her dresser to get her bag. It was the usual thing from April. It was like she had an inner child in her which was a bit annoying at times but it was also slightly sweet. Or maybe she just seemed more childish when she giggled because on normal days she chose to wear her dark ginger hair in two bunches. Her face was also smooth and spotless, and she had these forever rosy cheeks, indicating she was more youthful than she actually was. I was constantly annoyed that she was older than me by a few months but I had more spots on my face. It mixed with my freckles too so you couldn't tell the difference almost; I was just speckled and pale.  

"We're so late, Fe!" April exclaimed as she had checked the time on her phone. I already knew we were. 

"And whose fault is that?" I muttered under my breath but she heard me and just giggled again. 

She was busy shoving things into her small bag. "I was one of the ones who organised it, it doesn't look very good me being late." 

I just shrugged at her, still leaning against her doorframe. I hadn't wanted to go to the dance this evening anyway. April had said it was called the 'De-Stress Dance', a school council invention, to help us all 'chill' as exam season was fast approaching. I think I was more stressed having to wait for April to pick a dress, and deal with the fact that the temperature was too high at the moment.  

I'd picked my outfit in all of five minutes, but she'd taken at least half an hour. It basically summed up how little I cared for my appearance, and how much she tried to look good. I was however, a little sceptical about that, when she picked out a dark blue cardigan that clashed very badly with the yellow. At least I thought, we can look bad together. It was all very trivial to me anyway. 

Finally, she was ready, gave me a twirl and asked, "how do I look?" 

"You looked fine an hour ago," I replied quietly and April rolled her eyes, bouncing to the door.  

She pushed me through and towards her large staircase. "Come on, grumpy-pants, let's go!" 

We exited her house and climbed into the little car in her driveway. I sulked in my seat as she pulled out on to the road and wished that I didn't have to go anywhere. If only I'd stuck my heels in... 

April grinned at me sideways as she gripped the steering wheel and rounded a bend. 

"You giving me the silent treatment?" she asked me with a little bit of humour in her voice. 


She giggled slightly. "I already said I was sorry, Fe." 

"Whatever," I replied with a shrug, looking out at the dark scenery flashing past the window. 

"We'll only be about half an hour late," April informed me as we pulled out onto a wider road which I knew lead all the way to the school, our destination. 

I sighed at her. "All the good snacks will be gone." 

"I know where more snacks are, to keep the bowls in the hall stocked up," April commented and I looked round to see her with a sneaky grin on her face. "I can get you a whole big bag of crisps or something." 

I finally allowed myself to smile back at her. "That almost makes up for having to wait for you." 

April focused completely on the road again as we entered the local town. I was also jealous that she could drive and had her own car, albeit a second hand, Peugeot which was from about 2004. I couldn't persuade my parents into paying for lessons and no matter how many hours I worked in their little vegetable store, I never accumulated enough savings to be able to pay regularly for lessons. I didn't know how some of the other people in Sixth Form had done it, it must have costed them all a small fortunate, or they just had rich parents who paid for everything. I think the latter was the case with April. 

After about 10 minutes of driving we approached the school, a few of its windows on the ground floor lit up in an orangey glow. It looked weird at night time, tall and mysterious, with proper old carved stone on the outside like the original school it had been before. We parked up in the car-park in front of it, April muttering away and rushing to find deodorant in the boot because she thought she smelled bad. 

I climbed out too, getting my black jacket out and coughing slightly as April sprayed a cloud of body spray in my direction. I tried not to grumble too much at her as she flurried about and remarked again about how fantastic the decorations were, something which she had done for the whole day. 

"Well, if we go inside, I can see for myself," I told her and she giggled as she slammed the boot and hooked an arm around mine. 

"Good plan." She grinned as we started to make our way inside. 

The reception was dark and uninhabited as we passed it and made our way through to the main corridor. It was dimly lit making it seem spookier than on a normal school day. There were purple and gold streamers hung from the ceiling, leading all the way around the corner at the end of the corridor and to the sports hall. When you turned the corner, it was like walking into the future as anything further than the main corridor had been revamped and modernised. 

A guy in a green tuxedo was waiting at a table, set up by the double doors ahead. He lifted his head when he spotted us approaching. 

"Hello ladies," he started and his accent was incredibly posh, it sounded like he came from a Private School and not Valley Rooks, the underachieving school which April and I had grown up in. 

"Hey Dalton!" April was first to reply and she had a huge grin on her face, it was almost too much, it looked like it might break her face. 

"You got your tickets?" He held his hand out as he grinned back. 

"Yeah," April replied and she pulled them from her pocket. I'd entrusted her with mine too. 

Dalton took them and placed them in a small cardboard box which was almost full of purple tickets, and then looked back up at us. "You're a bit late but no matter, you can still enjoy yourselves," he said and April was practically exploding as she grinned again and nodded. I now understood why she was so worried about looking and smelling nice. 

I wanted to roll my eyes but didn't as Dalton gestured for us to enter and I followed April into the hall. I had to hand it to her that the decorations were nice. More purple and gold streamers hung from the ceiling along with light strings which drooped down, creating a clear circle in the middle where some people were dancing to the slow, ambient sounding music, coming from the speaker set at the back. 

"Isn't it wonderful?" April exclaimed loudly as she was pulling me towards the table to get some food. "I think it's fantastic, if I do say so myself." 

I just grunted in reply, as I unstuck some hair from my face. I was sweaty and hot, my dress was still as uncomfortable as it had been when I'd first put it on, and although the decorations were worth appreciating I didn't care much else for the rest of it. 

"What do you think of Dalton?" April asked like it was a casual question but I had already seen her reaction around him. It was like a cheesy crush romance which you got in high school. I knew we'd only left High School last year but I wanted to remind her she was going to be 18 next year. Maybe because we still went to Sixth Form, in the same school building, it was still making her act like a High School kid. 

Whatever my opinions, I just shrugged as she handed me a bag of crisps she'd got out from a box under the table. 

"Well, he's lovely," April commented after my unresponsiveness and she looked misty eyed as she filled a plastic cup with juice. "He's on the school council too you know."  

"Right," I replied. That confirmed that Dalton had been the one I saw her walking out of the school council office with every meeting. I took the juice she was giving me and gulped some of it down. Nothing was pleasant about room temperature orange juice and it didn't make me feel better. 

April continued to jabber about Dalton as we found ourselves seats to sit on around the edge of the hall. I pretended to listen as I munched on my crisps and watched the dancers in the middle of the hall. 

I took another gulp of warm juice, grimacing slightly. I was feeling hot again, the few main lights that were on melting my make up some more. I tried dabbing at my face with a napkin but it was no use, I needed to properly wash it to get the melted disaster off it. 

I passed April the rest of my snack and drink as I muttered to her mid-way through her sentence, "I'm going to the toilet." 

She paused her commentary and nodded. "Okay." 

I got up, adjusted the skirt of my dress, and made my way around the outside of the room to the double doors again. I passed back through the entrance to the hall mumbling, "bathroom," back at Dalton's questioning look. Later, I would wish that he'd stopped me. 

Slowly, I made my way back around the corner and down the corridor. I took my jacket off as I walked, pushing my way through the bathroom door on my right. That's when the night changed. 



A/N: I'm planning to change this chapter. I've written it about three times and I still can't get it right. Any suggestions, let me know. 

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