The Brotherhood- A Twisted Desire

Domen lives for the thrill to kill. He is a member of the Yakuza clan who stands firm under the code of loyalty, never hesitating to eliminate an assigned target. However, he is internally perturbed when he is assigned to terminate the exiled Tashiro Jun, someone he shares a long history with. Will Domen's pride and loyalty to the Yakuza clan remain intact when he is forced to kill the one person he has known all his life?


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This story came from a spontaneous thought I had. So, I'm sort of experimenting. I hope to read any thoughts you guys have on the comment section of the story so far.

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3. The Brotherhood- Distraction

Blood speckled on Domen's lenses. He stood there, still, with his eyes impassively fixed on Riku's lifeless body along with his other drunk companion, Haru.Their bodies were sprawled out on the cold ground of the alley.

  Riku's mouth was open as if he had taken his last breath and his eyes were torpidly wide. A deep gash was seen on the side of his neck with crimson blood still freshly gushing out and blemishing the cement. Haru's body was laying right beside Riku's. There was a bullet hole in his forehead that indicated that he was shot execution style. For a brief moment, a small line of smoke drifted away from the bullet wound on Haru's forehead. Blood pooled underneath his head.

   Domen tucked his silencer inside the jacket of his suit, in exchange, he pulled out a pearl white handkerchief. On his left hand, he held his black wallet. From between the lips of the wallet, a metal, sharp tip on the top of the billfold could be spotted. On the bottom of the wallet, a handle could also be seen sticking out of the opposite end of the billfold. Domen slowly gripped the metal handle dragging out a small, silver dagger he had hidden between the wallet. He gave his dagger a quick cleaning with the handkerchief and slipped the weapon back into his jacket. He then used the handkerchief to clean away the blood that had stained his specs. Wasting no more time, Domen departed the alley to get back to the Yakuza grounds.


  Riku's lips stretched into a wide grin as his eyes came to see Domen pulling out a black wallet made out of leather. While bringing his wallet to view, Domen quietly moved his thumb over the lips of his billfold. He knew he had to be quick in his following action. He snaked his eyes at Haru, who was nervously looking around for any witnesses or cops. Riku's buddy was distracted. It was his perfect chance. Suddenly, Domen sharply swiped his left hand, which held his wallet, across the side of Riku's neck. The intoxicated male hitched a breath and stiffened abruptly.

Riku stared at Domen with a look of confusion written on his face. His complexion turned pale as death. His right hand began to tremble and he shakingly brought it up to his neck. Blood spurted out and streamed between his fingers. Riku desperately choked, desperately trying to breathe as his lips tainted red. Riku's gun fell to the floor when he felt his body go weak, losing grip on his gun.

Haru heard the sound of something dropping to the ground, forcing his eyes away from the entrance of the alley and back to to the two men. When he noticed Riku bleeding to death, staggering on his feet, and desperately trying to cover his open wound, Haru panicked. He watched Riku's body drop like a fly and fall to the floor, dead.

"W-What the fuck happened?!" He stammered, voice quivering. Haru now stared at Domen. The right side of the man's glasses sprinkled in his friend's blood.

" killed... R-Riku. You.. son of a bitch!" Haru briskly pulled out the gun that was tucked behind him, underneath his belt, and fired at Domen. The alley illuminated white, the sound of the bullet echoed.

  Domen used his quick reflexes and side-stepped to the right, pulling out his silencer with his right hand. Never hesitating as he had two seconds before Haru would fire again, Domen made sure to use those two seconds to his advantage. When Haru went to fire again, Domen ducked under, leg sweeping the male, forcing him to lose balance and fall on his knees. Haru grunted and attempted to aim at Domen again, Only, Domen was a step ahead of Haru. He placed the end of his silence against Haru's temple and with no hesitation, he pulled the trigger. The bullet quietly shot into Haru's head, splattering brain matter and blood against the wall. Haru's expression went blank and his body became rigid. He fell limp right next to Riku. The two were dead.



