Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


10. There’s No Going Back

10. There’s No Going Back


Shaun loved Riah, but he was feeling even more empty seeing she had flew back to New York for another business meeting, being an intern was taking over her life completely. He was starting to give in to her demands and give her the space she wanted. No matter how much he needed her to be by his side, he just took whatever he could get, trying his best to put his fiancé first. Before she’d left, he told her that he didn’t want her to have to choose between her happiness and him. Either way he was going to support all of her efforts. Since seeing this was what Riah ultimately wanted, the love he had for her was so strong he was willing to ride it out and sacrifice his own happiness. Shaun had still believed after she graduated and got her career going things would be like they were before.


This time everything would be different. The third day Riah left out of town she gets a call from a very broken Shaun, barely being able to speak the words he caved, “She’s gone baby. Her suffering is no more.” His mother had passed in her sleep, as he was holding her limp hands. When her heart rate flatlined, and the nurses came to try to revive her and failed, Shaun lost it. Her heart had stopped. She was gone, he knew she wasn’t coming back. He fell on the bed, feeling overwhelmed with grief. Looking at her face, with no expression to it hurt him the most. His father and the nurses had to pry him away from her, because he didn’t want to let her go.

“Let go son, she’s gone. His father stood strong for him. My beautiful Denise is gone,” holding close to his heavy breathing chest as the rivers flowed from the banks of his red eyes.


Riah giving her condolences to Shaun, “Oh no my baby, I am so sorry. Hearing him wail was eating her up inside, and killing her softly because she knew she didn’t have much time to stay on the phone. Since she wasn’t able to console him because she was in a middle of a pitch, she promised him she would call him later on. She also assured him that she was going to take the earliest flight first thing tomorrow, and she would be there in his grasp. Shaun told her he loved her, then finally he ended the call.


He had a ball knotted up in his stomach and chest, feeling like a piece of him was stolen away. The tears kept falling, and he was shattered, holding onto his father in the room. Through his grief he saw someone he would’ve never expected to be there, Tia. Tia speaks to Shaun’s father then proceeds to speak to Shaun.


“Hi Shaun, Hi Mr. Henderson; I am so very sorry for your loss, I just got off the phone with Riah and she asked me to check on both of you. Shaun would you like to go somewhere and talk for awhile? If not I could swing by your place later.” Looking at his dad, he gets the okay—then he nods at Tia. Hugging his dad very tightly, he says goodbye and they make there way out of the white building that had seemed to be closing in on them.


Tia is speechless, unsure of what words she could possibly say to subdue his agony.

Shaun begins talking about fond memories of his mother, trying to grasp every little moment he could remember with her as if he would lose those as well.

“It felt like yesterday she was picking me up from school. Man I remember one time when I was five, I went inside of my mama’s purse and grabbed her red lipstick and drew all over my face, [chuckling] and our walls. I know she was upset, because of the face she gave me.i was sure I was gonna get a whooping, but instead of punishing me she grabbed a bucket and a sponge and we cleaned off the walls together. Then there was this one time, she caught me sneaking this girl through my window, I was fourteen. She was so angry, she called the girl’s parents and punished me for like two weeks. It was crazy. My dad on the other hand was proud of me, so of course they had an argument about it.”


Tia laughed, “You were so bad man.”

Shaun continued traveling down memory lane.


“—That’s when I really started changing, it was the summer time and I had become obsessed with girls. I just miss her you know, she was full of life. My world, and my biggest supporter. Now I’m worried about my old man. They had been together for a long thirty years, but even still I know it’s not long enough to love someone with everything you got.”

Turning to Tia as they walked further into the night, in the empty parking lot,

“She kept it a secret from us, the fact she had cancer. We noticed her lack of eating, her weight loss, and excruciating headaches. Sometimes she would even faint. We begged and begged her to go to the doctor, but it turned out she had already did, like a few years back. For a minute things were getting so good we had forgotten she was sick. Then I met your beautiful sister, everything was perfect. The irony is my mama is gone, and the one person I wish was here is a thousand miles away.”


Tia and Shaun gets close to the car. Tia wants to take Shaun mind off of his burdens, so she drives him to a basketball game, his favorite team. Being so wrapped up in all of the chaos that barricaded him, he forgot about the playoffs.


“Hey now, I understand if you don’t feel like being at a stupid game right now, but these are VIP tickets, courtside. I had to sell my soul to get this shit.” A stream of happiness seemed to flow through his body as he started grinning, he snatches the ticket out of Tia’s hands, holding it up to the street lights to validate the authenticity of it.


