Claw Marks and Corridors

Felicity saw something she shouldn't have. A dead girl in the bathroom at school. Not just any girl, Robin Cross, the head girl. Since that night all she's had in her head is images of a creature ravaging her body. But Robin was just stabbed excessively, right?

Felicity's life is shattering as she struggles to find the truth and anyone who will believe her. Even the corridors start to not feel safe anymore.

*First Draft*


Author's note

This is a first draft, meaning that a couple of the chapters are going to be changed/need serious editing at some point! Please bare this in mind.

26. Twenty-Five


As far as potential bad decisions go, deciding to sit in a field at night is probably one of those things. Especially when there's something deadly which might come around the corner or emerge from a bush at any moment. I sat cross legged on the slightly damp ground, Ric beside me, the knife laid in front of us and a lamp you might use for camping. It cast a small yellowy circle of light around us, enough to see each other through the darkness, lighting up our faces.

Stars were piercing through the dark blue of the sky, not quite completely dark yet, shadowy clouds swarming closer. It was exactly like the kind of sky you would get in a horror film, which didn't exactly help the current situation and my internal emotions. Except nothing remotely scary had yet happened so I didn't need to worry. The only thing after our blood was mosquitoes.

"Maybe this is a stupid idea," Ric suddenly spoke up after about 15 minutes of silence.

I looked round at him and tried to appear more hopeful than I felt. "I don't know, I did see something in this field before."

Ric nodded. "I know... It's just we don't even have the camera yet."

I sighed slightly. "I know." I paused. "We can go if you want."

Ric shook his head quickly back at me. "No, this was my idea. I want to stay here for a while."

"Okay." I tried a smile. "Me too."

We fell to silence again. It had been pretty much this kind of thing for the past hour; second guessing our decision, sitting in silence, wondering if there was no point to this and then repeat. I hoped that there would be something to break the silence so our sitting there wasn't for nothing.

"I used to star gaze a lot," Ric said, causing me to raise my head. At least he'd broken the cycle again. "I'd lay in the back garden and try to look for constellations," he continued. "That's when I saw something in the garden, and then I just stopped going out there. I was too scared." He glanced up at the sky like he was in awe of it.

I looked up too, the twinkling stars which seemed to be never ending and the blackness that could stretch forever. It was breath-taking when you thought about it too much.

"It makes me feel so small," I commented, wrapping my arms around my knees.

"Yeah," Ric agreed and lent back so he was laying on the ground, looking up rather than craning his neck. He pointed to something and explained, "that's Cassiopeia... kind of looks like an upside down w." I watched him trace a W in the sky and tried to spot it in the stars.

"Yeah, I see it," I replied after a few minutes and looked round to see Ric grinning at me.

He nodded back at the sky and pointed again. "The kind of frying pan shape, I guess you might say, that's Ursa Minor."

I looked again and it took a few minutes before I saw it too.

"And that bright star there, that's Sirius," he added.

I smiled, impressed with his knowledge. "How did you learn all these names?"

"Like I said," he replied as he sat up again, "I used to look at the stars a lot. I bought myself a book so I could actually start naming things."

"Couldn't anyone really make a constellation?" I mused and joined up stars in my head as I looked at them. "Like it's just dot to dot?"

Ric laughed slightly. "I guess you're kind of right."

"So, you could like make a constellation of your face if you really wanted," I continued, trying not to laugh at my own words. I clearly wasn't taking the constellation spotting as seriously.

Ric laughed again. "If you wanted, but it might take a bit more star joining."

"Or it could just be a stickman," I suggested as I looked round at him, seeing his amused expression as he was now looking at me instead of the stars.

"I think you're more complex than a stick man," he replied. "After all, I think the complex constellations are more fascinating."

I smiled slightly. "Was that a compliment?"

"I suppose so." He grinned back and we fell into comfortable silence again, the laughter still lingering in the air. It wasn't so scary feeling in the field anymore. Until the cracking of twigs broke the smiles as though someone had chosen to ruin this moment in particular.

Ric grabbed for the lamp, jumping to his feet and I scrambled for the knife. He held his arm out, his shoulders tensing up as he began walking towards the hedge. I followed, breath sticking in my throat. His shoes scudded over the ground before we reached the hedge and he stopped quickly, causing me to walk into his shoulder.

