Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


11. Shaun’s Dungeon

11. Shaun's Dungeon


In life at some point of time everyone will come to a fork in a road. Shaun, Tia, and even Riah has used the word “Love” loosely, and has yet to understand its actual meaning.


**Shaun’s Dungeon**


Tia quickly takes off her shirt, eagerly ready to reveal herself to Shaun. Shaun eyes widen as he sees her round medium sized nipples are pierced.


“Just make love to me,” she tells Shaun. Tia is consumed in a heart throbbing passion, hoping he would even consider her offer instantly created a gushy pool inside of her panties. The thrill overstimulated her mind and body, as her legs nervously began to shake.


Shaun doesn’t want to make love to Riah, staring into her soul with a darkness he smirked. “This what you want...” Taking off his shirt lustfully now targeting an over zealous Tia. Revealing his abs, chest and chocolate muscles Tia melted. He thought about his anger, and immediately wanted to make an example out of her. Tia sits patiently, but is still suspicious of Shaun’s dominant energy.

Removing his own conscious he proceeds to become entangled in Tia’s little game. Playing with her, but in the same breath he was not a victim. He wanted to show the begging woman how victorious he could be. Sex was definitely a sport to him, he licks his lips devilishly smiling because Tia didn’t know he wasn’t like any other men she had let inside of her before. His cockiness proceeded him.


Quickly flipping her over onto her back, Tia let’s out a soft moan, embracing Shaun’s authority he had over her. He gained full power and control. (Mistake number one.) Studying her reactions, he teases her, licking around her erect nipples in a swirling motion, she jumped feeling the warm juicy sensation it brought to her anxious body. He pulls her back up to a sitting position, becoming so enthralled with an impetuous passion, he trembled. The only thing he could think of now was her mouth around him. Wallowing in the very thought he places his hand into his jeans, pulling his fossilized member out. Not pulling his pants completely down, his briefs cuffed his ass, signaling to her with his eyes what he wanted her to do next. He looks at Tia seductively pulling and tugging on himself.

“I wanna know how much of my dick you can fit in your mouth...”

Tia’s mouth is watering, up for the challenge. Scooting closer to the edge of the couch, her mouth and his dick aligns perfectly. Opening her mouth, she whirls her tongue around his protruding mushroom head and slides the tip of her hot tongue down his shaft. Eagerly accepting the meal Shaun had prepared for her, Shaun eyes rolls into the back of his head.

Tia loved giving head, it was one of her favorite specialties lusting after the hard sensation penetrating her mouth. She wanted to suck his very soul out of his sexy strong body, looking up at him fall into the perils of her beastly temptation. She wanted to cum so badly, while she pulled and rubbed on her pink flesh.


The way her lips enveloped his large pulsating dick felt like paradise to him. While she bobs up and down slowly, her long auburn hair sweeping his knob intoxicating him; without further hesitation he takes the palm of his right hand gripping a large amount of her hair between his fingers, he then takes her head into his hand and glides himself deeply down her throat, until her eyes started to water. Stuffing her warm watery hole alleviated his anxieties, as he takes it out, then quickly shoves it in again, even deeper getting a thick slimy glob of saliva that dripped unto his couch. Tia starts to gag, but he doesn’t care; he immediately shoves it down her throat just inches away from her tonsils. Her ribbed throat was good to him, enjoying every nasty second of Tia swallowing him whole, as he is no longer worried about anything except for his own dangerous pleasure.


“Fuuuuuuuck baby...suck that dick for me. You like me fucking your mouth don’t you?” Shaun grinds himself into her mouth, teasing her knowing exactly what she was desperately waiting for.


Tia begins to moan, feeling a rapid growth in her clit. She could feel the gel ooze out of her body, as she imagined Shaun fucking her tingling pussy. On a steep cliff, Tia takes the hand she was jacking him off with, and couples her palm under his scrotum—massaging the squishy mass of flesh with her hand. Shaun cheeks clenches, enjoying her exceptional skills. Taking his dick out of her battered mouth, he pulls her down unto his plush carpet. Laying flat on his back, he urges Tia to sit her body on his face. She kneels over his chin, trying to slowly appreciate the ride. Admiring her bright pink sparkling slit, Shaun grabs both of her chocolate, sumptuous ass cheeks, pressing her down gently so he could place her decadent lips onto his. Her softness damn near killed him. Tia gasps. “Yesssss, this feels so good baby. Ohhhh Shaunnnn.” Sucking all of her tasty liquid that flowed from her pussy into his mouth quenched his insatiable thirst. He knew eating her in this position would have her cumming without a problem in no time. He guided her waist, impatiently thrusting his tongue inside of her, feeling her clit rub against his nose. Tia rubs herself, savoring the friction and being caught into an orgasmic bliss riding his face slowly until a white cream trickled down the side of Shaun’s working jaws, she shudders and now her body is weak as she collapses unto his body. She had made a mess on him.


