Jewel for her

She had a perfect life until everything changed in a blink of an eye.
He was anything but perfect, but when she needed help he was there.
When they find themselves in a unexpected situation, will they find love?


2. 2. When we met

Three years later,

Samar sat on the bench, overlooking the beautiful pond, surrounded by flowers of different colors. She liked winter, it bought the best in nature.

She stretched her feet, too lazy to get up. Going home was the last thing she wanted to do right now, given their current situation. Her friends were out of the city, and she had no one to talk to, atleast not about her family.

Her father whom she always thought as an ideal husband,who cared about his wife and his family had started fighting for the silliest of things. She knew it was about of the financial crisis they were undergoing now, but her father always had fought back, with them not against them.

She checked her watch, it was getting dark. She clutched her jacket closely to her chest and got up. As she walked home, she realized how lonely she was. "Where were you?" Geetha demanded as soon as she saw her "were you with the guys?"

Samar rolled her eyes "yeah right!" She removed her shoes and kept in on the shoe rack "you're getting arrogant day by day"her mother stared angrily at her "I'm arrogant?" Samar shook her head "when was the last time we had a normal conversation huh?"

"Your father's having a tough time, you know that right?" Geetha glared at her. "Yeah I know!but what's my fault in all of this? why can't he just be normal with me?"

"You don't understand"Geetha said, keeping the dishes back into the rack "really?" Samar snapped "I'm twenty one mama! I'm not a kid anymore, stop treating me like one!"

"Fine! Then be a good matured adult and talk to your father!" Geetha looked at her, "I will!once he comes home" Samar collapsed on the couch "I forgot to tell you the main thing"she switched on the TV, "I'm having a job interview tomorrow". Geetha rushed to her "oh Samar that's great news!"she kissed her forehead "you must tell your father, he'll be so happy".

"Yeah, specially since he's the one who destroyed my dream" she winced. "Because he's your father, he doesn't want you to work in the kitchen!"Geetha snapped. "I wanted to be a chef mama!"Samar banged her fist in the table "it was my dream, but he suppressed it".

"We always have this insignificant conversation!"her mother sighed in frustration "let's drop it okay?" Samar shook her head "why's he late?"

"I don't know!I'll call him"she took her phone and dialled him "he's not answering, it's going to voicemail"Geetha said, worried. Samar got up, "I'll go check on him, he's probably still at the.." she stopped as she saw a tall figure waddling towards them.

Her father came in, dragging his feet. Samar looked at him in disbelief, "papa! are you drunk?"she asked, as her mother stood there like a stone. "No beta!a little...toxicated!"he laughed at his own joke.

"Harsh!"her mother finally spoke, approaching him as she struggled to stand "Harsh!why are you doing this?"she almost whispered "I'm trying hard to get ourselves together but you keep misleading me!"

He touched her arm "shut up!let me drown in my own sorrows"he pulled her close "I'm the man of this house!don't you f**king tell me what to do"he growled. "Mama!" Samar pulled her away from him "go to your room please!"she pleaded.

Geetha ignored her "come on! Let's take you to your room"she said, holding his hand when he yanked her hair "I'm not a freaking invalid!leave me!"he pushed her against the wall. Samar ran towards her, "you little bitch!always defying me" he slapped her hard on the face before walking to his bedroom.

Samar lay on the stairs, touching the cheek where he'd slapped. Never once had her father hit her, neither did he call her bitch. She let the tears fall from her eyes, "Samar?"she saw her mother looking at her, brown patch on her forehead where he had slammed.

"I'm fine!"she wiped her cheek "let me get ice"she went into the kitchen and  took out the ice cubes from the refrigerator. She slowly kept in on her mother's forehead "does it hurt?"she asked.

Geetha just shook her head "I'll get dinner, you must be hungry"she said, getting up when Samar stopped her "I... ate out"she lied. "Oh okay!sleep well then, you've a big day tomorrow"Geetha smiled ruefully. Samar nodded "mama?"

Geetha looked at her "don't you want about what just happened?" Samar asked, uncertainly. Her mother shook her head "no!"she switched off the kitchen lights.
Aaron Flynn was a mess, a totally wasted mess. The alarm ringing loudly in his ears didn't stop him from getting his head back to the pillow. "Baby?"he blinked as the girl next to him touched his arm "don't you have interview today?"

