Meeting the Dark Side

Raven City is known for its unsolved, murder cases and rumors of bizarre kidnappings. Dwelling in it, nineteen-year-old Emerald tries to live the simple life, except, on most nights she's robbed of sleep. Haunted by constant nightmares, Emerald is always left awake in the late hours of the night wondering when will she ever feel normal. The hidden truth of her identity begins to unfold when she meets Dust and Alistair, two male vampires that somehow link to her night terrors. It is then that Emerald discovers she was never meant to be normal.


Author's note

Please note this story is still under editing, so you will find typos, feel free to let me know if you caught any. :)

Disclaimer. I do not own any of the art used for my story. Credit to the artist. The images are solely used for entertainment and nonprofit.

Cover design by -@rayofsunshine

1. Nightmares



Meeting the Dark Side

Copyright © 2016 by CharysM





"Alright, class dismissed. Make sure to bring your assignments next Friday evening." Mr. Hendricks hollered over the chattering of the students that anxiously wanted to leave for home. The sounds of books slamming shut, and desks sliding across the tiled floor awoke Emerald.

"Finally. So ready to go home." Emerald muttered under her breath half asleep. She raised her buried face from her crossed arms that lied over her desk. She had fallen asleep in mid-session of her college English class from boredom and restless nights.

After giving a long, exhausting yawn, Emerald lifted her shoulder-bag, sliding it over to one shoulder, and began to work her way out, behind the crowd of students, towards the exit. The moment she stepped out, the cold wind whipped at her long, black hair making the dark strands dance violently behind her.

"Damn, it's so cold out here." She complained to herself, tugging at her purple and black, checkered jacket. She took a moment to stare at the glittering stars before she began to walk again. It was around nine P.M., due to the fact that Emerald took night classes, but this night seemed eerie for some strange reason, at least this time it did.

She couldn't make out the odd chill that slowly crawled up across the base of her neck. Emerald walked along the sidewalk to head home like she did every night after class. The purple streaks in her hair swiftly brushed back and forth across her face in the wind. She dug her palms into the pockets of her jacket, trying to keep them warm as she hunched her shoulders forward against the freezing winter that Raven City embraced around November.

It was strange, usually, at this time of the year, blankets of snow would envelop the sidewalks and streets, but for some reason, winter seemed delayed with its snowflakes.

  Emerald usually took a shortcut to get home faster. It was through an open alley that led to Heather Street; only a few blocks from her house. To some, this was foolish, for a girl to walk alone through such dark allies this late, even more, when Raven City was popular for its high crimes during late hours. But, of course, Emerald didn't fear the dangerous walks of the night she was used to it; a rebel to the meaning of safety. Her thick, strapped boots thudded along the sidewalk.

She wore dark, blue skinnies, with a chain that dangled from her hip. Her top was a long-sleeve shirt with purple and black stripes. Its soft, cotton texture was like thermal fabric, which successfully kept her arms warm. Chewing on her snake bites that poked out on each side of her lip, Emerald's head spun with tomorrow's plans.

"Crap, I gotta work tomorrow. I wonder if Adam could cover my shift. All I do is work! His lazy ass probably won't even do it. Shit, I also have to pay my cell phone bill tomorrow, too." She mumbled. She halted momentarily with a pensive look.

One of the reasons Emerald took night classes was because she worked at a local restaurant during the day from eight-thirty in the morning until five at night. Her eyebrows suddenly lifted as if a bulb of light appeared over her head. A thought crossed her mind as she reached into her shoulder bag.

Let me just text him now, just in case, Emerald thought. She took out her S5 and with her thumb, she swiped through her contacts.

"Hey...Adam..." She verbalized aloud while poking at the text keys with her thumbs. She proceeded her walk nearing an alley that was around the corner where she then turned into. ""

"Oomph!" Emerald didn't finish her text, having abruptly slammed into someone full on, stopping her dead in her tracks. The impact caused her to stumble and fall back onto the floor. Her cell phone flew out of her hands and landed with the sound of crack once it hit the ground. The sound echoed in her ear, she now knew the screen must have broken. Though, right now her cell phone wasn't her first priority, that being whomever she had run into.

She stood, brushing her jeans off while saying, "Hey, are you okay? Sorry, I wasn't looking at where I was..." -

Her words were cut off as her eyes gradually met with a tall figure. Looking up from his leather-clad legs, up to his towering height, Emerald's eyes met half of his pale face, as most of it was covered with his brown, long strands of hair that rested over his shoulders.

A dark aura seemed to seep out of the man, sending a cold chill on Emerald's back. She blinked a couple of times, questioning herself as to where the hell he came from. A baffled expression crossed her face.

"Don't you know it's dangerous for young girls, such as yourself, to be walking alone in a dark alley?" He spoke. His voice was deep, appealing, she had felt each word rub her skin like silk. Emerald's heart began to race, she felt her mouth began to dry; the lack of saliva in her throat making it difficult to swallow. His voice seemed to prickle the hairs on the back of her neck.

She inhaled managing to stutter, "Y-yeah, well I'm not scared of danger."

Though, somewhere, some part of her felt like she shouldn't have said that with the ironic situation before her. Under the pile of nerves that her body was silently giving off, Emerald found herself weak in her own statement she gave him.

The male's lips stretched into a devious smirk, what followed next made Emerald's heart sink further and her green gems widen in fear. Her eyes served like mirrors, reflecting a dim, red glow coming from the male's right eye, as that was the only one visible to her since the other was shadowed by his chocolate brown locks.

"Really now?" He uttered to her. The words held a dark mischief, causing every part of Emerald's body to dreadfully stiffen. She had a feeling his response would follow a lethal approach.

Her lips parted to heave a shivering breath, regretting her previous, supposedly brave, words.

  Emerald's mind flooded with thoughts on every possible way she could have avoided this alley. Yet the cold breath of death neared her face, forcing her to be pulled back into shocking reality. Her hands trembled as she gripped her shoulder bag. She took slow steps back only to slightly stumble. Her back was forced to a halt as it came into contact with the brick wall behind her. The male walked passively closer to her, now purposely blocking her way.

An abnormal hiss withdrew from his throat, and before Emerald could scream, her neck was encased in his strong hand. His fingers constricted around her throat effortlessly. Emerald desperately struggled for breath, gripping his arm, trying to loosen his choke-hold on her, fighting for her life.

"Please...let me go," she gasped. "Someone, help me!" She exclaimed in panic, hoping someone could hear her cry for aid, only to feel the breathless words cut off by his hand when he squeezed harder.

"Tsk-tsk. Little Las, none can hear you this late around here," he stated with a grin. Suddenly two of his canines lengthened into sharp razors.

  Her eyes grew in terror at the mere sight - this can't be happening...they exist? God, no, I can't die like this. - She thought in her mind. Hopeless tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched her life flash before her. She had moments to glance at his blood, red eye. A strange scar was over his eyebrow. The last thing Emerald would remember on his face would be that scar.

  The male stretched his head back, parting his lips wide, readying himself to make her his late night dinner. Was this it? Was her nineteen years of life over? Emerald took what she thought was her last breath of life. The sound of her blood-curdling scream echoed out of the alley before everything went black.



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