Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


40. XCESS: “The Revelation”

PART 40: XCESS “The Revelation”

“Everyone leave!!!” The gentleman that sits on a silver lined throne orders the guards dressed in black, to leave the room, and half naked women follow suit. Tia ogles their jiggling breasts, and soft asses bounce up and down as each girl ran for cover, quickly disappearing so they wouldn’t be caught in his fiery wrath. She doesn’t realize she is being watched herself, while she tries to follow the crowd of women. Not wanting to be swept in a pan of rage; she excuses herself, looking curiously at the dark tanned man with a long wavy silky black mane, his tresses spilled over his shoulders, down to the middle of his back.

“No, not you. You stay.” He beckons Tia to come back, holding the palm of his hand out closing his fingers in quickly.

He positions himself to get up, leaning back into the elaborate bedazzled jeweled chair with his legs spread deeply apart. His eyes pierced Tia’s eyes, slowly cracking her steel vessel. She paid attention to the alluring man, who she had only been up, close and personal with only once before. Her frame was beginning to shake.

“You’ve been ignoring my calls, my messages—I think it’s really cute.” His eyes roam over the surface of Tia’s body, becoming more aroused each passing second he relished at her exposed breasts. She didn’t have on a bra, and the cold air that circulated through the room made her nipples hard, alerting a very powerful man. She felt him hawking, making her feel somewhat uneasy, but she still managed to stand up fiercely, with one hand cuffing her left hip.

“What is this I hear, you’re getting engaged? Now you know that is not how things work around here.” The man smirks sinisterly.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself, and why you purposely disobeyed the rules of this organization? Do you know the penalty for your crimes you have committed against me and generations of those before me? You will pay.” He gets up out of his chair slowly, just to circle around nervous Tia, she feels unsafe, knowing she is on trial.

She didn’t know what to say, she just had this blank look on her face. “Um...I am sorry, I don’t know what you want me to say.” Tia backs away from the domineering voice, that penetrated her eardrums, finally letting her hands fall slowly beside her thighs.

“I think you’ve been so caught up in your little fantasy world you have forgotten your mission, and your place.” He traces his cold finger around Tia’s juicy plump lips. Tia flinches a little, but her mood is still very thick.

“I really hope you haven’t been breaking any other policies, like giving anyone information about your whereabouts. I hear someone by the name of Kevin has been asking about this particular place. He wouldn’t happen to belong to you now would he? Or is that some crazy coincidence?”

Tia really didn’t know what he was talking about. “Shamar, there is no way Kevin is affiliated with my lifestyle. The man is clueless.”

She only hoped Kevin wasn’t snooping around, the only reason she couldn’t text him or call him was because she was working at the club. She knew for a fact Kevin was too occupied with his new project to be snooping around her business. He wasn’t even that kind of man. She could feel a pain in her heart, she just couldn’t bare the thought of something bad happening to Kevin, she knew he was the only one who cared for her truly and deeply, even though she refused to show it to him.

Shamar grew annoyed at Tia’s reaction, as her chest arouse, and her breathing grew quickly. It was painted all over her face, especially on her soft lips.

“You know what, I think I have grown accustomed to your face, you are very interesting. Do you think your fiancé would mind if I borrowed your throat?” Shamar presses his hand on his crouch, threatening to unzip his fly, alerting the anxious Tia with his bulging hard dick. The growing hard sack of flesh knocked against his dark jeans, waiting for the perfect moment to spring free.

Tia gasped, so loudly Shamar could hear.

Even though Shamar was a fairly handsome man, Tia has a queasy feeling, especially since he threatened to hurt Kevin. She was more afraid if anything, Shamar wasn’t a man to be taken lightly. Shamar started to instantly get even harder as the anticipation built.

Tia knew Shamar was going to get his way with or without her eager consent and she was trying to find a way to reject him without offending him. As many times she had been offered sex, she never let an opportunity go to waste—but this time felt incredibly wrong to her. Maybe it was the fact Kevin was in danger, out looking for her.

“I haven’t been feeling too well these past few days.” Tia rubs the side of her temple in a circular motion, hoping it would satisfy Shamar enough to back off.

