Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


17. Chasing Waterfalls

17. Chasing Waterfalls


Time stood still. The loud water crashed into the hard smooth rocks, creating blissful little waves. Tia could feel her tiny hairs rise on her skin, feeling Kevin’s body pressed unto hers. The way he took his time listening to her body and her soul was different to her, unfamiliar. The breeze gently comforted the two lovers, while Kevin displayed his affection towards Tia.


For a moment he stood still, admiring her beauty while holding her into his arms. Tia refused to believe this was actually happening. Kevin could not fall for her, this wasn’t apart of her plan. He was becoming more than her second version of Shaun. He removed his hands away from her body, and started walking to the waterfall, removing his tank, and jeans, then finally his boxers. Tia stood in awe, becoming entranced from his strong masculine physique. Suddenly he disappeared behind the gate of the waterfall.


She was so curious and couldn’t help but to think what really awaited her behind that waterfall. Her feet started a path on its on, sinking her cautious body down waist length into the healing waters. Taking a deep breath she stops at the gate, holding onto her shattered image of herself. Tia knew inside she was poison, and she was death. Anything she touched instantly withered away. Placing her body into the waterfall, Kevin grabs her sexually, waiting for her to make her grand entrance. Her soul awoke in that moment, as she tried her damnest to fight the feeling of anything remotely relatively to love. She tried to pull away, wanting to run back out into her own solitary confinement she felt so comfortable staying in. Kevin snatched her back into the waterfall, and demanded her to confront her fears. This was something she couldn’t run from no matter how threatening it seemed.


Tia looked at him, feeling alarmed. “Maybe this was a mistake, coming here.”


“Maybe it was...” Kevin fed her that same bullshit she was trying to force feed him. Kevin was now getting worked up by each second he felt Tia lie.


Kevin waited, his eyes daring her to leave again. He grabbed her chin, bringing her closer into him, inserting his warm tongue in her mouth. Tia starts to moan, trying to calm herself down and not become a victim of Kevin’s episode. He couldn’t have really loved her, he never said it. And even if he did would she even want to listen to it? When a person falls in love with someone it takes responsibility, accountability and chance. All of these things Tia ran from, she never wanted to acknowledge her true feelings. She hoped to shut Kevin out. He walks up to her, backing her against a sturdy smooth surface. There was enough solid surface for both of them to move safely and comfortably. Kevin smoothly runs his sturdy fingers along her shoulders, moving down to her Goddess like hips. His kissing delectable, giving the hopeless Tia a sense of what’s next to come. He places both hands on the brownish rock wall behind them, continuously kissing her until she no longer could resist him. But even still she refused to touch him. Tia didn’t want to give Kevin what he yearned for and desired. She was going to give him her body, but nothing more.


Kevin moved his lips from hers, and moved his lips to her neck, nibbling her earlobe softly, electrifying her whole body. Tia tenses. He then whispers into her ear, “I love you.”


Tia panics, not being able to let any words escape into the universe, biting her tongue from even thinking of such a mistake.


He then gently strokes her neck up and down, passionately kissing it as if they were a pair of lips, as he whispers to her; “I want you.”


He stops and looks into her dark round eyes, “Do you want me?”


He listened to her taking long deep breaths, watching her chest move up and down. Tia was starting to lose control, feeling her emotions invoke her womanhood, resurrecting her innocence that she tried to kill years ago. She pants, now uncontrollably as he sticks his tongue in her mouth pressing his body weight more intensely unto hers. Tia felt defenseless, and undeniably woke. His hands, tongue, and words invaded her body, making her lose focus of her own personal vows and commitment.


Kevin waited for her to embrace him fully, not feeling his love being returned he grabbed her arms and slowly wrapped them around his neck. This gave him chills, making the experience surreal. He wanted her to feel what he felt, and how it felt to be loved physically and spiritually. Tia still wanted to stand her ground, what he wanted from her was impossible.


Usually when men told Tia they loved her, she would laugh at them, she laughed at the fact of anyone loving her. She despised anyone that loved her, she didn’t deserve love. She didn’t want love or even ask for it. She envied those who felt it, even for a split moment because no matter what she did or thought love never introduced its magical powers to her. But when Kevin said it, her soul opened, and she was beginning to slip slowly inside of him.


