Be careful who you trust

Living the life you always wanted and trusting the people you love the most but when you lose the one you love who can you trust who can you run to for help when you find out who did it.


Author's note

Love was all around until I found out the truth.

1. End of my Father

December 12, 2016, Jennifer and her family were returning from the movies, " Mom why is the front door open" Jennifer questioned.

" I don't know honey" she responded.

" John can you go and see what's going on," Jamie asked in fear.

Jamie is Jennifer mother a lawyer, five foot three, she's been working with the law enforcement for six years straight. John her father a city worker, he's been working for the city for eight years straight. Jennifer's father exits out of the 2016 Chevy Malibu and walked towards the house. When John entered the house there was a loud bang. Everyone looked up and saw two men with mask run out the house empty-handed. Next thing they know John was laying on the ground in a pile of blood. Everyone else that was in the car left in the car jumped out.But before they could get to him he died.

Jamie told Johnathan, Jamie and Johns oldest son to call the police and fast. Jamie was on the phone with the police for at least forty minutes. The police did a police report and announced that John was dead.

The next day Jennifer was sitting outside on the pavement crying.

"Hey what's wrong," Michelle asked. Michelle is Jennifer's best friend they've been best friend since the third grade and now they're in high school together.

"Nothing" Jennifer replied.

" Why are you crying,"Michelle asked.

"My father was shot to death," Jennifer responded.

" I'm so sorry to hear that but I'm here for you and you know that," Michelle told Jennifer in a firm voice.

"Boo" Chris shouted scaring Jennifer and Michelle.

Chris is Jennifer's boyfriend they've been dating since the eighth grade. Jennifer got up and walked towards Chris and wrapped her arms around his neck. Chris then wrapped his arms around Jennifer's waist.

"Baby what's wrong," Chris said while putting his hand under her chin to lift her head up so they could meet eye level.

"Baby my father died last night" Jennifer responded trying her best not to cry.

"I'm sorry baby" Chris spoke while looking into her eyes.

Chris then passionately kissed her on the lips and told her everything would be alright. Michelle then left the two lovebirds alone and went home. Chris and Jennifer then went inside Jennifer's parent's house. They both sat down on the couch right next to each other. Jennifer then laid her head on Chris' shoulder. Chris wrapped his right arm around Jennifer's waist and begin to rub her back. Jamie walked out the kitchen and into the living room. The family lived in a three bedroom three bath, two car garage, and a pool the house was decorated in red and black. Jennifer turned on the television and laid back on Chris' shoulder.

"Afternoon Chris," Jamie said as she walked into the living room where Chris and Jennifer were.

"Oh hi Mrs. Williams how are you" Chris responded.

"I'm somewhat ok Chris" Jamie replied.

"I'm sure Jennifer told you what happened" she added.

"Yes ma'am she did I'm sorry for your loss" Chris responded with a frown.

"Thanks," Jamie said walking towards the master bedroom.

"Your mom doesn't sound ok like she said'' Chris spoke.

" I know she'll be fine" Jennifer mumbled back.

Johnathan walked out of his room and into the living room where Jennifer and Chris were.

"Hey Chris," Johnathan said

"Sup Johnathan" Chris responded. "How you holding up" Chris added.

"Not so good that man was my role model" Johnathan mumbled.

"I'm sorry for your loss bro" Chris spoke.

"It's cool man" Johnathan replied as he walked into the kitchen and back to his room.

"Do you want to go to my room?" Jennifer asked Chris.

"Sure" Chris responded.

Jennifer and Chris got off the couch and walked into Jennifer's room. Jennifer laid across her king size bed. Her room decorated in red and black, her dresser was black with red stripes, on her television stand and sat on her t.v stand a 32-inch flat screen television. Jennifer and Chris had on a similar outfit. Jennifer was wearing a red tank top and black capris. Chris had on a royal blue and black.

"Umm Chris, baby you ok," Jennifer said looking at Chris with a worried face.

"Yes baby, I'm fine are you ok," Chris asked as he laid down on the bed.

"I'm fine" Jennifer responded.

"Yes you are" Chris mumbled as he pulled Jennifer in between his legs and began to kiss her on her neck and rubbing all over her body.

"Baby I want you so bad" Chris whispered in her ear.

"What do you mean baby" Jennifer questioned.

"Sex baby" Chris spoke firmly.

Chris slowly took off Jennifer's shirt and began kissing all over her body. Jennifer began to moan and beg him to stop.

