Serena has a dark secret about her brother Nate and it is eating her alive


2. A Few Weeks Before The Freak Accident

‘Nate, play ball this is for college, man. The big leagues.’ Called Louis as he bounced the balls in circles around me.

‘I know, man.’ I smiled as I snatched the ball when Louis wasn’t looking;

I ran down the court and jumped at the perfect time and slam dunk. As the ball flew into the net, the glass broken. Shards of glass felt like bullets pressing on my skin.

As I ran out of the court, I bumped into Vanessa, she was the ‘mean girl’ equivalent, nice on the outside but evil on the inside. She was also my girlfriend. I am dating her for two reasons;

Her parents are loaded.

She is smoking hot.

Her parents having money will help me get into my dream College. Then I will dump her, this may sound very sour but our relationship is so toxic. I am always cleaning up her mess and fixing everything. Vanessa has so many enemies and so little friends, she has me (for now), Lydia and lastly Sandra. She is very popular but she doesn’t consider them her friends. Lydia isn’t really her friend but someone she can compete with and Sandra is someone who does her homework for her. And then there is me, I am her arm eye candy until I dump her.


‘Hey, babe.’ I said as I lent in and kissed her on the forehead, she loved that.

‘Hey.’ She began to clutch my muscles.

‘You been working out?’ She said smiling.

‘Yeah, glad you noticed.’ I replied willingly

‘I will see you at lunch, babe’ Vanessa said as she lent awaiting for me to kiss her.

‘Bye,’ I said as I walked to the locker rooms.


‘Are you whipped,’ shouted Justin

‘Course not, I have a plan don’t you worry I am not whipped.’ I said in a calm tone back to Justin.

As Justin came into the locker room from the shower, I strolled towards him and tried to trip him up, Justin is one of my best friends, he has brown hair in his typical style of long bangs that cover just above his deep hazel eyes. Justin was Vanessa’s brother and I know it was wrong that I am dating Vanessa only to dump her once her parents get me into my college she will dump me as someone better will come along, and I will make sure of it.


‘Boys, great practice out there today, Nate next time don’t break the net please.’ Coach Called as we were all leaving the locker room.


Justin doesn’t know the plan as it would kill him, cos he loves him like a brother and I can’t ruin that friendship. A ‘brother’ who is dating his sister. Justin would hate me, I just used his family to help me get into Duke University. When I first met Justin and Vanessa, we were around four years old and I didn’t know they were rich. We were no more than eleven when they invited Serena and me around for dinner. Their house was triple the size of mine and had chandeliers in each room.


‘Come on, Nate, we have to get to class,’ Called Louis from outside the locker room.

We scrambled into the classroom as Mr Matthews was about to take roll call.

‘Nate Reynolds,’ Mr Matthews asked.

‘Here, sir.’ I replied to him.

‘Everyone takes out your Music books and Vanessa let’s hear your piece.’ Boomed Mr Matthews.


Vanessa doesn’t have the best voice but nobody, not even Mr Matthews wants to tell her because she can ruin you and even Mr Matthews, for example, the last music teacher Mrs Conners she told Vanessa that her voice was awful and Vanessa had her fired, my God I don’t know how but Mrs Conners was gone the next day.


Everyone felt forced to clap once she had finished her wretched cover of ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons.


‘OMG that was horrible she can’t even sing.’ whispered Emma behind my shoulder.

‘She is not that bad,’ I replied in the same whispered tone.

‘Then you must be as tone deaf as she is,’ Emma muttered again but this time under her breath.

‘Then let’s see you do better.’ I whispered bittersweetly to her.

‘Can I go next please?’ Emma said while smiling directly at me.


When Emma took to the stage she began to sing, her voice was like a nightingale as I was loving it, she was so much better than Vanessa. When she had finally finished I applaud her with a standing ovation and lots followed. In the corner of my eye, I saw Vanessa glaring at me, with the evilest stare in history it felt as though it was burning my soul.


‘Now that is how you sing.’ whispered Emma sassy as just walked back to her seat.

‘Damn, you can sing.’

‘Well, I would like to see you up there now.’


As I began to take the stage the bell rang,

‘Saved by the bell,’ I whispered to her.

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