Be careful who you trust

Living the life you always wanted and trusting the people you love the most but when you lose the one you love who can you trust who can you run to for help when you find out who did it.


Author's note

Love was all around until I found out the truth.

2. The first time

Chris began kissing on Jennifer's neck once more.

"Baby I'm scared this is my first time and I don't know what to do or how to do it" Jennifer spoke.

"It's my first time too and I've been saving myself for you baby" Chris added.

Chris leaned over and kissed Jennifer they continue kissing but more passionately Chris slid his tongue into Jennifer's mouth Jennifer did the same as she placed her hand on Chris' cheek. Chris then broke the kiss and laid down he then pulled Jennifer on top of him. Chris took off  Jennifers' shirt and began sucking on her breast. It's 12:03 in the morning and everyone is sleep at least that's what they think. Chris took off his boxer and ripped Jennifer panties off. Jennifer felt Chris rock hard penis press against her wet vagina Chris then inserted his penis into her vagina. Jennifer moans began to get louder and louder. 
"Shhh...Baby I'm trying to hurry" Chris whispered. 
"I'm sorry it hurts" Jennifer mumbled.
"I know baby just let it break then I'll stop ok" Chris mumbled back.
"Oh my God please hurry," Jennifer said. 
"I'm trying baby trust me" Chris replied. The deeper Chris went the louder Jennifer screamed. 
"Baby I can't take this anymore" Jennifer screamed.  Suddenly they heard a huge thump. It was Johnathan moving around in the kitchen. Chris and Jennifer hurried up to put on their clothes before Johnathan would notice anything. Chris an Jennifer both went to the bathroom to put on their night clothes. Jennifer jumped back in the bed and later Chris. It was now 2:30 in the morning Chris and Jennifer finally went to sleep. The next morning it was 11:51 Chris and Jennifer was still sleep all cuddled up under the covers. Jamie and Johnathan were in the kitchen cooking breakfast. The smell of sausage, and bacon coming from the kitchen and straight into Jennifer's bedroom. Chris smelled the food the smell made him wake up. Chris looked over at Jennifer to find her still asleep.
"Should I wake her up?" Chris thought to himself. "Nah I'll just let her rest" he mumbled Jennifer felt Chris move so she woke up.
"Good morning beautiful," Chris said as he turned around to see Jennifer stretching. 
"Mmm...Good morning baby" Jennifer responded.
"Mmm...your mom's food smells good"
Chris said.
"I know let's wash up an go eat," Jennifer responded. Chris and Jennifer went in the bathroom to freshen up before they went into the kitchen. Jennifer grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste. She then brushed her teeth. Chris washed his face and Jennifer did the same. Chris brushed his teeth while Jennifer washed her face. They both finished up an walked into the kitchen.
"Good morning sleepy heads," Jamie said.
"Good morning Mom" Jennifer replied.
" Good morning Mrs. Williams" Chris replied 
"You can call me mom Chris," Jamie said with a smile.
"Ha...ok mom," Chris said still laughing Jamie looked at Chris and Jennifer and laughed as she walked to the dinner table. "So you guys had a good night sleep huh," Jamie said with a smile. 
"Yes, we did" Chris spoke as he rubbed his leg against Jennifer's.
"I heard Jennifer in the room" Jamie chuckled.
"You heard WHAT"! Jennifer shouted then laughed. 
" Yes me and your brother heard you and Chris moaning last night" Jamie spoke.
"Yes I heard me and your brother heard you two having sex for the first time" Jamie blushed. 
"Oh my God mom no" Jennifer spoke in fear. Chris was sitting in shock he was also speechless.
"May I be excused?" Johnathan asked. As he got up and left the table. 
"John where are you going," Jamie asked. 
"I'm trying to eat and y'all talking about Jennifer an Chris moaning" Johnathan spoke firmly.
"I'm not about to sit here and listen to this I'm going to my room" he added.
Johnathan stomped into his room and turned on his 32-inch flat screen TV. He turned the channel to his favorite cartoon. 
"Yeah boy Ed Edd and Eddy, " he said.
"Well, he has a point we shouldn't be talking about that while we're eating that's rude" Jamie spoke.
"Johnathan come back we're sorry about that honey" she shouted.
"No my show is on" he shouted back.
"Chris I thought you said no one would hear us" Jennifer spoke firmly as she stared at Chris.
"Baby I'm sorry but you were screaming really loud I knew someone would hear us" Chris responded.
"It was my first time what do you expect and make it worst my mom heard us," Jennifer said with anger. 
"Sweetheart don't be mad it's fine your 18 now and it's your last year in high school I just wish you would have let that happen after high school and into college with your own place" Jamie confirmed.
"I know Mom you're right we should have waited until after college or in college," Jennifer said.
"True but you know if your father was alive still he'll be upset with you" Jamie spoke.
Jennifer almost cried listening to her mother talk about her that Chris got up from the table and pulled Jennifer from the table and hugs her tight.
"Baby I'm okay" Jennifer mumbled to Chris.
" I'm sorry," Jamie said feeling bad about Jennifer's tears.
"It's okay Mom" Jennifer responded.
"You sure you're okay baby," Chris asked Jennifer.
" Yeah let's eat before this damn food gets cold," Jennifer said. 
So Chris Jennifer and Jamie begin eating their breakfast.
"Mmm...this is good mom" Chris mumbled and smiled.

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