Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


2. Distant Unfavorable Memories

2. Distant Unfavorable Memories

This moment she felt so vulnerable, trying to readjust her image and sustain her composure, She hurriedly wipes her falling tears.

“I am so sorry about that, I had to leave earlier. I just don’t believe she’s gone you know?”

As he closed the door behind him Kevin didn’t say anything to Riah. He just stood there, silent trying to be a strong enough shoulder for her to lean on. But he couldn’t help but to notice he was a little aroused, as selfish as it seemed at a time like this. He had always felt some type of way about her, even though it was immoral and selfish, he still couldn’t help but to want to get another sample of her juicy, succulent fruit on his thirsty pallet.

She had told him it was a mistake. The way he barged into her life, fucking everything up. Kevin was Riah’s kid sister’s fiancé of three years. Now she was gone forever, and the weight of her selfish impulsive actions tantalized her sorrowful spirit.

Riah went into the kitchen searching for the right thing to say. She didn’t know if it was appropriate to hold or even touch Kevin after all that has happened. For quite some time she had been trying to keep her distance away from him, but part of her wanted him and she cursed herself because of it. She questioned to herself the reasoning for his intrusion, though a former sister in law would in any way try to comfort and console her grieving brother in law. But with their previous history, it was highly inappropriate and given the circumstances highly unfavorable.

-Distant Unfavorable Memories

The night the unthinkable almost happened was a very regrettable and unfortunate event. Kevin and Tia had gotten in a big fight, over something petty at a night club. Both of them were being drunk and stupid to even care at the moment, but eventually pride got the best of them. No one was willing to back down, and in a blink of an eye Tia threw her drink all over Kevin, embarrassing both of them. He pleaded and begged for her to calm down so they could go home, but in her blind fury she left without him; causing a huge scene for those who were there. The crazy part was Riah didn’t go out with them because she had to work, but if she was there, perhaps she could’ve had a hand in stopping the horrible events that were to come, because after that very night nothing was the same.

Later on, well maybe early in the morning around 1:00 a.m. Riah hears a knock on the door. At first she thought she was dreaming , but the knock became very persistent and louder with each bang. Hazily limping out of her bed, she walks to her door dragging her legs, and rubbing her mattered eyes. To her surprise it was Kevin, with what seemed to be a wet white collard shirt in his hand that was drenched in blue stains. Not even thinking twice she beckoned for him to come in, looking for her sister to come in behind him, he suddenly closes the door. Now you guys may be thinking, Riah may have been a little naive. She couldn’t have possibly known what was in store for her that day, so hopefully there would be a merciful judgment for her trusting actions.

“Hey Kevin, [Yawns and stretches] is everything okay?” Riah waits for a sound explanation to why he was there so early in the first place.

After a few minutes there was an awkward silence. Clearly Kevin was drunk out of his mind, so she decided that calling and texting Tia would suffice; but her phone went straight to voicemail. Not wanting to put Kevin in danger, she advised him to just sleep on the couch as she went to find him a change of clothes. She was happy he made it to her apartment because he and Tia lived too far for her to even fathom the thought of him driving under the influence. It was entirely too risky and if anything happened to him, Tia would hate her and undoubtedly she would be the one to blame.

“Well Kev, I called Tia and her phone sent me to voicemail, so maybe you can just crash here, but you gotta be outta my hair by tomorrow you hear me?!”

Kevin nods, and agrees with Riah. Not even thinking the whole time she was braless with boy shorts on, Kevin eyes followed her body around the room. He noticed the way her perky breasts and erect nipples protruded out of her white tank top while she moved about, he then traveled down to her camel toe kissing her panties; then lastly he studied her sexy toned caramel colored thighs. Not saying anything to alert the unsuspecting gullible Samaritan, he grabbed the clothes she laid across the arm of her sofa and asked to take a shower. Riah of course gave him permission and told him to make himself at home, as she told him goodnight giving him his space and privacy.

She gets in her bed to chase Z’s, closing her eyes she instantly falls into a deep slumber.

**In The Shower**

Kevin let’s the steamy hot water glide off his dark chocolate skin. Lathering his muscular body with soap and water he can’t help but to let his mind wander. Surely he was pissed at Tia, so pissed he even left the bathroom door slightly open, hoping Riah wasn’t asleep. He had hoped she would bring her perfect frame into the shower with him. His impure thoughts made his member rise quickly, giving him even more savory fantasies that twirled around in his head. Now it was there, like a splinter in his finger that he couldn’t remove. He wanted to feel his body on his fiancé’s sister sexy body. Before he knew it, his hand slowly made its way down to his large stiff flesh, he was slowly losing control fantasizing about Riah and the things he so desperately wanted to do to her.

He imagined it was her soaking wet, dripping on his dick while she faced the wall and he pulled her back and forth on him, slowly. It was now too late, his body was engulfed in the flames of lust and he was convinced he had to seduce Riah, and make his move.

With only a towel wrapped around his body, he slowly walked into Riah’s bedroom, like a snake stalking his prey. A predator must think fast, move swiftly. Then proceed to attack the unsuspecting helpless meal. Without causing too much friction or motion, he gently climbed under the covers at the foot of the bed. He burned with anticipation, already getting ready to explode from just the possibility. Riah was still asleep, still helpless—still unaware that her sister’s man was in her bed between her legs lusting for the moment to touch her hot flesh.

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