—His cellphone rings, but he doesn’t hear it. It’s Riah sending him messages, consecutively.


Shaun raises Tia off of him, touching the slick fluid that secreted from inside of her feeling inclined and amped. “You want my dick don’t you?”


Tia has a starving appetite, yearning to get a sample of Shaun’s thick juicy dick. Her curiosity intensified, ogling the mysterious man, she wondered how it felt for him to finally invade her pussy. She also wondered if this was the excitement Riah felt each time Shaun touched her. The attention he was giving her drove her crazy, as her breathing escalated. The tensions gets thicker, as the temperature seemed to have risen.


“Yes I want your big dick, I want you to fuck me!!”

Shaun bends the nympho like Tia over, revealing her fat soaking wet lips, just seconds away from his control. He grips his stretched out dick and shoves himself deeply into her, soft silky body. Tia toes curl as she flinches from the massive blow. “Mmmmm...oh my God baby, it’s too big for me.” Tia whines and wiggles, shoving Shaun back, trying to find a comfortable position and relief to handle all of Shaun’s length. Feeling her flesh clasp unto his harden tool made him groan uncontrollably, and passionately.


“Take it, this what you wanted huh? Take all of my dick.” Shaun grabs Tia’s thumping neck, stroking deeply into Tia’s tight body.


Tia yells out,”Shaun, shit!”


He continues to torture her flesh, feeling her muscles contract on him. Shaun had her where she couldn’t escape from his pounding.


“This what you been dreaming of,” turning her head around to stick his tongue down her throat. Both of them are covered in beads of sweat, as animalistic traits possess their flesh. Tia’s insides are now pulsating, as a creamy white substance is slowly being pulled out of her, onto Shaun’s dick. She pleads, “Oh....fuck...oh....fuuuuuck, I’m cumming baby!” Tia heart beats rapidly, consumed in a fantasy like ecstasy.


Gloating Shaun taunts her, effortlessly talking nasty to her made him go even harder.” Slamming into the back of Tia’s walls now stroking her balls deep he mumbles through his teeth, “That’s it, give me that shit, cum some more on my dick...” Shaun picks up the pace, fucking Tia senselessly while hearing her ass clap like thunder brought him joy; until he himself feels an explosive sensation. Letting out an unworldly howl he takes his throbbing twitching dick out of Tia, then turns her around and demands her to open her mouth. She obeys, holding her head still so she could catch the thick, white creamy treat that is now shooting out of his head. Sticking her long wet pink tongue out, he unloads right into her gorgeous mouth. Riah is now satisfied touching around her sexy full lips, licking her fingers until she ate every last drop—gorging in his well waited for cum.


Shaun doesn’t kiss Tia, or even acknowledge her. He just gets up coldly, being drawn to a luminous white light on the bar top. As he focuses on his phone, Tia gets her phone from under the couch, clicking it off. Snapping back to his senses, all of the weight is even greater, walking to his phone he sees numerous missed calls and messages from his distant forgotten fiancé. His world collapses, feeling overwhelming guilt and discomfort. Riah wanted to inform him of her great news, she had been accepted at one of the largest architect company. She also said she would be home tomorrow, around 1:00 p.m.

Shaun screeched, “FUCK Tia....did you touch my phone?!” Shaun is upset that he missed Riah’s phone call.


“No I didn’t, why would I do that?” Tia says this in a innocent tone.


Shaun complains, “FUCK! FUCK! I missed her call, hurrying to try to reach her, there is no answer.


Tia is jealous, and was hoping Shaun didn’t think about her after their episode. “She’s coming home tomorrow, don’t worry about it.”

Shaun looks at Tia, unable to cover his facial expression of regret and shame.


