Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


26. Stirring The Pot

26. Stirring The Pot

Riah finds herself being chased down by a tall figure down the street in the lightning and rain. She can barely see because the hard rain pummeled down fiercely, fogging up her glasses. Her heart is beating rapidly, while she tries to stretch her lungs to escape from the man dressed in black. No one is there to save her, as she runs into an alley way being stopped midway by a wall of an abandoned building. She was at a dead end. She has no choice but to try and fight for her life. Riah takes a deep gulp and breath, mentally preparing herself for whatever, even though she is extremely terrified. The large man takes stops at the edge of the entrance, before he finally takes a step towards her in the narrowed space. The clap of thunder made Riah flinch her muscles. Storms had always scared her since she was a little girl.

She is shocked, still not understanding what the man wanted and she wasn’t too eager to find out. Riah could barely move as she slowly moved back into the dense brick wall behind her. Tia stares into the man’s eyes frantically, in a tornado of panic hoping the assailant would show her some type of mercy. This was someone she had never saw before, but somehow his vibe became eerily familiar. He never spoke any words, as he took something quickly out of his pocket.

Riah screams and cries! She began to stutter uncontrollably, desperately trying to take off her expensive watch, “Please sir, here’s my my watch, and my card just take it, please.” Riah’s lips are trembling, feeling like she was done for. She thought to get her phone, but she knew she wouldn’t have much time to call the police. The man didn’t take her belongings. Feeling this she felt even more doomed. Not wanting to take her belongings meant he wanted to rape her or even worse.

She looked around the area trying to find any object to defend herself with, but unfortunately there was nothing but trash scattered about. “Shit!” She thought to herself, she then played out some grizzly scenarios in her head, as she held onto herself.

He reached in his back pocket. Riah closes her eyes, in her darkness defenseless. She prayed for the best but prepared for the worst to come. She felt the urge to pee, as the knotted pressure built in her lower abdomen. Once her eyes was closed, and she felt like there was nothing left to do, nothing happened. Only the quiet wind silently hummed, making the experience a little melodramatic. She slightly peeked at the strange man, batting one eye. Well she was more relieved if anything once she saw what he held. It was a rose gold iPhone, he held it in the palm of his hand to give it to her. She thought it to be stupid. She didn’t believe he chased her all the way down the street to give her a fucking phone. He had some nerves. Her anger grew swiftly, as she began cursing the man out with her eyes.

“Hey!!! What the fuck?!! Who are you and what do you want?” Riah barked viciously, snapping at the guy. She was hoping she could scare him away now, since she figured he was just some homeless fiend that was just trying to sell her anything to get his next fix.

Riah reluctantly refused him. But he anxiously urged her to take the phone out of his hand. The man’s face began to hollow out, transforming into something inhuman he alarmed her. His eyes turned yellow, and his grew scales all over his face. As Riah started to grab the cellphone from him, he turned into a black viper, his black coat and dark jeans instantly dropped to the wet cold pavement, then he quickly bit Riah’s ankle. The phone is completely destroyed, the screen shattered into pieces.

A loud ringing noise blares abruptly, alerting Riah. She instantly gets up, disoriented rubbing her eyes. There is a puddle of sweat in the bed, looking on the other side she notices Shaun is gone. She grabs her phone off of her nightstand looking at the blurry time. It was almost noon.

It doesn’t take long before she could smell the comforting aroma of breakfast filling the air. She smiles, realizing it was just a stupid dream that had her worked up in a frenzy. Riah stretches her arms, and yawns then finally hops out of the bed to get ready for the day to come. She was surprised that she had even slept through the whole morning, most days she didn’t sleep past 7:00 am. As always she has everything laid out the night before. Laying neatly on her ottoman that nestled at the foot of her bed she grabs a black pencil skirt, and a maroon deep v, long sleeve blouse. After getting dressed she goes inside of the restroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.

She finally had prepared herself for the day, after straightening her hair and applying the finishing touches of her makeup. Looking in the mirror at herself she is pleased with the results. She heads out to see the buffet of food laid out on the dining room table. Riah felt like she was some type of royalty. She goes to kiss her husband. “Good morning baby.”

“Good morning baby,” Shaun is putting some scrambled eggs on a plate. “So I’m assuming you had a good night sleep.” Shaun winked at Riah.

“Why did you let me oversleep like that? I didn’t hear the alarm.” Riah pouted, and smacked her lips.

“Well yo ass was sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to wake you up, so I decided to make you breakfast in bed—well just breakfast now cause you are woke now.” Shaun smiled at Riah.

Riah took a sip of the orange juice that sat in front of her, “Baby I was in a middle of the twilight zone, hell I wouldn’t have minded at all. I blame you, last night during your little workout session, I think I need to put my membership to use.”

“I’m your personal trainer girl, you don’t need nobody else to work you out, I can handle it.”

Riah begin to eat on the mouthwatering food, thinking to herself how much she loved Shaun. School was at a standstill for her since she had completed her finals and Shaun had a little more time off. Their life together was slowly merging into what it was supposed to be.

While in the middle of breakfast they hear a knock on the door. Shaun leaves the kitchen to greet the visitor, and in disgust he could’ve choked just looking at the horrid sight.

There stood his nemesis, with a high ponytail, some leggings and a racer back sports bra. “What?!” She barged inside rudely bumping him, yelling for Riah.

“Riah! Heyyyyyyyy bitch, girl......”

Shaun slams the door quite annoyed at the intruder, just knowing she a some mess to make. He had lost his appetite coming in the kitchen seeing her stuff her face with the plate he had made for himself.