The Black Suits was a popular gentlemen's club where Yakuza members gathered. The club was made years ago to conceal any illegal activities. It was dressed as gentlemen's club for that reason, to keep law enforcers at bay. The two-story building was very active at night with a mix of people, such as businessman who were wealthy and members of the clan.

  Domen pulled the door open and walked into the building. He made his way through the corridor until it led him to the open area where music was instantly heard. There were half naked, Japanese women dancing along the erotic rhythm that filled the room. They all were strip-teasing the men who were sitting on the L-shape, leather couches. The men were all dressed in suits and those of the clan, were in black and white suits. The men watched those teasing girls dance with lust filled eyes. Some men were either smoking their cigars or downing their hard drinks. A few men to the right were chatting and laughing while a couple girls were sitting on their laps flirtatiously giggling.

The girls that were dancing were standing on each of their platforms, seductively moving their bodies against the metal poles. Their breast was shamelessly exposed and they wore such thin, red panties that it almost made it look as if they were not wearing any at all.

Domen went straight to the bar. His throat ached for a strong alcoholic beverage. He needed to take his mind off things, things that included Tashiro. He sat down in front the counter and removed his glasses, cleaning them— it was just a habit of it his, they didn't need any more cleaning.

Kaito, The bartender approached Domen with an evident smirk that lingered on his brims. He was two years younger then Domen. He had turned twenty-two a few days ago and had been working the bar for two years. He had crimson, short locks. His right ear was always visibly pierced with multiple silver loops and studs. 

"I was wondering when you were gonna be back," Kaito said coyly.

Domen placed his specs on the marble counter and pinched the bridge of his nose rubbing it lightly as he exhaled through his nostrils. He looked at Kaito idly, saying nothing.

Kaito frowned. He noticed how weary Domen looked.

"Rough night?" he asked curiously, though he was genuinely concerned.

"I suppose you can say that." Domen responded, "However, it would become much better if you hurry up and serve me a drink."

Domen propped his elbow on the counter then lazily rested his chin on his palm, gazing at Kaito impatiently.Momentarily distracted by Domen's smokey, gray hues, Kaito felt his cheeks burn. Domen's eyes were nearly transparent and it always felt like they were piercing into Kaito's soul every time he looked at the guy.


The Lucky bastard, he has to be mixed because every Japanese person I know, like myself has dark eyes. Those eyes will be the death of me, Kaito thought. There was no doubt or secret that Kaito had a crush on Domen, even Domen was aware that Kaito was attracted to him but he never really gave into the idea.

Domen cocked an eyebrow narrowing his eyes at Kaito.

"Oh. Right. You're drunk. Sorry." Kaito said snapping out of his infatuation with Domen handsome attributes. He stood up straight and grabbed an empty glass.

"I know what you need, buddy," Kaito made a gesture with his head, "You sure look like you need it." Kaito then left Domen for a moment to make his drink.

   Domen shook his head with a soft snort. Kaito was sometimes a pest but Domen was still found of the red-headed bartender. He was undeniably good looking, something Domen appreciated from to time. Every now and then, Domen stole a glance at Kaito's covered, plumped ass when each time he passed by. While the redhead prepared his drink, Domen turned and scanned about the area. His eyes skipped the women, even in their half nudity, his interest was not peaked. He then turned his head to the bar. There was a row of men by the bar ordering their drinks from the second bartender that worked along with Kaito.

Kaito shoved Domen's drink towards him. Domen watched the glass glide across the counter before he swiftly caught in his hand.

"Shochu on the rocks, just like you like it," Kaito said with a wink.

"You've bartended this place for a year, I'd hope you know what I like," Domen stated rolling his eyes before gulping down his drink. He closed his eyes indulging the sensation of the alcohol gave when it burned his throat.

Kaito instantly refilled his glass.

Domen brushed his index finger along the glass absentmindedly.

