Claw Marks and Corridors

Felicity saw something she shouldn't have. A dead girl in the bathroom at school. Not just any girl, Robin Cross, the head girl. Since that night all she's had in her head is images of a creature ravaging her body. But Robin was just stabbed excessively, right?

Felicity's life is shattering as she struggles to find the truth and anyone who will believe her. Even the corridors start to not feel safe anymore.

*First Draft*


Author's note

This is a first draft, meaning that a couple of the chapters are going to be changed/need serious editing at some point! Please bare this in mind.

6. Five


Since telling April what I thought, I'd kept my mouth shut about monsters. She didn't bring it up again either, I had clearly scared her too much with my opinion or she just didn't believe in what I was saying. I spent the next few days trying to forget about my ideas but it was hard when all my dreams were plagued with large black masses with claws and teeth.

I woke myself up by falling out of bed again on Thursday morning. I laid on the floor for a few minutes as I tried to steady my breathing. It had been the same nightmare again. The one where I couldn't save Robin from the monster. She'd been screaming at me, asking for my help but all I did was watch.

I got up from the floor and got ready for school. I forced down my breakfast like I had been with all food recently. Constantly being reminded of blood and guts wasn't exactly good if you wanted a healthy appetite. I waited for mum to be ready to give me a lift to school, Kitty as usual screaming that she didn't like nursery school. Just you wait till High School, I thought to myself. That was more worth screaming about.

It was the 10th of the month and that meant it was Newsletter day. No doubt it would be featuring Robin Cross. As I made my way into school, the usual Newsletter team were by the entrance foisting the Newsletters on people. I took one and low and behold there was Robin on the front page. I started to read on my way to the common room, feeling my eyes pass over her face, look at her blue eyes for more seconds than was normal.

All I could see as I looked at her was blood. Her destroyed face.

I gulped down the sick feeling and flicked through the rest of the Newsletter to see if there was anything else of relevance. As usual it was mostly about activities that the younger students had partaken in and a whole page for our School's sports team results. None of that interested me. I often thought the Newsletter wasn't of much significance but today I couldn't throw it away, I folded it gently and put it into my bag. It felt more respectful as it had Robin's face on the front of it. Her perfect, alive face.

It had said there was a Commemorative Service on the 19th, next week, and I made a mental note to get my family to go. Even though I knew seeing Robin's family, and all her friends crying, in the town hall wasn't going to be nice, it would be respectful for us to go however unsettling it was for me. 

"You seen the new Newsletter?" April asked as I sat down in a seat beside her. "They hadn't started handing out copies when I got here." She'd arrived early to school for another school council meeting, so she was looking particularly tired, trying to cover up the bags under her eyes by dabbing concealer on her face.

"Yeah," I replied and pulled my copy out of my bag.

She took it from me and scanned the front page for a few minutes, before she passed it back. "I still can't believe she's actually gone," April mumbled and sighed slightly, before she focused back on her makeup, so she didn't get too upset.

I nodded my head as I put the Newsletter away again. I don't think anyone was enjoying the edition, it was only a reminder of something which I was sure everyone was thinking about anyway. I certainly couldn't forget it.

"They want a new head girl already," April commented as she was now staring into her small mirror as she applied mascara. "That's what the meeting was about this morning. They want us to make posters and put them up all over school by tomorrow."

I frowned back at her. It had only been 6 days since Robin's death, surely, they could wait a bit longer, spend the week at least remembering how good Robin was at being head girl. It seemed a little disrespectful that they were trying to replace her position so fast.

"Dalton thinks not many people will want to put themselves forward," April continued, shutting her mirror and looking round at me. Her eyes were definitely more popping after makeup.

"Robin was really good at it," I replied and April nodded back.

"That, and the fact he thinks that everyone will think it will make them a target," April said and she lowered her voice slightly. "He doesn't think it's a coincidence that she was head girl and she was the one killed."

I frowned to myself in thought as I took in her words. Maybe Dalton was right. Maybe she was targeted because of her position, for some reason. But surely a monster wouldn't care about whether their pray was head girl or not? I tried to clear that thought from my head and I decided I definitely wasn't going to voice my opinion again. April hadn't seemed to believe me last time.

It was a valid point though, would a monster care about something like that? Wouldn't they just ravage anybody? If that was the case, then why just Robin. If there was a monster around, then why weren't more people being attacked.

I was glad there weren't more attacks happening but it also made me question my monster theory. I didn't know enough to make a good conclusion. In everyone else's more normal view, Robin was attacked by a murderer with a knife, who may or may not have targeted her because she was head girl. That was more believable and I knew more probable but I couldn't shift my own thoughts. I was having nightmares about it all because I was so sure that Robin was killed by a monster. Where was my proof though? Apart from what I saw, was there any other proof?

