Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


24. Let’s Work It Out

24. Let's Work It Out


Both Riah and Shaun had a long day. Especially coming from Tia and Kevin’s hellish engagement party. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to make it all the worthwhile. They both damn near burn their clothes. Riah takes off her dark pointy-toed heels and throws them in the corner, almost knocking her expensive floor lamp down. Shaun loosens his black tie, and flops on the bed. He watches Riah go into their oversized bathroom, and cut on the shower. The steam quickly seeps from the cracked bathroom door, slowly entering into the room. He waits for Riah to slowly and sensually step out of dress, so he can see all of her. But instead she goes into the bathroom, sealing the door behind her.


Shaun moped a bit, seeing his fiancé was in no mood to play as she finally came out, and flopped on her side of the bed. She gave him a kiss good night, and cut off the lamp on her nightstand.


Meanwhile Riah is fast asleep, Shaun is actually wide awake, with a supersized boner, quite pleased with the mosaic sight that lied before him. His better judgement knew Riah was out cold, but still he prayed for any chance that she’d gap her perfect legs open and invite him in.


“You sleep baby?” Shaun nudges Riah softly, gently stroking her soft rump. He hadn’t fucked her in three days, even though both of them barely had time for each other and they worked like mules. Riah continues her snoring, not even budging a little.


Shaun whispers into Riah ear, moving her hair back, “Wake up, I wanna fuck you.”

Riah tosses around a bit, pulling the covers up to her, she makes a grunting noise and slurs her words. “In the morning baby, I promise...go to sleep.”


Going to sleep wasn’t an option for him, an urge took over him completely, missing Riah’s softness and the rush it gave him. He traced his fingers along her spine, as she faced the wall with her hands closed together, pressed between her warm thighs.


Shaun didn’t want to sleep, his flesh was awoken and his desires as well. He wanted Riah so badly, and ignoring that feeling was a hard thing to do.


Slowly rolling the cover back he notices Riah has on a tight fitting black shirt, and some normal looking panties. There wasn’t anything exotic or alluring about them. But her body, the way she took slow deep breaths, and melted in the covers mesmerized the inflamed Shaun.


His body craved what was his, and he had no reservations about taking her against her will. He felt like she owned him at times, making him wait and ignoring his ultimate pleasure she gave to him. He had to take the feeling out of his mind. Perhaps working out would replace the fire burning through his veins, he just needed to take the edge off.


Shaun kisses Riah’s forehead, sighs and gets out of the bed, closing the bedroom door behind him. Walking upstairs to his fitness room, a small sign of release is of promise. Shaun always keeps an extra set of workout clothes, observing the black tight long sleeve shirt, and grey and black sweatpants hanging across bench press machine.


Just the notion of lifting some weights made him feel lighter. He was amped and ready to burn as much energy as he could, just to take his focus off of Riah. He puts on his tight fitted shirt, and his sweats. Lastly he laces his shoes, and begin to zone out with some rap music.


He lays flat on his back, extending his arms out to get ready to lift the massive load. He feels the weight flinging into his chest and weighing in on his strong arms. It alleviates his sexual frustration and energy as he puts all of his aggression into the bar. The music takes over, revving him and encouraging him to go stronger.


Shaun puts the bar on the rack, and gets up to add an additional fifty pounds to his load. This gave him excitement, while he hurried to lay back down and press the overbearing load. Shaun continues to lift his weight for an hour, then he got up to do a little cardio. His muscles flared, and his core tightened looking at the next target, his Everlast punching bag. Wrapping his the palm of his hands with an athletic tape, he cracked his neck and went for the kill.


Shaun body dripped with sweat profusely, as his veins protruded through his tight skin. The music still blares in his ear, while he times his breath and take a few more jabs to the defenseless opponent. Shaun pushes the giant weight bag back, punching it again once it came hurdling forward.


Riah notices Shaun isn’t beside her, as she feels through the silver sheets. Her heart drops, almost panicking. She rubs her eyes, put on her slippers and call out to him, but there is no answer. Leaving out of their bedroom she hears some commotion upstairs, slowly and curiously walking up to the fitness room she is stunned. Shaun looked as if he wanted to kill someone, she kinda felt sorry for the bag. But she admired his strong biceps and shoulders all the same, viewing the mad man as his dreads slapped his face back and forth.


