Claw Marks and Corridors

Felicity saw something she shouldn't have. A dead girl in the bathroom at school. Not just any girl, Robin Cross, the head girl. Since that night all she's had in her head is images of a creature ravaging her body. But Robin was just stabbed excessively, right?

Felicity's life is shattering as she struggles to find the truth and anyone who will believe her. Even the corridors start to not feel safe anymore.

*First Draft*


Author's note

This is a first draft, meaning that a couple of the chapters are going to be changed/need serious editing at some point! Please bare this in mind.

38. Thirty-Seven


The silence was unmistakably nerve wracking. Amanda and I stared at each other, as though waiting for the other to speak. She didn't seem confused, anxious or scared of our presence. There was something so calm in her expression, but in a way that she was almost just completely in a different place, like her mind wasn't present to the situation.

Ric stepped forward to join me in front of her. "We need to ask you some questions," he started slowly. "I spoke to your sister, Matilda."

She still seemed expressionless. Ric pulled something from his pocket and showed it to her. I looked at it in his hand. It was the article about her attack.

"Do you remember this?" he questioned her. She didn't react at all to his voice or the article.

Amanda turned away again, looked out of the window through the break in the curtains. We waited in front of her quietly, Abi-Rose was fidgeting impatiently behind me. I shared a curious look with Ric.

"Another girl, she got attacked," I added. "Whatever it was, it killed her." I swallowed. "We need your help. We... We think whatever attacked you, hurt her too."

When I broke off she turned her head and looked at me. I thought I saw something different in her expression. Maybe I was getting through to her?

"Please... I'd just like to know, anything you remember," I continued. "Do you remember how it happened?"

She still said nothing but there was definitely something more connected in her eyes. She was listening to me.

"Something terrible is in that town," I pushed on. Maybe if I kept talking she would say something. "I can feel it... I don't know what it is." I took in another big breath. "And I got hurt too... By a rook, which doesn't make sense but I don't know... There's something off."

She stared at me for  a long time.

"Please," I urged. "We need your help." I looked back at Ric and he nodded me on in encouragement. "We've been piecing stuff together. Attacks, violent things that have happened and we think, we don't think whatever it was is human. It must be a monster. Something terrible. And... we think it must have attacked you too?"

Finally, she cleared her throat slightly. "Show me."

I stared back. What?

"Show me, where did it hurt you?" she expanded on her words. Her voice was soft and weak, almost like she never used it anymore, that it was just fading away.

I paused for a few seconds, awkwardly, before I turned slightly. I pulled up the back of my t-shirt and hoodie, wincing as I pulled back the padding over it. I felt the others eyes on it, heard their intake of breath as they seemed surprised at the damage. Amanda stared too, at the claw marks dragged through my skin and then reached out for my hand. She pulled me closer towards her. The t-shirt fell back in place over it. 

Her voice was hushed even more but something more like fear radiated through her tone. "It was the rooks."

"They hurt you too?"

I watched her brow crinkle, her eyes squished shut for a few seconds. "They cast bad luck... They're cursed."

"Cursed?" I bent forward a little closer. "What do you mean?"

She had her eyes shut again, like she had horrific scenes in her head. I held on to her hand tightly.


Her voice was still fear filled. "Haven't you ever wondered why it's called Rook Valley?" She paused. I could feel my heart beating hard against my rib cage. "All the time, you walk around there, they're flying around but you don't notice them. They're just common, like a feature, because we're used to them. We don't notice." Her eyes flew open and they looked wild. "Then they come for you... And you realise they're evil." She gripped at my hand so tight it almost hurt. "Get out of that town. Whilst you still can."

I tried to loosen her grip but she wouldn't let go. Her face was almost manic now. The others were at my shoulder, Abi-Rose muttered that maybe we should go. Yet I didn't move again, I stared at Amanda, waiting for more information. 

"They're cursed!" she repeated. "All of them."

Suddenly, she stood up and I almost tripped backwards at the sudden movement. Her hand ripped from mine and she rushed to the desk. She threw aside papers and books which she had on her desk. She ran to the drawer set in the corner, rattled the draws open. She threw clothes onto the floor.

"Amanda..." I could hear the shake in my own voice as I watched her.

"They've got to be killed!" she shouted. Abi-Rose pulled me back.

"Let's go," she muttered, eyes wide. "Come on... she's clearly mad."

I resisted being pulled back. "Fe... Come on!"

Amanda was still scrambling around manically. I could hear footsteps in the corridor, the door opened, voices muttered, "what... who are you?"

Then white dressed people were crowded around her, trying to push us back.

"Fe! Run," Abi-Rose yelled as she broke free from who was holding her, headed for the door. Ric tried to pull me back too, fight off the people around him.

Amanda was screaming manically, still trying to find something, whatever it was.

"Come on," Ric shouted.

I let him pull me backwards but Amanda suddenly turned, gripped hold of me. The people around her tried to detach her from me, were fiddling with needles and fluids to stab in to her. I felt her press something cold into my hand. "Find it!" she screamed and I didn't have time to question it as Ric yanked me backwards, and through the door.

"Run!" he yelled, as some of the people tried to grab us again. He pulled me with him down the corridor as they tried to follow.

I obeyed, turned properly around and sped forwards. My legs burned and my head was filled with noise. Amanda's screams were echoing in my head. Find it. Find it. Find it.

We rushed down the stairs, as shouting echoed down the fire escape, so many loud footsteps. Then bang, the door opened and we were out onto the sandy ground and then into the trees. Tripping, and scrambling through the branches and over the tree roots. Finally, out to the road and along the road where Abi-Rose was already firing up the car. I looked back over my shoulder but they hadn't followed us. I clambered into the car, my breathing fierce, the blood in my head rushing fast. I unfurled my hand and in my palm was a small, slightly rusted key. Questions erupted into my head.

What did this lead to? What would it help me find? And was Amanda really mad, or was she telling the truth? Was there really a curse?

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