Kaito noticed the sudden distant look that crossed the man's face. He chewed his bottom lip. "Something on your mind, Domen? Is it... about the exiled?"

Forced out of this thoughts, Domen shot Kaito a glare that instantly made the young male uncomfortable.

"Sorry. I mean, Tashiro." Kaito quickly apologized regretting his choice of words. He cleared his throat.

"Why don't you just worry about serving those men their drinks and refrain from asking me questions about things that don't concern you." Domen candidly said. There was displeasure in his voice at the mention of Tashiro's name.

Kaito's lips thinned and he frowned before nodding regretfully. I'm such an idiot. I just had to ruin the mood by not thinking before saying. Now he's annoyed with me, Kaito scolded himself mentally.

"Right, s-sorry, Domen. I won't bring it up again. Enjoy your drink, if you need a refill just wave at me." Kaito bowed and left to attend the others.

Domen closed his eyes and placing his specs back on rubbing the right side of his temple. He could feel stress inching its way back into him. The tension was prying into his shoulders.

No....just don't think. Drink, Domen advised himself. He swallowed his drink greedily, grimacing briefly. "I need a distraction," he spoke out loud this time but still to himself. He observed Kaito silently. The redhead was cleaning glasses and refilling for the other men. He then watched Kaito speak to the other bartender. Domen could only guess that Kaito was taking his break because he was peeling his black vest off before leaving the bar.

"Hey Jun, I need to wash my hands. You got this covered?" Kaito asked the other bartender who was an older man in his early thirties. Jun nodded. Kaito gratefully patted his shoulder and hurried to the back where the employee bathroom was located. He slid away from the bar area and made his way through the short hallway. As soon as Kaito grabbed the handle of the bathroom door, a hand roughly pushed him inside causing Kaito to yelp. By the time Kaito could register what just happened, the bathroom was closed and locked. The lights were kept off leaving him with the sight of pitch black. He went to holler in panic, but a hand quickly slapped over his mouth, muffling any noises he made.

"Mfft!" Kaito stifled.

"Didn't you have a birthday a few days ago, Kaito?" A familiar masculine voice spoke tauntingly. It was then that Kaito's eyes widen in surprise and he knew who it was.

The hand that was over his mouth finally released him allowing Kaito to speak. Kaito felt a little relief now knowing who it was, but still heavily confused.

"D-Domen? W-What are you d—" Kaito attempted to question.

"Shhh. Answer me. Was it or was it not your birthday a few days ago?" Domen interrupted repeating the question.

Kaito felt his heart pulse at an abnormal rate. He couldn't see jack shit but he could very much feel just how close Domen was to his face and his body. His back was firmly pressed against the wall and Domen had him caged there on purpose.

"Y-yes, I turned twenty-two, two days ago, why?" Kaito asked, puzzled by the sudden question and the awkward situation he was currently in.

"Hmm." Domen purred.

Kaito swore he could feel the man smirking in the dark by how he seductively noised that.

"D-Domen...why are you-" Kaito's breath was caught in his throat when Domen's mouth unexpectedly invaded his. He protested weakly, but every part of his body raged with fire.

Domen's lips consumed Kaito's lips hungrily before he pulled away leaving the redhead breathless. He didn't stop there. Leaning into Kaito's ear, he spoke seductively.

"Well, I suppose I should give you a late birthday gift. Something you've desired for very long time." Domen smiled wickedly. His words were weighed with carnal intentions.

Kaito felt his blood leave his face and rush down to his groin that was now inflaming from excitement. He couldn't respond properly. He was overwhelmed with arousal. Was this really going to happen? Was he really going to have what he always fantasized about Domen?

Domen's lips captured Kaito's earlobe giving a few, slow suckles and a nip. His lips then came to caress Kaito's neck drawing out a whispery whine from the needy bartender. His hand traveled i down Kaito's slacks impatiently undoing his belt. Domen's hand eagerly cupped Kaito's engorged member. It felt warm in his hand.