"No baby let's do this some other time when my mom and brother aren't home," Jennifer said as she gasped for air.

"Ok then, when is your father funeral baby," Chris asked trying not to make her cry about her father's" death.

"Next Saturday I think" Jennifer responded.

"I'll be there for you and afterward I'll take you out away from it all ok baby" Chris spoke as he leaned over and kissed her. Chris and Jennifer were so deep into the kiss that Jennifer slid her tongue wrestle amongst each other Chris then placed his hand on Jennifer's right cheek and the other on her butt. Chris then broke the kiss.

"Damn baby I didn't expect that from you, you just turned me on," Chris said breathing heavy.

"It's a lot that you won't expect out of me that stays between me and you," Jennifer said while rubbing on her thighs.

"Baby ask your mom is it ok if I spend the week here with you guys, I'll text my mom and let her know," Chris asked.

Jennifer left out her room to find her mother sitting on the couch.

"Mom Chris wants to know if its ok if he spends the week with us," Jennifer asked her mother.

"Yeah, he can just tell him to alert his mother that he is," Jamie responded.

Jennifer ran back to her room where Chris was and jumped on top of him.

"Baby guess what," Jennifer said with excitement.

"What" Chris responded in shock from Jennifer jumping on him.

"My mom said you could stay the whole week just tell your mom," Jennifer said

"But you need to get your clothes first" she added.

"Yeah, I know baby my mom said I could stay the night correction the whole week, and my mom is bringing me clothes," Chris told her.

"Where are you going to sleep" Jennifer asked.

"Um...In the bed with you" Chris said with a dumb face expression.

"Ok baby and don't give me that look," Jennifer said with an attitude.

"Don't get an attitude with me, you know I'll spank you?" Chris said with a devilish smile.

"Mmmm... spank me daddy spank me good" Jennifer said as she bent over and tutted her butt towards Chris.

"Really baby" Chris laughed.

"Chris" Jamie called

"Your mom is here with your clothes" she added. Chris and Jennifer walked out Jennifer's room and into the living room where Jamie and Chris mother Alexis were. Alexis was an entrepreneur she owns several different businesses in her home town.

''Here you go Chris" Alexis said handing Chris his black and white Adidas duffel bag.

"Thanks, mom," Chris said happily as him and Jennifer ran back into the bedroom.Jamie and Alexis stayed in the living room chatting and laughing.

"Wow my mother laughing," Jennifer said.

"Yup that's what true friends do baby when you're down there here to cheer you up," Chris said.

"Oh my gosh!" Jennifer said in shock.

"WHAT" Chris spoke in fear.

"I need to call Michelle to see if she's ok" Jennifer answered. Jennifer leaned over and picked up her iPhone 6 plus and called Michelle. The phone rang three times before anyone answered.

"Hello" Michelle answered not expecting Jennifer to call her.

"Hey Michelle I'm sorry about earlier at the moment I really wanted to be with Chris" Jennifer replied.

"Oh it's fine Jennifer I understand, I'm with my brother Max right now" Michelle replied back.

"Tell Max I said hi," Jennifer said

"He said hey baby," Michelle said with a sharp tone and hung up the phone before Jennifer could say another word.

"Well," Jennifer said looking at her phone.

"What baby, " Chris asked.

"She just hung up on me" Jennifer responded to Chris question. Twenty minutes later Jennifer received a text it was from Michelle it read, sorry I hung up on you, my mother called me as the text explained. Jennifer texted backed it's cool. She then took her phone and plugged it back up to charge. Jennnifer then got back in the bed with Chris and turned on the television. Chris leaned over to turn off the red lamp that sat on the nightstand next to Jennifer's bed. Chris then took off his shirt, shorts, and his shoes only laying in the bed with just his boxers on. Jennifer laid in just her bra and panties that matched. Chris snuggled up under her with his arm around her waist. Jennifer began to blushed. Chris slipped his hand into her panties and began massaging her thigh. Chris suddenly kisses Jennifer on her neck and her back.

"," Jennifer said.

"Baby I can't wait anymore let's do it your body turns me on," Chris said while biting his bottom lip. Chris continued to kiss on Jennifer's body making her moan.

"Yes daddy," Jennifer said softly so no one could hear her.

"Baby what if my mom hear's us," Jennifer asked.

"Bite your lips or put the pillow over your face or just bite the pillow," Chris said

"Then she won't hear us" he added.

"And to we'll do it at midnight" he continued.

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