Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


19. The Truth Shall Come to Light

19. The Truth Shall Come to Light


The trip is nearing to an end while their harsh realities await them. Maybe they all could take a piece of the paradise with them. Kevin and Tia had seemed to worship one another and Shaun and Riah were floating on cloud nine. Getting back home the two couples separate and continue their lives.


The feeling of home doesn’t feel like home, entering into the large space it feels more like a prison. Their home was the complete opposite of Jamaica. Everything is exactly how they left it a week ago, spotless not too much of anything out of space. Both Shaun and Riah missed happier times, like the times when they were in school. Closing their front door they felt the coldness set in, inviting a dark energy. Shaun heads to their room to put their luggage up, and he comes across a receipt sticking partially from under their bed. Being curious something tells him to pick it up and to his surprise it is an order from the pharmacy for birth control pills. The date tells it all, with a flash of anger on his face he crumbles the piece of paper in his hand.


Riah trails right behind him, seeing him kneel on the floor beside the bed, he takes the balled up receipt in his hand, and turns around to face Riah, “You never wanted a baby to begin with, that’s fine but to lie to my face about it the whole time. No wonder you are not pregnant yet, you never got off the pills! Damn it Riah, I thought we were better than these mind games.”


“Shaun I know I haven’t been completely honest with you, but have you been completely honest with me? If I was to get pregnant where would that leave me with our child—with you having one foot out of the door? You are barely here, you barely support my goals, and you have been acting moody and distant lately .”


“What the fuck Riah, I don’t support you, but I pay for your intuition and my job covers your hotel and flights. I’m not always here because I have to make a living for our future family, and me being a little withdrawn is not intentional, you have to know I love you. The only reason why you haven’t been able to successfully conceive is because you don’t love me fully, or you have doubts about me loving you. Maybe you feel unsure about this whole marriage thing...”


“Shaun, I feel like you’ve been hiding shit from me, for quite some time. Are you having an affair? You can tell me the truth!”


No matter how much Shaun truly did want to tell Riah the truth, he knew the impact would crush her spirit completely. Sure she didn’t deserve what he and Tia had done to her. Everyday was filled with shame and regret, and him living in constant fear about his demons being exposed. Riah was beginning to lose faith and Shaun couldn’t blame her. He rises to his feet, and walks to to Riah to kiss her.


“I just need you to know I love you baby.”


Riah still felt it in the pit of her stomach, the knot that made her heart cry. She just couldn’t put her finger on it, whatever it was her intuition was telling her it wasn’t good. But still she had conflicting feelings because her emotions clashed with Shaun’s words. She didn’t know whether to trust him or leave him, hate him or love him. She still felt the same way about a child, it just didn’t seem like the right time.


She felt like Shaun baited her into his trap with his charming words, his finances, and mainly his sex. He used those three things to control her in every situation. No matter if she was upset or sad, he was her high, her drug. She was beginning to believe she was in a toxic relationship. Shaun wanted Riah to have a dependent relationship with him, one she feared would fuck up her sanity and health.


The way he touched her body, her soul, it was unreal. How does one let someone seep so deeply into their soul, only for them to wreak havoc and mentally destroy them? Shaun wanted this fairytale life, one where the magic never dies. But Riah could feel the wonder fading, like the dye on over washed laundry.


And there it was, that dead silence. Them no longer hypnotized by the erotic illusion that were in. Riah changed the subject, “Well as you know Tia and Kevin or engaged now, and they are doing an announcement next Saturday, at Stefano’s. This would take our mind off of our own personal drama.”


Shaun twists his face, not too happy with the news. “Are they serious, like they getting married for real?”


He thinks Tia is getting married just to compete with Riah, feeling this automatically makes him despise her more.


“They really are, I was shocked at first as well, I’m like, married? But she told me it wasn’t a hoax, supposedly the wedding is next year in May. I’m happy for her.”


Shaun shakes his head, “Well, I guess we have an announcement to go to. I’m gonna get some work done baby, when I finish we could grab something to eat, if you’re hungry later on.” Shaun goes in his office and shuts the door.


Riah sits on the couch, and falls into pieces. She didn’t want to lie to Shaun but she figured it would keep him off of her back. She assumed the receipt must’ve fell out of her bag while she was packing. The shame washed over her face, haunting her. Lying wasn’t something Riah did, it didn’t sit to well with her, so she decided to go for a jog to clear her mind.


**The Engagement Announcement**


Tia wore an elegant white and silver shimmery maxi gown, it was a trumpet mermaid style, with a deep V-neck, and sweep train lace. She walked down the elegant stairwell, and stood out like a rare diamond. Her dark matte maroon lipstick complimenting her full lips. The looks everyone gave Tia said it all, if this was only her engagement party, everyone only imagined her grand wedding. She stole the attention away from Kevin, and his black tuxedo. It fit him like a glove, every seam perfect, and well stitched. This thing had happened so fast, the venue, the food, the cocktails, their apparel and decorations. Riah looked around and thought this could be the wedding how extravagant the scenery was.


Riah and Shaun walk up to greet the stunning couple. Kevin hands Shaun and Riah champagne. “Yesssssssss sister you are cutting up! This is so beautiful, congratulations to you both.”


Kevin awkwardly makes small conversation with Shaun. I see a couple of Tia’s close friends, our parents and many unfamiliar faces. The music was nice, and the venue was huge. Riah gets in the zone, dancing and mingling losing eyesight on Shaun.


Shaun walks upstairs to further investigate the place, mocking its mediocrity. Shrugging, “All of this shit look cheap.” He enters into a lounge that was empty, not knowing someone followed him in.


“It’s not suitable to your taste? Well, I know something that is...”


He knew that screechy voice from anywhere. He is standing in the middle of the lounge in a three piece. “What do you want? Shouldn’t you be down there with your groom to be?” Shaun coldly tries to dismiss the heartless temptress.


“You know, I used to think you had some good dick on you, but Kevin! Lord have mercy, that man is a savage.” Tia tried her best to aggravate Shaun and insult him.


Shaun walks downstairs, quite disturbed and ready to ditch the bitch’s party. Tia follows suit, only seconds behind him. Making her way down the stairs slowly, she sees a face that she thought she would’ve never saw in years. It is her older cousin Derrick. He eyes her, practically taking her clothes off with his explicit thoughts. He takes a sip from his glass smiling that, “I’ve missed you” smile. It had been almost a decade since she’s saw him, he looked the same. He was beginning to stain her night, bringing along with him all of the family’s dirty secrets. Taking a shot, she tries to avoid him, as he quickly cornered her and gave her a unwelcoming hug. Tears almost fell, thinking back to what happened those years ago.











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