Claw Marks and Corridors

Felicity saw something she shouldn't have. A dead girl in the bathroom at school. Not just any girl, Robin Cross, the head girl. Since that night all she's had in her head is images of a creature ravaging her body. But Robin was just stabbed excessively, right?

Felicity's life is shattering as she struggles to find the truth and anyone who will believe her. Even the corridors start to not feel safe anymore.

*First Draft*


Author's note

This is a first draft, meaning that a couple of the chapters are going to be changed/need serious editing at some point! Please bare this in mind.

43. Forty-Two


Abi-Rose stood panting over the body and for a few seconds all I could do was stare. Her eyes were wide and scared as she looked at the cages, all the rooks who were flapping and snapping about in them. If they could make any noise they would have been screaming. Screaming so loud.

"Oh my god," she whispered and the bat dropped from her hand.

Ric scrambled towards the farmer, felt at his neck for a pulse. "He's still alive, he's just out cold."

I let out a momentary breath but I still couldn't move. I was stuck on the floor.

"You saved us," Ric said breathlessly and Abi-Rose turned her head away. She was still looking baffled and scared at the same time.

"It was true," she whispered. "It was rooks."

Ric nodded back. His breaths were still raspy. ""How... How did you find us?"

I could hear sirens approaching. "I called them," she replied meekly.

I tried to get up, but I still couldn't. "Abi..." I tried talking but my voice was breathless. She spun her head around to look at me but screamed as she saw the blood on the floor. Her knees buckled and she went tumbling down.

"No!" she cried. "No!"

I pushed myself towards her, gripped hold of her as she shook and cried. "It's over now," I whispered. "It's over."

I heard the police outside, loud shouting voices. Ric ran to the opening of the barn. They swarmed inside. There were several 'what's' and swear words, confused voices. Ric was talking in a fast voice, trying to explain the farmer, what his plan had been. Police men were trying to make Abi-Rose and I stand up as we continued to cry. I looked over the man on the floor and then back to the blood. More sobs wobbled through my body but it wasn't just fear anymore, it wasn't just sadness, I was also relieved. It was okay. It was over. It was all over. We were safe.

The police forced us into cars and took us to the police station. They asked questions, so many questions and I answered every single one. My parents came rushing in, were hugging me, scared out of their minds. Abi-Rose was wailing in another room somewhere. Ric was being forced to sit still as a paramedic tried to sort out his injured face. He kept looking over at me across the station, trying to get to me but people pushed him back in a chair.

For hours and hours, it was just a manic frenzy, and then it was calm. The pieces fit into places, the police understood what had happened, what the farmer had done and everyone was in a state of shock. The reality had come through hard and it was as confusing as it was completely unexpected. That man and his father before him had trained those birds to become killers. They were the reason for the attacks, the blood dripped across the country side and most importantly, they had attacked Robin. That man had murdered her.

It wasn't a monster but it was something as equally monstrous. It almost didn't seem real that rooks, a species of bird could be altered like that, trained to hurt others but they had the proof. Research and books and the man, explaining it all to us on tape. Abi-Rose had been outside the barn, called the police, recorded the whole conversation which had happened, where he had confessed his actions. She'd found Ric and I by location search, through message-chat. She wanted to know what we were doing, wanted to help and it was our luck that she had come to investigate. I wouldn't be alive without her.

After the questions from the police were over, my parents kept on asking questions, hugging me again and again. They were scared, angry that I had got myself in harm's way but they were relieved too. There was a very large amount of that. Some of the tension inside me had broken. I knew, I finally knew. The answers had fallen in to place.

"Fe," Ric's voice called and my head moved up. I had been left in the waiting area whilst my parents spoke to the police once more. His face was heavily bruised from where he had been elbowed in the face, part of his lip swollen.

"We did it," I replied slowly and I stood up carefully, looked back at him. "We worked it out."

Ric nodded but he couldn't quite smile through his pain. "We did it."

I looked at him cautiously and I saw the sadness flicker in his eyes. "It's not what you wanted, is it?"

