Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


34. Life’s A Party

PART 34: Life’s A Party

The loud music rings in Riah’s ears as she enters into the blue shaded room. There were so many bodies inside toppling over one another, all qgathered together like ants in a pile. Riah tries to keep up with Tia who is overly excited about the club.

Riah slithers her way through the sweaty crowd, trying not to touch anyone’s limbs, or make any direct eye contact. Tia isn’t noticing she has left her sister in the crowd to fend for herself.

Mostly everyone eyes are closed, those who are dancing, and their arms are waving freely into the air. Riah thinks to turn around to go back to the car. She is feeling a little uncomfortable and worried. The music that is playing is an upbeat tune, hyping the up crowd into a loud frenzy.

The lights start flickering and changing from a dark blue to fluorescent neon multicolors as the song started transitioning. Then a very slow seductive r&b song came on, calming the party goers down. Riah was amazed how the energy had changed in the blink of an eye, with just a simple stroke of the finger.

Now everyone is grinding on each other lustfully and sexually, the women breasts are full, and their nipples erect. The heat thickens as Riah loses sight of Tia altogether, standing in the middle of the dance floor completely out of her element. Before she could turn around to leave, strong arms grabbed her from behind, and pulled her body closely to theirs. Riah panicked inside, but she didn’t let it show. She could feel his chest rise up and down, while his breath was on the back of her neck. The stranger took in a large whiff of Riah’s cherry blossomed scent. She on the other hand had no idea who this random person was, she just stayed silent, as she placed both hands on the man’s forearms.

Then he began to speak, as he moved his hips, wrapping himself around Riah’s tiny waist. In a deep voice he asked Riah, “What’s wrong?”

Riah answers, “Nothing, I’m just ready to go.”

“Why? You’re the livest soul in my building, who are you...I’ve never saw you before.” The touchy intruder asks for Riah’s name.

She nervously introduced herself to the mysterious man, “ Damn is it that obvious, this is my first time here, and I’m Mariah.”

“Oh yeah, nice to meet you Mariah, I’m Eric.”

He held her closely to him, making her reminisce the thrill of Shaun’s touch. Her body started to quiver and he could feel the vibrations bouncing off of her. It was definitely some kind of magnetic connection there, drawing the two strangers of the night closer to each other.

Riah’s panties get wet instantly, as the man hands firmly groped her hips, he owned her midsection like she was his.

“I gotta go, I really need to find my sister.” Riah tries to gently pull her body away.

“Don’t go. Stay with me right here.” Eric pulls her body even closer, her ass is now on his zipper.

She just hoped she didn’t feel something hard poke her body. Riah body tenses some, melting in the man’s hands. She imagined how he looked, just by the way he talked and the way he touched her. He had to be a chestnut brown, with a devilish smile.

The slow music carries on, Riah feels like she is being swept by deep waves. She didn’t know why the man’s energy controlled her the way it did, she was starting to lose herself in a euphoric moment, slowly forgetting about Tia. It didn’t help that Eric smelled so damn good to her neither.

Eric finally turns Riah’s body around. She looks into his dark eyes, seeing the light refract from them. His lips looked nice and soft. Riah was speechless looking up at the handsome tall man, that she saw in the parking lot earlier. She was right it was him, she had a feeling it was.

“Sorry about earlier, those were my brothers. They harass sexy women, especially when they are drunk.”

“But when I saw you, you just seemed out of place, a little worried. I picked that energy up in the parking lot. I hope my brothers didn’t scare you, I really wanted to apologize to you.”

“No, it’s not that. I think I’m just a little tired.” Riah wasn’t tired, she was actually feeding off of Eric’s sexual energy. She didn’t want to be turned on by him, hearing her sister’s horrible advice from earlier in the night tormented her.

“Would you like to sit in my office? I can find your sister for you.” Eric pulls out his cellphone, and calls someone.

“Oh no thank you, that seems like too much trouble, I’ll just wait for her in the car.”

Eric steps back some, while Riah looks in her purse for the car keys. She doesn’t have them.

“Shoot!” Riah shook her head no.

“What’s wrong baby?” Eric licked his lips, walking a little closer to Riah.

“I don’t have the car keys,” then she forgot she didn’t even drive her car, she was in Tia’s.

Eric takes Riah by her hand, “Come with me, let’s see if we can find your sister.”

They walk through the swarm of people who clearly didn’t care they were out in public basically humping each other. They both walk to the bar, the lounge, and the ladies restroom. Eric waited for Riah in the hallway.

Something told Eric to check the men’s restroom. He goes inside and sees Tia’s back against the sink, with two men zipping up their pants.

Eric demands both men leave from the club immediately. Eric walks outside of the restroom to get Riah, hoping to give Tia enough time to hide her exposed body. But no matter what Eric tried to do Riah would already know what her sister had done.