Seeing the contempt in Tia’s eyes, he grew impatient. “Your sickness wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with him, now would it? See, I happen to know your rather long reputation, and I know for a fact I have enough inches to handle that.”

“No! I don’t love him!” Tia grew defensive with each second, desperately trying to hold her tears from escaping her eyes. If she lied about how she felt about him he wouldn’t pursue his hostility against Kevin, and maybe she could buy them both time.

“Actually I agreed to marry him for my own personal benefits...” She walked slowly to Shamar, seductively and tempting trying to turn the tables.

“Who are you trying to convince me or yourself?” Shamar saw the pain burdening Tia, even through her feeble attempt, but he still continued to patronize her.

“Wait...what do you mean?” Tia tries to pick apart Shamar’s dark brain.

Shamar doesn’t say anything else, he just has this strange deep gaze on his face, being mesmerized by Tia’s body. He demands her to take off her dress. “Remove your dress, slowly.”

Tia knows her time has ran out. Shamar senses her reluctance and fear, and he continues to punish her, waiting for her to react.

“So I’m curious, did you think that I wasn’t going to find out? I mean I am God, I really am everywhere and I do see all. If one of my agents sneeze, I will be the first to know. But you are very peculiar, it seems like you have deep detachment issues, and yet you move in with the first man who proposes to you—do you wish to have a master?”

She is puzzled by all of the internal insight he has on her, and she knows absolutely nothing about him. It was like he had read the pages in her diary, his presumptions were uncanny and spot on.

“No, it’s nothing like that!” Tia yells at Shamar, feeling utterly disrespected.

“Oh I get it, you are gonna get married, get out of the business with a clean slate, start anew. Pop out a few kids, and become a wholesome woman, don’t tell me that’s your plan cause if so that’s just fucking ridiculous.” Shamar laughs, in hopes of crushing Tia’s hopeful dreams.

At this point Tia was growing quite annoyed with his taunting.“ Just get it over with, I’m not going to fight you. I’m getting tired of you insulting me, you don’t fucking know me!” She stared straight into his dark eyes, willing to now fight since she saw she couldn’t sweet talk her way out of the situation.

“Oooh feisty! You are quite the little firecracker!” Shamar licked his lips.

“Don’t fuck with me, I’ve done everything you asked me to do. I am never late, I keep bringing you clients, and I am extremely resourceful.”

“It’s true, I know what you are capable of. I also know you belong to me, through debt.”

Tia pauses for a second, “Wait...what are you talking about?”

“Ohhhh, you didn’t know, your family is in deep shit. It is customary for the youngest child to be given up in exchange to relieve a debt. I guess interest got a little bit too high.”

“You lie, my family has nothing to do with any of this!”

“How do you think you have such a high ranking, how do you think you are even standing face to face with me being allowed to talk? No agent enters this organization without prior affiliation, each member must have an active or non active relative that is in good standing to be admitted. There is no other way.”

“I don’t belong to anyone, I don’t care what you say. You do not own me!”

“As a matter of fact, I do and I have a special job that requires only your expertise...”

Tia hopes it isn’t what she thinks, Shamar is the very last man on earth she wants to sleep with.

“How much money do they owe you? Maybe I can lift my own debt, and buy my freedom from you.”

“Now you making sense to me, let’s just say that five grand you wired to me wasn’t even ten percent of the debt.”

“Wait that went to you?”

“Who do you think you were messaging? All responses go to me, personally. I get it, you are basically new so you don’t know the ropes. Let me give you some advice that will save your life, what I say goes. I must admit you haven’t crossed me and you are loyal to the cause. I have grown to admire you, and also all of the money your family has needed—ha! What do you think they were doing with it?”

Tia collapses to the floor, feeling knots form throughout her body.

“I’ll let you break your contract, under one condition—you stop seeing Kevin and you be with me.”

“Wait what?”

“Your next reaction, and response please choose carefully. That is my only offer of me even considering you lifting your family’s contract. As of today if you agree to the terms we will form a new one, but if it is breeched all arrangements are off, and you must pay with blood.”

“So you want me to still work for you and call off the engagement I have with my fiancé?” Tia really considered weighing her options.

“Correct. Smart girl.” Shamar smiled at Tia, knowing she was backed into a corner.