There was the calm, the calm before the storm. As she looked Kevin right in his starving eyes, she prepared to give herself to him, like she was a steaming hot platter. She never broke her gaze, feeling his arms tighten his grip lifting her from the water and mounting her unto his hard dick that waited to divide her flesh. Tia let out a broken moan, feeling the blunt Kevin dig into her flesh. The feeling took completely over her.


“Wait Kevin...” She tried to make sense of it all, she tried to make sense of him and why he touched her the way he did. The water continued to invigorate both of their bodies, making their skin softer, smoother, more sensual.


“Tell me, tell me you want me to love you deeper...” He pauses for a second, feeling her heart beat on his chest, thudding like a continuous knock on an unanswered door.


Tia gasps, nervous and overwhelmed. “I can’t Kevin, I won’t. Do what you want to me I don’t care.”


“Let me in, what are you afraid of baby?” Kevin’s voice comforted her sounding like an angel. He started grinding in her slowly, while he pressed his forehead unto hers. With each thrust, he was careful not to deflate the moment. He wanted to build her excitement, teasing her as she craved for it all at once. She felt her nerves building up inside, while he slowly massages her pussy. She tightens her muscles, feeling the slow intense vibrations from Kevin, surrounding her.


He stops in his tracks again, disappointing Tia. “This is how it feels when you don’t let me in. I feel like this right now, incomplete, teased, hungry, and unsatisfied. Now give yourself to me.”


Shaking her head no, “I will hurt you!” Tia yelled.


“Then hurt me.” Kevin softly said, kissing her neck while starting to pick up his pace inside of her. “That is what you want to do, ultimately hurt me?” He spread her thighs wider, pushing deeper into her, gripping her ass so tightly she was beginning to reach her peak. Kevin then stops again. He feels her body throb, she feels tricked, like he is manipulating her mind and body.


“Kevin pleaseeeee, please...” Not being able to form a sentence, Kevin sees the passion burning in her eyes. He knew he was close but he wanted to feel it. He wanted to feel her finally open up to him, and when she did he wanted her to quake slowly, cracking her world open for the first time.


He knew she waited impatiently for that moment, she waited to feel his dick pierce her flesh once more, to feel that rush. Kevin controlled himself, even though he wanted to erupt, he mastered his self control. But still, the way her body pulled him in, breathing on him, her warmth and comfort he could hardly resist. He realized it wasn’t about him, it really was about her this whole time, and the reason he’d met her.


Kissing her, he pumped again, then he licked her lips, dwelling on the sweet taste. Tia caved, unable to withstand his powerful thrusts. No one had ever fucked her like that, and no one ever demanded so much from her.


He dragged on, not giving her the satisfaction of cumming on him, not before she gave in. His strokes got longer, as she felt each inch gradually fill her stomach, holding onto him tightly clawing for a moment of ecstasy that was almost there. Each time she would get close, he’d snatch it away. It was torture to her. She wanted him, and she wanted him all. Thrusting more powerfully while kissing her neck, he demanded once more. “Let me love you deeply Tia...” His strokes now penetrating her soul.


He could feel it, she couldn’t resist only relent. Tears rolled down her cheeks, “Yessssss baby please, love me deeper.”


Kevin now timed her climaxes, and anticipated her orgasm. Focusing on her, feeling the pressure from her body, he knew exactly what she needed. “You want me to go deeper baby? Are you sure?”


“Yes please, please I want you to.” Tia begged, not even caring he was making her eat her words.


He winded his hips, plunging deeper and deeper into the unknown. He moved her off of the wall and saturated their whole body under the waterfall, fucking her into an endless passion that was locked. At that moment she was no longer caged and set free.


“I feel you baby, you feel so gooood, give it all to me.” Kevin moans, as his eyes rolls into the back of his head.


Tia let go, crying uncontrollably at the ardent feeling. His tender strokes, and his kisses ended her. She sobbed, opening her eyes looking at the man who held her soul, “Why are you doing this to me baby?”


Still fucking her, feeling her shake intensely on his dick under the showering waterfall pleased his soul ultimately, as he closed his eyes and embraced her own waterfall splash on him. “Marry me.” Kevin grabbed her even tighter, locking her on his dick, feeling her body contract. Without another word, he came, kissing her as he felt pleasure.


Tia felt something, like her burdens had been destroyed and everything before that moment didn’t matter to her anymore. Kevin placed her down in the water smiling at her. She looked refreshed, and new. Walking up to his jeans he pulls out a small white jewelry box, and kneels on one knee.


Tia faints.



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