“Okay not to worry, your sister is in the restroom.” Eric had a rather blank expression on his face.

“I checked the restroom already.” Riah seemed a little confused, she wasn’t following Eric’s drift.

“No she was in the men’s restroom.” Eric raised both eyebrows.

“Who were those two guys? Oh my God, really what the hell?” Riah immediately gets upset.

Riah storms into the restroom.

“First you leave me by myself, then you go and sneak off to fuck random guys?! What the fuck is wrong with you?” She demanded answers.

“First of all I didn’t sneak off to do shit, I’m grown. One guy didn’t pay me all of my money. I need to go find his ass.” Tia puts her nipple back in her dress.

“They paid you for sex?” Riah wrinkles her forehead.

“Yup. They surely did.” Tia relishes in the act, having flashbacks of one fucking her while the other had his dick in her mouth.

“And you are proud of that?” Riah was disgusted.

“Look miss butterfly, unicorn magical pussy, not everyone can pop their shit and get fifty racks!” Tia yelled at Riah.

“Wait a minute, are you on drugs or something? Why didn’t you just ask me for some fucking money if you needed some that bad?” Riah continued, with her hand on her hip.

“Cause it was never bout no damn money.” Tia jumps down from the sink and turns on the water.

Riah looks disturbed. “Then what is it about?”

“Fucking. I love to fuck. If I could I’d fuck everyone in this club right now.” Tia licked her tongue out rapidly, like a poisonous snake, taunting good girl Riah.

“You need help, have you been seeing your therapist, are you still on your medication?” Riah tried to ignore her sister who seemed to be possessed.

“Fuck you Riah, you got all your shit together huh?” Tia bashes Riah, getting in her face.

“Wait...what? Where is all of this coming from?” Riah really was lost and she wanted to do anything but believe the harsh words that came out of Tia’s jealous mouth.

“You gon judge me huh? That day at Derrick’s house you could’ve helped me!” Tia was obviously sloppy drunk. “But you didn’t!”

The argument is getting intensified, Riah looks at Tia, “So that’s how you really feel?”

“Yeah and as a matter of fact bitch I hate you, and I am glad Shaun left your prude ass!” Tia spits at Riah.

Riah walks out of the restroom, and leaves Tia in her drunken state. She texts Kevin right away.

“Hey Tia is fucked up, could you bring my car up here and bring Tia home?”

(Moments later) Kevin’s text: “Yeah sure, no worries, is everything okay?”

The tears fall down, even though Riah tries her best to hold them back. She doesn’t hear the music playing in the background anymore, everything has begun to fade out.

Eric walks up to Riah, and gives her a hug. “You good?”

“Yeah thanks for everything, and I’m sorry about my sister.” Riah wipes her face, the mascara starts to sting her eyes a little. Riah sniffles.

“Come sit in my office, and calm yourself down. I even have a place where you can fix yourself up okay.” Eric takes Riah by the hand and lead her to this enormous office space.

His office seemed so much quieter, more peaceful. Riah let her body relax.

“Would you like a drink?” Eric grabs some wine out of a large storage cabinet.

“No thank you. But I would like tidy up a bit, if you don’t mind?” Riah clears her throat, and rubs the wrinkles out of her long black dress.

“Of course.” He leads her to a room that looks similar to a bedroom. But she didn’t say anything. She just went inside the restroom, and wiped the makeup off of her face with a fresh bar of soap and lukewarm water.

She receives a text from Kevin. “I have Tia, she’s in the car. Where are you so I can give you your keys?”

“I’m coming, give me one second.” Riah spots Kevin in the hallway.

He hands the keys to her. “Riah are you okay?”

“Yes it’s nothing, me and Tia just had a small argument it’s fine. Thank you for bringing my car.” Riah is grateful but still shook.

Kevin walks up to Riah, and gives her a hug. “Well goodnight, I’ll deal with Tia ass. Sorry your night was ruined. Just text if you need anything” Kevin disappears into the back of the club.

Riah goes back inside of the office, to thank Eric.

“Thank you for everything, I’m not sure how I can repay you. I’m in your debt.” Riah smiles. She notices she doesn’t have her clutch. She walks into the restroom to get it off of the sink.

Coming back out she sees Eric’s demeanor has changed, as he seems a little more aggressive. But she didn’t feel threatened by him.

“As a matter of fact you can repay me.” Eric walks up slowly to Riah.

“I have money, no problem. How much do

I owe you, I know you are a very busy man.” Riah digs in her clutch, and pulls out a hundred dollar bill. She tries to put it in Eric’s hand.

“No, I don’t need that.” Eric stops in his tracks, facing Riah eyes, overshadowing her body.

