Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


21. Innocence Lost

21. Innocence Lost


One lie can ruin someone for the rest of their life. But no one really seems to care about the horrible impact a dirty secret can have on someone. By the time Tia and Riah get home from their horrific summer, the strain deepens. A large hole fills Tia’s heart, making her hate to hear her sister breathe. The thought of her parents, her sister made her want to vomit. No one dared to bring up the obvious around her, but she could feel their energy. Tia knew they all judged her for her indiscretions with Derrick, and was quite ashamed of what she’d become. She didn’t want to leave Derrick, they tore her away from him. She clawed, scratched, screamed and even kicked. It was too late he had already ruined her, manipulated her into thinking he was the perfect one for her, the only one.


For days Tia refused to eat, or drink water. She started to self harm, and isolate herself from everything and everyone. She couldn’t even look in the mirror at herself without seeing him, his hands and body wrapped around hers. Tia even wished she was carrying Derrick’s child, at least she could feel a small part of him inside of her.


Their mother is silent, while their dad is there yet absent. Another story was fabricated and couldn’t be further away from the truth. Riah wanted to clear her sister’s name, but it was already smeared in such a grotesque way, it overshadowed her true self and carved a crack in her image. TeeTee made up an entire story about Derrick and Tia, claiming she was the one who found them together when she walked in his room and saw Tia on top of him. One could imagine how these lies corrupted Tia.


The family, those who knew made it worse. Their family became the graveyard for secrets, ones that predated over a full generation. One might to tread carefully when digging for skeletons.


Derrick and Tia of course denied the rape, and no matter how much Riah tried to get everyone to see her side, no one listened. Things at home got very strict. The girls had to come straight home everyday after school, on the weekends they weren’t allowed to go to any friends houses, they could only stay in their yard.


Tia rebelled of course, almost instantly. She tried to recreate the feeling she thought she had with Derrick. She craved it, and at night sometimes Riah would see her stuffing a pillow between her legs, moaning and crying in her sleep. She did not know what that bastard did to convince her sister to behave so wildly. All she could see was a ravenous hunger in Tia’s eyes. Their mother and father put her in counseling to tame her sexually induced behavior. She was later diagnosed as a hypersexual. She was now 15, and her actions were becoming quite disturbing and dangerous.


Tia refused to associate with others, she rarely came out of her room. Their parents were afraid for her safety, but both girls suffered the consequences. They were closely monitored at all times, not being able to watch anything remotely that insinuated any form of sexual content. Certain foods were restricted. The doors always had to be open, restroom breaks and even showers were timed. This went on for quite some time, it lingered for about a year in a half until Tia got smart enough to conceal her deviant actions.


Being in that house during that time was like a war zone, even a prison camp. No one made enough to stay home, nor put Tia in an all girl’s home. At school Riah had to endure the scrutiny, seeing slurs on the restroom stall walls, girls trash talking Tia calling her a bitch, slut, even dick sucker.


The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Riah did catch Tia giving a random boy head behind the school bleachers.


Riah sneaks up on her sister, while the boy’s penis is through his fly, and Tia has it in her mouth, squatting down in the grass playing with herself. Riah is pissed, and is displeased with Tia. She couldn’t have taken her meds, just seeing the cum lusting Tia in action fill her throat vexed Riah.


She pushes Riah into the dirt, yelling and cursing at the overexcited boy. Zipping his pants up as he scurried away frightened Tia, getting up off of the ground, dusting leaves and grass from her plaid skirt. “This is the second time! I went to your fifth period, I didn’t see you. Your teacher said you asked to go to the nurse’s office. I guess you feeling better!”


Tia tried to speak, but Riah refused to hear her. “What if the next time someone else catches you? Do you even care what people say about you? How many guys this week, four, five...ten?!”


Tia screamed and cried out at the same time, blaring like a loud siren, “It’s none of your fucking business! That’s how many! I hate you! Look at you, sooooo perfect, I bet you’ve never even had a chance to look at a dick, have you?”