I would have apologised if I wasn't so quick to look around him to see what was there. I frowned in confusion as through the hedge came crawling someone, obviously a human form.

"Who's there?" Ric called out as we couldn't quite see their features in the low light. It reminded me again of horror films, where you always felt it stupid that the character would call anything out.

They pushed themselves to their feet and Ric and I drew a little closer, the light catching on their hair. Pink hair. I frowned.

"Abi-Rose?" Her face fully met the light and I blinked at her, confused. "What... What are you doing here?"

She seemed almost angry, the orange light making her look borderline slightly evil. "You said I could help."

"Um... I... How did you know we were here?" I questioned her, still confused. I had fully stepped round Ric, pushing the knife carefully into an inside pocket of my jacket. I didn't think waving knives around would look good.

She crossed her arms firmly. "You must have data switched on, I found your location," she explained and I abandoned the first idea, that had popped into my head, about her having weird psychic abilities. "You said I could help."

"I... I'm sorry, we were just..." I was still shocked, still not quite finding the words.

"We were just star gazing," Ric offered as a solution and she turned her eyes to him, frowning some more.

"Who are you?" she demanded to know.

"Ric," he replied simply.

"Abi-Rose," she replied back. "Felicity told me everything."

"Everything?" he questioned and I saw his eyes turn to me, wondering what I had said. I hadn't told him Abi-Rose was now in on all our theories.

"If running about in fields at 10 at night isn't monster hunting, then I don't know what is," she continued and her smile was creepy in the orange light. She pointed to her clothing. "I even wore camouflage."

She was certainly taking it all very seriously.

Ric readjusted his hand on the lamp again and shot me a look I couldn't quite read. I had a suspicion he was annoyed with me in some way, but we had wanted more people to believe us. And Abi-Rose did. He should have been pleased about her sudden presence.

"Nothing's really happened tonight," I informed her and shrugged.

"And you were just sitting there right?" Abi-Rose asked and smiled jauntily. I nodded back and she sniffed through her nose like she was going to laugh. "You call that monster hunting?"

I shrugged. My idea had been to wait it out for something to appear. Abi-Rose clearly had other ideas.

She opened her bag, and pulled out a torch and a cricket bat, that I had somehow failed to notice sticking out of it. Even more like a horror film. Why did people always pick a bat?

She grinned wildly and exclaimed, "come on!"

She started to walk forwards, a bounce in her step as she went around as and started to trudge across the field. I shared a look with Ric before he shrugged slightly and stepped forward to follow her. I thought about whether this was a good idea for a few seconds before doing the same, sticking close to the others so I could see where I was going. Abi-Rose was ahead, oozing determination and this kind of feeling that she was about to destruct anything in her path. She battered through some of the bushes at the edge of the field, leading to the next one.

"If it won't come to us, we'll go to it," she muttered in a grim voice and I could imagine another creepy smile to go with it. It was an almost alarming side of her character, but I reminded myself she had lost her friend. Grief does things to people. It had even done strange things to me and I didn't know Robin as well. I was carrying a knife in my pocket, and had been in my bag for a few days now, which was something I hadn't ever done in my life before. I'd never felt the need for it.

"We need blood," Abi-Rose called over her shoulder suddenly.

"W-What?" I said a little hesitantly.

"Blood," Abi-Rose repeated and stopped, looking back at us. "To draw it out."

"Um... Abi, I don't," Ric had started.

"First, it's Abi-Rose," she replied fiercely, "and yes, it is a good idea. Do you want to find this thing or not?"

Ric nodded and shut up again, overpowered by her manner. She paced back and forth slightly, thinking to herself. I just watched. Abi-Rose was clearly more of a leader than I would ever be. I was determined but not like Abi-Rose, it had seemed to take over her, make her seem fearless and bold.

She stopped pacing. "Anyone got a knife?"

"Um... yeah," I replied and slowly pulled it out from inside my jacket, hesitant to pass it over.

She took it quickly from me and before I could stop her she'd sliced across her hand. I gasped a little and Ric made a noise beside me. She winced and passed the knife back, squeezing her fist so that trickles of blood oozed and seeped from her fingers. She turned around, breathing raggedly.

"Come on!" she yelled suddenly. "Come and get me."