“And to seal the deal, I must warn you I know EVERYTHING, oh I mean everything. You’ve been quite the little worker, you are so mischievous and corrupt. We will be perfect together. I know about what you did to your sister, I know what you’ve done to your therapists, your family, your Kevin, and yourself.” He knew it would be fun to threaten her by bringing up her skeletons she had thrown in her closet.

“What does that supposed to mean to me exactly?” Tia folds her arms across her chest.

“Fuck with me, and find out. No man has ever crossed me that is still breathing to tell the tale. So what is your final answer?” Shamar refuses to play Tia’s cat and mouse game.

Tia looked around, taking in her scenery. This would only mean she would be reselling herself to him again, but if she refused what if he killed her? Her adrenaline is racing, because whatever she tells him next, she has to really sell it, flawlessly.

Tia takes a deep breath, “Is there room for negotiation?”

“Of course, there is always room for negotiation.” Shamar waited.

“If I agree to your terms I must be able to have my own space. How long do I have to buy my freedom?” Tia waited for the facts, not trying to seem desperate.

“You are indebted six months, if you cannot pay for your freedom within that time frame, then your youngest child will belong to me as well, no exceptions.” Shamar started circling around Tia, then he makes a complete stop putting his hot breath on the back of her neck.

“What do you need me to do?” She anticipated Shamar’s response.

Shamar presses his body on Tia’s, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“Well most of your tasks will be your way of paying what you owe, if you refuse a mission then you must pay the total amount of money equivalent to the job. You will have a total of six assignments.”

Tia didn’t like where this was going, as the details became even more revealing while Shamar seductively explained her tasks.

“The first assignment has something to do with a person very close to you, Derrick. His father, and your father—“ Shamar walks over to a large photo of a slender built man, with a razor sharp cut edge up in a jet black three piece suit. The man looked kind of angry to her.

“—Rashaad has been a loyal partner of my father for decades. But Derrick’s father has as well, he is known as Z, but his name is really Zari. Zari and Rashaad were close friends, and are still highly skillful at what they do. I’m guessing your father doesn’t know what his right hand man son did to you all of those years, does he? Cause if he did Derrick would’ve been food for the worms a very long time ago.”Shamar rubbed both of his palms together.

My father left the dynasty to me, well just long enough until he gets back. This is where you come in at, and that is why you will comply.

“But that’s not my daddy, I’ve never seen that man a day in my life.” Tia became outraged.

“Oh you didn’t know? Your biological father’s real name is Rashaad LePrince.” Shamar through it in her face, happily crushing her reality into pieces.

“No that can’t be true, what the fuck?” She still continued to deny the unknown, that danced in front of her face.

“Oh, and I’m pretty sure you know that’s not your mother, you look nothing like them to say the least.” Without hesitation he began to blurt out even more facts for her to swallow whole without chewing.

“So who are the people that take care of me?”

“Now that is something I can’t reveal, until the time is right.”

“And Riah—“ Tia couldn’t bare the thought of her sister not being blood.

“Oh no Mariah is most certainly your real sister, no need to worry about her fine ass.” Shamar floated back to his throne, happy he had her where he planned.

Nothing made sense to Tia, the rap music started to fade away as her world darkened. She didn’t know if Shamar was even telling the truth. She didn’t know whether to run, or ask more questions.

“So what about my real mother, where is she?”

“No telling really, I figured she couldn’t take being with Rashaad anymore. Every time she found a new place to hide, Rashaad sniffed her out like a starving hound. She even moved out of the states with you two, but he still managed to find her, and take you guys away from her. Your mother was another one who disobeyed orders, and rules, you get it honestly you know.”

Tia tried to grab distant memories that were floating around from her childhood, but the more she chased and reached for them, the higher they would drift away. Maybe this was it for her, always sensing she didn’t belong in the spot she was anyway.

“Do I tell my sister?” The tears started to form like a storm over the sea, slow and strong.

“No, under any circumstance can you speak a word of this to a living soul!” Shamar raises his tone, masking his true intentions.

“You must go on with your normal life, even as far as lying to Kevin and everyone you know. You do it so well anyway.”

Tia agreed, but a huge part of her knew it wasn’t right to just hold one of the biggest family secrets in her hand. She tried to hold herself in one place after hearing everything she never thought could be possible.

