Be careful who you trust

Living the life you always wanted and trusting the people you love the most but when you lose the one you love who can you trust who can you run to for help when you find out who did it.


Author's note

Love was all around until I found out the truth.

4. a new day

"Good morning everyone" Jamie shouted so she could wake everyone up.

"Good morning mom,'' Chris said as he walked out the bathroom.

"Good morning mother" Johnathan and Jennifer said in unison.

"Good morning Mrs.Williams," Samantha said as she walked into the living room where everyone else was.

"Guys go get dressed were going out today and have a little fun," Jamie as she walked into her bedroom and picked up her little black dress that was laying on her bed from early this morning she went into her bathroom and took off her clothes that she went to sleep in she hoped into the shower and lathered her body down with soap and water once she was finished she opened the shower curtain and grabbed her towel to dry off. She then put on her clingy little black dress and finished getting dressed.

"Ok baby let's go get ready I wonder where we're going," Samantha said as she and Johnathan walked into Johnathan's room and began getting ready for a day out. Everyone else went to take a shower and dressed for today. Jamie came out waiting in the living room. Jennifer and Chris came out of  Jennifer's room wearing the same thing. Black and grey jordans with a grey t-shirt and black jeans. Samantha later came with out of Johnathan's room with a pink and rose detailed with black flats. Johnathan had on red jordans, black pants, a red and black shirt and to top it off with a black hat.

"Everyone looks so good," Jamie said

"Let's go" She added. As everyone walked out the house Jamie turned around and locked the door and unlocked her lincoln navigator turned the ignition on and drove off to Denny's. 

"Welcome to Denny's how many," the waitress said to Jamie.

"Um...five please" Jamie responded.

"Ok right this way please," the waitress said as showed the family to there table.

"Can I start you all off with something to drink" she continued.

"I'll have a coke please," Jamie said

"I'll take one to," Johnathan said as he began rubbing his leg against Samantha's

"Can I have a Mountain dew, please," Jennifer asked.

"And for you sir what will it be" Monica the waitress asked. As she wrote down everyone drinks in her little notebook.

"I'll take a Mountain dew as well" Chris added. 

"Ok I'll go get your drinks and give you time to figure out what you guys are going to order,"  She said as she walked away from their table.

 "Mmm...the country fried steak looks good" Jennifer and Chris mumbled to each other.

"Mom me and Chris want the country fried steak please," Jennifer asked.

"I'm going to get the slow-cooked pot roast," Jamie said 

"I want the t-bone steak and shrimp" Samantha added.

"I'm going to have the Bourbon Chicken skillet," Johnathan said. The waitress finally came back with everyone drinks. She then asked were they ready to order. Everyone placed their order and as they were ordering she was writing it all down they couldn't wait to eat suddenly there was an awkward silence amongst them.  Samantha broke the silence.

"So when is the funeral," Samantha asked.

"Saturday," Johnathan said. The waitress came back with everyone's food.

"Oh boy can't wait to sink my teeth into that food," Chris said.

"So I have the T-bone steak with shrimp for the lady...the slow-cooked roast for the misses...bourbon chicken skillet for you sir and two country fried steak for you two...Enjoy your meal" Monica said as she walked away from the table. Everyone began eating then drinking and repeat. Until it was all gone everyone got up from the table and walked to the cashier to pay for their meal. As everyone walked out of Denny's and to the truck, they all jumped into the truck and sat there for a while.

"Where do you guys want to go next," Jamie asked 

"The mall" Jennifer shouted.

"You always want to go to the mall" Johnathan added.

"That would be fun let's go to the mall then" Jamie insisted.

"Yay," Jennifer shouted.

"Oh, brother" Johnathan mumbled.

"Baby why do you love the mall so much," Chris asked. 

"Because it's where you can get the latest trend and see your best friends, socialize and just have fun"Jennifer respond. Jamie finally pulled into a parking spot at the palm beach outlet mall.Everyone got out the truck and walked towards the mall.

"Oh my God the outlet mall mom your the best" Jennifer shouted.

"Honey I know but you need to change your behavior when you're talking to people, or I'm not going to buy you those Jordans that you want for Christmas or your birthday," Jamie said as she walking through the mall looking for a store to shop in.

"Yes, ma'am I'll be on my best behavior until the day after I get those Jordans" Jennifer said laughing.

"Really Jennifer" Jamie said giving Jennifer an evil eye.

"I'm kidding mom I promise I'll be on my best behavior" she smirked.

"Baby can we go in Gap the Old Navy," Samantha asked Johnathan.

"Sure baby anything you want" he replied.

"Baby lets go to Old Navy first," Samantha said.

"Wait I want you guys to buy swims-suits cause when we leave here we're going to the beach," Jamie said.

"Say what mom" Johnathan shouted really loud as he continued to walk with Samantha.

"Yes child were going to the beach" Jamie responded.

"This day can't get any better" Jennifer spoke with excitement. The family spent the rest of the day at the mall shopping.

"Mom I thought we were going to the beach," Jennifer asked as they were leaving the mall.

"Honey we we're but I didn't expect to stay this long" Jamie spoke firmly as they toted six bags each to the truck.

"Can we go when we get back?" Jennifer asked.

"I'll see" Jamie responded as she unlocks the truck and put the bags in the trunk.

"Ok," Jennifer said. Everyone put the rest of the bags in the trunk and got in and put their seatbelts on. On the way home Jennifer and Chris fell asleep.

"Mom when we get home and you pull in the garage blow the horn so we can scare the crap out of Jennifer and Chris" Johnathan whispered. Samantha and Jamie laughed at Johnathan idea. Finally, the family pulled up to the house and into the garage. Chris and Jennifer were still asleep. Jamie then blew the horn.

