Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


27. The Reckoning

27. The Reckoning

Shaun was a living testimony of, you reap what you sew. He was trying to actually put the pieces of his life together, the shards he had access to anyway. Ever since that day he fucked Tia, hell invaded his world. It was like she infected his body with a soul transmitted disease. Things that never happened to him started to happen.

Him and Tia only messed around a couple of times after the first incident but in his defense she was blackmailing him. She popped up at his job, and his midday errands. Now that she didn’t have her phone with the footage, that contained the proof of his unfaithfulness; he just knew it couldn’t have been good. By far this was becoming the worst day to count of his life.

He would’ve never thought that one unfaithful night would lead to all of this pain and suffering. Some part of him still believed he was a decent man, no matter his shortcomings. Shaun vowed to do anything necessary to keep the video from getting into Riah’s hands. He didn’t want her to find out about his deepest darkest secret, because if she did she would be lost to him forever. The lies, the random calls and texts in the middle of the night and early mornings did disrupt their daily routines.

He was beginning to run out of excuses, and was growing increasingly tired of blaming work. Riah didn’t really nag him or complain that often so he okay with that. But often at times he felt invisible to her, and it could’ve been because she was wrapped up in chasing her own dreams and success she didn’t seem to mind the difference between both of them.

He wanted to undo the past, and he knew even if he could get a hold to the phone and delete the video, it still wouldn’t clear his conscious and clean his filthy slate.

Shaun and Tia continue blindly to their unsure location. No one knew what lied ahead. Speeding past the cars on the road going the opposite direction from him woke him up, he felt like he was still sleeping, in a never ending nightmare. Tia follows behind him as he leads the way. Facing the back of his car Tia started feeling remorseful about videotaping them in the first place. It was a weight that she never considered carrying, but since a new threat formed against her, the heat was on, and she was burning inside. It was the fact of the dark unknown, and she never could understand how someone could easily gain control over a person’s life, until now in that very moment. She wondered if Shaun was going to keep being cold to her, she thought they had a tight bond before. But no matter what they had built previously, it was all destroyed.

As Shaun is in his car he thinks back to the unfortunate night his mother passed away and it instantly crushed his heart. He felt the helpless feeling all over again in his car, a feeling of powerlessness. Then he glanced in his rear view mirror for a moment, seeing spiteful Tia. Shaun went over it in his head over and over again, it didn’t make sense to him. He didn’t understand why she was so empty inside especially to everyone who gave her their secrets and trusted her enough to be vulnerable around her.

He hated her so much because the day of his mother death and the the day he betrayed his loving, faithful fiancé was going to be forever forced together. Every time he looked at her that is what he saw, sadness and anger. It bonded him to her inevitably for life, it was a stupid decision he made that he now had to live with.

They soon pull up to an apartment, and it seems like Kevin’s car is outside. Tia freezes, seeing Kevin get out of his car without his shirt, and some dark sweats. He looks angry, walking fast to the car.

He bangs on the window, “Get out the fuckin car right now hoe ass nigga!”

Tia yells from her car raising down her window, “Nooooo Kevin! Stop!”

Shaun instantly retaliates, like a switch went off in his head.

Shaun hurriedly gets out of his car to post up, and raise his guards up.

Kevin asks Shaun angrily, “So how long you been fucking my girl?” He takes a swing at Shaun, but Shaun weaves and he misses. It was certain that Kevin saw the video, and probably watched it repeatedly building up his anger so he could pop like a cork.

Observing the unfamiliar settings, Tia only assumed they were at Derrick’s apartment so Ashley and him both knew. It was a whole set up, that is why the location was kept on because one of them knew Tia was going to inform Shaun to go with her to retrieve the phone.

Shaun responds, “Ayeeeeeee, I’m not the one you should be fighting.” Shaun throws a hard right and connects to Kevin’s jaw. Kevin’s eyes redden, feeling a little twinge from the massive hit.

Kevin shakes it off, not even thinking twice. By this time his adrenaline was rushing through his entire body.

Tia gets out the car, seeing Derrick, and Ashley come out of the apartment. Ashley tries to intervene, and grab Kevin. Shaun rushes forward trying to hit Kevin again, but instead he accidentally hits Ashley.

The onlookers are starting to gather around, peering down from their balconies, walking to the commotion in the parking lot—being entertained at the hot beef sizzle.