My heart beats were louder as I found myself gripping onto Ric's arm. He looked to me with wide eyes and then back to Abi-Rose. She screamed like a battle cry. Ric stepped forward and tugged at her shoulder.

"I don't-" he started.

"Shut up," she snapped and wrenched her shoulder away from him.

"This isn't-" he tried again.

"I said shut up!" she shrieked and she faced us again, nostrils flaring. The light caught on her features, on her pink hair, the blood on her hand, forming an enraged image of a girl before my eyes. The breath caught in my throat and I could smell the blood strongly.

She raised the cricket bat slightly, re adjusting both hands on it, and I gripped Ric's arm harder. For a few seconds she just stared fiercely at as and then Ric shook his head, passed me the lamp and stepped forward warily. My hand slipped from his arm.

"Okay, you need to calm down," he said and I had no idea how he was sounding and acting calm. "Just breathe okay."

"I am breathing," she snapped and turned away again. "Why is nothing coming for me?" She sounded enraged but hauntingly sad. "I want it to come here!"

Ric stepped forward again, gripped at her shoulder. She struggled and complained, but Ric was stronger than her, moving her backwards. Her face was now drenched with tears.

"Come on," he said gently. She was still reluctant to move, almost being dragged along, protesting all the while.

"I wanted to do something!" she grumbled, dragging the cricket bat with her. As she was forced further on some of the fight had drained from her. "I couldn't just sit there when I saw you were here."

"I know," Ric said and he rubbed at her shoulder. "I get it."

I trailed behind them, still breathing a little unevenly from the situation. There had been no monsters but that had been alarming. Abi-Rose was so full of grief that it was making her angry and lash out. And I felt like I was to blame for it. If I'd never put up those posters this wouldn't have happened. I'd encouraged her. She'd gone as far as to cut her own hand open.

Yet in some way I agreed with her. The blood might have drawn something out. We could have faced it head on... but what if it had killed us? I shuddered and tried not to think about it too much.

Abi-Rose and Ric were mumbling back and forth in front of me but I had tuned out. Both Abi-Rose and Ric had outburst angrily... and surely that was my fault. Was I just causing more problems? My continued belief, my persistence, it was bringing out the anger in other people and in me. I had felt it in my mind and body. I was angry.

I gripped tighter at the still bloody knife in my hand. The smell of the blood was still up my nose, flashing me back to the murder scene. There had been so much blood, so much red. Everywhere. The police had said a knife, like the one in my hand. Sick tried to get up my throat as I horrifyingly imagined this knife slashing at her. Me killing her. No. No. No.

I stumbled and the image cleared, breathes still coming quickly from my mouth. I wouldn't do something like that. I would NEVER do something like that.

I reached for a tissue to try and clear the blood away but the thoughts were still lingering. I wouldn't do that would I? I wouldn't hurt anyone. But you wanted to hurt the monster? I swallowed hard. Was I angry enough to kill it? Could I kill something? It deserved to die, didn't it?

I flashed back in to concentration as Abi-Rose suddenly ripped herself from Ric's slightly slackened grip. She shot off away across the field before I could blink properly. 

"Wait!" Ric shouted after her, grabbing the lamp from me and charging in her wake.

"Wait!" I echoed as I turned too but the two lights sources we had between us had ran away with them. I swore loudly and stumbled forward, fumbling for my phone in my pocket. The screen wasn't bright enough for me to see where I was going and nor did the damn thing have a torch function. I swore again, cursing it to hell as I put it back into my pocket.

"Ric!" I yelled but I could only hear the now distant crunch of running footsteps. I stopped in my stumbling forward, my mind racing and my heart thudding. Why hadn't I brought my bag too? It had a torch in it. Why wasn't there a full moon? I might have been able to see better then.

I couldn't run after them, I would trip and fall but I couldn't just stand here either. I started to edge forward again, swearing with almost every step. The knife handle was pressing into my hand firmly, the soil crumbling under my shoes, a bitter sting on my face from the wind but inside my blood was warm. It was pumping through me like fire, adrenaline and fear mixing together.

A jump shot through my body as a scream pierced the silence and my feet set me forward. The knife wobbled in my shaking, unsteady hands and I dropped it with a thud. I tried to fumble for it, undergrowth scratching me as I had come across another hedge. Then something else rustled against my skin, something warm and alive. Another scream rocketed through the silence. Except that time it was me.

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