Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


4. The Unexpected

4. The Unexpected


Riah braces herself for the worst, hoping it wasn’t her beautiful sister. To her surprise a deep voice greeted her at the door.

“Hey baby, I was looking for you. You’re not leaving so soon are you?”

It was only Riah’s dad with an ice cold beer in his hand and a warm smile. Riah didn’t want to leave, but she knew she had to. She immediately thought of a lie to tell her father. “Well daddy, tomorrow I have a very important meeting bright and early, so it’s best for me to leave right now so I can prepare all of the necessary paperwork.”

Suddenly something falls in the closet, Riah’s dad looks startled but Riah easily directs his attention back on her. Still grabbing her purse and keys, she takes her dad by the hand and heads to the living room area. Her dad gracefully hugs her and gives her a kiss on the forehead, “Remember baby if you ever need anything, remember I am always here. Take care of yourself, love you.”


Riah’s torn soul instantly felt rejuvenated. At that moment in time nothing felt overbearing and she felt like there were a thousand bricks being lifted off of her shoulders. “Hey dad could you tell everyone bye for me, I have to go and run a few errands, I really had a good time.”

Her dad wasn’t too happy about her not giving a proper goodbye to her family, but he told her he would and gave her his blessing to part ways. Walking to her car the weight is back, even heavier. She wanted to scream and even breakdown and cry because her dad told her she could confide in him about anything, but this great secret was something she was willing to take to her grave.


On the drive to her apartment she decides to stop and grab some wine, she only sipped on special occasions, but this day she really felt like she needed to take the edge off. Nothing she did in her day removed the stained image that clouded her mind. She saw flashbacks of the unsettling memories. The thought sent chills up and down her spine, giving her goosebumps. He said he could still taste her, but every night she could still feel his lips on her. She hated him, and what he had done to her. Sharp images of his chiseled chest, thumping neck and warm breath invaded the memories of her mind. Now each day Riah was growing restless, becoming more fixated on the feelings he impregnated her with. It was like he put new life inside of her body, awakening a Goddess that slept deeply inside of her spirit.


What was even more interesting is Riah was still recovering from a toxic relationship. She hadn’t dated in about four years, she had only been focusing on her career. Her previous relationship took everything from her, causing her to become depressed lose a ridiculously amount of weight due to stress. She had ultimately lost herself trying to hold onto an image of what she thought love was. Then one day he just left her, with no closure, explanation or anything. He shattered her.


When Kevin took control over her body the way he did, Riah lost control. He made her remember what it felt like to be admired, worshipped, desired and touched. The truth is her mind begged for him to stop but her body followed Kevin’s energy, causing Riah a bit of a stir. It had been four years since any man had touched her body.


These were the thoughts that consumed her throughout the day, and even more so at night. Trying to just numb the feeling, her phone vibrates and it’s a message. A message from Kevin asking to see her. Riah automatically thought to ignore him, she even thought about blocking him. But the next message gave her goosebumps when he said he would come to her apartment if she didn’t reply to him. Was he really going to try to blackmail her? She thought she made herself crystal clear at the party, but obviously Kevin didn’t get that same message. Cautiously thinking she had to come up with a diversion fast, even get back at him at his own game.


Riah didn’t feel like she was leading him on, she felt uneasy because what if he did come to her house? What if this time it was worse, what if he actually tried to put himself inside of her? She couldn’t allow that. Grabbing two bottles of white wine, she approached the register. The words he spoke to her in his smooth deep voice rang in her mind like a doorbell, “I want you, I want to feel that tight pussy shaking on my dick.” She shuddered, taking out her credit card from her purse.


Kevin had no right, and not only that he just couldn’t help himself. Kevin most definitely didn’t look like the type of man who chased after women. His exterior was something to dote on. He was a tall slender muscular build, he was maybe 6’2. He skin was a smooth chocolate, with perfect features almost if he was a model. Flawless. She had always thought him and Tia were the perfect match, they just seemed to compliment each other. What she didn’t understand was why he was trying to make her life miserable? What was it about her, she didn’t ever think in a million years Kevin had some type of feelings towards her. There weren’t any signs, or indications that he had any remote interest in her. But maybe it is true, you can never know a person’s heart truly.


**The Unexpected**


Riah is now sitting in her car, fixated on a permanent solution. She didn’t want Kevin popping up unexpectedly, maybe she could invite Tia over. That would solve the problem quickly, and indefinitely. As long as Riah wasn’t alone with Kevin, he couldn’t antagonize her or bother her. Riah quickly sent a quick text to her sister, inviting her over for a talk over some wine. Once Tia informed Kevin she was going to go over to her sister’s house, it should automatically cancel Kevin’s devious plans.


