Poetry of Reality- Through the Eyes of Life

Drugs. Alcohol. Domestic violence.
Illness. Love. Heartbreak.
Death. Money. Corruption.
Shame. Bliss. Despair.
Life is a poetry of light and darkness.
Life is a poetry of reality.

Through the eyes of others, we are reminded what the world faces every day.

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Author's note

Greetings everyone. This poetry book is available on Amazon paperback and e-book. Please note this is just a sample and only 10 percent can be posted due to Amazon's terms. I write from my heard, inspired by other's life and some of my own.

2. Notice Me



I've dyed my hair

And caked myself with makeup.

Still, you did not notice me.


I've changed my fashion.

And kept everything tidy.

Still, you did not notice me.


I've worn alluring nightgowns

And worn the best perfumes.

Still, you did not notice me.


I loved you the best I could,

And tried to be the best I could be.

Still, you did not notice me.


Then one day the heartbreaking news arrived.

"Two months," they said.

You began to cry.



The time had come for me to go.

Now, I watch you from behind invisible walls.

I wish I could comfort you.

You waited to l- 


~Hey guys thanks for reading the sample. If you like what you read so far and want to read the rest of "Notice Me" ( it gets deeper) and my other poems that are published, look for my poetry book on Amazon. I will link it below.  :) I appreciate your support. ~



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