“You gotta be real careful for real cause a lot of people get jipped every year thinking they have the real thing. But these tickets are LEGIT!!!!” Shaun hugs Tia, picking her up off the ground while spinning around.


“Ok bro, that is definitely enough. Lol contain yourself, people are looking at us crazy.”

Shaun stops, and conceals his excitement but it is still seeping through his teeth.


They drive to the convention center was smooth. Shaun was still sad, but he had something he dearly loved to distract the pain, even for a few measly hours, it was better than nothing. They go in, not having to stand in line watching curious eyes follow them to the doors. They find their designated seats, sit and enjoy the hyped game. Tia is happy Shaun is happy for the time being. Tia has grown an attraction to Shaun, and each time she sees him it is getting harder for her to control her inner emotions. She feels that he is too good of a man and Riah is to blind to see, in her mind Riah doesn’t deserve him. Knowing it is her sister’s fiancé, some part of her feels guilt and selfish, but when she looks at him she sees herself nestled in his arms, supporting him and being everything for him that Riah refuses to be.


Shaun is yelling, getting out of his seat cheering and clapping! “WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Defense! Defense!” Time had seemed to fly, looking at the scoreboard it’s the last three minutes of the game and Tia grows restless, rubbing her thighs she doesn’t want to leave from Shaun. She is willing to do or say anything to get more time with him.


The buzzer finally goes off! Shaun team wins, by fifteen points. He is fired up, dancing and just proud to be in the moment. They go to the court, take a few signed photographs with a few players, then head to Shaun’s place.

Shaun is beyond grateful for Tia’s heartfelt actions.

“Tia, thanks for everything tonight I really do mean it. I still miss Riah. I just wish she could’ve been here today. Sitting down on the sofa, Tia rubs Shaun’s back, trying to feel any connection from him.


Tia figures this is her chance to get Shaun to open up to her, “Well I’m sure she would’ve been here today if she could, it’s just her career. She’s not intentionally being distant from you, I am sure she misses you. Shaun feels protected, comforted in Tia’s arms, sinking into an illusion that it was Riah’s arms that embraced him. Unconsciously he places his head on Tia’s chest, as she gently massages his scalp, welcoming him and his emotions to bare. Feeling her heartbeat thump soothes his aching soul.


Breaking down, trying to fight his tears he says to Tia, “I can’t believe she’s gone...she was my world.” As he looks up at Tia she leans in, to give Shaun a kiss. “Don’t worry, I’m here for you, I won’t leave you Shaun.”


Shaun pulls away, “No Tia! This was a bad idea, having you here.”


Tia bursts into tears, ashamed feeling the wrath of Shaun’s rejection. Tia gets up and yell, “Well fine, if you want me to go...I’ll leave!”


Running towards the door, he runs to her, apologizing and stopping her in her tracks. “Hey, hey T...that is not what I meant. It’s just not a good idea to do that okay? He kisses Tia on the forehead, I really care about you,” Shaun firmly embraces Tia. “And besides I would like for you to stay, if that’s cool with you?”


Tia smiles, and wishes she could convince him into being with her, if only for one night. She throws herself out there, into the unknown again, hoping Shaun would feel how she did. She thought about him all of the time, and even dreamt about them being alone just like this. She believed he felt some type of way for her as well, he was just afraid to confess it to her. Feeling the lustful impulse take over her body, she became more sexual. She knew if she poked and picked him emotionally, he couldn’t resist the chance.


“Shaun, I know you love Riah, but what about me? I need you right now...who is here with you at this very moment? I was hoping you would see tonight, how I really felt about you.”


Shaun in disbelief, shocked with so many emotions bombarding his brain. “Tiaaaaa, it’s not logical. I could never hurt Riah like that, and you shouldn’t want to either, she is your blood.”


Tia carries on, leading the hurting Shaun into the dark depths of temptation; “Only for one night—You can have me and we will never speak of this again.”


Shaun doesn’t budge, he goes to the bar as Tia heads for his phone, silencing his ringer. He comes back in with a shot of liquor, trying to ease his mind. “Tia, are you okay little lady? I need a drink fucking with yo ass.” He flops on the sofa. Chugging the concoction he feels heavier, looking at the provocative Tia, as she laid back, almost as if she was inviting him to enter into her.


Tia gets up, walking slowly to him sits on his lap, sending pleasurable flutters all throughout Shaun’s body, kissing him again on his neck she gasps as he begins to put his wall down. Shaun feels relaxed, imagining Riah’s hands take full control over his warm skin. Tia is now dampened in anticipation, desperately trying to seduce Shaun.


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