The Brotherhood- A Twisted Desire

Domen lives for the thrill to kill. He is a member of the Yakuza clan who stands firm under the code of loyalty, never hesitating to eliminate an assigned target. However, he is internally perturbed when he is assigned to terminate the exiled Tashiro Jun, someone he shares a long history with. Will Domen's pride and loyalty to the Yakuza clan remain intact when he is forced to kill the one person he has known all his life?


Author's note

This story came from a spontaneous thought I had. So, I'm sort of experimenting. I hope to read any thoughts you guys have on the comment section of the story so far.

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Disclaimer: I don't own the art! Credit to the artist. Sackcloth and ashes are one of the artists. This story is for nonprofit, merely for entertainment.

1. The Brotherhood- If I don't Kill You First



The Brotherhood- A Twisted Desire

A Short Story for entertainment. 

Copyright © 2018 by CharysM





   A blood feud erupted between the members of the yakuza, a formidable, Japanese mafia that has been around since the end of World War ll. The gang has been notorious for its organized crimes leaving the public intimidated by their malicious reputation. A month ago, several members of the Yakuza were exiled from the clan for disloyalty towards their Oyabun, the leader of the felonious organization. Not only did the unlawful incident caused a massive division within their criminal organization, but also a raging war among their own. The ex-members of the clan that were exiled formed their own small clans recruiting those who shared their same vision to ruin the Yakuza family.  






 Domen stared distantly at the ceiling of Tashiro's apartment while the back of his head rested on the male's naked lap. The only thing covering Tashiro's flaccid groin was Domen's mop of coffee-colored locks. The two males were situated on the king size bed completely bare, drenched in pearls of sweat. The roots of Doman's hair were damped. He craved for a cold shower but his legs still felt like they were going to betray him if he got up. He decided to give himself time to recover. Their previous heated exchange had made Domen favorably sore from his tailbone down through his legs.

"You and I know that we can't run away from our unfortunate fate, Tashiro," Domen said breaking the silence the two had shared for the past few minutes. His voice was deep like golden liquid. He continued to stare at the ceiling absentmindedly.



Tashiro didn't feel like responding right away, instead, he had his back leaned against the bed frame. He took the tips of his digits and lazily combed his, short, raven strands away from his face. Between his right index and middle finger, rested a lit cigarette. The gray smoke gracefully danced away from the end of the fag until it would vanish into the air. He then relocated his cigarette between his thumb and index bringing it towards his lips. He took a long drag indulging the feeling of it burning his throat and filling up his lungs. He closed his eyes slowly inhaling, welcoming the sweet rush of nicotine. He then exhaled releasing a thick, hoary cloud.


Hearing no response, Domen continued. "The next time we meet won't be so luxurious, Tashiro. It's not going to be like this, underneath the sheets of lust, on the contrary, it's going to be underneath... your blood." The words were dark and stern, yet they flowed out of Domen's mouth like honey.


Tashiro released a sudden short exhale through his nostrils, amused.


"What makes you think, Domen, that it's going to be my blood that's going to be shed? Are you starting to underestimate me?" He asked with a sinister smile that gripped the corner of his brims.

Tashiro's voice was similar to Domen's only much richer. He took another drag of his cigarette causing the foot of the stick to brightly glow orange. He then held the fag over the ashtray that sat on the night table and tapped the end of it a few times.


"Not at all-" Domen responded with a smug smile. He slowly sat up bringing his head off Tashiro's lap. Domen sat on the edge of the bed his back facing the other male.


Tashiro made a slight noise partially annoyed that the warmth around his groin provided by Domen's head was now gone. The cold air from his room didn't feel particularly great around the center of his pelvis.


"-But you shouldn't underestimate me either. We have been in the Brotherhood since we were children and have sworn our lives to the Yakuza clan. I think we've known each other long enough to remember what we're both capable of."


Domen turned around after slipping his specs onto the bridge of his nose. He then climbed over Tashiro's defined figure, snatching the male's cigarette from his fingers to purposely annoy him. Domen smoked it himself while his body hovered over the other male. He then smudged the rest of it into the ashtray ridding of it.


Tashiro exhaled. And there goes my cig.


"You're smart enough to know the real reason I'm here," Domen said. His face became serious, making direct eye contact.


