Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


18. Jamaica! Jamaica!

18. Jamaica! Jamaica!


Jamaica was ultimately serving its purpose as an inclusive getaway for both couples. The rejuvenating energy from the beautiful tropical paradise revitalized their innermost passions and fantasies. Was there something in the food, water, or drinks? Riah and Shaun continued their own little exotic adventure, without Kevin and Tia. They wanted to go snorkeling next, even though Riah didn’t know how to swim she was comfortable enough to get back into the open water, without much hesitation.


“Are you ready for this Riah? Shaun poked at his little risk taker.


“Yep. I most definitely am. The instructor said it was extremely safe, and easy.” She smiled at Shaun and was happy to learn that Jamaica had awoken her sense of adventure.


Riah decided to make conversation since duration of the glass bottom boat tour was two hours. Looking over at Shaun she asked him a random question that he could’ve never expected. “So tell me what you think about Kevin and know being together?”


Shaun takes a large gulp of his drink, “It really doesn’t matter what I think baby.”


“Yeah it does, Tia is your sister in law, do you think Kevin is the right guy for her?” Riah continued to pick Shaun’s brain.


He really felt that Tia and Kevin could both go to hell. Why couldn’t she just stop worrying about Tia? She obviously could handle herself. Shaun really didn’t understand their so called close relationship they supposedly, allegedly had with one another. Tia was sick, twisted and not to be trusted. And as far as Kevin, Shaun wanted to knock his teeth out of his head. But leave it up to Riah to see the good in people, even the shitty ones. He wondered what would be her initial reaction if she found out he’d fucked her sister, and to put the icing on the cake find out the whole thing was recorded. He figured Tia hated Riah, and he didn’t understand why Riah was an angel to her. She gave her everything she wanted, and more. He couldn’t let her know the truth, he would rather die first. Fucking Tia that night disgraced him, feeling her venom surround him, even tasting her. She poisoned him, and as far as he was concerned she infected everything she came in contact with.


He comforted her with his doubled-edged sword, “They are a good pair.” But in his mind he thought, “Of lunatics.”


“Yeah baby I thought that as well, Kevin seems to be really understanding of her. Tia may not always be an angel, but she’s a good person.” Riah smiles, taking a sip of her water.


Shaun on the other hand was becoming uncomfortable, talking about the imbeciles. He just wanted to enjoy the moment he was having with her, escaping his job and mundane life. Tonight he wanted to be spontaneous, daring and a little romantic and show Riah a more spontaneous side of him. Shaun was all for testing the limits, and getting Riah out of her comfort zone excited him.


Riah looked at the sea in a new light. The reef was beautiful, the school of tropical fish, and even dolphins jumped alongside of the boat. The tour instructor informed the group about the sea life, including bottled nose dolphins, and different types of jellyfish. Riah was captivated by the wonderful view, seeing the turquoise water be home to an abundance of infinite life. She takes out her phone to snap some selfies of her and Shaun, then she turns to the large body of water and take even more postcard worthy photos. Riah was having the time of her life, capturing each moment with Shaun in her memory vault, the best picture is one worth remembering how it made you feel.


Shaun ogles her sumptuous breasts, thinking of how they felt in his hands and his mouth. Then he travels down to her tiny waist, seeing her belly ring sparkle reflecting from the shining sun light. He then, looks between her legs, trying to imagine her naked sitting down with her legs slightly apart. Envisioning her pussy right there was easy enough, since hers was one he would never forget. It turned him on instantly wishing he could take it right then and there, if he could just get one taste of her potion. He loved the way she smelled, and felt to him. Seeing her in those tiny shorts did something to his body. He started to crave her, as his dick screamed in his trunks. It was becoming excruciatingly hard not to rub himself since he was having sex with the beautiful Riah in his mind, as she sat cheerfully and unsuspecting across from him.


Riah presses her firm silky thighs together, giving Shaun an even more wild erotic vision. Her fair pigmented skin glistening under the sun rays, with her pink tinted shades. He began to taste her on his luscious lips, and tongue kissing her softly between her legs on the moving boat.


Riah notices Shaun in his trance, and calls out to him. “Baby, are you ok, you look like kinda strange.”


Shaun smirks seductively, “Nah baby, I was just thinking.”


Riah inquires, “...Of what exactly?”


“Don’t worry about that, I’ll tell you later.” Shaun winked.


They arrive to the spot, a cave surrounded by the mystical sea.


“Ok everyone put on your gear, and I’ll come by to make sure everyone is set. There are three safe zones for beginners, one being by the outer and inner caves, the second near the reef and the third near the shallows. For beginners, a vest is required, especially if you are not a strong swimmer. Be sure to observe, but never touch anything in the ocean. Stay with your partner. If you want to snorkel without the team or guide, be free to do so, but in one hour return to the boat. Does anyone have any questions?”


A few beginner snorkelers asked the guide questions. But since Shaun was an experienced diver and swimmer Riah was in good hands. They decided they wanted to explore near open water. The current wasn’t strong, it was just right. Shaun grabbed his camera, and they headed out from the white sand to the water.


The water relaxed Riah as she started to float. Shaun advises her to not be frightened and to stick her head under the water. Riah does, seeing under the sea for the first time in her life mesmerized her!


In the water she gave Shaun a thumbs up, as he started snapping pictures of her. The first thing they see is a large olive green and yellow sea turtle with an opaque pattern on its shell. Shaun snapped away, looking at starfish and seashells on the sea floor. They swam close by a school of guppies, and angel fish. The colors were luminous and very eye catching. They swim to each other, kicking their fins and hold hands. After a little more exploring they swim back to the top and headed back to the group.


