Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


8. Be Mines

8.Be Mines


After what had happened that night with Riah and Shaun, he wanted her all of the time. He had became overly obsessive with her. She sometime wondered if he was a sex addict, because he loved to get her to fuck him in the most random places. It was true what he said though, he promised her she would get used to it, and after awhile she eventually did. This one time he wanted to fuck her on an elevator, going to his friend’s party. She figured that was Shaun’s thing hoping to be caught in the moment. Well a few times, it had actually happened and Riah was petrified. Her sister had walked in on them in the living room. They had gotten so comfortable with the home being empty most of the time they had gotten careless.


Riah was bent over the sofa, while Shaun was straddling her from behind viciously with her curly hair wrapped around his hand. At first they didn’t notice Tia standing there staring, as she closed the door, interrupting their hot sex fest.


Tia’s jaws dropped, looking at the enormous sack of flesh that descended from her sister. Looking at the white cream that was colored all over it, Riah yelled, “Ugh get out!” Shaun was pleased, grabbing his briefs off of the floor. Riah’s exasperated face tormented Shaun, as he hid his smugness.


Putting on her bottoms, Riah enters into the bedroom, and sits on the bed while Tia has her headphones on, listening to music. “You know y’all could’ve finished right?”

Riah tries to smooth the waters over, “I am so sorry Tia, it’s Shaun, I told him it wasn’t a good idea.”

Tia mocks, “Hmmmm, is that so?” Tia’s hormones were raging, seeing her sister in an animalistic state made her feel some type of way.

“You lucky that wasn’t mama, or daddy. For the right price, I will be discreet.”

Riah yells, “You little bitch, what about me catching head behind the bleachers?”

Tia snaps back,

“What about, if you were smarter you’d of done the same thing, now run me my coins.”

Handing her fifty bucks, Tia smacks her lips and folds her arms across her chest, “Um, what am I supposed to do with this?”

Taking out an additional fifty, Riah throws it in her face, storming out of the room. Her blood begins to boil, charging for Shaun. “You owe me two hundred dollars!”

Shaun squints his eyes and laughs, “What? Well why????”

Riah barks,

“You owe me two hundred dollars because Tia is now blackmailing me!”

Shaun laughs at the petty sibling rivalry between Riah and Tia.

“Ok, ok, chill out I’m not giving you shit cause we didn’t finish, and it’s cool I’ll handle her.”

Riah now upset, “I told yo ass this was a bad idea...”

Brushing the scorned Riah off, Shaun switches the subject,

“Come on, let’s go get some food.”

Riah instantly stopped blabbing about being walked in on and smiled, “Yesssss see that’s why you my baby.”

They head out to a nice restaurant downtown, leaving Tia to fend for herself. On the way there Shaun looks over at Riah and smiles softly.


As they get into the restaurant, they get a table and the mood begins to shift. “Shaun I know you are getting ready to graduate in a couple of weeks but I don’t know what I am going to do without you there. You are like the only person I talk to.”


“It’s cool baby, I promise nothing will change between us, and to prove it, he reaches down in his pants pocket pulling out a velvet smooth black square box.


Riah is stunned. Her facial expression became soft and opened.


“To prove my love and loyalty to you baby, [Gets up out of his chair, walking over to Riah and gets on one knee] Mariah Lashay Johnson, would you do me the honor in marrying me?”


Everyone in the restaurant starts cheering, and clapping! Riah feels like she is on top of the world, floating and weightless. Crying she says, “Of course I will, I love you.”


They order dinner, Shaun orders a bottle of champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. Riah is sold, this was very unexpected but appreciated. She had no idea Shaun felt so deeply about her. She actually believed he was just with her for the sex, and cause she was a Freshman, and he a Senior their fling would end quicker than it started. But seeing him in this new light made her feel secure, and she knew now she could be more honest about her true feelings towards him as well.


They leave the restaurant, paying for parking then leaving their car in a garage Downtown. Soon afterwards a white chariot and white horse arrives for them. Riah heart melts, not believing her own two eyes. He extends his hand to hers, helping her into the beautiful carriage. White sparkly lights made the wagon glow, as they wandered off into the mysterious city under the stars.


Riah kisses Shaun, “Baby, I just don’t know what to say at this point. I am speechless.”

Shaun smiles, “This is nothing, wait to you see what else I got in store for you,” grabbing her hand he kisses it gently. “Remember I told you about my interview for Amadeus Consulting, well they are basically begging me to start immediately, after graduation. I got the gig baby! I wasn’t going to tell you until I knew for sure where you stood in my life.”


“Wow Shaun, that is...amazing! I am happy for you.”

Shaun kisses Riah forehead, “No I am happy for us.”

Leaning into Shaun’s chest, finals, and interviews didn’t seem to matter at that time. She was high off of him, being caught in his waves. They make a stop at a luxurious hotel, a place that seemed extremely expensive. Shaun takes out a silk black blindfold, covering Riah’s eyes.


“Hey....what are you doing baby?”

“Shhhh...don’t peak.