“Now, bring your chocolate ass over here, and let me get a taste.” Shamar made it clear earlier he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Tia could see it in Shamar’s eyes, the lust for power, dominance, and control. She could see that he was willing to do anything it took in order for him to climb to the very top.

“I never repeat myself, so this may be worth my while. You are so stubborn.”

Tia doesn’t move she is frozen. She know what is required of her, but she just can’t force her legs to step forward.

Shamar smirks, but he is still highly annoyed by Tia’s reluctance. “You want me to take that pussy from you don’t you? I know what you want...”

Tia doesn’t bulge, she stands firmly in place contemplating about the things to happen next. His voice moved her spirit in ways she never imagined. Now this was different to her, she practically could feel him inside of her without touching a hair on her body. How was this even possible when he was across the room from her?

“I bet you want me to slip my fingers in you, just so you can let me know how wet and slippery you are. I know you are gushing wet right now, how much you wanna bet?”

Tia tried to form words, but not a single sound left from her mouth.

Shamar quickly got up, invading Tia’s thoughts and space. “You’re in a bad situation right now, but it doesn’t matter to you, your pussy is throbbing, soaking wet, you are getting high off the thrill. I can see it in your face, the way you are pressing your thighs against your lips...”

Tia took a deep breath, trying to relieve some of the tension building in her chest.

“And looking at the way you breathe right now, I know you want me to fuck you.”

Shamar snatches Tia’s dress, ripping it in half literally. She doesn’t bother to cover her freshness. His eyes glaze over, happy to claim his new servant.

He took her by her hand leading her to his throne. There hadn’t been another woman that has gotten even close to touching his chair. But here Tia was, so very close to Shamar. He admired her, but he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of knowing that. He had this image to maintain, slowly building his courage to unravel her secrets that he didn’t know. She was a broken mirror, a distorted reflection of himself. That wasn’t going to stop him from using her like she did everyone else. She didn’t utilize her soul, and he understood that. He watched her body language, studying her every move as she hid behind her impenetrable barricade.

Tia can feel the walls closing in on them, suffocating her. She always knew when someone was staring her down, gawking at her, lusting after her.

“So it would all boil down to this, family secrets and hidden agendas?” Tia flipped her long dark hair behind her shoulder, as she tilted her neck a bit.

Shamar didn’t feed into her small talk. “Come here.” He grabs her body, pulling her into him forcefully.

Every bone in Tia’s body warned her, her skin demanded she resist the demon in the flesh. But his strong powerful voice pulled her into his will without struggle. Her feet became eager as he laid out a pathway for her to follow. Shamar could taste the tiny beads of sweat on the top of his tongue as he licked her neck and sat her on his lap in his chair. Shamar was aggressive and precise, not ceasing the moment. Her body belonged to him just as he said it did.

-Back In The Outside World

“The Escape Plan”

Derrick has found Ashley, rummaging through her belongings at their apartment together. Her suitcase is halfway zipped, and clothes are falling everywhere. The place is a mess. Derrick charges for Ashley full speed, not giving her anytime to run.

“You didn’t think I would find you huh? Where the fuck you think you going?!” Derrick barks viciously at Ashley like a rabid dog.

“I’m getting away from you, and you’re fucked up family!” Ashley crawls to her bedroom door, kicking Derrick in the lip.

Ashley didn’t expect to see Derrick, and she wasn’t trying to wait around any longer to see what he was truly capable of. She was willing to fight until her last breath with everything she had just to get away from him.

Derrick falls face down on the floor, slightly missing the corner of the foot rail of the king sized bed. Ashley swiftly moved alongside the wall, missing his fumbling grasp as he reached for her ankles.

“Ashley, you will pay for this!” He yelps in pain, now suffering from a bruised collarbone, and busted lip.

Ashley is panting and breathing heavily, holding her knees trying to catch her breath. She is in shock that Derrick tried to attack her, before Derrick got a chance to react the door suddenly barges wide open alarming her.

It’s her brother Kevin. He runs inside of the battered apartment, immediately trying to console his pained sister. Ashley runs out of her bedroom to Kevin’s embrace.