“Well, I’m not sure what else I can possibly do to repay you. I really appreciate it. I mean it. I should be going now, it’s getting late.” Riah sadly puts the money back inside of her clutch.

“How about a kiss? Can I kiss you?” Eric backs Riah up against the wall.

Her eyes widen, she is surprised. It was baffling to her, she could almost cry again. Just thinking about another man’s lips on her body rocked her soul. She was growing tired of everything. What was the point of it all? She wanted to vent, but she knew Eric wasn’t a substantial outlet for her to pour her troubles into.

“That’s not a good idea, I recently just—“ Eric invaded her lips with his tongue forcing himself inside her mouth. He grabbed her body, just like he did earlier before on the dance floor.

This made Riah’s clit swell, feeling the blood rush through her body. She gasped. “No, no, please not this Eric. I’m really not in a good place mentally to even entertain the fact...”

“Your heart is broken, I get that. I understand you. Would you like for me to take the pain away?” Eric gently rubs Riah’s waist.

Pressing his body against Riah’s body he whispered in her ear, “He was a fool, the man who broke your heart.” Eric places both hands on the wall blocking Riah in, leaning over her.

Her body heats up, and at this point she did wish the hurt would leave, but she knew deep down it probably wasn’t the best idea.

Maybe she could distract him.

Riah faces the back room. “The bed?” She has a worried look written all over her face.

Eric was very handsome, too handsome at that. And to be a large club owner, with a huge ass bed in a room in his office spoke volumes to her. It was just a sign Riah couldn’t ignore.

“Long nights.” Eric still leans over Riah, not letting up.

“I can make everything better, just trust me.” He passionately kisses her again, enjoying her sweet saliva. He kissed her like he had longed for her all of his life.

Riah was beginning to run out of excuses, and each second she stayed in that office he was claiming her body, already imagining her naked, with him deep inside of her. Just from the taste of her kiss, he couldn’t control himself, he needed her body wrapped around his.

“You owe me.” Eric unzips the back of Riah’s dress.

As the garment fell to her ankles her breasts sprained free, bouncy and firm. Her erect nipples aimed at Eric. She covers herself, unexposed to another man, besides Shaun.

Eric kisses her again, then he moves her hands. “Why hide from me?”

Riah is speechless. Eric’s mouth feels like angel’s breath on her skin. He takes the palm of his hand, and presses it under her hot covered pussy, continuously kissing her in the mouth. Riah could’ve collapsed into the wall. He moves her panties to the side, letting two fingers stimulate her clit. Riah shuddered.

When she saw him at first sight in the parking lot she knew. She could feel his energy claiming her for himself. She thought she would be able to escape, but he trapped her. Eric wasn’t an amateur, unlike Riah he knew exactly where to put his fingers at the right time. He knew when to kiss, and how firmly or softly he should press his lips on her.

“That pussy so wet for me...can I kiss you right here too?” He takes down her panties, and just as he prophesied there was an ocean between her legs.

“How long have you been wet huh?” He kisses her pussy lips. “I bet you wanted me to do this to you when you first locked eyes with me.” Kevin slurps his lips over her inner folds, cuffing her dough like ass cheeks.

She hadn’t even shaved, she was so embarrassed trying not to think about it, but it was happening, him sucking her body softly creating more wetness for him to play in.

Riah moans some, still in her heels, turning her knees inward. The pleasure was too much at once for her. Eric gets up, and scoops up her body, and carries her to the bed. Eric takes off his shirt, revealing his overly tattooed body. Now to think about it, he kinda looked like a gang member. But it was too late, Riah was already exposed. Lying there naked in front of him. She didn’t know what to expect.

“Won’t someone be looking for you?” Riah hopes to throw the amped man off, but it doesn’t work.

He lowers himself down, spreading Riah’s thighs waiting to taste his dessert again. Riah squirms.

“I’ve been teasing you, but I’m not finna hold back so you ready?” Eric smirks.

Riah doesn’t understand, she thought he was serious the whole time already.

“You probably shouldn’t run from me...” Eric enters inside of Riah’s body with his long hot tongue. Her lips feel so soft to him as he continues to fuck her pussy with his tongue.

Riah scoots back, and Eric holds her body down, bringing her closer to him. He looks up at Riah. “Don’t run...”

His lips wrap around her overly sensitive clit, while his tongue is still in action. Riah at this point is overwhelmed, she tries to push him back. The feeling is extreme, as her body starts to get weaker, and with Eric eating her full speed she doesn’t have a chance.

“Mmmm, your pussy taste so good, I bet it feels better.” Eric lifts her legs in the air tapping her clit with his tongue. Riah is fixated on the sucking sensation as the tingling travels down to her toes. Eric rubs her shaking thighs then he travels down to her feet removing her heels, so he could kiss and suck her toes. Riah loses it.

