My Secret Life

Fantasy? Fairy Tales? Magic? That’s for Little Kids. Indulging in that nonsense would Ruin my image. I won’t even read “Harry Potter.” So I guess that it’s funny that this freaky fairy tale… Is happening to me. Anyways, I’m a calm and cool girl in the Seventh grade. I’m well-known among the Sixth graders because of it. My name is Ayu Takashi, I’m 14 years old. I live in Japan with my father, I was told my mother died while giving birth to me. This is my story about my secret discovery.


1. Chapter 1

“Bye Ms. Ayu!!” Two sixth grade girls tell me as I’m walking down the hallway. I wave to them as I say, “Bye.” They squeal and one tells the other, “She said bye to us!!” I smile slightly to myself as I continue walking down the hallway. Someone says, “Hi Ayu. LEaving already?” I look over and I say, “Oh, Hiroki!” He tells me, “Oh right, I forgot Tennis club doesn’t have practice on Mondays.” I smile and I nod my head as we walk down the hallways. He tells me, “I see you’re immensely popular with the sixth grade girls. Apparently Tennis club was flooded with new applications after your fans saw you play during the club’s open house.” I nod my head slowly as I listen to him not saying much. He continues talking, “But that’s no surprise!! If Shuei Junior High had a queen of cool, It’d be you.” I shrug my shoulders as I reply to him, “Maybe. But I bet you’d be the king Hiroki. You’re wildly popular with all sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. They all know that you’re going to be the school’s baseball teams biggest player.” I shrug his shoulders and he laughs as he says, “No pressure, right?” I laugh as I shake my head and I tell him, “We all know that’s a lot of pressure.” He smiles and says, “I know, but I got you to laugh. Didn’t I?” I nod my head and he bumps into me accidentally. He says, “Oh I’m sorry.” I shrug my shoulders as I tell him, “It’s alright. Also, isn’t this where we part ways?” He waves to me as he nods his head and walks away. ‘I can’t believe I just talked to Hiroki, like actually talked to him.’  More sixth graders wave to me and I wave back and they squeal like the last few. I continue walking then I hear someone crying, I look over and I see the new transfer student Lilian Yoshizumi. I walk over to her and I ask her, “Are you alright? What happened?” She looks up at me with tears in her eyes and says, “I-I l-lost something i-important to m-me.” I tell her, “I’ll help you find it, what is it?” She stumbles over her words as she says, “Um well you see… Oh nevermind, It isn’t important anymore. Bye!!!” She runs off and leaves me standing there. I walk outside and I look around, I see something under the bench that Lilian was sitting on during art class. ‘No wonder she lost something, she had all her stuff spread out over here.’ I pick it up and I open it, ‘Oh, it’s a game and what do these weird symbols mean. I understand a couple of them but I don’t understand how I know them when I’ve never seen them before in my life.’ I shrug my shoulders and I walk back into the building to find Lilian. When I see her I tell her, “I found this under the bench you were on during art class.” She smiles and says, “Thank you so much Ayu Dear!!!” I’m about to walk away when she asks, “Did you look at it?” I nod my head and she asks, “Don’t you want to know what it is?” I shake my head as I say, “I don’t really have time for games.” I smile at her and I walk away. I feel her staring at me but I shake it off and I walk out the school. When I get out there I see that it’s raining and Hiroki is standing by the school building on his phone. I try to sneak past him but he notices me and he says, “Oh hi Ayu.”  I stop and I turn towards him, I wave as I say, “Hi Hiroki, what’re you doing standing out here in the rain?” He thinks for a minute and says, “Oh, I was about to head home cause baseball practice got cancelled because of the rain.” I nod my head and i step out into the rain and it doesn’t hit my head, I look up then the rain hits my face and I smile. He asks me, “Are you alright?” I nod my head and I wave goodbye to him and I start walking home. He runs over to me and says, “Care if I join you?” I shrug my shoulders and he asks me, “Are you alright? You’re not talking to me, did someone tell you something bad about me?” I shake my head and I whisper,

“No, I just have things on my mind right now.”

Hiroki: “Care to share them?”

Me: “I don’t even know what it is I’m thinking about myself, so I can’t tell you.”

He nods his head in understanding and I realize I’ve reached my house. I wave goodbye to him and I walk in my house and I go over to my couch and I fall asleep as soon as my face hits the pillow.

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