Riah kept silent, not wanting to upset Tia anymore than what she already was. But it burned through her chest, the name she dared not to call to her. It wouldn’t have made it any different, everyone thought it and even said it. Tia had gotten used to the derogatory terms, she would even start answering cheerfully to the bashing. Riah sometimes wondered if this was really Tia’s fate. She really didn’t deserve to be ridiculed and outcasted but Riah was starting to lose faith in her lost, broken sister.


**The Party Goes On**


—“Tia, you getting married?” Derrick grimaces. Riah sees a familiar beautiful face strolling through to the crowd of swarming eyes. She has a long red dress, hazel skin that compliments her long slender legs. Her red bottom black pumps clicked across the granite floor, as she made her way to Kevin. “Hi cousin, I have missed you so much! Sorry we’re late, we just had to get you guys a bottle. She takes out the cork, and the white bubbly foam shoots everywhere, even on Tia’s dress.


“Sorry about that love,” she leans in and gives Tia and Kevin a hug. She then turns to the beguiled Riah, in shock.


“Wait, OMG—are you kidding me?!” The seductive woman gives Riah a hug, and kiss. What a coincidence this may be, “I’m your wedding planner, and I’m at your sister and my big brother’s engagement party. It’s a very small world.”


Riah takes a sip of her wine and agrees, “How about a toast, to family, happiness, success, and it being a small world indeed.”


Riah looks at Derrick staring through to his soul, and cursing him to hell with her eyes. “So Derrick, and Ashley, how long have you guys been together?”


“About seven years now...”


“No engagement ring or anything?” Tia fans the flames.


“Actually no, I don’t believe in marriage. It’s a scam, but it makes me a lot of money. How ironic is that, a wedding planner who doesn’t believe in marriage. People are too selfish to fully commit themselves to one person.”


The aura changes, there was a bit of spite brewing in the air.


Kevin steps in, “Well I feel sorry for you, I’m the happiest man alive right now because of this woman.”


Derrick smirks, “I don’t know what to say to Ashley’s insensitive feelings towards not only me but to the bride and groom to be, so congratulations and may both of your happiness continue to grow with each other.”


The party was lively, and all of the festive spirits danced and mingled amongst one another. There were a few who stood in the presence of a hurricane, forming in the sea. Whirling around rapidly and summoning dark skies.


Ashley on the other hand found her way to the other side of the banquet hall, gathering the stragglers around the room to join her for a quick laugh. Tia could not stand the spotlight being took right from under her feet. She hissed, and even begin to pout a little. This made way for a breeding ground of blame. Finding Kevin Tia complains and inquires about his annoying sister.


“Baby I didn’t know you had a younger sister.” Tia couldn’t hide her hostility from Kevin, even though she vainly tried.


“Ha, well now you know. I’m sure I mentioned her to you, you probably never paid it no mind. But we’ll talk about this later, let’s continue to enjoy this night.” He gently kisses Tia, and asks her to dance with him.


Derrick is across from the couple, sitting at the bar filling out the environment. He watches Kevin’s hands creep from under Tia’s rib cage slowly to her fleshy ass, squeezing her and pulling her body into his. He takes two shots, back to back remembering what he took from her so long ago. He still admired her beauty, seeing how it seemed like she hadn’t aged a day.


Looking over at Riah and Shaun he observed one person he loathed. Riah was the reason Derrick was sent away all of those years back. He sought a cold hard revenge. He could taste the vendetta in the air, so sweet it made his dick stiffen up. He wanted Riah to repay it all back, in full.


Derrick got up from the bar, seeing Tia and Kevin had finally parted from one another. He wanted to know what made Kevin’s gears grind. Observing the man he felt like he could threaten him a little, sprinkling doubt and delusion in his cup of passion. Derrick had no idea that when Ashley said they were going to an engagement party this would be the result. A feeling took over him, a feeling better than Christmas. He wanted to fuck Tia right there, out of sight. The thrill of knowing her fiancée grovels at her feet.


Tia parents left, being the clever ones to avoid small conversations, gossip, and any altercation that brewed. There was actually more of Kevin’s family than Tia’s there to support her and Kevin’s hopeless union.


Derrick waits for the perfect opportunity, to get a chance to touch Tia again.

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