"Of course I know. I'm not a fool." Tashiro dryly replied. "I defied our Oyabun and you were sent here to kill me on his behalf." Tashiro grinned unphased.

"Your disloyal transgression against the Brotherhood will not be forgiven," Domen added.


Tashiro's eyes grew dark and he suddenly shot his right hand out gripping Domen by the neck. With his free hand, he pulled out a metal object from underneath the pillow. In one single move, Tashiro flipped their positions. Domen was now roughly pinned underneath him while he was on top. Tashiro kept his hand secured around Domen's neck. He pressed the tip of his Beretta against the male's forehead.


"Then why haven't you killed me yet?" Tashiro bluntly asked with a straight face.


Although it was difficult to breathe because of how firm Tashiro was gripping his neck, Domen kept disturbingly calm. His face did not show an ounce of panic. He merely looked directly at the raven-head while a grin managed to tug at the corner of his lips.


Tashiro froze for a moment when he felt a cold metal blade against his neck.


Domen had a dagger pressed against Tashiro's jugular even as he laid there with the other male's gun pressed to his temple. Tashiro narrowed his eyes then glanced at the other pillow Domen had slept on. It was moved from its original position which only meant the sly snake had hidden his weapon there too. He must have been quick enough to grab it when Tashiro flipped him over. The Sneaky bastard.


Tashiro glanced back down at Domen. He found himself wickedly smiling, impressed.


A moment of silence was heard.


"You didn't answer me, Domen. Why haven't you kill me yet? You had a possible chance." Tashiro repeated.


Domen's coy smile suddenly faded. He didn't avert his eyes from Tashiro. If he did, it would give away things he did not want to admit to himself or to the guy above him.


"Like I told you. The next time we meet won't be this luxurious. Consider tonight a farewell because next time?" He paused. " I will hunt you down and, Tashiro, I will kill you," Domen said with venom in his words. He placed his dagger on the side of the bed without taking his eyes off the raven head.


Tashiro, in turn, released his grip and placed his beretta down, right beside Domen's dagger. His own eyes remained locked with the other.


"Well... that is-" Tashiro began to say leaning into Domen's ear while he leisurely pushed his hips between the male's legs.


Domen felt a warm knot form around his stomach. He was all too familiar with the sensation. His breath became uneven. He didn't care to stop Toshiro's intentions, not tonight at least.


"-If I don't- " Tashiro continued to saying seductively in his ear.


Tashiro then traced his lips down Domen's teasingly. He brushed his lips lightly against his. Toshiro then left his lips inches from the Domen's so that when he'd speak his breath would tickle the male's skin. He wanted to make sure that his last three words would be felt in every way.


"-Kill you first," Tashiro concluded before he captured Domen's lips with his own.


Domen inhaled Tashiro's lips without hesitation. Internally, he knew Tashiro meant what he said, but all he cared about right now was savoring the man’s lips one last time. He returned each sinful kiss entangling his tongue with the other.


The two devoured one another as if they were starved animals. Their lips molded into an erotic rhythm until webs of saliva were seen latched between their hungry mouths.


Tashiro carefully watched for Domen's reaction when he slowly inserted the bulbous head of his length between the gates of Domen's aching canal until he was deeply rooted. Domen instantly arched his back releasing an erogenous sound that made Tashiro deviously smile between his own excited breaths.


  In the back of Domen's head probbed the thoughts of how wrong this was. In so many ways this was sinful. Domen knew this. He and Tashiro were like brothers, and this lewd act would be shameful before the eyes of his father, leader of the Yakuza clan. It only felt worse because Domen was aware he committing such crime against the organization, he was sexually involved with an exiled member who was considered an enemy. Even so, the overwhelming pleasure and lust were clouding his judgment. Domen could only reason with his thoughts by saying to himself, for now, I sin, just tonight. Since it's going to be the last time I see Tashiro, I might as well enjoy final time. Just as he finished his thoughts, he was swept in euphoria when Tashiro began to grind his hips into Domen forcing a sultry moan from his lips.


Tashiro's silver necklace dangled across Domen's chest tickling the surface of the his flesh. It danced back and forth, syncing to the tempo of Tashiro’s body movement. He felt sensations of bliss each time he entered Domen's opening. He groaned seductively releasing a masculine purr that had vibrate his throat.


