Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


25. The Abandoned Sanctuary

25. The Abandoned Sanctuary


The demons come out to play with restless Tia, as she sits indian-style in her bedroom in a corner, angrily crying. Even her tears couldn’t save her from the horrible incident that just occurred. Kevin didn’t even seem to notice any peculiar on their way home. She doesn’t know why she acts out impulsively, she feels drained. Seeing Derrick after all of those years lit old hellfire flames, ones that she thought she extinguished years ago. She wanted to throw away everything and start over. It feels like someone is ripping her heart from her body and squeezing it. Her remedy is to numb pain with pain, and in reality it doesn’t work. It just pushes her back into the gaping darkness, a place that claimed her long before Derrick did.


The truth is being desired by people made Tia feel empowered but even at certain times she also felt miserably weak.


Kevin was dear to her, and she knew that. She never second guessed his loyalty nor commitment to her, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough for her to restrict herself from her obscured desires. There was a thick unfulfilled darkness, overshadowing her, raping her if you will. Feeling the pain drive itself deeper each day, as she held onto its back, unable to fight its strength and control over her. She couldn’t escape the clutches of her agonizing pain. The tears kept flowing, as she got up to look in the mirror, feeling the white watery jizz fall alongside her thighs mixed with her own bodily fluids. Not even a shower could scrub away her sins, but she hoped it would make her feel better.


Kevin slept peacefully, not even thinking of fucking her brains out. Maybe he did, but he was just too exhausted to give her the kind of attention she wanted. She needed him right then and there. Even after what happened earlier she still needed more, it wasn’t enough. She hated that even though he claimed to love and admire the real her, he barely had a clue. Not the slightest inkling of what lied beneath her small waist, fat ass and perfect tits. Still her roots from within were rotten, and she knew she didn’t deserve him or the affection he gave to her. This is what ate her up the most, she was inevitably destroying a soul who ultimately tried to love her. She hoped to run away from her past, although it kept sneaking up on her. Thinking about her therapy comforted her in a way. She never really got used to people poking in her head with their sharp words, digging for clues.


The overly prescribed meds, long extended boring talking sessions didn’t really help. Even when her body didn’t respond to the suspiring longing to engage in obscene skin grabbing, hair pulling, neck biting sex her anxious mind did. She even fucked a few of her therapists, talk about deep and dark. Even under a professional practitioner’s care she wasn’t safe, and neither were they. The lust attached itself so deeply within the core of her chest, she could taste the empty taste of precum in her mouth.


This one doctor just had everything figured out. She just knew all of Tia’s innermost, deepest darkest secrets. Tia played the woman’s little game, each day telling her what she longed to hear, how she was a black child living in an unstable situation with little resources to thrive and grow. Tia was secretly turned on watching the woman cross her ankles, and adjust her blouse. Her doctor was a successful black woman, though she had her pretty plaques and degrees plastered over her walls she still wanted what all humans craved; and that was for someone to feed and dwell in her radiant beaming light, and to just worship her.


Tia had a great deal of respect for the tall stacked stallion who had more sex appeal than any professional therapist she had been with before. Being with her twice a week started to feel more intense, more erotic, and Tia couldn’t help but get wet just thinking about it. Tia would see these wild scenes so vividly taking place right in the office. She wondered what it would be like to have her therapist to ride he face. Just thinking about the way her pussy looked, and tasted trapped her in a loop.


Maybe it was hopeless at first, just a deviant ridiculous, scandalous idea. The doctor even claimed she was a religious woman. It seemed odd enough, but looking at her demeanor it was obvious she tried a little too hard. Especially when Tia strolled into her office on the very first day dressed way over the top, almost dominating the entire room. At very first sight Tia gathered enough speculation from the prude woman and did her own little assessment on the sexy lifeless figure.


Studying the doctor’s hard surface what Tia assessed from her wearing an over-the-top wedding ring, wrapping around her long finger in a doleful manner hardly accenting her French manicure, and her poorly under dressed wardrobe she afflicted upon herself to shrivel any ounce of feminine power or sexuality. It was horrible. Tia could tell that she was unhappy with her miserable perfect life. It looked like she hadn’t been laid in centuries. Feeling this way about the woman she barely knew, she wittingly began to judge and even mock her. Her sad eyes told a sorrowful story about her front page magazine cover life. Despite the designer concealer and makeup she packed heavily under her eyes—they still revealed the unfiltered truth about her estranged marriage. Unveiling proof that her beloved husband was having an affair and she was a fucking prisoner who too ever so often cried alone at nights, but of course for different reasons. Perhaps they were one in the same.


When Tia entered into the large office the first thing she noticed on the therapist desk, was a wedding picture, professionally shot in all its faded glory. Her husband was quite alluring, and he looked like the ordinary womanizer if they had a type. The angling was superb and the gown was stupendous, but her face was uncertain and the groom’s face was empty. What a pity, the poor beautiful fool. Why would anyone take a picture that didn’t genuinely mean anything but place it smack in the front of her wooden desk for each patient to see? How could a woman marry anyone that didn’t even give her an orgasm, her life seemed to be worse off than Tia’s. Tia just didn’t get it. She saw more than enough fake smiles so she got that, and even understood it. This was the go-to smile she kept in her pocket everyday. Ready to use the shield at any moment, camouflaging her true rage within.


