Be careful who you trust

Living the life you always wanted and trusting the people you love the most but when you lose the one you love who can you trust who can you run to for help when you find out who did it.


Author's note

Love was all around until I found out the truth.

3. The big surprise

"Well since Johnathan don't want to come out his room I have a surprise," Jamie said.

"What is it, mom,"  Jennifer asked.

"Your fathers' job want to send us all to" Jamie paused 

"Jamaica" she shouted.

"Mom what about my father's funeral," Jennifer asked.

"Baby we're going afterward like three weeks later" Jamie responded 

"Three weeks are you crazy that too long" Jennifer shouted.

"Jamaica" Johnathan said running out of his room

"Oh you'll come out the room for that but too scared to tell mom you and Sam had sex two weeks ago" Jennifer spoke firmly.

"Jennifer" Jamie shouted. "Is this true Johnathan--" Jamie said 

"And she's pregnant by you" Jennifer continued as she interrupted Jamie. Jamie reached her hand up and slapped Johnathan. Johnathan placed his hand on his cheek after Jamie slapped him. 

"Mom," Johnathan said in shock.

"What is wrong with can you have a child on the way if you don't even have a god damn job" Jamie shouted.

"Damn Jennifer you talk to damn much," Johnathan said.

"I don't give a f**k that's why your ass in trouble" Jennifer snapped.

"Shut your bit*h ass up," Johnathan said with anger. 

" Who the f**k do you think you're talking to you stupid a** h*e" Jennifer spoked in anger. Johnathan walked over to Jennifer with his fist balled up ready to fight.

"Hit me I dare you," Jennifer said standing up with her fist balled up as well.

" I wish you would fight in my f**king house I'll beat both of y'all a**" Jamie said with anger.

"Now as I was saying we're going to Jamacia and Johnathan you need to find a job so you can take care of that baby," Jamie said. Everything got quite Jennifer sat down and Johnathan went to his room and slammed his bedroom door. An hour later Johnathan came out of his room with a duffel bag and a suitcase and sat on the couch. Johnathan called sam his girlfriend to come get him.

"Where the hell do you think you're going" Jamie added. Johnathan didn't respond.

" Johnathan I know you hear me talking to you" Jamie added.

"You know what I'm not going to waste my time on a disrespectful child get the hell out of my house" Jamie continued.

"Fine with me have fun in Jamacia and enjoy my father's funeral" Jonathan responded. A horn honked from outside it was Sam. Johnathan walked to the front door and opened it and walked out he then turned to close the door he toted his belongings to the car. Jennifer and Jamie watched Johnathan get in the passenger seat with his belongings and drove off. Jamie and Jennifer turned and looked at each other then they looked at Chris.

"Well we should do that more often," Jennifer said.

" You had no business saying that" Jamie spoke looking at Jennifer.

"Well we're all family and you had no business listening to me and Chris having intercourse apparently you two enjoyed listening to it you and him stayed up that long" She continued.

"You have a point but you nor him will not disrespect me in my house...I understand that your mad but talking to your brother like that" Jamie said.  Jennifer walked over to Chris an sat down at the table and finished eating. 

"How can you eat when your brother just walked out on us" Jamie spoke.

"Well what are we supposed to do he'll come back I'm sure," Jennifer said. 

"What if he does something stupid like killing himself what are we going to do then" Jamie responded with anger.

"Dad got shot you did nothing but called the police what can they do they can't bring my father back can the, no they can't an neither can you" Jennifer snapped.

"True but that's the only person we can depend on right now" Jamie responded.

"Anything a man can do women can do it better," Jennifer said as she finished up her breakfast.

"I'm going to call him and tell him to come back home" Jamie added.

"Do what you think is best" Jennifer responded.Jamie picked up her Samsung galaxy s5 and dialed Johnathan number.

"Hello," Johnathan said 

"Son where are you"? Are you ok? Please come home" Jamie responded.

"Mom we went around the house I'm sitting outside" Johnathan replied.

"Well tell Samantha I said hi" Jamie spoked. 

"My mom said hi baby," Johnathan said to Samantha.

"Hi, Mrs. Williams sorry about your lost" Samantha said.

"Thanks, Sam,"  Jamie said over the phone.

"I'll be in in a minute ok mom" Johnathan responded.

"Ok son see you in a bit" Jamie responded as she ended the call.Samantha is Johnathan girlfriend they've been dating for six months and they are both about to graduate from college. Samantha is studying to be a nurse while Johnathan is studying to be an engineer. 