“What happened, where’s Derrick?” Kevin is furious, but Ashley is dragging him out of the door.

“Come on Kevin, let’s gooooo—like right fucking now!” Ashley is frantically grabbing Kevin’s arm, pulling him outside.

He gently pushes her arm down, picking up the items and bags that she couldn’t manage.

“Okay Kevin, I have to leave I cannot stay here any longer.”

“You can come with me, I’ve already made a report for your disappearance.” Kevin thinks he can save his sister from her troubles.

“You shouldn’t have done that, it doesn’t matter anyway I have to leave, and I don’t know for how long. They will be after me.”

“If I gotta kill them one by one I will, I won’t let any of them bitches get close to you.”

Ashley hugs Kevin one last time, “Kev get outta here now, these people are dangerous and you don’t know what you are getting yourself into.”

She gets in her car, reverses out of the lot and refuses to look back. All Kevin can think about doing is beating Derrick to a pulp. The images of what he did to Tia, the incident with his sister.

His phone rings, digging in his pocket he sees it’s Riah. He has a host of missed calls and text messages from her. As he answers, he could feel the fire burning his ear off, “Well I be damned, your phone does work—everyone has been looking for you, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, I just had to tend to some business. I’ll be in the office first thing tomorrow.” Kevin hangs up the phone.

He looks at the apartment one last time, taking his kid sister’s advice. Getting in his car, he speeds off into the daring night, feeling the blood pump through his veins.

Kevin didn’t know what Ashley meant about Tia’s family being dangerous. They really didn’t seem all that dangerous to him, and he knew street when it presented itself. But life had proven to him over and over again to never judge a book by its cover.

He still wanted Derrick’s head on a platter, but since he went to the laws to file a missing report on his sister, if anything happened to him he would be a target and a suspect, for probable cause to harm Derrick. He had to be smart about his next move, not making any sloppy mistakes that he would regret later.

He still hadn’t got a hold of Tia, and now since his sister was safe he was now focused on locating her. Maybe she’d left him in the night just like Shaun did Riah. All he could think about was seeing her face, she seemed like the only thing that could soothe his anxiety.

Kevin sits at the red light, and punches the steering wheel. “Fuuuuuck!!!” It is taking everything in him not to go back and fuck Derrick up, he is literally blacking out in the car. After nearly three years he doesn’t hear word from his sister, then all of a sudden she pops up at the engagement party with a clown that just so happens to be his fiancé’s rapist cousin. It was just crazy, and being with Tia was bringing him back down a dark road that he had left so long ago. Kevin needed to make some phone calls and get in contact with some old friends to get to the bottom of the situation. He was the type to deal with the problem indefinitely, and head on.

**The Next Few Days**

“Tia Goes Home”

Tia stumbles into the doorway, high and drunk.

Kevin runs to catch her from falling on her face. Kevin gently taps the side of her cheek. “Baby, babe—?”

He lifts her up and puts her on the couch, and runs outside.

“Where’s the car? What the hell, how did you get here?” Kevin is in a panic, seeing a black Range Rover speed off quickly.

“Who was that Tia, where have you been?” Kevin shook her leg, but the unconscious Tia was out of it, cold.

Kevin examines her body. Her clothes are halfway on, and her makeup is smeared, but she smells like a sweet orchid fragrance. There is no sign of her car, it’s like she dropped out of the sky.

Kevin gets up from by Tia’s side, but she grabs his leg, and whispers softly to him; “You can’t save me.”

He knows something is not quite right with Tia, the disappearances, her now recognizable drug habits. His thoughts race at a hundred miles per second, not actually sure if he should confront her about everything he has found out. Was there a way to solve Tia’s problems without directly involving her, and even acknowledging that he knew her buried truth.

This was the time of chess, knowing he was going to have to protect her by any means necessary no matter the cost. He believed everything would be fine since she came back to him, but he couldn’t be further away from reality.

Kevin leans over Tia to kiss her forehead, and he leaves the living room.

He makes a phone call.

“Say, you ready...”

**The Present Time**

Riah has graduated with flying colors. She has moved on from Shaun completely and has moved forward with her life. She is working for the company of her dreams and is solely focused on becoming successful for herself. She is still in the dark about her parents, but not Tia and Shaun. She knows everything. This will be going back to the beginning of the story, where it all began.