Taking off her gear, she was ecstatic! “That was nice, I must say I’m disappointed.”


“Well why baby?” Shaun seriously questioned, feeling confused about the whole thing.


“Cause, I expected to see a mermaid, and not one swam by. This was a ripoff!” Tia giggled at her own joke that she made, cause usually Shaun would force a laugh but this time he actually laughed.


Shaun hugged Riah and laughed, “I know right?! We need to ask for a refund immediately, what a waste of time and money.”


Everyone met back up, getting on the tour the next thing that was on the agenda was bamboo rafting down a river. Shaun couldn’t wait to see more exotic sights.



**This Will Take All Night**


Back at the retreat Tia is still shocked, agreeing to take Kevin’s proposal back at the waterfalls seriously. He didn’t allow her to change her mind, as he flowed through her mind body and soul continuously exploring every detail of her all night. Not giving her any reason to doubt or even second guess herself. They never left the bed, only to shower after their long extensive sessions. Kevin wanted Tia in every way, testing her limits and giving her endless amount of pleasure. He wanted her to show it all, everything. Tia had never let a man gaze upon her ebony silhouette the way Kevin did. Every time he looked at her time stopped. With her accepting him as her true love enslaved her to his will and desire.


Tia tries to put on a silk nightgown, reaching for the revealing dainty cloth. It wouldn’t have covered much, but to her it would’ve covered just enough. Kevin grabbed the dress from Tia, feeling the silky material slip through his fingers.


“This how you feel to me, so fine and delicate—you are a rarity in deed. It’s so hard to control myself and not touch you. But I can’t help it, I have to.” He gets off of the ottoman and walks over to Tia, the wind from the ocean breeze softly blows the white sheer curtains. He sits at the end of the bed then massages her foot, moving along her calf then lastly stopping at her thigh. “You need to be loved every single second of the day.”


He then scoots forward to suck her nipples, kissing, teasing and playing with them. Tia becomes one with the sheets, falling back slowly, putting her head on the large soft pillow. For the first time she felt at peace, in her own will and way of being. She no longer felt the need to compete with Riah, or even be in control.


“Can I make you cum, over and over again all night?” Kevin licked his lips, already tasting the chocolate strawberry dessert, seeing the white pastry drip into his mouth.


“Kevin, I think you are making me sore, you sure you don’t want to go out and get some fresh air for a second?” Tia was unsure of his desires.


“Nope, I’m good. You say you are sore? I can kiss you.” He stares into her eyes, desperately waiting for her change of heart.


Tia stiffens, feeling the blood rush straight to head of her clit, crossing her legs together the intensity of the sucking he does has her feeling tapped out. Her body became warm with fever. She thought she loved sex, but she really felt like Kevin’s personal sex slave. Looking at her grab the sheets as he pries between her locked thighs. It excited him knowing just the thought of having his mouth on her made her feel some type of way. He opens her slender chocolate legs forcefully trying to touch the sensitive area.


“No baby, no please...I can’t take anymore. I need rest.” Tia pleads, seeking his understanding.


Gently rubbing her he says, “Okay cool baby, you can get some rest after you let me kiss you right here.”


Tia forcefully tries to push Kevin’s head away, “Listen baby, this is like the fourth time today, seriously. Like are you on drugs, how the fuck are you still horny? Why are you so hard? Why every time you fuck me you have to make me cum numerous times? This is torture.”


Kevin doesn’t pay Tia’s whining no mind. Once he knows a woman’s spots, the secret places that make her scream, cream, scratch, cry, and pant repeatedly he learns new ones and new ways to bring his slave pleasure. It was all a game he played to well. Women were not difficult to him. If men took their time out, and studied his conquest, the things a woman refuses to say tells a story. Kevin’s adoration was turning into a lifestyle. Tia thought of her future, and if everyday would be like this one. Perhaps he’d get bored of her and leave altogether.


Kevin was hooked, not letting up, holding Tia’s body in place. Perhaps she deserved it, the torture. He wasn’t going to stop his licking until he was satisfied. Knowing Kevin learning Tia’s weak spots, he wanted to push the limits. Go far and beyond to amplify her bellowing moans.


“Is it better?” Kevin looked up at Tia, inserting a finger into her wet hole.


Tia didn’t know whether to say yes or no, somehow she had a feeling whatever response she said he was going to continue her punishment.


“Yes baby, thank you.” Tia tried to moan to convince him of her pleasure.


“Baby, are you lying to wouldn’t lie to me would you?” Kevin smirked at silly Tia.


Before she could even argue, he lifted Tia’s lower body up off of the bed, with his arms supporting her waist. The passion was overbearing, with her having to her torso and thighs to withstand his tongue like movements, fluttering gracefully along her slit. Her legs were becoming weaker and weaker, trying to stay sturdy enough to feel the irresistible sensation of her feeling both pain and pleasure simultaneously.


Tia cums in Kevin’s mouth, her body shaking rapidly. She hoped that her orgasm would please him, but instead it disappointed him.


“That’s all you got for me?” Kevin continued to suck her even faster, demanding more.


Tia hums, trying to close her legs because the feeling was insatiable. She knew crying out to him wouldn’t stop him, ultimately making her give into his uncontrollable passion. Tia screams, she is done, collapsing unto the covers. Kevin flips her over, rubbing her soft ass, harder than ever ready to do damage. Tia whimpers, literally lifeless, and breathless.


“You ready to take this dick baby?”

He sticks his massive log inside of her, ready to make her squirm all over again.

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