By this time Eric’s dick is waiting to come out. He removes his pants and boxers. Riah’s body reaction showed it all, she wasn’t able to contain her excitement. His long thick dick pointed at Riah’s wet entrance. Eric reached over to a nightstand opening the top drawer to get a condom. Putting it over the massive hunk of meat Riah squeezed her thighs together. There was only one other man that had been inside of her, and with Eric’s massive size she didn’t stand a chance.

“Wait Eric...I don’t know if...” Riah looks at Eric, second guessing her decision.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Just open your legs for me.” Eric is kneeling in front of Riah, waiting for her to invite him inside.

She does as he says, and open her legs wide. Eric scoots close to Riah, lifts her waist and aligns her sticky wet slit with the head of his dick. A white creamy substance is dripping from Riah’s body, enveloping Eric’s dick. Within seconds he felt the squeezing sensation of Riah. She closes her eyes, feeling him enter in and out of her pussy.

“Don’t think about him, open your eyes and look at me baby. I’m fucking you now.” Eric commanded Riah’s obedience.

He was right for a moment there was a sudden flash of Shaun, as she looks back at Eric. She didn’t know how he knew.

Eric puts himself even deeper, causing Riah to reach for him. He doesn’t accept her hand, instead he pumps faster. “Don’t touch me, what’s my name?”

Riah moans in a low tone, “Eric...”

“And who dick you love?” He strokes her creamy tight pussy even deeper, while stimulating her clit with his fingers.

“Oh my God....Eric...”

Eric barely could control himself slipping in her wet pussy made his dick ache with massive pleasure. He wanted Riah to climb her sexy ass on top of him, so he could see her ass from the back.

“Come sit on my dick.”

Riah tries to face forward.

“No turn around so I can see that ass.”

Riah slowly sat her tight pussy on his dick, then she slid her body up and down while he thrusted his pelvis inside of her deeply. He made her pick up the pace, slamming her up and down without slowing his pumps. Her breathing started to escalate and her moans got longer and strenuous.

“Ohhhh shit, I’m cumming...” Riah had an intense orgasm. Her legs started to shake while her pussy creamed uncontrollably on him.

Eric flipped Riah over on all fours. “Come on get up, arch that back for me.”

Riah was so wet, dripping cum everywhere she barely could keep her balance, let alone arch her back. Eric cocked his lower body back, then slowly rammed his throbbing hard member in Riah’s wet tunnel. Her cum splashed on his stomach. Riah clenched the sheets, feeling the hard long dick in her tummy made her screech.

He stroked her slow and deep for some time, building the tension in her cervix. He grabbed her by her bun, what was left of it and snatched her neck back into his chest aggressively. Riah’s body started to twitch on him. With her hair wrapped around his hand and the other on her lower back Riah collapsed on her stomach. He lifted his torso up some for resistance, to do more damage. Riah felt the pressure on her lower spine. He fucked her faster, not letting her up. Riah couldn’t help but to come harder, until there was no more fight in her.

Eric was pleased with satisfying her until she literally couldn’t take anymore blows from him. Her pussy hole started to ache from being stretched out by Eric’s dick.

Riah face is now in the sheets letting out muffled moans.

Eric kisses Riah’s limp body, grunting as he felt his last stroke. His head started to throb and pump, as the warm liquid shot full speed into his condom. Eric breathes heavily, then he takes himself out of Riah.

She is zoned out, feeling sensations travel through her body. Eric sits on the bed beside her, and looks over at the wheezing Riah. “Damn. So can I take you out sometime?”

Snapping back to her senses, Riah gets up, and reaches for the cover to hide her naked body. “I gotta go Eric, thank you really for everything.”

“Can I at least get your phone number?” Eric is confused.

“I don’t know what came over me I am serious, I never do this.” Riah feels like she has made a terrible mistake.

“It’s okay, you cool ma. I just want to keep in touch, and I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t be about sex.” Eric’s mouth begins to water.

Riah runs to the small hall of the office to get her panties and her dress.

Eric gets up to follow her, “So you really finna that?”

“I got class in the morning, it’s super late. I had fun.” Riah puts on her left heel.

Eric blocks the door, with her phone in his hand. “That’s cool, but look I put my number in your phone.” His phone buzzes. “And now I have your number, I usually don’t do this myself. Just know if you are in any trouble, or need anything at all do not hesitate to hit my line.”

Eric moves aside, and Riah rushes out into the busy club.

She finally gets outside, using her alarm to find her car. She gets in and places her head in her hands and starts crying. She feels horrible, even though Shaun broke up with her she felt like she betrayed him somehow.

Starting up her engine, she backs out of the space only to drive home alone.

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