Tia is fully aware of the consequences of staying with Kevin, but she did and she never called the engagement off. She tried her best to be discreet as possible, to not let Shamar know.

Kevin has opened up another restaurant and it is a success, their lives are going great together. Almost every assignment Tia has been required to do, she does with no problems.

Kevin had a gut feeling that something was going on with Ashley, and every time he tried to call her she would give him the run around. It had been four years, and he only had a couple of calls and text messages to account for her disappearance. Not a day went by he didn’t think about her, and to think about it he hadn’t really seen Derrick.

There were instances from time to time where he thought he saw him in a crowd of people, but as he approached him it would only be a figment of his imagination. He was accepting his life for what it was, a box of secrets, a living breathing Pandora’s box.

While he was trying to figure out what was going on with his sister, Tia had her own thing going on. Life had been going well so it seemed, but there was something sinister and dark brewing beneath the surface.

Tia like always still has time, even days she is accounted for and she has no memory of. Of course Kevin automatically assumes she is still seeing Shaun, but she is most certainly not. Every single day a piece of him gets destroyed, trying to piece together a broken woman who has sucked the life and money from him. This gives him time while she is away to think even more deeply about her sister, the one he has watched suffer endlessly behind Tia and Shaun’s sick little love triangle.

This night Tia has one last job she has to do, and that is locating Ashley to kill her then the debt will be paid in full. Tia doesn’t agree to this of course, but to get Shamar off of her back she has no choice but to agree. For years she has put off her and Kevin’s wedding ceremony long enough until she has claimed her life back. She is close, so close to her freedom she can feel it embracing her hands. Everything must be perfect, and she must execute her plan perfectly because she knows if she doesn’t; it will be over for her.

Kevin on the other hand is feeling a vibe between himself and Riah. It is something that he can not deny himself. Sometimes he feels guilty about it, beating himself up because he feels like a hypocrite falling in the same trap as the people he secretly vowed to never be like.

Tia had been following Ashley for quite some time, she was back in the city living anonymously. She lived in a nice condo in midtown, by herself which wasn’t very clever of her. Tia didn’t even think anyone knew Ashley was back, not even Kevin. Staking our her place was becoming quite the hobby, as Tia became obsessed with Ashley’s life. She never brought a man home, and it was kind of strange that no one even came to visit her.

Not knowing Shamar’s motives she found it a little sketchy, him targeting the beautiful Ashley. Now was the time to confront her. Tia turns off her car, and puts on her shades, opens her door to get out of the car. She was parked across the street and the night had just sat in.

She casually walks to the door, in some nice dark heels, jeans and a off the shoulder ruffled crop top with long sleeves. She had a middle part, as her long silky hair swayed with the beat of her swinging hips. Her lips were a matte deep violet, she rung the doorbell. She wasn’t nervous or anything, as she faced the door. She could hear footsteps walked slowly to the door.

A small soft voice greeted politely, opening the door partially to see the unknown visitor. It took awhile for it to register, then she realized who stood before her. Ashley tried to hurry and slam the door, but it was already too late, Tia was coming in.

She closed the door behind her.

Ashley had this blank look on her face.

“Why are you here?” Ashley demanded an answer from Tia.

Tia removed her glasses, and didn’t say anything.

“Who sent you?” Ashley was now trying to think if she should attack Tia or not, because she knew this wasn’t a friendly sister in law visit.

Tia took her shades off, without saying a word.

“I’m going to ask you one more fucking time, why the fuck are you here?!”

“Simple, I’m here to kill you.” Tia doesn’t sugarcoat her plans.

“Wait what?!” Ashley is shocked.

“I know you are joking right, you can’t be serious.” Ashley looks Tia in the face, hoping it was a joke.

“Of course not, but listen that is not going to happen if you listen to what I have to say.” Tia improvises.

“Are you listening?”

“Yes” Ashley is attentive, as she flips her hair.

“We are going to fake your death.” Tia is now serious, as she explains her scheme to Ashley.

Ashley is game, she doesn’t disagree only listens.