Tia replies back instantly, sending kiss emojis and hearts. Riah is now safe not worried about an unexpected visit from pesky little Kevin.


Getting home to her surprise both Tia and Kevin are sitting in the car waiting for her. Riah has a look of disbelief on her face, as she motions for them to come in opening her apartment door. She puts the wine down, knowing Kevin’s dick was hard as steel by now, testing how far he could make Riah bend. Even though Riah had her back turned she could feel Kevin stalking her like helpless prey, admiring her fidgeting and nervousness.


Riah grabs three wine glasses off of her top shelf, hoping to set the mood, turning on some music to relax her tensed body. Tia and Kevin is in the living room as she brings their drinks, handing Tia hers she says thank you. When she went to hand Kevin his, he quickly rubbed her hand. Riah hurriedly pulls away, walking into her kitchen to grab her own glass.


Entering back into the living room she sees that Tia is no longer sitting by Kevin. Riah sits on the sofa across from Kevin, trying not to make eye contact with his dark brown eyes. She quickly takes a large gulp of the wine, as nervousness oozed through her pores. Kevin proceeds to break the ice, “I saw what you tried to do. Well played, but she ain’t gon’ be here to save you forever.” He smirks at Riah sinisterly rubbing his hands and licking his lips.


“What you gon’ do if I come over there right now? Who gon stop me, you?”

Kevin scoots to the edge of the grey sofa, tormenting Riah. “Remember the last time you tried to fight me, how did that go?”

Getting up off the sofa he walked over to the shaking Riah, standing over her as she sat down.


She automatically notices a large bulge in his light gray sweat pants, growing increasingly noticeable.


Riah becomes afraid, sighing at the large sight she said, “Stop that!”


Kevin chuckles, “Stop what?” He rubs his surging dick.


“Stop doing this, before your wife comes out.” Riah rolls her eyes.


“Well what if I want her to see me...I mean us you know. I am really starting to not give a fuck.”


Riah eyes widen, and her mouth begins to gape slowly open, thinking perhaps he bluffed. He wasn’t really going to jeopardize his marriage over some sick twisted fantasy he’d created in his mind. “I hate you. I hate what you did to me, I hate everything about this situation.”


Kevin leans in closer, “So is that why you came over and over again in my mouth while my tongue was in you and you wrapped your legs around my neck?” Kevin begins to lick his lips, remembering the scene that he never wanted to let go.


“See what I think, I think you are scared of pleasure.” Kevin leans down to kiss Riah’s trembling thighs. Riah freezes, in shock at this point uncertain of what to do. It is almost as if a lightning volt struck her body, as her flesh was reacting to Kevin’s absurd advances. He starts to move his hand closer and closer up Riah’s shorts, quickly sticking his finger between her legs. She was drenched! Smiling, he takes his two fingers out of her and licks them.


Tia walks into the room cheery, “Hey what y’all two talking about?”


Saving Riah from her husband’s absurd advances. Her face was red, and her body was tingling all over, trying to catch her breath she sees Tia lean into Kevin to give him a kiss. Slowly kissing Tia back, Kevin locks eyes with Riah, imagining and wishing it was her.


Riah picks up the glass, and downs every single last drop. This was definitely getting too dangerous and Kevin was indeed an adrenaline junkie. He got off from the rush of it all, the complexity and forbidden act of it all.


How does one deal with a person who is infatuated with them? Planting seeds of lust, desire and even doubt. Riah wanted to fix her problem once and for all, and finally tell Tia everything. A disturbed expression clouded Riah’s beautiful face, as her heart began to sink to her feet. As her lips started to move, Tia’s cell rang. Holding one finger at Riah, signaling her to wait, Kevin eyes Riah cautiously. Tia suddenly burst out with tears. Riah wished to know what was wrong trying to hear the inaudible conversation on the other side of the call. Tia became loud, and anxious dropping her phone. With a big smile she hugged Kevin, “Oh my God baby you are going to be a dad. We’re pregnant!”


Hugging Kevin, Tia extends her arm for Riah to join them. Kevin’s face was in permanent shock, as Riah walked over to her congratulating her on the baby. This had to end. Now Riah couldn’t say what she wanted to say. Maybe this was a good thing for the both of them, a blessing in disguise. Perhaps now since Tia was carrying Kevin’s child it would finally put him in his place.



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