Jewel for her

She had a perfect life until everything changed in a blink of an eye.
He was anything but perfect, but when she needed help he was there.
When they find themselves in a unexpected situation, will they find love?


1. 1. Introduction

Spicy Grill was flooded with customers that night. People from all over the world came to taste the special kebabs which were unique to that restaurant, thanks to Harsh Varma . He took pride in his small restaurant ever since he had settled in the United States for eighteen years. 

With no money in the beginning when he came, he started doing odd jobs before his friend finally showed him his greatest strength; cooking. Little by little, he saved up all the money he had and built a small joint with his best friend as partner. 

Within a couple of years, his business had boomed into a frenzy, and here he was, running his own restaurant. But his success couldn't be attributed to himself. Just like there's always a woman behind a successful man, his wife Geetha was in his case his lucky mascot. 

Having migrated along with him when he had nothing, she was always there to support him. She was an ideal woman and he loved her just like she loved him. Their family was complete with the birth of a baby girl who was the apple of their eye. Now when Harsh saw his dreams achieved, he smiled with gratitude to God who gave him everything he ever wanted. 

"Papa?" His eighteen year old daughter Samar came near him at the cashier counter "the seekh kebabs are finished!"she said in a worried expression. He smiled at his only daughter, "let's make some more then". 

She widened her eyes "papa!it's almost closing time, everyone are tired, me included"she pouted, "should I send back the customer?" He patted her back "we never send back our customers, they're our blessing in disguise"he said, entering inside. Omar, who was the assistant cook, frowned "Bhai! My wife's waiting for me". 

Samar looked at him, "Omar uncle! You go home, I'll get this order"she beamed. Omar smiled at her admiringly "thanks beta!may Allah bless you"he wore his coat and walked out of the kitchen. 

Samar started working on the chicken, "do you need help?"her father came beside her, as she cut the slices, "no!just ask them to wait"she said, he smiled at her "you must be tired beta!"

"It's okay, this is the last one trust me!"she said, as the kebabs were kept to grill. All other staffs had gone and only father and daughter remained. "I'll just check the pipeline if it's leaking, do you mind serving?"he asked, taking the keys. 

"I'll be fine, you go"she said, spreading the kebab nicely on the plate. She removed her apron and wore her jacket. She walked out of the kitchen and placed the dishes onto where a group of people were seated. There were three guys, she noticed and one of them had a hood. 

"What took you so long babe?"one of the guys smirked at her. "I'm sorry, the kitchen was almost closed"she said, sounding as polite as possible. "We don't freaking care!"another guy spat "you're late!"

She tried to maintain her stance "I'm really sorry"she kept the plates neatly. "Yeah you should be, bitch!"he muttered, almost dipping the fork into the meat "this is hard"he glowered "make another one and fast, we don't have all day!"

She took a deep breath, she was used to rude customers but it was always her father who handled it. "We can''s late, please"she pleaded. The first guy got up, and moved very closer "don't you understand English bitch?"he growled, making her shudder slightly, what was she thinking when she agreed to let her father go?

"How can she?she's a freaking Indian douche!"another guy chortled, laughing at his own racist joke. "I suggest you leave sir, your behavior is intolerable"she said, sternly. Except the hooded guy, the two guys got up, "really? We haven't even started behaving?isn't it Jim?"the first guy grimaced. 

"Yeah!let's see what you can make of this!"he grabbed her by the waist, before she could react. She let out a scream when he shut her mouth with his other hand. 

"Enough Dave!"the hooded guy had gotten up and was standing between Dave and her. Samar could feel bile rising to her throat, not to mention tears passing non stop through her small dark eyes, "there! you won your dare, let's get the hell out of here!"he yanked the guy and looked at her "I'm sorry for the trouble". 

A dare?Samar blinked if she'd heard correctly "we were playing truth or dare, relax"the Jim guy said, grinning now. "You made a dare to feel me up?"she suddenly felt sick to her stomach. The hooded guy came closer to her, "it was my idea, I'm sorry"he shrugged coolly "forget this ever happened". 

Before he could move, she pulled herself together and slapped hard on his cheek, the uncalled courage building inside her. There was a moment of silence followed by a burst of laughter from the other two guys, "f**k man!so stoned!"Jim guffawed. "Get out!"she yelled at him, he stared at her for sometime, about to say something when Jim pulled him "come on man! We should go, we can't get into trouble!"

He gave a brief glance at her and nodded, before leaving. She watched them go, totally shaken at it all. "Samar?"startled, she turned to see her father watching her with a puzzled expression. She hugged him tightly, "Kya hua?(what happened)" he asked, scared at her reaction. "Let's go home papa!I'll tell you later"she sniffed. 

"Oh God!those hooligans" Geetha exclaimed, hugging her daughter, once they were home, "what were you thinking? leaving her alone like that?what if something terrible had happened?"she scolded her husband. He sat on the couch, "relax!those were kids playing truth or dare, not criminals!"he said, not making it a big deal. 

"But she didn't know that!look how scared she is!"Geetha wasn't happy, "I told you not to work in the restaurant, who knows what type of people come there?" Samar washed her face with cold water, "I like to cook"she defended herself. "Beta!" Harsh called his daughter, "why don't you go to your room and rest?"

Samar nodded and walked to her room, closing the door behind her. Harsh turned to his wife "this is US, for God's sake!instead of sheltering your daughter, you should teach her to be strong and bold, to defend herself in difficult situations!"

"Yeah you're right!"Geetha glared at him "this is US and that's why I'm scared"she shook her head "we're minority here Harsh!if she goes around slapping American kids, don't you think they'll retaliate?" Harsh held her in his arms, "they're kids Geetha!"he laughed stroking her hair, "we'll be fine, don't worry"he consoled her "and as for our daughter, she's mature enough to know the world,so stop worrying about her". 

Samar drew the curtains and closed the windows. She tried to sleep but it wouldn't come. She thought about the guy in the hood, he deserved a slap she thought. She vowed never to mess with the Americans again, as she closed her eyes slowly.

But fate had another plans. 

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