“Shamar will need evidence of me killing you, I thing is clubbing. This is the plan, we go out for a couple of drinks, and dance the night away. Then we come back to your house, party a little more. What I am going to say is I put some drugs in your glass, and you overdosed simple. It’s not going to be messy or anything, this shit is fool proof.”

“So we go tonight?” Ashley is ready to pull it off.

“Yes.” Tia confirms.

Ashley gets ready to fake her own death, she’s in her room, trying to find the perfect outfit to die in. Now Tia considered herself to be many things, but a murderer she wasn’t.

Ashley put the finishes touches on her face, looks in the mirror one last time and powered off her lamp on her extravagant white vanity.

“Do I look drop dead gorgeous or what?” Ashley turns around to look at her ass, that pokes out in her skin tight velvet black dress.

Both of the ladies walk across the street to Tia’s car.

The ride to the nightclub took forever, as time crept by, Tia didn’t know if she was making the right decision or not, but she couldn’t have Ashley’s blood on her hands. Ashley sat in the passenger seat knowing exactly what caused her to be in this situation she was in at the moment.

Neither one of them spoke aloud, though their thoughts did all of the talking.

Finally, the get to the club, and as usual they never have to wait in line—they just walk straight in.

There were familiar faces, the regulars who came every weekend to socialize and make mistakes they would have to atone for later in their wild little lives. As soon as they get a little too comfortable, they are spotted by the least expected person.

He watches the beautiful women oddly interact with each other, and waits for the perfect second to intrude.

Tia is of course looking around the room, hoping no one wasn’t on to her trail. The man walks from the bar with two drinks in his hand approaching swiftly but smooth.

“I thought that was you...Riah’s sister am I right?” The guy has a modest look on his face, but he was fine as hell.

Tia turned completely around in her and faces the handsome built tall man. She really couldn’t recognize his face, or even recognize his voice.

“Has it been that long? About four years, but I never forget a face, especially one such as yours.” He flirts a little.

He hands her a drink, and Ashley as well. For the life of her, she just could not remember where she met him from.

“You must have the wrong girl baby.” She takes a sip of the dark liquor, then swirls the straw around the bottom of the cup. Tia teases.

“Maybe you can refresh my memory, later on at your place?” Tia grins seductively at the man and licks her upper lip. Tia becomes a little frisky.

“No need, I can refresh it right now. Remember you came to my club with your sister, and I found you in the—“ The man tries to help Tia remember who he is exactly.

Tia interrupts him with as a streak of embarrassment struck her cheeks. “Oh yes, Eric I remember you now.” She giggles.

“I see much hasn’t changed, that’s good.” He smiles.

“So how’s Riah?” He quickly changed the subject now focused on what he solely desired. He wanted information.

“Straight to the point, okay I see. Well you know, she’s definitely still Riah.” Tia takes a sip of her drink.

Ashley tunes into the small chat.

“Well I would give you her number, but I don’t know you might actually be the bad guy.” Tia pokes.

“No never that, I just want to catch up on things.” Eric is very chill, but he knows she will break and give him the number.

Eric hands Tia his phone to put the number in his contacts.

Tia actually hoped her giving Eric Riah’s number would be enough for him to leave but instead he stays to party with the girls. Now the night is becoming interesting.

Ashley takes out her phone to snap some pictures on Snapchat, now that she is totally wasted from the binge drinking and laughter. Despite the fact that her life was in jeopardy she was actually enjoying herself, forgetting the fact she was with an enemy. She was losing control and seeing a blurry Tia more as a friend than a threat.

“You ladies know how to turn the fuck up!” Eric is enjoying the vibe.

“Yassssssssssss, we fucking lit as fuck!” Tia is out of control.

The trio’s energy made it seem like no one else was in the club, everything was blackened out except for them three. The women continued to drink way past their limits, to an excess. They swam in the intoxicating liquid, becoming slaves to its powerful potion.

Tia leaned in and kissed Ashley, it was a little sloppy at first but she found the perfect rhythm and shoved her tongue down Ashlee’s throat. Ashley tried to back away, but Tia pulled her in. She kissed her neck softly, eagerly waiting to explore her body no matter who watched. Eric was amazed. He just wanted to be apart of the action. His dick was attentive, watching and happily waiting to be invited in the women’s galore.