She sees earpieces in his ear, so she just wait she doesn’t interrupt. Riah is standing there basically gawking with a bottle of Powerade in her hand, waiting for Shaun to snap out of combat mode.


His heart is racing, and his body is blazing all over. Shaun doesn’t realize Riah has been watching him go at it hardcore nonstop for the past five minutes.


Shaun finally stops, panting and taking a few steps back he locks eyes with the dazed Riah. Shaun grabs a towel and wipes his wet face, taking his shirt off walking to the silent woman. Riah hands Shaun the bottle, hoping she could quench his thirst. He smiles, peering down at Riah, as he drunk the whole bottle within seconds, squeezing the plastic into practically nothing.


“Wow, you were really really thirsty. I felt for you, but you weren’t there, it scared me.” Riah looked up into Shaun’s eyes.


“I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t want to wake you.” Shaun body is still towering over Riah’s still quite amped and hungry, lusting for something else.


Riah was extremely aroused, looking at the tall man who stood before, his abs and chest still drenched from his sweat. Shaun flexes his pecs, drawing the beautiful Riah in. He wanted to do nothing more but take her body right then and there in his exercising room. He had never fucked her in there before, with all of the steel and metals. It had a rural feel to it, and manifesting the thought the atmosphere was livid with great desire, seeping from both of their pores.


“You beat that damn bag up, what did it do to you?” Riah looked over at the bag, and shook her head in disbelief. She had never saw Shaun behave in such a way. Sure he was an athlete, and pretty strong but the warrior in him had surfaced, and he was no longer sweet Shaun. He was something different, primal and animalistic.


“So what you came in here for? To give me something to drink...”


He walks closer to Riah, and trashes the bottle. “Hmph—well that’s gone, what else you got for me?”


His voice surrounded her body, twirling the sound of him in her ears. Riah was being engulfed by his will, knowing exactly what he wanted and needed. She walked deeper into the lit room, feeling the cold hard steel from the silver poles. She rubbed the black leather, as Shaun circled around her like a prowling shark in the depths of the ocean.


“I thought I’d workout with you, I wanna see how much my body can take.” Riah bites her bottom lip, stroking the top knob on Shaun’s bench.


“That depends, he said slowly, enticing her body, I can push your body to the max, bend the limits. I can be pretty intense if you don’t have the strength or stamina to physically keep up. Shaun looked at Riah, taunting her knowing that she aimed to tease him.


His eyes grew increasingly corybantic by the second, his impulses taking over him. Riah didn’t know she was going to feed the beast, a meal that was in fact his favorite.


“I can handle you.” Riah seductively smirked. “I am pretty sure I can keep up.”


Shaun sits on his bench, and Riah sits on top of him, her breasts touching his rock hard chest. “So what is the name of this exercise baby?” Riah rubbed Shaun’s broad shoulders, turning him on even more.


I call this the, “Let’s See How Much Dick Riah Can Take Exercise...”


Riah could feel Shaun’s member quickly rise less than a second, nudging it’s way in the gap of her legs. Grabbing Riah’s body, Shaun pressed her even closer to him as they exchanged a parade of juicy sloppy wet French kisses.


Shaun took two fingers to rub the decadent dressing that spilled from Riah’s bowl, he whirls he fingers inside of her body, then takes them out to give to Riah. Her hot mouth around his fingers thrilled him, floating in the moment. She was wild, crazed with lust. Moving her panties aside, he pulled himself out and gently pushed his rigid flesh inside of her, giving Riah a soul clenching chill. Shaun could feel her tight sweet lips wrapped snuggly around him. The feeling was so efficacious, and strong he slammed her even deeper on him, feeling a warm rush from her cervix.


She grind in harmony with him, anticipating each thrust he would give to her. He then whispers to her, “You feel my dick baby, you want me to go deeper?”


Riah is now in a haze, being swept by Shaun’s demanding passion, entering into her and controlling her like a puppet. She wanted Shaun to dig even deeper, so deep she could explode on him. But her lips could not move, only tremble from the continuous pleasure of her lover’s impact. Shaun smashed into her like reckless driver, intoxicated off of liquor. His thrusting was quite controlled, and disciplined even still Riah felt disorderly and uncontrollable.