Shit! Aaron was on his feet, fully awoken. "Darn it Lisa!why didn't you wake me up?"he hissed. "I was sort of watching you when you're sleeping!you look so hot I didn't feel like waking you up!"she murmured in his ears.

His eyes widened, "you were doing what?"he ushered her towards the door, "you know what Lisa? we're over"he said, slamming the door. He wasn't to going to get involved with a romantic fool.

"Aaron!open the damn door!" Came the banging from outside. He ignored her and went to the washroom. After getting ready, he charged out of his apartment. He was an hour late and the interview was supposed to be very important to him. It was a start of his career, at least that's what he thought.

After almost an hour, he reached the building. He approached the reception, "I am here for the interview" he told the receptionist who was reading a book "for the post of assistant editor".

The receptionist looked up and smiled a fake one "I'm sorry, it's over"she said "you're late". He shook his head in disbelief "please give me a chance, I know it's not too late"he pleaded. She looked at him "the position's already been filled".

"But I was just an hour late!" He brooded. She smiled again "exactly sir!" Muttering curses, he walked out of the office. Great!just great, he thought, clenching his fist.

He came to the park, having lost the last hope he had. He sat down on the bench, overlooking the pond, where ducks were waddling peacefully. I wish I were a duck right now, he thought wistfully.

"Excuse me?"a sweet voice called out and he opened his eyes "this is my place!" He rubbed his eyes "um...this is a public place"he said, shrugging. "What I mean is...I was sitting here before"the girl in front of him said.

He didn't budge, who the hell did she think she is? "It's not your private palace"he retorted, leaning back. "I just got up to talk, when I came back you had already occupied my place, so technically it's mine!"she said firmly.

He blinked, he'd never seen anyone act this childish, "I'll make you a deal"he smiled "why don't we both sit? I really had a bad day and I'm sure we both can fit in this bench"he tapped the seat next to her.

She went to say something but stopped, "okay"she said, finally sitting down. He observed her  as she kept her handbag next to her and folded her hair into a bun.

She was lean, with a not so tall figure. She had olive brown skin; definitely Asian he thought. What attracted him was her small nose ring, which looked sort of cute.

"I had a bad day too"she sighed, shaking her head "this is my getaway place, where I find peace"she smiled ruefully "at least for sometime".

He nodded, understanding "if I want peace, I get wasted"he grinned. She stared at him "I don't do drinks, never "she said as if determined. He was curious to know more about her, in a non sexual way of course.

"What's brought you here today?"he asked, in a friendly tone. "I had an important job interview, and I failed to nail it"she shrugged. He burst out laughing, "what's so funny?"she asked, irritated.

"I had a job interview too, for the assistant editor post"he threw his hands in the air "I was an hour late!" She looked at him, "you were late?"she couldn't believe it, "I was an hour early!"

He stared at her as though she's lost it "whoa!you should have gotten it then! I bet they wouldn't find an employee more punctual than yourself!"

She smiled at that, "I know! Actually it was my fault, when they asked me my strengths, I kinda blacked out"she shook her head "I couldn't hear anything except my parents bickerings, my drunk father shouting at us"her voice began to crack.

Damn! he didn't know what to say to that, he never dealt with crying emotional women, "um...I'm sorry"he said simply. She smiled "the next thing I know, I was walking out of the building, worst part is I forgot my bag inside the manager's cabin".

He laughed, she was definitely weird, one moment she looked like she was going to cry and the next moment she continued as if nothing happened.

"Did you get it back?the bag?"he asked, amused. "Yeah!it contains my world"she said, shrugging slightly, "I should go by the way, my mother will worry where I am".

"You stay with your parents?"he asked, surprised. She got up, "yeah I do!"she pulled the coat tightly to her chest "it was nice talking to you".

He extended his hand "you too". She looked at it hesitantly and took it, "I'm Aaron"he said. "Samar"she said, taking her bag "bye Aaron"she walked away.

He watcher her go. Samar, it's a beautiful name, he thought as he sat back on the bench, not in a mood to go back soon.

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