"That excited, Kaito?" Domen teased chuckling. Even the way he cheekily laughed made Kaito's shaft stiffen more. His groin was starting to hurt. He needed TO release.

Kaito lost his breath again. Domen's hand was moving in a teasing manner torturing him every second he could.

To Domen, this meant nothing. He just wanted the distraction from his own forbidden desires. Kaito was going to be his stress relief. He wanted to mask away what he was really feeling right now. He was in a dark place and internally torn. 

Kaito's body was all Domen was focused on. He wanted nothing more but to sink his erection into the redhead's core. He yanked Kaito's pants down letting Kaito do the rest with his feet. He unzipped himself and forcefully turned him around. He had Kaito's chest fall against the sink and his aching hole facing Domen's hips.

Kaito panted. The sexual heat was scorching his body unbearably. He severely wanted Domen inside him. He wanted to be claimed and filled.

"Do it. Please! I've always imagined this day, how it would feel to have your hard cock inside me." Kaito pleaded.

The words made Domen's meat throb.

"Good," Domen purred, "Consider this your lucky day," He said having gripped Kaito by the neck, speaking those words teasingly, near the side of the young man's jaw.

"I'm going to leave you very sore, Kaito." Domen promised with a hint of deviousness in his tone.

Kaito bit his bottom lip anticipating his next action.

Abruptly, the sound of someone banging on the bathroom door was heard.

"Fuck," Kaito said nervously.

"Tell them it's occupied," Domen told Kaito speaking lowly, so only he'd hear him. 

"Uh, I-Its occupied man! I'll be here for awhile." Kaito shouted hoping that whoever was outside, needing to use the bathroom would go away.

They banged on the door again. "Domen, I know you're in there. Your father requires your presence downstairs. I was told to come find you." A man said.

Domen's whole demeanor changed. His face expression, which Kaito obviously couldn't' see, turned stale and his body was filled with tension again. 

 "Great.." He said perturbed.   

Kaito's eyes widened upon hearing that the head of the Yakuza was summoning Domen, but he should know that since Domen is the son of the clan leader, he'd likely was going be summoned at unplanned moments.

Domen flicked the lights on and took a quick glance at Kaito's bare ass. He faintly smirked giving it a firm squeeze before swatting it hard enough to leave five, red fingerprints on his skin. Kaito jolted but silently enjoyed the sting after.

"Sorry, Kaito. It seems your birthday gift is going to have to be postponed." Domen said.

Kaito turned around managing to have the chance to see Domen tuck away his length. What a view. The man was hard as a brick with an appreciative size. The fact that Domen was even that stimulated gave Kaito this small sense of pride. When Domen zipped his pants, Kaito sighed disappointedly as if his most precious prize was being taken away from him.

"What a shitty timing for Oyabun to call for you," Kaito mumbled annoyed. Oyabun was another term used when referring to the leader of the yakuza. It was commonly used by the members of the clan, a respectable way of addressing the headmaster of the Japanese mafia.

"That is an understatement," Domen said. Domen noticed a few pearls of pre-cum oozing from Kaito's throbbing tip. He snickered and passed a finger over it making Kaito shiver. He then took his finger into his own mouth savoring the taste.

Kaito watched in awe, his mouth was watering. His shaft twitched a few times. He groaned. Blue balls are going to be a bitch today. He got dressed flustered cursing to himself.

"I should get going. Maybe, next time I will give you that gift I now owe you." Domen winked before pinching Kaito's chin playfully. 

Domen opened the door and received an awkward glance from the man behind the bathroom door. He glanced at Domen and Kaito arching an eyebrow. Ignoring his speculation of what might have been occurring between them, he said,

"Your father is in his office. He awaits you there. "

Domen's face was no longer friendly or coy. Any time his father summoned him it was never for anything good, and Domen already knew why his father was wanting to speak to him. It was for obvious reasons–reasons of which he had been trying to avoid and distract himself from, tonight. 





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