Tia stopped the spit swapping, and paused in her tracks. She thought how fun it would be to have something of her sister’s again. She knew his defenses were completely down, and he would be game, she knew he would be down for anything. Now it was time to play with her new toy.

“We are getting a little tired, can we go to your place for tonight? I think we are too messed up to drive anywhere right now.”

Ashley just went along with the flow. She was hypnotized by now, and didn’t know what was in store for her that night. Eric agreed of course.

“Most definitely, I wouldn’t want to put you two ladies in danger.”

In the car, Tia was only thinking of one thing, her soft lips being wrapped around Ashley’s soft pussy. She wasn’t really worried about the mission, since the night had proven itself to be exhilarating. Ashley was now in the zone, feeling little tingling sensations vibrating up her thighs to her inner lips. She didn’t care what would happen next.

The girls make it to Eric’s apartment. It looked like a real life bachelor’s pad. This was a place strictly for fun and the environment proved just that.

Ashley sat on the couch, while Eric and Tia got straight to the action. They were drooling over one another, engaging in carnal lust like raging animals. Eric took off his shirt, then he helped Tia out of her clothes. Ashley watched the episode, being turned on completely. She had never participated in such activities but this night all of that was going to change. She figured what more did she have to lose since a life was up for grabs anyway.

They both make their way to the sofa, not wanting to leave Ashley out. She still had on her dress, and her heels. Eric and Tia looked at one another, feeling the competition grow. It was going to be a war, who could eat Ashley’s pussy the best?

Tia spreads Ashley legs, and dive face first, quickly finding her way to her moistened warm clit. The excitement Ashley felt was unexplainable, her body melted in the sofa. Eric took this as an opportunity, seeing Tia’s ass point straight up in the air he had all access to lick her however he wanted too. With his face drenched with Tia’s sticky juicy cum, and the women harmonizing as one he knew it was the right time to shove himself all the way into Tia. He wanted his thrust to be so deep, she clamped down snugly on Ashley’s pussy.

“Damnnnn, fuck your pussy is good.”

Tia’s toes clenched with pleasure, while she made Ashley moan and squirm. Even though Eric was enjoying Tia’s warm wet slit, he felt the need to rush into Ashley.

He moved Tia out of the way, just to fuck Ashley where she sat. Without fight, Ashley spread her legs even wider, waiting for Eric to bury his thick long hard dick inside of her. She knew her wait was worth it feeling the massive vibrations and energy that flowed through Tia unto her.

Ashley tried to squeeze her thighs together, pressing her hand against Eric’s chest just to lighten the pressure. Eric loved Ashley’s pussy even more than he liked Tia’s, within minutes he pulled himself out of Ashley and he sprayed his hot semen all over Ashley’s relaxed body.

They all are now exhausted and drunk, ready to fall asleep.

By the time morning comes, Ashley and Eric is nowhere to be found.

Tia calls an Uber, and panics. She is picking up her scattered clothes off of the floor.


She has to hurry and leave, grabbing her phone, shoes and bag,

Her ride is outside, she runs to the car and urges the driver to push the gas.

Shamar calls Tia, her phone is now on three percent. “Are you through?”

Tia heart is beating rapidly. “Yes it’s done.”

Even though she knows she has lied, she know her time has ran out and she is out of options.

While looking at her phone, the car swerves, and flips over. A black suburban crashes directly into the Uber. Glass shatters, and the airbag deploys, hitting Tia in her nose. Everything goes black.


“I know you didn’t complete your last assignment.” Shamar yells at Riah.

“What...what are you talking about?” Riah backs up, fearful of her life.

“Tia is still alive...”

Riah, looks up shamefully—her stomach weak. No matter all of the hurt and pain Tia caused her she just didn’t have the heart to do it.

“You know what’s going to happen next right?”

Riah nods her head, and leaves the office.



So this is the last chapter guys, and I know you have a lot of unanswered questions but to get the rest of the story you will have to wait for the entire book! Thanks 🙏🏿 to everyone who has cheered me on every step of the way! I’ve met so many people, and I have actually enjoyed writing for you guys! Love you all and please, please, pleaseeee continue to support Inappropriate Circumstances! Stay tuned for the book release! September 2018!

Thanks again ❤️

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