I sighed as I made my way out of the common room again and towards my first lesson of the day. My theories would have to wait. I needed to focus on my History lesson.


I found myself walking into the library after break time, making a bee line for the History shelves. I hadn't been spurred on by a desire to study furiously. I was looking for something else entirely. Something about monsters, maybe even mythological creatures. Anything to help me.

Maybe if I could find out more about these things, I could better understand my thoughts, piece together what it was exactly that attacked Robin. It was a long shot, but I had to try.

I spent ages reading spines of books, shuffling any promising sounding titles off their shelves to flick through. There were too many on the Loch Ness monster for my liking. Robin hadn't been attacked anywhere close to a lake or river, it didn't seem like it would be any sort of monster like that. It was definitely a land animal and something with claws. Across Robin's face, they were definitely claw marks.

By the time I had finished collecting books, it was almost lunchtime but I was determined to start reading. I sat down at a table near the back of the library, away from anyone else. As I stared at the pile in front of me, for a few seconds I wondered whether this was really a good idea. Was I going too far? But I dispersed those thoughts quickly, pulling the first book from my pile, towards me. An Investigation into British Monsters.

I opened the book to its first page, passing my eyes over the title 'An Introduction' as I settled back in my seat. I seriously hoped there was something within these pages that would help me.

After about 10 minutes of reading I had deduced that the book wasn't helping like I had hoped. It was basically just a recount of monsters that people had supposedly seen, that supposedly existed, but there wasn't much else to it. Each page had a sketched version of whatever the person thought they saw. I flicked through, looked at them all one by one but I got nothing. None of them seemed right.

However, I marked every page which had monsters with large claws, thinking that was at least a start. I moved on to different books and different pages, gathering as much information as I could. Except it was all speculation, all full of things which couldn't be backed up with hard evidence. Some of them were more believable though, the recounts more vivid and detailed, but how did any of this help?

I had just hoped it would.

It felt more proactive than just thinking about it all in my head. I needed these books to feel more like I wasn't going insane. They had assured me that other people believed in monsters too. I wasn't the only one.

I decided to keep looking and keep reading, hoping that something would come up that somehow connected to this monster, to this kind of attack on someone. There had to be something...

I jumped as the bell rang for lunch. I contemplated sitting here still, researching more, but I knew April was waiting for me so I got to my feet. I shuffled to the desk, near the entrance to the library, with 5 books that I wanted to take out. The old, white haired librarian, Miss Barns, gave them funny looks as I passed them over to her.

"Is this for a project?" she asked as she was scanning them in, her wrinkled face even more so as she frowned.

"Yeah, something like that," I replied as I was fumbling in my bag to find my school library card. I took some of my things out and put them onto the desk as my library card was clearly hiding somewhere at the bottom.

"I didn't think they would teach mythology in History," Miss Barns mused as she finished scanning the last book.

I finally found my library card and passed it over to her. I followed her eyes to the Newsletter which I had taken out of my bag.

"Did you know Robin?" I asked quietly as she had seemed sad as she glanced at her face.

"Who didn't," Miss Barns replied and went back to the computer, tapping in the numbers from the back of my card.

She passed it back and I started to put the books away into my bag. Miss Barns had picked up the Newsletter now and was still passing her eyes sadly over it.

"I could have sworn this has happened before," she suddenly uttered quietly and I stopped in my tracks, a book still half-way into my bag.

"What do you mean?" I asked and I felt my body clench.

Miss Barns frowned and passed the Newsletter back to me. "It was a long time ago," she replied, "my memory is not too good now."

I took it and placed it back in my bag, staring back at her inquisitively. She couldn't just say that and not reveal more.

"Can you remember anything else?" I asked her, trying not to sound too forceful. She furrowed her brow some more as she tapped a finger on the desk in thought.

"It happened in the same week I started working here," she finally said and I gripped the handle of my bag tightly. "That's right... I remember seeing the Newsletter come out. A girl was attacked, same as Robin, in this school."

I almost couldn't breath as I latched onto her words.

"What year would that have been?" I managed to ask, feeling anticipation rising in my stomach.

"Um, 1960 I believe," she replied pushing her glasses up her nose. Then she sighed as she looked off into the distance. "As I said, it was a long time ago. I don't remember much else, sorry."

"It's okay," I replied and I smiled slightly at her in what I hoped was a sympathetic way. An idea popped into my head suddenly. "I don't suppose the library keeps copies of all the past Newsletters?"

Miss Barns smiled back. "Well, yes actually, we do. Over in that cabinet by the computers."

I'd turned before she could say anything else.

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