Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


13. Welcome To Paradise Spa

13. Welcome To Paradise Spa


And just like that, reality sinks in snatching your dreams out of reach. A guilty conscious is one of the main reasons we act in the way we do. Desperately seeking to cover our own tracks from the past. Riah never expected Shaun’s infidelity, well not at first. In time, things started to drastically change. By the third year they were together, Riah began to notice that Shaun didn’t call her or message her that often anymore. He rarely returned her calls, and every time she confronted him about his distant behavior, he would make up stupid excuses. She was starting to think she was being punished for the past, but how could it be, she thought they had gotten over that.


She noticed certain things about him that warped his personality making him into someone she didn’t even recognize. He was becoming a man that she was falling out of love with. Shaun had become paranoid, and delusional. His controlling ways had started to surface, and Riah had begun to live in a quiet fear. She never let what she had going on in her personal life taint her career. She continued go to school, and she continued her internship. Sometimes when she was out in public, men would of course hit on her; but it was worse at her workplace.


Riah was the type of woman who demanded the attention from everyone in the room. Her beauty and intelligence was her gift and her curse. How was it that no matter how hard she tried to occupy herself with her studies and work she still found herself drifting off into darkness? Revisiting past memories and harvesting unsaid words destroyed her. The most infuriating part is not getting the cold hard evidence of your partner cheating and deceitful behavior, it’s having your suspicions but can’t prove shit!


Going into his office, Riah tries to make peace with the moody Shaun. He looks a little agitated, and somewhat exhausted, typing on his laptop.


Riah knocks on the door, bringing him a cup of coffee and breakfast. “Morning baby, I didn’t hear you get in last night, is everything okay?”


She sits his food and hot beverage beside him.


“You know whatever is going on we can always talk about it Shaun.”


Shaun coldly replies, still focused on his work not looking up at Riah the whole time.

“Damn you always wanna talk, talk about what, I’m working.”


“I mean whatever we are going through.”


“We are fine, stop making a big deal outta nothing, I’ll talk to you later on today. Please shut the door behind you, I really need to complete this deadline.” Shaun continues working on the new contract.


No matter what Riah did, she couldn’t break through to Shaun. She even started to have her doubts about the sexy, young wedding planner. Was it her? The tall curvy slender temptress, with her perfect titties? Riah’s confidence was plummeting through the floor. She just didn’t understand what was going on with her relationship with her beloved Shaun. Riah didn’t like feeling defeated so instead of sulking and complaining she was going to do something about their situation. Maybe they needed a getaway, contacting her travel agent she books a week trip to Jamaica, spring break was next week, and Shaun had paid vacation days so why not?


This particular day Riah decided to call Tia, and ask for friendly advice. In trying times like these it was important to have an ear, or two. Though Riah selectively chose what she told Tia, hearing some form of an unbiased perspective was better than nothing. No matter the circumstances she knew Tia would always speak her mind and give her the truth.


Welcome To Paradise Spa


“Yasssssssssssss sis, this was much needed.” The aura that filled the spa was beyond relaxing, eating melons from a tray of fruit, and slowly sipping on red wine.


Riah exhales, getting ready to engage in a stimulated conversation. It had been so long since anything of hers was stimulated, she was dripping with emotion, ready for a powerful connection. Riah begins the opening conversation.

“Sometimes you just need some girl time, to get away from the madness. Ughhh, but I need deets sis, tell me you little sneaky bitch! You haven’t told me much about the dark chocolate, suave and smooth sexy infamous Kevin. What is he some type of Pharaoh, Nubian King incarnate from the motherlands? Is his semen gold bitch?”


It felt nice to dive into a mysterious ocean, letting the wondrous current take her adrift. She knew her sister had plenty excitement in her world, and she so desperately wanted Tia to paint a picture so alive, so vivid that she herself could feel the thrill too.


“—And don’t leave out anything, I want to hear it all!”


Tia smiles, “He is unworldly, one of the kindest most honest person I know.


Riah faces Tia, gazing into her eyes inquiring about her new lover. “Packing?”


Tia responds with a definite look on her face. “Definitely not slacking.” Sips wine.


Riah then proceeds to question Tia for more juicy details. “Stroke game?”


Tia moans, “Mmmm I cum multiple times every time.”


Riah is astonished, reminiscing about the distant passion her and Shaun once shared in the past. She then asks, “So the head must be trash...”


“Bitch, I wish he loves to eat, he has a HUGE appetite.”


“SMDH, well hell it must be nice.


“Don’t tell me it is trouble in paradise??? Hell nahhhh you lovebirds were destined to be together.”


Riah spit out a little secret she had been wanting to tell Tia. “Biiiiiiitch....I bought a toy!”


“A toy, “toy” oh hell no that is unacceptable, Shaun needs his ass beat. Where’d you get it from hell, I might need me one or two?” Tia winks at her sister.


“Girl out of all the places, online. I’d be too embarrassed to go into a novelty shop, to get one in person.” Riah cheeks redden.


Riah is anxious to tell Tia of her worries.


“Tia, I know love isn’t a fairytale but things are just not how they used to be. I find myself buying new lingerie sets, changing my hair, giving him his space and none of it seems to work. He barely wants to fuck me, and that is really strange to me. There was never a dull moment, and Shaun could never keep his hands off of me. Am I doing something wrong?”


