Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


37. Stranger Than Fiction

PART 37: Stranger Than Fiction

Our reality is formed from core beliefs, depictions of familiar illusions and their magnificent power to warp the minds of all, sticking its sharp fingers into our brains. Sometimes a person think they may know the truth, but they only know what’s on the surface that has been eagerly presented to them. Is that what reality is, a partial figment of a watered down truth?

Kevin is now home, as he suspected Tia is nowhere to be found. The house has a deserted ambiance circling around it. It seems no one has been there all day. Kevin flops on his couch. The only thing he thinks to do is call her phone, but it goes straight to her voicemail. There is a sudden feeling of anxiety and rage that tornadoes around his body. Kevin is now on the mission of his life, the search for the truth. He looks around his oversized home, with everything he could possibly want in it, but still it is empty. He feels empty without her, and though he knows loving her has drained his health, he is still willing to claw his way to her core, even if it destroys him in the process.

What is love truly worth, and what is the greatest thing one can sacrifice to attain it? Perhaps self. Self is the only thing that cannot be returned, once given.

He digs around a bit, trying to scavenge the home who basically housed a foreigner. It was quite ironic to be mad and deeply obsessive in a spiraling love with someone he didn’t even get the chance to know. He knocks over a few things in his room on Tia’s side. He looks under the bed for an old photo album, jewelry, a book just anything to fill the growing gap in his mind. Kevin is rummaging through Tia’s nightstand, going through her skimpy lingerie. There was nothing he could find except for this matte black card with one gold name on there, “Xcess”. He oddly took it and put it in his back pocket feeling a sense of deja vu, but yet there was something more he longed for. He needed something to soothe his curiosity, and he wasn’t going to stop until the proper information sufficed.

Kevin paces, walking back and forth—running from room to room. He sits down on the floor in his living room and thinks for awhile. Surely Tia had to have owned something that could give him an idea of who she was, and what she was running from. He pulls out his phone, typing in her name in the search bar on Facebook, Atiyya Johnson. A couple of photos pops up, nothing really out of the ordinary. He scrolls down as far as he could manage but after awhile he couldn’t go back further than a year. Maybe she had an old account he could lurk on. After all it just didn’t make sense to him. Who was she really?

Drifting off into a deep thought their pictures caught his attention on the bookshelf. Distant memories of them smiling in Jamaica, riding jet skis and all sorts of exciting adventures. But something seemed different, and out of place as he got up and walked to a strange looking book. He was so oblivious to the fact of it ever being there before, hidden in plain sight. Kevin had never saw this book before and he instinctively knew it had to be Tia’s. It had a brown cover on there and a small rope like incision to hold the book closed. Taking it in his hands there had to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of pages all written extremely legibly.

There was a sense of curiousness, but his soul was now settled and he was only focused of what secrets lied between the cover of the nestled forbidden diary. He pulled the string, unloosing the knot completely, his palms grew sweaty and shaky as he opened the legs of the book, seeping inside of the dormant pages, uninvited.

The first page was blank, but as he flipped to the next page there was a date and endless words covering the pages to come. It was Tia’s confidant and chamber of her darkest secrets. Kevin’s eyes broaden, reading into the middle of the first page about her feeling empty and abandoned. He sat there it seemed like hours feeling sad, misinformed, confused and angry, taking in all of Tia’s memories as if they were his own.

He finally gets to the middle of the book and it talks about Derrick, going into gruesome details about how she was madly in love with him after he molested and raped her all summer long. The tears ran down Kevin’s face onto the devastating pages. He couldn’t believe he shook hands with the very man that took Tia’s innocence and destroyed the woman he loves, and to make matters worst his sister was tied into all of the infinite loops of chaos. The book talked about Riah, and how she turned her back on her. It went into details about her parents, and how she felt like she wasn’t even biologically theirs.

The truth was becoming too intense for Kevin, and he didn’t know whether to confront her, or coax himself in mounds of treachery. Maybe there was a real reason why Tia chose to keep those dark secrets to herself. He needed to figure out what his next move would be. He closed the book back, tying it identically to how it was before it was disturbed, then he angled it in the corner the same way.

Kevin was in shock, and he realized he didn’t know half of the truth. Her being a sex crazed addict, suffering from emotional and physical abuse. The secrets that her family so easily hid, even the strain it put on her relationship with her beloved Riah. Oddly enough Riah didn’t seem too beat up about the things that happened to Tia, and it puzzled Kevin. He started to think Riah was apart of the problem. The pieces started coming together, why Tia felt the need to sleep with Shaun. Now as far as where he fit in the picture that is what he wanted to understand.

