The Brotherhood- A Twisted Desire

Domen lives for the thrill to kill. He is a member of the Yakuza clan who stands firm under the code of loyalty, never hesitating to eliminate an assigned target. However, he is internally perturbed when he is assigned to terminate the exiled Tashiro Jun, someone he shares a long history with. Will Domen's pride and loyalty to the Yakuza clan remain intact when he is forced to kill the one person he has known all his life?


Author's note

This story came from a spontaneous thought I had. So, I'm sort of experimenting. I hope to read any thoughts you guys have on the comment section of the story so far.

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Disclaimer: I don't own the art! Credit to the artist. Sackcloth and ashes are one of the artists. This story is for nonprofit, merely for entertainment.

2. The Brotherhood- Four-eyes



Domen had left Tashiro's apartment in the middle of the night to return to the Yakuza grounds. On the way there, his mind was swarmed with thoughts.

"That is, if I kill you first," Tashiro's voice echoed in Domen's mind.

Domen glanced at the dark skies adjusting his glasses before crossing the street.

Tashiro... you idiot. Your selfish choice has made us fall into a path we both didn't want. We use to be so close. We were both raised together, like brothers. We fought and killed by each other's side. You, just had to be stubborn, didn't you? 

Domen continued to walk down the sidewalk distraught.

"When did killing become such a heavy weight on my chest? When have I ever felt this conflicted? Why should I care! Did he not violate our clan's code? He chose this path, not you! He did! Just, stop caring about Tashiro." Domen battled with himself out loud.

  He suddenly growled in frustration, turning sharply to the right. He walked into an alley and just rested his back against the brick wall. His face twisted in disgust when the thick smell of garbage coming from the green dumpster invaded his nostrils. It was such a foul scent instantly giving him the urge to shower.  Domen just needed a moment to refresh his mind so he ignored the smell.  Domen removed his glasses and closed his eyes. He tipped his head back using the wall behind him for support. His mind drifted to when things were normal between Tashiro and him. When their bond first started. 


"Don't be a little girl, Domen. It's just blood." twelve-year-old Tashiro teased.

Domen glared at Tashiro annoyed. "I'm not a little girl!" He protested. 

They were standing outside an old brown building that served as a nightclub. It belonged to the Yakuza and they ran it for business purposes. It was a cover for many other illegal activities. Both Tashiro and Domen were the sons of the clan leader, however, Tashiro was adopted into the family. He was an orphan for the most part and was raised into the dark culture.

Tashiro had his palm out extended towards Domen who was ten years old at the time. Tashiro's palm was tainted in blood. The very middle of his palm was slit by the dagger he held on his free hand having used it to purposely make an incision. 

"Let's make a blood pact and promise each other one thing." Tashiro uttered.

Domen stared at Tashiro's scarlet hand feeling queasy. He was still not accustomed to blood and it always made him feel uneasy. Little did he know how much that was going to change.

" What's it going to be, the promise I mean?" Domen asked curiously.

Tashiro gave a dimpled smile. "To protect each other no matter what. We're brothers and it's what brothers do. Now, it's your turn." He gestured offering Domen the silver dagger.

Domen inhaled apprehensively. Why was this so intimidating for him? What was he afraid of cutting himself? God, he was such a wuss. His family has done worse things and blood has always been in their hands with the sinister acts they've committed and ones he's witnessed before. He's always felt like a weakling, the black sheep of the family because everyone including his older brother saw blood as a natural reward.

After a brief hesitation, Domen adjusted his glasses, then took the dagger from Tashiro's hand. He took the tip of the dagger and pressed it against the flesh of his hand drawing a thin line. He hissed at the sharp pain. His skin would cut open oozing blood. He grimaced at the sight.

The two stared at each other blood dripping from their right hands.

"I promise to protect you, little brother. " Tashiro said extending his palm out to Domen.

Domen's lips formed a faint smile. He always admired his big brother. Even if the two weren't related by blood, he always treated Tashiro as if he was blood-related.

"I promise to protect you too, big brother. " Domen clasped his hand with Tashiro's forming one fist. The blood that tainted their palms were pressed against one another as the symbol of a pact. It symbolized that the two were one.

-------End of Flashback



"Hey, Riku. Look." A male whispered elbowing his friend as he pointed into the alley. The other burped after tossing his beer bottle on the floor shattering it.

"Hm?" Riku glanced at the direction the other male pointed. He could see a figure and with enough light coming from the street he was able to see a young male in a black and white suit wearing specs.

"Well, well. I bet he has money wearing that outfit. We should jump him. " Riku lowly suggested with a grin. He hiccuped a few times struggling to stand straight. He was clearly drunk. He reeked of alcohol having drunk five bottles of beer from the local pub they left earlier.

The abrupt sound of shattered glass tore Domen away from his thoughts. He opened his eyes lazily hearing a pair of male voices.

"Hey, you," Riku called out pointing at Domen swaying drunkenly. "Nice suit. Looks pretty expensive. Where did you get it?" He smirked walking closer. "Don't you think so, Haru?" He asked the other male who was smiling mischievously eyeing Domen's suit as well.

Domen sighed. "So much for having a quiet peaceful moment to myself," He muttered nettled by their presence. He pushed himself off the wall and turned to exit the alley. He had no interest in socializing with these fools.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going? I asked you a question." Riku said gripping Domen's arm stopping him mid-walk insulted by his lack of reply. 

Domen remained calm and collective. "I am in no mood for this tonight. I suggest you let go of my arm unless you want to lose yours." The words were said casually yet tainted with venom.

Haru laughed. "Four-eyes has a mouth it seems. How cute. Give us your money and we will consider letting you go."

Domen adjusted his specs with his free hand showing lack of expression.

"You heard him, four-eyes," Riku said before reaching into his jacket then pressing his concealed gun against Doman's right rib making it known he was armed.

Not a single drop of intimidation was seen in Domen. On the contrary, this made his eyes snake towards the male who was physically threatening him. 

The look he gave Riku was a bone-chilling gaze. Even behind the male's specs, he could see a dark intent in his eyes. 

Riku felt a moment where his skin crawled. He narrowed his eyes and continued. "Give us your wallet. We won't ask you again." Riku's voice became menacing and this time demanding.

Domen inhaled impatiently with his lips sealed. He clenched his jaw. "As you wish." He said reaching for the inside of his jacket.

Riku lips stretched into a wide grin as his eyes came to see Domen pulling out a black wallet made out of leather. 

Suddenly, In a split second, the alley illuminated white and the sound of a gunfire struck the air with an echo. 





Chapter 3 is in progress :) Tell me what you guys think so far! 

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