Poetry of Reality- Through the Eyes of Life

Drugs. Alcohol. Domestic violence.
Illness. Love. Heartbreak.
Death. Money. Corruption.
Shame. Bliss. Despair.
Life is a poetry of light and darkness.
Life is a poetry of reality.

Through the eyes of others, we are reminded what the world faces every day.

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Author's note

Greetings everyone. This poetry book is available on Amazon paperback and e-book. Please note this is just a sample and only 10 percent can be posted due to Amazon's terms. I write from my heard, inspired by other's life and some of my own.

1. A Bleeding Rose

Poetry of Reality-Through the Eyes of Life 

Copyright © 2018  by CharysM. All rights reserved.

Copyright Cover design by @Lazybrew

Cover Photo background Copyright 2018 © CharysM.  

All rights reserved.  





I've been stepped on; I've been torn,

A bleeding rose I was, but now reborn.

I've been marked; I've been abused,

A bleeding rose I was, but now reformed.


I've screamed, begged him to feel remorse,

But his hand that once was gentle,

Was gentle no more.

It had only marred my body

Until I was hoarse.


I wanted to find hate in me,

So that I could hate him.

Instead, I found nothing in me,

But the voice of forgiveness.


A bleeding rose I was,

But see my petals grow.

I will not fall, not even

When the harsh wind blows.  









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