“So last night I must’ve gotten so fucked up, bitch I lost my fuckin phone man.” Tia side eyed Shaun to see his reaction he would make.

Shaun pretended not to hear Tia as he gathered the used dishes to put in the dishwasher.

“Bitchhhh, what do you mean you lost your damn phone? You need to stop drinking, really. Did you go back up there and look?”

“Yes bitch I did, and my shit say find me cause it ain’t nowhere to be found. I would’ve thought you or Shaun had it, but now since I can scratch y’all ass off the list.” Tia’s face has a look of concern, looking over at Shaun.

Shaun can feel her blazing stare at the back of his head. Surely she couldn’t have thought that he was the one who took her raggedy ass phone. But he was sure she was over there to size him up, knowing what they had done and how he had the perfect little motive to steal it.

Riah asks Shaun in a concerning tone, “Baby, have you saw Tia’s phone?”

With his back still facing them he replies, “No. He refused to turn around to let the truth paint his undeserving face. He had a fury so strong he needed a drink, he was pretty sure someone had the phone and soon enough his dirty laundry was going to be aired out. With the popularity of social media, with the slightest stroke of a finger everything a person has worked hard for could be compromised.

But what if Tia was just fucking with him to let him know she still had the uncut footage of him blowing her back out? He didn’t want to take a chance of it being true that she had really lost her phone. This is the one time he had actually wished the dumb fuck actually had it. He knew if the phone ended up in the wrong person hands, it would be only a matter of time before shit hit the fan.

Riah excuses herself as she gets a phone call, she goes upstairs into her office.

Riah and Shaun awkwardly stare each other down, vomiting the obvious. It lingered everywhere, the stench of fear.

Shaun whispers to Tia, “What the fuck, how could you be so damn dumb? You are stupid, and a fucking drunk.”

Tia whispers loudly, “I know your bitch ass got my phone, so give it back!”

“Man I’m telling you I don’t have your phone, but if you don’t find it soon umma fuck you up.” Shaun has the cold dead look in his eyes.

Tia now feels sick, as she is beginning to understand how serious the situation is. She leaves Shaun without saying another word to knock on Riah’s office door.

Tia walks in, hearing the last few words of Riah’s phone call.

“—okay, okay I gotta go now.” Riah hangs up her phone, and her hands seem a bit jittery.

“Ahem, sorry about that. Riah runs both of her hands along the sides of her skirt. I was gonna actually ask you about did you feel last night when you saw him?”

“To be honest I was scared, you know? And to make matters worse he is with Ashley, Kevin’s sister.” Tia’s body started to lock up, remembering the wild event.

“I know, me and Shaun had to leave cause when I saw him walk in, I damn near lost it. If tries anything I swear to God I will kill him.” Riah has this evil look in her eye, as she strolls over to her sister placing her hand on slender her shoulder.

Tia is silent. She didn’t want to think about it too much, she was still trying to wrap her mind around her seeing him after eight long years.

“I don’t think Ashley like me too much.” Tia’s face had sarcasm written all over it, as she viewed her pink nails.

“You sure? I mean she just seem a little over the top, but she’s okay. She is actually supposed to be coming over here Thursday to show me some palettes for my linen.” Riah isn’t sure about Tia’s concern, she just figures it the natural order of getting engaged.

“Hmmm, she look a little tacky to me, you sure you trust her to plan one of the most important days in your life?” Tia giggles.

“You are a mess, that’s your sister in law now bitch, so you better get used to her..” Riah rebuttal hit Tia in the throat.

Tia didn’t know what would be her next move, she certainly didn’t want to go to Derrick. She thought about it, the phone’s location was still on. Tia had to think this through. Who phone could she use to track hers...

Maybe Shaun would be the safest bet, but seeing he didn’t want anything to do with her she wasn’t too sure if it would be an easy shot. If he wanted to save his skin he was going to have to gather his man parts, and do what was necessary.

Tia walks into the living room and locate Shaun, giving him a look.

Riah was still upstairs shuffling papers.

“Shaun, I need to use your phone...” Tia kinda bites her tongue, grinding her teeth as the words forcefully parted through the gates of her mouth.

“Man what the fuck Tia?!” Shaun is aggressive.

“Well it’s the only way to find my phone, I have the location on.” Tia looks at Shaun hoping he’d consider, cause what she had in her phone the government would convict her as a terrorist.

Shaun throws the phone at Tia. She launches the app with shaking fingers, the anxiousness started to consume her. She enters her information into the app, and it instantly pops up, the location of her phone. She puts the address in the gps and looks at Shaun. The location was only thirty minutes away.

“Shaun you gotta come with me.” Tia tries desperately to convince Shaun.

Shaun didn’t want to lie to Riah, he knew he was going to have to go with her just in case things got ugly. Anyone could’ve had it.

“Okay, we’ll tell Riah we’ve found your phone and I’m gonna go with you, to make sure you are safe.” Shaun runs upstairs to Riah’s office, and Tia trails behind him. She is working on her laptop.

Riah looks at Shaun, “Baby we found Tia’s phone.”

“That’s good, where is it?” Riah begins to get up out of her seat.

“You stay here baby, it might be dangerous you never know what crazy motherfucker probably got it. And besides I know you studying.”

Shaun leans in to kiss Kia on the lips.

“You protect my sister okay! If anything happens call me right away, don’t hesitate.” Riah yelled, “I am serious.”

Shaun agreed.

“—And Tia, it’s just a phone, it’s not worth hurting someone or getting hurt over.” Tia sits back down in her chair.

Both Tia and Shaun walked out of the office, with their mindset on finding the culprit.

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