Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


12. Reservations

12. Reservations


Riah wants to console her grieving Shaun, hugging and kissing him.


“Hey y’all I made some reservations today at your favorite spot sis!” Tia exclaims, interrupting them purposely.


Not wanting to turn Tia down, reluctantly Riah agreed. The only thing she wanted to do at this point was lay under her man. Riah was feeling confident, powerful and she was feeling like the world was hers for the taking! She didn’t want to be overly excited with basking in her own happiness knowing what her poor baby had gone through. She also felt remorse for not being there when Shaun needed her the most. Looking over at him she smiled, just waiting for the right chance to let him know she truly loved him. She knew he had sacrificed so much for her, and she was going to do the same thing in return. While she was away, she had decided that starting a family wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. Of course she wanted to shoot the idea with him when they were both alone.


They arrive to Riah’s favorite seafood restaurant to grab lunch.


“This is my gift to you sis, I just wanted to congratulate you on your journey to success.” Tia cheerfully hugs her sister.


Happy of Tia thinking of her, Riah showed her gratitude. Thank you Tia, and also thank you for taking care of Shaun when I couldn’t be there.”


They enter into the lively atmosphere, and was seated immediately at a small booth by a large window. Tia sat in between the both of them, eagerly.


“—No problem girl, I took gooood care of him, he wasn’t nothing I couldn’t handle.” Tia falsely grins.


Shaun has this blank expression on his face.


Noticing Shaun’s distance, Riah calls out to him, “Baeeee, are you with us? Earth to Shaun...Hello???”


“Yeah, I’m good bae.” Shaun is trying to gather his emotions, and focus on being in control of the situation.


Riah really didn’t look at Shaun’s behavior as odd, since his mother had passed, she knew it would probably be better to just let him heal. They order a round of drinks and their food.


“You are the best sister in the world, and Shaun you know you are my world. I love both of you with everything I got.” Riah is just happy to be home, taking a sip of her martini.


Tia kinda makes a face, while Shaun is just sits there in an awkward silence waiting for the time they could leave and go home, he was so anxious to get rid of Tia’s ass. Making small talk about their plans and their careers, time crept by slowly...making the unfortunate situation more and more uncomfortable with each passing minute. Tia looks at Shaun out the corner of her eye as she puts her heel on his loafers. Then she puts her hand under the table to start rubbing his penis. Shaun instantly freezes.


Tia makes complete eye contact at him, then turns around to giggle, making a joke to Riah. Shaun feels like he is having a panic attack, unable to breathe as it feels like his tie and his collar is choking the life from him. He gets hard, excusing himself to go to the bathroom.


Riah asks Tia, “So how do you think Shaun is holding up?”


“I think he’s holding up just fine,” laughing internally at her sexual innuendo. Just give him time that’s all I can say maybe he is a little distant because you wasn’t with him yesterday. But don’t worry, he’ll come around.”


“Yeah I know, I just don’t wanna feel like a burden you know, I have to make it up to him. After what he’s been through, he deserves some peace.


The owner comes by, a tall dark handsome man with Godly like features. His voice was deep, and smooth with a nice clean cut, and full beard. He slyly, but respectfully targets the seductress Tia. He only came to the booth to introduce himself and steal Tia away from the table.


“Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m Kevin , I am the owner here and I wanted to know if you both are enjoying yourselves on this beautiful afternoon?”


“Yes as a matter fact we are, this is my sister’s favorite spot in town.


“Well, I am glad to hear you are enjoying our exceptional service, here is my card, anytime you guys are here I will personally take good care of you. Now I will take my leave, please excuse me ladies, enjoy the rest of your night.”


Kevin disappears into the back of the restaurant.


“Oh my goodness, Riah did you see him? He was fineeeee, I need him on my To-Go-Plate tonight!”


Riah laughs at her sister’s quirkiness. Shaun comes back to the seat looking flustered, sitting on the side of Riah.


A waiter brings them another round of shots. Tia looks back, and sees Kevin winking at her. Riah makes a small joke, “We we’re beginning to worry about you, we thought you got sucked into the urinal. Tia smirks deviously, “You know he’s clumsy,” and she takes a shot, without even making a face. Tia picks up the tab, after they finish taking the rest of the shots, and they all go home.


“I really had fun tonight with the both of you. See y’all another time. Tia gets in her car and speeds off into the night.


“Yes baby, finally some alone time...” Shaun can now breathe easily, happy that his sister-in-law has decided to give them peace. Did you miss me Riah?”


“Of course I did, you know I did.” Riah kisses Shaun’s soft lips.

Shaun gets more serious, you know we have to get ready for my mom’s funeral. I have to get her pictures together for her obituary, and pick out some flowers. If you want to help me tomorrow I would be more than happy.

“Riah hugs Shaun, “Anything for you baby.” But she could still feel a strong sense of a dark cloud shadowing the poor Shaun. Getting in their car Shaun starts passionately kissing his gorgeous Riah, adoring her and taking in her energy.


Before they can even open their door to their apartment Shaun is all over Riah, kissing on her, grabbing her ass and embracing her presence. “Baby I reallyyyyy miss you.”


“Hey, I can tell...okay baby can we finish this after I get in the shower and get sexy?