"Look at me, Domen." He gripped Domen's chin forcing the other to open his eyes.

Domen reluctantly gazed at him through his specs. He didn't want to look at Tashiro, he just wanted to gain his sexual release and think less about the face he's known forever but will be forced to kill. He didn't want to feel the burden in his chest. Domen just wanted to climax.


"I want you to remember me, Domen. If you somehow succeed in ending my life, I want… you to remember me, little brother." Tashiro lowly said between uneven breaths while his pelvis never ceased to lusciously rock against Domen.


Domen panted before gritting his teeth. He slapped Tashiro's hand away and sat up halfway scowling at the raven-head. He said nothing, but his following action made a clear response. He lifted his hips upwards, placing his right hand behind him to plant on the mattress for support. His free hand then gripped Tashiro's shoulder roughly before he took lead and with his pelvis, he began to ride Tashiro's lap.


Tashiro sharply inhaled. His digits gripped Domen's sides as he groaned watching the male's bottom half bounce eagerly on his throbbing joystick.

Domen didn't want to hear another word out of Tashiro's mouth. It was squeezing his chest in ways he didn't welcome.


Tashiro's breathing quaked as did Domen's. The raven-head couldn't control himself anymore, and the tempo was miserably slow. He pinned Domen back down dominantly, smashing his lips against the other. His plunged his thick meat into Domen possessively.


   The sharp buck of Tashiro’s hips forced Domen's legs further apart encouraging Domen to lock his ankles around Tashiro’s waist. The bed began to creak and Doman's body began to vibrate asTashiro's pace increased. He had to hold on to dear life, wrapping his arms around Tashro's neck.He had to hold on to dear life by wrapping his arms around Tashro's neck. Domen's mouth went agape silent for a moment struggling to form sounds. A few pants substituted briefly. Domen's right hand departed from Tashiro's neck leaving one his other instead. His right hand moved over his head and slammed headboard of the bed gripping it tightly. Domen's face was contorting feverishly while a warm knot was forming in the pit of his navel. His body quivered preparing itself for an upcoming intense orgasm. Domen's sexual organ became stiffer than wood.


Tashrio was gasping as he too was nearing his own climax. He desired it fiercely. Ignited by the flames of arousal, he slammed his hips harder into Domen's delicious rectum. "Mmft." He uttered a sensually.


Each ram Tashiro gave Domen's voluptuous rear made his glasses tilt to the side until they finally fell off when he tipped his head to the side. He cried out orgasmically. His hardened appendage thickened until he released ribbons upon ribbons of his milky seed. Domen moaned intensely.


Tashiro felt Domen's walls clamp around his bridge tightly. This set him off like a hot volcano ready to erupt.  He grunted and pleasurably growled.Unable to contain himself, he burst liberating his ivory seed and filling Domen's entire canal with it. His head fell dropped against Domen's collarbone. His hips twitched a few times. Tashiro's stomach was dressed in Domen's sticky substance. It was warm, slippery, and welcoming.


The two were silent for the most part. All that could be heard was their exchange of heavy breathing. Domen's right palm slowly peeled away from the headboard of the bed. It gradually made its way to the back of Tashiro's head. He gripped and a handful of his ebony strands and stared at the ceiling again. Relieved that other couldn't see him since Tashiro's head was laid down, Domen felt his right eye sting. Although his face stale and cold, his right eye became glassy. His chest felt tight. He didn't like it. He didn't give this unwelcome feeling permission to return. It almost felt like the weight of a brick was resting against his heart.


Tashiro's body remained limp. He almost looked as if he had fallen asleep on Domen but he wasn't. His eyes were closed. His back kept rising and falling quickly. He aimed to catch his breath.  Tashiro swallowed dryly. His eyes opened slowly and his head turned away from the other staring passed the ball of Domen's shoulder. Tashiro avoided his gaze. His hues became distant. His jaw clenched down silently. A sea of emotions briefly crossed Tashiro's eyes.  It was a look of pain, one that didn't last long before he quickly dismissed it. He closed his eyes.


The both of them knew that tonight would be their last lecherous exchange as tomorrow they would become enemies with one thing in mind.









Disclaimer. The original art in my book cover and banner, I do not claim it. Sackcloth & Ashes is one of the artists.  The art is solely used for entertainment and inspirational visuals. I am not the artist. 

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