Be careful who you trust

Living the life you always wanted and trusting the people you love the most but when you lose the one you love who can you trust who can you run to for help when you find out who did it.


Author's note

Love was all around until I found out the truth.

5. vaction

"Good morning mom" Johnathan and Samantha said in unison.
"Good go wake Chris and Jennifer and tell them to get ready we're leaving at 4:00 pm sharp" Jamie responded struggling to get out of bed.
"Ok mom," Johnathan said as he walked out of his mother room and over to Jennifer's bedroom and began knocking.
"Um... Brother of mines we were packed last night" Jennifer said as she and Chris were still in bed half asleep. Everyone else took their shower and began getting their things ready to go. 
"Come get your breakfast" Jamie shouted as everyone ran out their rooms to go eat.
"Yum French toast sausage and eggs" Chris responded. Everyone ran to there bathroom and washed up for breakfast once they were done they walked back into the dining room took a seat and began eating. After breakfast then all cleaned up and sat in the living room and enjoyed each other's company until it was time to go. It was 3:45 pm everyone went into their rooms and grabbed their bags.
"Ok let's go," Johnathan said with excitement.
"Jamaica here we come"Jennifer shouted.
"The Williams family vacation" Samantha added as everyone walked outside towards the Lincoln Navigator and drove to the airport everyone was bouncing in their seat as they got closer they became more and more excited. 
"Here we are the airport," Jamie said.
"Mom are we getting our own room," Jennifer asked.
"Why are you asking that Jennifer" Jamie asked. 
"Because all of us need our own rooms and I was wondering if we were getting our own room," Jennifer said.
"We shall see when we get to Jamaica" Jamie replied. 
"Just think about it guys the beautiful beach the music and how could we forget the food" Samantha added.
As Jamie pulled into a parking spot at the airport and parked everyone got out and grabbed their bags and started walking to the elevator. They then come to an end of the elevator ride the doors open and everyone stepped out with their bags walking towards the counter.
"Welcome, can we have you set your luggage on the bank and let us check it" them for you please the man spoke. The luggage check was done and they grabbed their bags and headed for the line where they bored for Jamaica. As the line got shorter everyone dug in there bags and grabbed their passports. As they board the plane Chris pulled out a diamond necklace.
"Aww Chris your so sweet," Jennifer said. 
"I just want you to be happy with me baby" Chris spoke.
"Baby I am happy with you where is this coming from," Jennifer said 
"Nowhere baby I'm just saying I want us forever" Chris replied.
"Welcome to American airlines were we make your flight as comfortable as possible" the pilot spoke.
"We are about to take off in five minutes" the pilot continued. Five minutes later the plane took off for Jamaica. Twelve hours later they landed safely in Jamaica. When they arrived it was very dark so they spent the night at the airport until morning. The next morning they got up and begin walking to their hotel to check in. After they all got they checked in and received their key to their and settled in, showered and brushed their teeth. Finally, they all got dressed and went out to eat at the Bamboo Blu. When they arrived they were seated at a nice table with a view of the beach. They all sat down and enjoyed their meal, that was already prepared they began laughing and enjoying life and family. After the meal, Chris and Johnathan gave each other a signal. They both reached into their pocket and pulled out a little black box.

"Jennifer will you make me the happiest man in the world and promise me we will always be," Chris said.

"Yes, Chris I promise," Jennifer said in tears. Chris then put the ring on Jennifer's finger. Chris then leaned in and kiss Jennifer. Johnathan and Samantha then did the same thing.

"Aww my kids are growing up so fast," Jamie said. After they left the restaurant they went back to the hotel room. Samantha and Johnathan changed into their swimsuit and walked to the beach while holding hands.

"Baby this is so romantic...we should come back for our honeymoon," Samantha said laughing.

"That sounds like a good idea" Johnathan replied. Samantha and Johnathan sat on the beach and played in the water. They got up and went back to their hotel room to get dressed for bed. The next morning everyone showered and got dress and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

"This breakfast is good," Jennifer said.

"It sure is baby" Chris spoke. Chris and Jennifer then kissed and continued to eat their breakfast.

"Good morning" Johnathan, Samantha and Jamie said in unison as they walked back to the table.

"Oh good morning guys," Chris and Jennifer said back.

"How did everyone sleep," Jamie asked.

"We slept good" Chris spoke.

"Well we got back late from the beach so we didn't get much sleep," Samantha said as she sat down.

"And we can't wait to see what's in stored for today" Johnathan added.

"Well today we're going to get a tour around Jamaica," Jamie said.

"Why mom," Jennifer asked.

"Cause tomorrow is the last day we're going to be here" Jamie added.

"WHAT" everyone said in unison 

"Yes we are leaving tomorrow afternoon" Jamie continued. As they finished up breakfast everyone went back to get dressed for there last day in Jamacia.

"Are you guys ready to explore?" Jamie said.

"Yes ma'am were all ready to go" Chris, Johnathan, Samantha, and Jennifer said in unison.

"Ok let's go," Jamie said. As everyone entered the rental and put their seatbelts on. Jamie switched the ignition and drove off. As the began there site seeing something caught Jamie's eye. A tall dark handsome man who goes by the name of Trevor, Trevor is a businessman who is also looking for love and to settle down. Jamie turned her head and continued to drive. After there site seeing they did a little bit of shopping once they were done they returned back to the hotel to try on their outfits that they picked up from the stores.

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