The hot tub opens their pores, as their skin soaked up the steam invigorating their tight toned bodies.


Tia begins to slowly stir the pot. “Do you think it is because you haven’t gotten pregnant yet?”


“Well to be honest I don’t believe a baby will help us, not at a time like this.” Riah’s face begins to dampen, as she puts both arms in the water.


Tia smiles, “Hey it’s just a rough patch. Don’t stress, we didn’t come here to get in our feelings did we?”


No. But I think I might have a solution for my problem. We are going to Jamaica next week, I haven’t told him yet. I think it would be much needed for us, maybe we could reconnect.


Actually I think that’s a great idea, how about me and Kevin come with you guys, we could use a little getaway ourselves.


**Chance For Romance**


Riah practically had to drag Shaun out of the house that day.


“Shaunnnnn, hurry we don’t want to miss our flight! The plane is scheduled to depart at 6:15, come on was the earliest flight.”


“Do we really have to go to this trip with them?” He sneered, grabbing their luggage. You are full of surprises you know that.


“Shaun try to get along with Kevin, he is the one man Tia hasn’t scared away yet.”


Shaun looks at Kevin with a discerning look, “Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.”


Flying from Miami to Jamaica wasn’t going to be a long flight, but Riah had hoped everyone would be on their best behavior. She could kinda sense the thickness in the air, as they all got in her Range Rover, and headed to the airport. She played some music, while Kevin and Tia bonded, and Shaun withdrew himself from any unconventional conversation. Riah knew what he was waiting for, the perfect opportunity to rub his successful career and finances in Kevin’s face. Riah just wanted her and Shaun to explore a new world, and rekindle any flame they might’ve had left.


Stepping out Riah was breath taking, getting thousands of stares like she was some kind of celebrity. Everyone grabbed their luggage, with twenty minutes to spare until they boarded their plane.


“So you two have your passports right guys?” Looking through her pastel pink tote, grabbing hers and Shaun’s they walk into the busy terminal. Riah is anxious to get on the plane, almost tasting the fruity cocktails, and taking in a large whiff of the ocean’s breeze.


Boarding the plane, their mood slightly begins to shift, entering into first class. Riah and Shaun sat on the right side, Kevin and Tia sat on the left side second row. Riah notices Tia and Kevin swapping spit, being intimately possessive of each other. Turning to Shaun, she sees that he is sleeping, already tuning her out. But she wasn’t going to let one monkey stop her show, not only Shaun had been guilty of stressing her, school was as well.


They finally arrived, making their way to the tropical resort. Shaun and Tia hadn’t really said anything to one another, since she was too occupied with her new toy. They share a bungalow over the water, walking into the paradise was breath taking. Captivating everyone including Shaun, he reaches over to embrace Riah, and Tia damn near blows a gasket. At least he was saying more words to Riah put together than the past few months. “Baby you really outdid yourself Riah, this is like picture perfect.” Riah smiles and hugs Shaun, walking up to a login to write their names and date.


Tia dances excitedly, “But do y’all hear the music though? I think it’s a vibe! Let’s go get some drinks y’all, drinks on me!”


“But Tia, it’s barely 8:30...”


“Who cares shit? We are on vacation, in Montego Bay!!!! If y’all ass don’t turn the fuck up?”


Heading to the colorful playful bar, Shaun holds Riah hand, “Sorry for being distant baby, I guess I just never realized how much of a break we’ve actually needed. We have pretty much been living like roommates for the past months. I promise I will make the best out of this week baby.”


Riah kisses Shaun thinking, “There’s my Shaun.” She still wanted to wrap her fingers around the fact why was he even avoiding her in the first place to begin with. But being in the zone with bikinis, food, drinks, and music she was going to enjoy her getaway. The couples take shots, and loosen up a bit. Shaun and Kevin goes to the beach to play volleyball and the girls just sat and chatted.


“Look at them being friendly.” The girls giggles, admiring the charming view.


“Yeah you know men and their testosterone, they are acting as almost if they are competing for someone’s attention. Riah squeezes a lime into her mouth, wiping the juice as it slid down, then sucked her finger dry.


Tia laughs, “Isn’t life always a game?”


Taking another shot the girls toast, “To Jamaica!!!!” Then they slam their glasses on the table.


Meanwhile shirtless Shaun and Kevin are testing one another, on more than just volleyball skills.


“You gotta strong right, you play ball?”


“Used too, in college.” Shaun serves the sandy ball to Kevin.


Trying to break the glacier, Shaun asks Kevin the same thing, hoping they at least had that in common. “What about you?”


Kevin gives a firm “Nope.”


Now Shaun is very curious of the stranger. “Well what are you into?”


“Fucking....and I also have a solid gun collection as well.” Kevin tries to throw the ball at Shaun’s head, but he weaves it. “You should come by and check it out sometime.”


Kevin drops the ball, heading to the girls. When he gets to the patio he gives Tia a kiss.


Shaun is now suspicious of the strange Kevin, his behavior was very defensive. Almost like he knew something or was catching on to something. He knew he had to be careful, he didn’t want to seem aggressive, studying Kevin’s character he appeared to be a hothead.


Kevin pulls out some weed, and papers. With everyone shocked he laughs, “Hey you never know who knows who, I got some people out here. What’s a vacation without some ganja?”

Taking a lighter out he lights the joint, inhaling the smoke, then coughing as he passed the treat to Tia.







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