Shaun thrusted his tongue in Riah’s mouth, one arm around her round ass, and the other hand pushing her face into his, until he could feel her saliva travel down his throat.


When Shaun pushed himself up, Riah clamped down, repeatedly until the rocking sensation became unbearable for her.


“Baby, oh are in my stomach.” Riah moans on top of him, clawing her nails in his shoulders, she tilts her head to suck passionately on his neck. Shaun continued his pounding, trying to hold back his excitement from spilling his seed inside of her.


Riah was so wet, her juices overflowed onto Shaun’s lap, so when she rode him it caused a slapping noise. The bench creaked, and it seemed the machine was going to give out before Shaun legs did. He wasn’t going to let Riah out-fuck him. He wanted her to knees buckle, and her will to break. He taught her everything she knew, and this gave him drive.


He wanted more from her, to be consumed in pure ecstasy. He loved when he was inside of her body, it was like a different side of her he could explore, a secret paradise that he had only explored. Riah continued to ride him on the bench, but at a slower pace. Her body was becoming numb, as she started to let up.


“Don’t stop baby, keep riding me.” Shaun kisses Riah in the mouth. Riah continues to move her body up and down, feeling every single inch of Shaun as he drives himself all the way into her, causing an intense feeling on her bladder.


“Baby, I am gonna squirt!” Riah gets off of Shaun’s dick to the clear liquid shoot out of her as she continues to rub on her clit. Riah sighs, “Fuuuuuuck baby, you ain’t never made me squirt before, that was insane.”


Riah has clearly checked out, and is at her limit, but Shaun is just warming up. “Come here, we ain’t finished yet girl.” Riah eyes bulges, and her heart beats very quickly.


Shaun motions her to lie back with her legs on the handle of his weight machine. “How bout you lemme taste that sweet little pussy of yours?” Licking his lips like some type of wild cat as he positioned his head between her legs.


“Now don’t move your legs from the bars, if you do there will be consequences.” Shaun smirks an evil grin, knowing Riah can’t keep up with the pace. He wanted her legs to fall from the position, to punish her for making him wait all of this time.


Shaun really was buying himself some more time because he knew he was coming to the end himself. He began a frenzy of overstimulation, bombarding her body with ripples of electrifying pleasure. He rubbed on her nipples, moving his hand down to rub her swollen clitoris. Riah twitched, feeling the pressure overfill her body as his mouth sucked her limber body. To make matters more real, Shaun stuck two fingers inside of Riah’s ass, shoving them in and out of her compact hole. She started to die.


Shaun didn’t want to stop until she gave into him, declaring she had lost and he was her sex god. “You want more don’t you baby?” Shaun teases her and sticks his hot pointy long tongue inside of her creamy pussy, licking her passionately while still stimulated her asshole.


Riah cried out, “Ok baby, you win I can’t take anymore.” Shaun ignored her pleading, seeing how helpless she looked like a sacrifice to him, Riah’s right leg fell off the bar. Seeing this as a form of disobedience, he takes his fingers out of her and stand in front of her.


“You don’t like to listen I see. What did I tell you?” Shaun sternly questions the trembling Riah.


She mumbles softly to him, “...not to move my legs. I’m sorry bae.”


“You not sorry, you want me to fuck you some more don’t you?” Shaun strokes his throbbing hard dick, aiming at Riah who just can’t even imagine taking one more lick or pump. She quivered thinking about the terrible sensations.


Shaun hit her thumping clit with his mushroom head, feeling her pussy thump on him tantalized the young mad bull.


Riah tried to close her legs, wanting to stop the torture, but Shaun penetrated through her feeble attempt.


“Now I don’t want to hear another sound from your pretty little mouth, so let me finish fucking you.”


It was unimaginable, Riah trying desperately and obediently to hold in her moans and cries to satisfy her ravenous lover. She came again, as he slowly pressed in her convulsing body. Riah wanted to scream, and she was going to, until she felt Shaun cum. She let out a big gasp.


Shaun got up and kissed her, “Good girl. I almost thought I was going to have to teach you a real lesson.”


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