Johnathan got out of the car with Samantha and they both walked towards the house while holding hands. Johnathan opened the door for Samantha to let her in.
"Thank you, baby,"  Samantha said as she walked in the house. "Your welcome honey I'll be right back I'm going to go get my things out the car," Johnathan said as he walked away from her. 

"Hey baby do you want to join us for family dinner and hopefully spend the night... my family is going to Jamaica my father's job did it since he passed... they wanted to do something for us and we can bring whomever and how many we want. Johnathan asked.  

"Um sure baby I just need to get some clothes from my house and I'll pick up some snacks on the way back" Samantha replied.

"MOM"! Johnathan shouted.

"What boy" Jamie replied.

"I hope you don't mind but Samantha staying still making shrimp scampi right," Johnathan asked.

"Yes, how long is she staying for" Jamie asked.
"The whole week if that's ok with you," Johnathan asked. There was a knock at the door 

"Oh hello, Mrs. Williams" Samantha said with a smile and her pink duffel bag sitting next to her.

"Well hello Samantha how are you doing, come in please," Jamie said as Samantha walked inside with her belongings. Jamie then turned around and close the door behind her and followed Samantha into the living room where everyone one else was.

"Mrs. Williams since you are allowing me to spend the weekend here I will help you with all the chores and all that you need help with," Samantha responded.

"Why thank you so much hun but I can handle it" Jamie responded.

"Well if you need anything I'm here to help you out no matter what," Samantha said.

"Samantha can I ask you something" Jamie questioned.

"Yes ma'am" Samantha responded.

"Are you and my son expecting a baby?" Jamie asked.

"WHAT where did you get that from," Samantha said with a trembling voice.

"My daughter Jennifer said that you were pregnant," Jamie said 

"What does she know she's a teenager they believe anything they hear" Samantha responded back. Jennifer and Chris walked out the bedroom and into the living room where Samantha and Jamie were.

"Oh great, she's here why is she here mom" Jennifer spoke in anger.

"Because your brother asked if he could invite her to spend the week with us...that's why any more questions" Jamie spoke with sarcasm.

"So you told your mother that Johnathan and I supposed to be expecting a baby," Samantha said with anger.

"Yes I did hell you look fat enough to be pregnant," Jennifer said rolling her eyes at Samantha.

"Listen here, you little witch" Samantha said.

"Um...excuse me but you will not call my girlfriend out her name come on baby lets go back into the bedroom," Chris said pulling Jennifer towards the hallway and entering Jennifer's bedroom.

"That's where you better go," Samantha said walking towards Johnathan and sitting next to him. Jennifer turned around and looked at Samantha.

"Problem," Samantha said with an attitude. Jennifer stormed off into her room and slammed her door.

"What's her problem," Samantha asked. 

"I have no idea I guess she's upset about her father," Jamie said as she walked into the kitchen and start preparing the shrimp scampi.As Jamie continued to cook the shrimp scampi Samantha and Johnathan turned on the television in the living room Johnathan got up from the couch and picked up Samantha belongings and took them into his room. Johnathan then came back and sat down on the couch next to Samantha and put his arm around her. Jennifer and Chris came out of the room and sat on the other side of the living room away from Johnathan and Samantha.

"Dinner's ready!" Jamie shouted.

"Hot damn mom famous shrimp scampi," Johnathan said. Everyone sat down at the dinner table. They placed their plates on the placemats on the table and begin to pray for the food once they were finished they begin to eat their food. Everyone begins to hum to every bite. After dinner, everyone washed up and clean their plates and went to bed. Johnathan and Samantha went into Johnathan's room and got dressed for bed. Jennifer and Chris did the same.

"Hey baby you sleep," Johnathan asked as he turned over to face Samantha.

"No baby what's wrong," Samantha asked as she open her eyes and looked at Johnathan.

"I'm horny baby you know what I want'' Johnathan whispered. Samantha got up and took off all her clothes. Johnathan then followed by taking off his clothes. They both got back in the bed. Samantha climbed on top of Johnathan and slid his penis into her vagina.

" it's been so long since we had sex like this," Johnathan said.

''I want to make you cum baby," he continues. Samantha then speeded up as she was on top. Moments later Johnathan flipped her over and put her into doggy style her ass began to clap as he pushed it in and out of her wet vagina Samantha then came Johnathan got up and grabbed a dirty towel to catch the cum before it hit the sheets. Samantha got up and went into the bathroom and clean herself up Johnathan followed and cleaned himself as well. They both walked out the bathroom and back into the bedroom to put on their night clothes. Once their night clothes were on they both got back into the bed and cuddled with one another and fell into a deep sleep.

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