"What the hell" Jennifer and Chris said in unison. Everyone else started to laugh at Chris and Jennifer.

"That's not funny why would you do that mom," Jennifer said in a firm voice.

"Honey calm down it was all your brother idea, not mines," Jamie said still laughing. Jennifer took off her seat belt and grab Johnathan by his shirt and pulled it back as hard as she could, Johnathan began coughing and gasping for air.

"Oh my God Johnathan I'm so sorry I almost killed my brother," Jennifer said crying on Chris' shoulder.

"Baby can you get our bags I'm going in the house," Jennifer said as she was wiping her tears and unlocking the front door and walking in the house leaving everyone else outside. Jennifer then walked into her room and close the door she sat on her bed crying her eyes out.
"Mom you need more help with the bags," Johnathan asked.
"No honey I got it" Jamie responded. Jamie grabs the bags that were left in the trunk. She then locked the truck and went inside and close the front door and locked it. Jamie walked into her bedroom with her bags, purse, and keys.
"Mom can we order Chinese food or pizza," Johnathan asked.
"You hungry again go ask your sister what she wants to eat then," Jamie said.
"I did she won't talk to me" Johnathan responded.
"What why not," Jamie said in a worried voice.
"Chris said she scared herself when I was choking and gasping for air" he replied.
"Jennifer can you come here please" Jamie yelled.
"Coming mom" Jennifer shouted back.jennifer walked out her room and into her mother's room as she entered she saw her brother standing next to her she had a worried look on her face.
"Why won't you talk to your brother" Jamie asked.
"Because I almost killed him, mom, how can he forgive me for almost choking him to death," Jennifer said as she began to cry.
"What wrong with you Jennifer," Jamie said.
"Mom you scared Chris and I when you blew the horn," Jennifer said while drying her eyes.
"Jennifer I'm ok I'm sorry I scared you  I'm ok sis really," Johnathan said as he walked over to hug her. Jamie got up from her bed and Johnathan followed behind her and walked into Jennifer's room.

"Chris can you excuse us for a minute please," Jamie said.

"Yes ma'am I was going to take a shower," Chris said. Chris got up from the bed and picked up his night clothes and walk over to the bathroom an turned on the shower.

"Honey what's wrong why won't you talk to your brother" Jamie asked.

"Because mom I almost killed him I'm sorry Johnathan and mom I really do you love you guys and thank you for putting up with me I really do appreciate it...I know I don't deserve you guys love but losing my father was the hardest thing I have to accept and deal with the fact that he's gone and never coming back" Jennifer said with tears in her eyes. Chris then came out the bathroom with his night clothes on Samantha then entered Jennifer's bedroom.

"Samantha I'm sorry," Jennifer said.

"It's ok Jennifer no hard feelings ok" Samantha responded.

"Um...Johnathan, Samantha can you guys excuse mom and me and Chris for a second please" Jennifer asked.

"Mom  I've been thinking and I wanted to ask you can Chris move in with us," Jennifer asked with a puppy face.

"Honey I don't know about that we would have to talk to his mother but I don't think she would like that idea very much," Jamie said.

"Ok that would be great mom I feel better already," Jennifer said. Jamie walked out of Jennifer's room and open Johnathan bedroom door.

"Son we're having movie night ok" she spoke. Jamie then walked into the kitchen and dialed Chris parents. The phone ranged four times before an answered 

"Hello," a voice said over the phone. 

"Hey, Alexis how are you," Jamie asked.

"I'm wonderful how are you" Alexis replied.

"I'm ok...I was wondering would you and your husband like to join us for movie night" Jamies asked.

"Jamie," Alexis said.

"Yes," Jamie replied.
"I'm divorced," Alexis said.

"What!" Jamie said in shocked.

"What happened" Jamie added.

"Girl he cheated on me with my sister I mean out of all the people in the world my sister really," Alexis said.

"Wow that's just sad" Jamie responded.

"But I'll be there in a few," Alexis said.

"Ok Alexis" Jamie said.

"But I wanted to tell you something  I'm dating this guy named Mark he's super hot and romantic and super sweet we're going out tomorrow" Alexis added 

"Oh, Jamie is there something else you wanted to ask me," Alexis asked.

"Chris wanted to know if he could move in with us," Jamie asked.

"Um...I don't know about that I'll see when I get there" Alexis added before the call ended. Jamie then called Chris into the kitchen.

"Yes ma'am," Chris said running into the kitchen.

"Your mom is on her way and she said she'll think about it and talk with me you and Jennifer," Jamie said.

"Ok," Chris responded. Chris walked back into Jennifer's room with a smile on his face.

"What Chris," Jennifer said.

"My mom said she will see when she gets here"

"Ok baby I'll be back I'm going to go apologies to my brother I'll be back ok," Jennifer said. Jennifer then left her room and walked into Johnathan's room.

"Hey, bro, I wanted to say I'm sorry for chocking you in the truck earlier," Jennifer said.

"It's ok sis I mean it was my idea to scare you while you were sleep" Johnathan spoke.

"And I'm sorry for choking you like that I love you, bro," Jennifer said.

"I love you too sis come give me a hug," Johnathan said. Jennifer then walked over to Johnathan and gave him a tight hug. Jennifer then walked out of Johnathan's room and back into her room and laid in Chris lap.

"Baby what's wrong," Chris asked as he rubbed Jennifer's back.

"Nothing why baby" Jennifer responded as she continued to watch tv.

"Cause you just came in here and laid in my lap," Chris said.

"Cause I want to be up under you gosh" Jennifer responded.

"Ok I'm sorry I didn't mean no harm baby," Chris said in fear.

"Really Chris" Jennifer said.

"Baby just relax ok" Chris responded.

"I'm good baby I promise now go to bed," Jennifer said as she turned off the tv.

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