He shook his head slowly, looked at the ground. "I... I'm glad we know... but it was just science, anatomy that made those birds that way." He paused slightly. "Maybe I saw a bird once, but those other things I saw... I still don't know if they're real. We didn't find them."

I saw tears in his eyes. I reached out and pulled his chin up. "We can find them too."

He pulled back away from me. "No... It's no use."

I stepped forward again. "We can."

"Maybe I'm just a psycho," he muttered. He kept drawing back.

"No, don't say that," I replied quickly but before I knew it, he had took off towards the door. "Ric!"

I ran after him, banging the door of the police station shut behind me. I yelled after him again as he was running across the car-park. "Come back!" He kept running, I pushed on. "Ric!"

He kept running. I followed him. I tried to catch up.

"Please!" I yelled. "Cedric!"

He stopped and he turned. His face was sad and tormented as he looked at me. "Don't call me that."

I gripped his arm so he couldn't run off again. "Please, just wait."

"What's the point?" he asked and he ran his hands through his hair. "Nothing's changed."

"It has," I replied desperately. "We found the truth."

He kept shaking his head. "Yes, we did... But nothing's changed, Fe." He threw his hands up in the air. "I'm still the monster believing psycho that I've always been. What we found, that doesn't change that! You, you can go back to your perfect life, get your good grades and get out of this town. Me, I'll be stuck here with a stupid haunted past and no more life prospects, still believing that one day I will actually be able to prove what I saw. But I know I never will!"

"You're not a p-psycho," I stammered, tears clouding my vision. I gripped his arm tighter. "Just because what we found today was logical, it wasn't a monster, doesn't mean they don't exist." He looked about to protest again. "Every single time I mentioned a monster, you always believed me. You didn't doubt me so I'm not about to doubt you. I believe you. I believe in what you saw." I took in a big breath. "This, what we found, doesn't change what I believe, okay? Listen to me... We can find them. I don't care how long we have to search. We'll prove it okay."

"I don't know," he replied and he sounded distressed still. He looked like he might pull his hair out.

"Ric, please," I whispered and he met my eyes. His expression softened slightly. "I'll help you. You're not a psycho, I promise. We'll get the answers you need. We can get proof."

He stared back at me for a very long time, then his voice broke as he talked, "you really want to do that?"

I nodded back at him. "Yes. We'll find them. We found the answer to a murder, we did something not even the police could do. We did that together."

He raised his head from looking at the floor and slowly replied, "I know... I just... it's been so long since someone believed me. I thought, after what we found, you would stop believing."

I shook my head quickly. "No. And I'm not going to desert you, okay?" I told him firmly. "You didn't desert me, when I thought you might."

We were silent for a few seconds in which I gently smiled at him. 

Slowly, he nodded back at me. "Okay." Then his expression changed slightly again, it was a cross between serious and about to laugh. "Just promise me one thing. You already said it once but never again, do not call me Cedric. Promise?"

I almost laughed as I nodded. "I promise."

For a long time, we just stood in silence again. Then we turned back to the police station. Although we were silent I think there was an unspoken conversation going on between us, a happy one. Things may not have been completely smoothed out but at least for now it could be okay.

Over the next week, it was quiet. The police completed the case, articles came out about the whole situation, Robin would get her justice, the farmer would go to prison and the rooks were taken away to be put down. After the initial shock of the truth, the town could finally have some of its peace restored. There was no more fear that there was a murderer. The grief was still clear and the surprise that something like this happened in our town, but this slowly ebbed away over the course of the rest of the month.

As for my life, it was slowly getting back to normal. I knew Ric was still hurting, he was still having a hard time coming to terms with the truth, and that he still didn't know whether he truly saw anything more as a kid. I kept reassuring him we would find him answers of his own. Abi-Rose was still beside herself with grief and pain, but she was getting the help she needed. April was still angry at me, and like many others surprised at the outcome of what had happened. I knew things couldn't go back to the way they were. I was haunted by everything that had happened, I wasn't quite the same as the old me, but at least I felt some kind of completion. For the first time in a while, I felt optimistic. Maybe it was all going to feel okay soon.


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