Kevin gets in his car wanting to go deeper down the rabbit hole. Nightfall has fallen over the busy city. Lights illuminate the streets and high rise buildings. Kevin travels downtown to see what he could find out. He knew about a lot of clubs, but those were the clubs for the general public. He heard about certain clubs exclusively for the elite, and people who pulled the strings behind the show. They owned and operated underground clubs, the ones that only a select few knew the name of, and were even made to swore fidelity and secrecy to its existence. Kevin saw a card like the one he found in Tia’s drawer one time in his life, and that was about eight years earlier, when his restaurant first appealed to the more fortunate eye. There was this man who dressed in a way that was fluent in riches. The wealth poured out of his bottomless gaze, and perfect smile. When he came in that night he introduced himself as Z, and he said he was looking for something in particular. He sat at the bar alone, which was fairly strange because he was an older fairly attractive man. Women flocked to him by the numbers, but he shooed them all away like flies. He had seemed to be getting quite bored of the attention. Kevin offered him a drink, and he told him he had an acquired taste. Z didn’t leave a tip, but he left a single black card that had “Xcess” that was engraved on the front. There was nothing else providing any critical information. There wasn’t a location, phone number or name of any sort. Kevin remembered being pissed off after the strange man left without paying, and he never saw him ever again. He threw the card in the garbage. But now seeing the same card again years later caused him to raise an eyebrow. He was going to find it, no matter what the price costed him.

Driving all night into a mysterious unknown world fascinated him, it was a rush not really knowing where he was going to actually end up by sunrise. He passed many nightclubs that were lively and jumping. But he knew he had to go somewhere he hadn’t been in a long time. He kind’ve knew where to start, and who to get in contact with to point him in the right direction. Surfing the web would be his loophole for starters, maybe in an online forum. The internet had unlimited connections, maybe if he put in certain words he would get some kind of clue.

Kevin pulled into an underground club that he’d been in times before, taking advantage of the valet parking. He gets out and heads straight to the door, his cousin owned the infamous spot. Women wore short tight sequenced dresses, expensive heels, and the men wore stylish loafers and long sleeve shirts.

Kevin walks in, makes his way upstairs to the second floor. The club had three levels. He walks to a large private bar, and immediately gets on his phone. He types in words like, secret club, Xcess night club, club Xcess. Nothing came up that caught Kevin’s attention, nothing that was useful anyway. He then goes to Facebook, he types in Xcess, nothing appeared except for one private club. He sent a join request, feeling a little silly. Ordering some gin, his cousin approaches him, his face automatically lights up, Kevin gets up to give him a handshake and hug.

“Sup Kev, what you doing in my neck of the woods, you already know this ain’t your scene?”

“Man you know, I wanted to get out a little, remember how it feels to be alive.” Kevin sat back down on the chrome bar stool.

“So I heard about the engagement, congratulations. It was kinda fucked up you didn’t invite me.” Kevin’s cousin took a shot.

He knew it was coming the wrath of Marcel. He swallowed his spit, took a deep breath and confessed. “I didn’t want no bad blood...”

“Hmmm, is that so, that’s kinda fucked up you say that, waltzing in my shit like you big shit.” Marcel became quickly temperamental.

“Man I know you still haven’t forgave me about what happened all those years ago. I was stupid and young.” Kevin rubs his head.

“You took her away from me, I was going to marry her. You never apologized, you just left without saying a word. Marcel shook his head.

“That was years ago, we were in college. But I must admit, I came to right my wrongs and get some knowledge.” Kevin takes the black card out of his pocket and puts it on the bar.

“Kevin, what the fuck? Where did you get this from, no one is supposed to see this unless they are targeted, specifically.”

Kevin didn’t want to tell Marcel it was his fiancé’s card, so he lied and said he got it eight years ago. With this card you are either a member or a scouter. Come to my office so we could speak in private, you never know they all look like everyone.

They take the elevator and go to the very top of roof. There is nothing but seclusion and privacy. Marcel can buzz for someone to come up whenever he desires, it can be for a drink and even sex.

They sit down on the black sectional. Kevin is taken aback by the phenomenal view.

“We good here, like I was saying the scouts take years to find the perfect candidates for the position. They can observe, even test a potential without them even knowing.” Marcel takes a second shot.

The warm breeze soothes Kevin’s skin, making his white cotton short sleeve button down shirt flutter in the wind.

“So you are saying they randomly pick people to join their secret club?”

“Not randomly, one must have prior affiliations. Most of the time there can be a mother, father, or closest to kin who is already apart of the club. It’s wild but that’s how it’s always been done.” Marcel looks at Kevin, knowing the next question he was about to ask.

“It’s dangerous. So I know what you are thinking, once a member, always a member. I cannot give you the location. You gotta find it yourself.”

“But I mean how the fuck can I find a place that doesn’t even exist to the world?” Kevin can’t wrap his mind around the information that has been given to him like a puzzle that is missing pieces.

“Hidden in plain sight, that’s all I can tell you.” Marcel gets up and leaves Kevin in silence to swim in his own thoughts.

Kevin had this dumbfounded look that colored his face yellow, he faced a true mirror that night, reaching out to Marcel. Going to his cousin was his last resort, and he had forgotten the pain he caused his own flesh and blood. It might’ve seemed like a lifetime to Kevin, but Marcel thought about his betrayal frequently. Now all was left for Kevin to do is find the secret club, in hopes of it giving him some insight on Tia’s double life.

Kevin phone rings. It is an unknown number, he nervously answers the call. His heart is beating rapidly, as he waits for the person on the other line to speak.

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