Eventually no one could resist her, she was the fallen angel, she was the devil’s spawn, she was Lilith. Tia kept a deep place inside of her that locked souls who once shared themselves with her. Each spirit had become apart of her and her thoughts, snatching away her porcelain face. In fact the bodies she conquered and let conquer her was apart of her everyday life. She was so afraid of herself, sometimes looking in the mirror for too long sober would damage her. She still didn’t understand something though, even at her lowest breaking point people still wanted to dive deeply within her sinister mind. Sadly, even therapists, and those were the ones who knew it was wrong, they understood she was sick. But the willpower of the flesh is so strong it could bend any fervent body to their shaking knees.


Tia could see the lust in her therapist lying eyes. The therapist wanted her body, she yearned for her luscious breasts and silky smooth chocolate skin. Tia was willing to put her logic to the test, and see how much of her years of studies and superior knowledge really benefited her, in the real world.


See Tia knew the therapists had their degrees as weapons, some even fooled the world with their false philosophies and top ranking books. But in reality they all have the same cravings as the rest of the damned. Desire.


Within a matter of weeks Tia had her therapist practically devouring her spit, and in the end she was just another love sick woman at her breaking point. Tia bounced from therapist to therapist, young, old, man or woman it didn’t make any difference. At the end of it all they all craved nirvana.


Was there really a cure for those with an insatiable lust? She craved the attention and she loved to be admired. She got off just knowing someone was watching, and getting off on her. When Derrick raped her that unfaithful day he exposed her to a high that she would spend most of her life trying to find again. Maybe because ultimately she loved him, and she admired him. He also was the one who undoubtedly gave Tia her first official orgasm.


Reaching an orgasm was more than just a feeling for Tia, it was a real place. One she could taste, feel, and even touch. The feeling was more sacred than anything she had ever known, and other people were like cars to her, using each one to drive herself down the path to salvation. That very first time she experienced it she broke down, literally into shattered pieces. There was no way on earth she could’ve possibly known another human being could slip inside of her soul and pull the darkness like a forgotten tattered rope out of her. She still remembered the bed creaking from the pressure of a body plunging inside of her slowly, constantly taking her to the edge.


One can take a walk into time, and though some memories are blotched out, there are those that are either so insignificant we don’t see the need to remember them—or the ones that were so horrible we store them into the back of our minds hoping to never have to face that moment ever again. We spend our life trying our best to hold onto pain and happiness, the things that classify us into what we perceive ourselves to be in the present day. The funny thing is everyone who judged her she could feel it, like her doctor for instance—but she also knew at the last chambers of their hearts they were unconsciously judging themselves.


Wiping her falling tears as she scrubs her body with a massive amount of soap she wanted to recollect, what actually got her off? What made her cum so viciously, and angrily when Derrick invaded her party and demanded she let him fuck her however he pleased again? Sure she knew it was wrong, but yet she couldn’t overpower the feeling of complete euphoric bliss. The feeling of surrendering her flesh, while she gave herself complete control over her body. It was the animalistic state that took its course controlling her lower frequency. At that moment nothing else mattered accept for being attached to something that desired her flesh. Tia was starting to cum involuntarily, feeling the pressure build in her pussy. Her hand reached down her neck, past her breath then finally to a spot she admired so passionately.


Only now in her emptiness and her loneliness she felt that she betrayed herself. It was the echoes of silence that rang in her ears, being trampled over with the large amount of spraying water exfoliating her body. She caressed herself like Kevin would, fighting with all of her might not to leave the house in search for a potential victim.


The sad truth is she really didn’t expect anything from anyone. She only had a hunger to be free, but to also belong to someone simultaneously. Her satisfaction was the only thing that fed her in the end. She steps out of her intense shower to calm down.


She puts on a shirt, and socks and walks to the living room area trying to come down from her high. Tia glances at a notebook, collecting dust on a large rustic bookshelf. Picking up she realizes it is her first diary. Her therapist actually suggested she write down her thoughts and memories to help her balance her emotions. Feeling the secret book in her soft hands invoked many emotions. There is a trigger in her thoughts instantly, as she chase ancient memories back to a different time, a time of void.


A forgotten emotion of pureness infiltrates the vacant woman, as she sees the front room is not her front room anymore. She is a younger Tia, a small toddler who is being coddled by strong powerful hands. She can’t make out his face, but she can see his black jeans and expensive shoes. Her therapist unlocked that memory for her during a breaking point. The session was extremely intense because she could still feel the summer heat, warming her skin as she held the man’s hand while they took a bonding walk through the park. Each time she revisits the place at the park a sense of sadness overfills her. The summer wind stops whistling, and the trees stop dancing. Everything suddenly stops and an blistering icy cold darkness develops.


She really doesn’t know what the memory means, as she tries desperately to grasp the sunlight, but every time she ran closer to it, the light fades faster, leaving her to become alone and isolated with the man disappearing into nothingness.


Tia felt a shudder. There was no Riah, or her mother. Tia was lost.


Putting the book down on the coffee table and wandering through the house she can’t seem to find her phone. She didn’t even notice she didn’t have it with her. Tia’s chest caves, she rambles through some miscellaneous items on her counter, she runs back into her room. Still there was no sign. Tia grabs the car keys, running outside unlocking the car hoping her mind would be put at ease. Still there was nothing, she looked on the side of the seat, under the seat and even in the back. Reality is sinking in as she feels like she has just lost her life.


She knew she had some very interesting things tucked away in her phone, and if it were to get in the wrong hands, all hell would be unleashed.


Now someone could have something on her and use her indiscretions to blackmail her. Her only hope was to hope they couldn’t crack her security code, and access all of the information she had stored on there. It was only a matter of time before karma came to collect what was so dearly owed.

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