Shaun is ignoring her, trying to suck her tongue out of her mouth. “You are already sexy baby, now let me feel you. Kevin breathes heavily, anticipating the long wait feeling his dick throbbing in his pants. He takes her hand and places it there, taking off his shirt and unbuttoning his pants they walk into the living room and get on the couch. He takes Riah shirt off, breathing heavily as he rubs on her breasts.


“Hey baby, I think we should ha....”

Shaun kisses Riah in her mouth, interrupting her, ripping off her skirt.


He rushes down, kissing her stomach then finally he gets to her pussy. He starts to kiss her passionately. Looking up at her as he gave her pleasure her face morphs into Tia’s.


Moaning intensely, grabbing Shaun’s long dreads Riah begs for more. Opening her legs wider for him to have more access, Shaun sucks passionately on her throbbing clit. Riah moans, “I missed you baby. Sorry I wasn’t here for you yesterday...” Grabbing her waist, he holds her body down, licking her until she was unable to withstand the feather like strokes of his delicate tongue.


Riah gets up, looking into his eyes, and takes his hand motioning him to come to their room. Walking slowly behind her, as he watches her climb into their oversized round bed, he smacks her ass. Kevin lies on his back as Riah puts her ass on his face, facing his throbbing dick, sensually kissing the head, taking him into her hands, stroking him gently. Kevin appreciates this, feeling titillated. As she does this, Shaun teases and licks her precious flower, not applying any pressure on her at all. The flickering sensations are driving Riah wild, making her want to return the deed she puts Shaun’s dick into her mouth. Shaun grabs Riah’s plump, jiggling ass and mashes her cheeks together, squeezing them tightly to give her more clitoris stimulation. Doing this instantly causes Riah to lose focus, becoming more lost into the feeling from being gulped and suckled on by her estranged lover. Shaun thrusts himself deeply into Riah’s dripping wet mouth, trying to literally fuck her brains out. Riah bucks violently, grabbing the sheets tightly trying to find her release. Shaun feels her body convulsing, pressing his face more rapidly into her warm body. Riah tried her best to keep up with Shaun, but he is not letting up, fucking her mouth non stop making Riah involuntarily gather large heaps of saliva. As her spit leaked all over him, she lustfully sucked some more, cumming on Shaun as he gripped her ass tightly around her ass.


Getting off of her saddle, she got on all fours, welcoming into her small entry, rubbing her clit getting ready for Shaun to fuck her.


“You ready for me to fuck you?”

Riah arches her back, sticking her ass up in the air like a target, ready to be hit. Without further delay, Shaun stuffs his huge rod into Riah, making her catch her grip on the bed. He stroked her slowly, while she toyed with herself. Kissing her in the mouth, she begins to apply pressure unto him, throwing herself on his solid flesh. Shaun grabs Riah’s waist and becomes in sync with her rattling body. They had gotten so coiled within each other, the strong motion of their bodies made the bed quake and rock. Kissing Shaun Riah whispers to him, “I do want your baby.”


Shaun eyes had widened, “You not on the pill anymore?”


Kissing him even more passionately, “No love I stopped two weeks ago.”


“Ahhhh baby,” he began taking over her body completely.


Now getting her to lie down, he kneels in front of her while grabbing her legs and putting them over his shoulders. Riah is bursting with love, excited to please Shaun. He barely can control himself, touching on Riah’s hot body, while giving her an overbearing pleasurable experience. His touch was almost too much to handle, as they looked into each other eyes and came together. They hold each other silently, as they drift to sleep.


**A Few Months Later**


Riah and Shaun still hadn’t conceived but the good news was Tia was nowhere to be found. It turned out her and the restaurant owner Kevin hit it off a few weeks later. Shaun was more happier than ever, getting ready to be promoted and Riah passed all of her Finals, and was getting ready for her this year in school. Shaun and his dad said a final fair well to his mother, and life was starting to finally go everyone’s way for once.


Shaun and Riah were looking to purchase a home, growing tired of their condo, they had talked about somewhere more secluded that had a modern family feel. Trying for a baby was hard work, especially trying to relocate where the top ranking schools were, and nicest neighborhoods. Shaun and Riah had came from two different backgrounds. Shaun’s father was a CEO of a very large corporation in their city, and Riah’s father was an electrician. Though Riah and Shaun both had one thing in common, and it was ambition. Both lovers wanted to surpass their previous generation, making their own brand for themselves.


Shaun at times often about Tia, hoping she’d found genuine happiness. He even thought about reaching out to her, and inquiring about the videos, but maybe it was best to not say anything at all. Since Riah wasn’t too far off from her own graduation, she began to plan her dream wedding. She wasn’t a ballroom queen, she wanted something quaint, nothing too big. But Shaun on the other hand was the luxurious one in the relationship, he just had to be flashy.


Picking a vendor was hard, but when she found one who matched her style she held onto her. Everything was perfect for Shaun, Ria, Tia, and Kevin until a ghastly secret had threatened to surface, from someone anonymous. Shaun is horrified, looking at the pictures of him and Tia, looking around to see if anyone had saw anything. The lobby was clear besides the clerk at the front desk. Someone wanted to scare him, and it worked.

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