Derrick runs up to Shaun, and pushes him, ready to break his nose. “Umma fuck you up!!!” Knowing damn well he wanted to fight Shaun and Kevin just because they fucked Tia. But of course he had to make it seem like he was being a hero in the situation.

Kevin finally grabs Shaun, slamming him on the ground while he was being distracted by Derrick’s threats.

Everything was getting intensely violent. Tia prepared herself to fight the neutral Ashley.

She waited for her to charge at any second.

There Tia stood only looking at family members defile each other and their own image. She didn’t think anything like this was possible, as she stood there in disbelief, seeing three men she had sex with damn near tear each other heads off of their shoulders. They didn’t even seem human anymore. There was nothing but rage and testosterone fuming the air. Their chests flexed, veins bulged, while blood and sweat showered them. With each blow she got turned on, even in a near death situation her panties moistened.

She had never saw any of them behave in such a manner, especially Kevin, well except for Derrick but back then they were just kids. Seeing him buck as an adult did something to her body. It was like they were all alphas, fighting over her. Looking at Kevin hit his own chest aggressively she saw he was not just going to simmer down, and she feared he might’ve came after her next, but rightfully so.

Tia stood in the background not wanting to bring any attention to herself just happy Kevin’s sister didn’t try anything extra. She was actually being civil about the situation in spite of everything.

Tia decided she was going to leave the job up to Ashley to try to break up the scuffle once more.

Ashley finally intervened again, seeing the men weren’t backing down, or getting tired. It actually appeared to be getting worse. But still she approached cautiously, “Y’all need to stop, unless y’all tryna go to prison over a woman who obviously doesn’t care about either one of you. And I’m not finna let you go to prison Kevin!”

Little did she know Derrick had fucked Tia too. No one knew either way. After the engagement party was over Kevin was the person who grabbed her phone and clutch out of the first stall. He noticed when she left out of the restroom she didn’t have her purse or her phone in her hand. Tia not paying so much attention due to the fact she was so out of it, trying to escape her guilt and shame as she quickly power walked to the car. Only if Kevin would’ve went two stalls down he would’ve found out the real truth. That would’ve really been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Kevin was always a little curious when it came to Tia’s phone because she literally kept it everywhere. She never left it on the table out in the open for hand’s reach. Naturally, it was the perfect opportunity for Kevin to find her phone. That night he put her clutch in her closet, and kept the phone in his pocket. When he woke up the next morning she was already an explorer, on a scavenger hunt to track down her phone. He knew the only place she could go was to her sister’s place to inform them about it.

As soon as he got up, he unlocked her phone. He had already knew her passcode for quite some time. He just needed the perfect opportunity to catch her slipping. But you know what they say about looking for trouble.

From the very first second he unlocked her phone he saw a load of unknown numbers, private callers, and a host of encrypted messages.

He didn’t know who the fuck she was to come to think about it. He always felt like there wasn’t a need to bring up someone’s past, everyone had a few skeletons in their closet. But as he prodded through her exclusive world, he saw a video of her naked in Riah’s house. It was odd to him, but what was even more disturbing was after he pressed play, he saw her sucking Shaun’s dick! Just imagine what Kevin felt at that moment, Tia is his fiancé. Just hours ago they had announced their engagement.

His mind couldn’t process the horrid scene fast enough. It was the sickest thing he’d ever saw in his life. Then something else happens, Tia’s receives an interesting message that pushed Kevin over the top. Running to the kitchen sink, he threw up. The nasty taste filled his mouth, as he cut on the water to wash the mess down the drain. That is when he got dressed and headed to his sister’s apartment contemplating what he was going to do to confront Tia.

Now after fighting Shaun Kevin was over it, he just was ready to go home. He got Tia’s phone off the hood of Ashley’s car and threw it in the middle of the parking lot completely destroying it.

Tia gets in her car and drives off. She could tell that even though fought Shaun he was still pissed and all the anger he had balled inside it was actually meant for her, and she accepted that. She just hope he didn’t find out about Derrick that night of their engagement announcement.

Tia’s little secrets were now revealed. And she was going to have to face Kevin rather she wanted too or not.

Later on that night Tia finally makes it home, hoping Kevin wasn’t there. To her surprise once her headlights shined brightly into the driveway, Kevin opened the front door approaching the car.

Tia didn’t know what to expect, as he opened the driver’s door...

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