“I can see why Riah loves you, you are intense. No one has ever fucked me like that before. But don’t worry as long as you keep giving me some of that whenever I want it, your secret is safe with me. Tia lets out an evil stare.


Shaun now tuned in to Tia and her games, he questions her— “Tia, what are you talking about, you know that is not possible.”


“Sweet Shaun, anything is possible. Now, why would you fuck me if you didn’t love me?!”


“I thought that’s what you wanted, you wanted me to fuck you not love you. Don’t try to turn this into something it’s not...”


Shaun phone buzzes, running back to it disregarding Tia he is anxious to talk to Riah.

As he gets to his phone, his face drastically changes into a worried scowl, angry at what displayed on his screen. It was a sex video of him, Tia had recorded every single thing.


Tia begins to mock Shaun, “You really love your fiancé huh? Your perfect little angel. She takes you for granted, you will never be enough for her...”


Shaun pleaded, hoping there was an ounce of humanity in her, “Tia, please delete this, this is not cool. Why would you try to hurt your sister like that?”


“No need to worry about that, you just do what I say, you understand me? Who is fucked now?!!” Tia grins, spraying her venom into Shaun’s veins.


Shaun realizes how serious Tia is at this point. He was so fixated on escaping, he barricaded himself into a dark pit. He never knew Tia was so conniving and evil. Rubbing his dangling dreads out of his face, he asks Tia what did she want? Knowing Riah was coming home the next day he bargained. This was leverage, and knowing Tia she wasn’t just going to allow Shaun to escape so easily.


“If you want your wedding day saved, I suggest you do what is necessary to appease me. Riah will never know of our liaisons unless however you disappoint me.”


Shaun cursed himself for being so stupid. He didn’t want to lose Riah, agreeing to Tia’s terms enslaved him. He knew he’d signed his soul over to the devil, and at this point there was nothing he could do about it. He had to go along with Tia’s irrational scheme until he could find common ground, and level the playing field.


Getting in his shower, he replayed all of the dramatic episodes that happen in his day. From his mother passing, and him sleeping with Riah’s sister, and even missing her calls. There was no sense of privacy, as Tia walked into the oversized bathroom, lustfully looking at him bathe himself. Shaun already knew what was required of him, as she slowly opened the glass shower door to join him. Feeling the nerves of her jewel beat, she took Shaun’s wet hand and pressed it to her throbbing inner body.


Looking at Shaun lustfully she declared his participation, “Fuck me again.”

Shaun forces his dick to get semi-hard, and lifts Tia up unto him. She was not concerned of him not being pleasured from this experience, she just wanted to feel that eruption again, sliding up and down on him quickly. Shan holds his forearms under her meaty thighs, pushing himself deep into her. His body starts to wake up, as he hardens fully inside of the sex crazed woman.


Tia rides him in the air aggressively, trying to feel each pump inside of her. Shaking uncontrollably she gets down off of him, cleaning herself and getting out of the tub. Tia exits, leaving Shaun hard and horny.


He thought about grabbing her, as she cleaned her pussy, and just taking her by force. The idea manifested inside of his agitated phallus. But deep inside he knew it was wrong, and he wasn’t going to fuck Tia again, not until she made him. He just didn’t want her to feel like she had rulership over him, his house, or his life. Shaun punched the wall, infuriated. He wanted to atone for his explicit mistake he’d made.


As he woke up, to his surprise Tia was nowhere to be found. He began scrubbing his floor, and his sofa, trying to wash away the sins of the night. He couldn’t even look in the mirror, ashamed of what he’d done with Riah’s sister. He does a couple of assignments, work out in his fitness room and before he knows it, it is time to get Riah from the airport. He stops by a flower shop and gets her favorite flowers, he also gets her a bottle of wine with other small trinkets. Riah is excited as she sees him coming through the door. He was so happy to see her, smiling at her irresistibly picking her off the ground. Handing Riah her gifts he whispers, “Baby you know I missed you.” He kisses her non stop. “Congratulations on your new job as well, I am so proud of you...” Riah smiles and hugs Shaun tightly, happy to be home. Out of nowhere breaking their beautiful reunion, a small voice yells, “Riahhhh!”


Shaun tries to hide his annoyance, seeing the little bitch of a sister. His heart beats faster, as he hopes Tia is not there to cause mischief.



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