They get on the elevator, and it’s complete silence. All of the excitement thrilled Riah, being took on a ride of a lifetime. Finally they come at a halt. Holding her hand stepping out of the elevator, they walk into a suite on the very top floor.


The details were stupendous, fascinating in every way. It was almost like they were in a modern style castle. Black appliances, black granite countertops, white marble floors. Huge windows circled the room, there was a fireplace, candles, a canopy bed. Silk sheets. Riah is stunned at Shaun’s exotic taste.


Shaun goes in the middle of the room to run a warm soothing bubble bath for Riah.


Riah is astonished. “Wowwwww...”

Shaun speaks.

Hope you don’t mind baby, a masseuse will be here in an hour to relax you.”


Riah was grateful for all of Shaun’s gifts. But she also wanted him to know she wasn’t that type of woman. “Baby I am thankful you’ve gone above and beyond to the stars tonight for me, but this is a lot. You didn’t have to do...” [He interrupts her] putting his index finger on her lips, “But I wanted too, you are mines.”


Helping her out of her pants and shirt, he led her to the large square black tub with suds almost overflowing. He admired her round plump ass, tiny waist and perky breasts. He immediately begins to stiffen up, trying not to spoil the evening he breathes to relax. He is now sitting in a chair alongside of her carefully watch her soft hands rub soap and bubbles over her body. He now thinks of eating her, fantasizing about her soft glistening skin after she finished her nice bath. He licks his lips, reminiscing about the episode they had earlier. But this time was going to be different, this time he wanted to make her fall deeply in love with him. He was just buttering her up, romanticizing the fact of tonight he demanded she give it all to him, no restraints, no barriers. He wanted her to let go, cumming freely on him. The very thought sent chills through his body, as he sat there admiring every inch of her. She thought she was in love before, but he knew she was holding back. And being very observant even studying Riah, he knew exactly what she needed and how he couldn’t wait to give it all to her.


Riah asks for a towel, stepping onto a gray sheepskin rug. She sighs, “Oh my goodness baby, that felt sooooo good, I really needed that.” Shaun winks at her, as the door buzzes. It is the masseuse, entering into the large suite with a table of stones, crystals, oils, and seeds. The small woman looked oriental, but she had a beauty that was captivating. Not saying too much the masseuse leads Riah unto a bed, and places a white towel on her rear. Next she grabs an incense and lights it. She continues to sprinkle droplets of warm oil all down Riah’s spine, gently kneading and rolling her fists over her body. Feeling the tension being released from her body, Riah sighs, losing control over her limbs. The masseuse continues to stimulate Riah’s muscles for an hour, until it was time for her to leave. Shaun tipped her, happily smiling because finally what he’d been waiting for was there for the taking.


Riah is so relaxed now, she barely can move from her over massaged body. Walking over to the plush bed, Shaun has silk ties in his hand.

“This is so you can’t fight me.” He starts tying her limp limbs as Riah doesn’t challenge his proposal. The mood, the lighting everything was perfect.


He asks Riah, “Do you trust me?”

Wincing at the obvious question she answers, “Baby you know I do.”

He then proceeds to touch her pleasant flesh, excited with each stroke of his hand knowing he could do whatever he desired to Riah and there wouldn’t be anything she could do to stop him. Riah is still relaxed in a high like state, as he kneels between her spread legs savoring the meal to come. Kissing her body, Riah moans and moves but there is no use, her arms and legs are bound to the bed pillars. Flicking his tongue in fluttering motions around her throbbing clit, she cums instantly, but instead of stopping he continues this pattern until she cums again. Her legs begin to shake as she is now alarmed because the pleasure is so potent, and intense it is starting to feel like torture. Even his kisses teased her as she only wished to be released.


Whimpering she asks Shaun to release her, “Let me go baby.”

Shaun looks at her, that’s what I’m going to do.

“How far do you wanna go?” Shaun licking her body sending tiny ripples surging through her soul.

“You never go all the way with me, but tonight you will have no choice. I’m going to keep you tied like this until you lose complete control over yourself.”


He gets up from between her legs, keeping all of juices on him so he could let her taste how good she was to him. Then he gets on his knees, kneeling over her lining his body up with hers. Without anymore procrastination or teasing, he gently pushes himself into her paradise. Feeling that energy was all too familiar as he is feeling she was still holding back from him.


“What are you scared of baby, take me there.”

Riah moans softly, still fighting the pleasure he was trying to give her. Shaun wasn’t all the way inside of her, but seeing she couldn’t fight her he pushed himself deeper. Riah gasped, “Wait baby...please.” Shaun didn’t listen he dug even deeper and just stayed there waiting for her rivers to saturate him and the sheets. He could feel her G-Spot, throbbing and ready. Riah is balling both hands in a fist still reluctant unwilling to submit to him. Suddenly he thrusted himself into her, making her feel weak, drained from the euphoric state she was in.


Riah gasped, moans soaring louder through the room as Shaun talked passionately to her. “That’s it baby let me in, let go.” Feeling like she was going to explode until there was nothing there, Shaun lifted her torso unto him, pulling her up and down on his thudding dick. Riah had no more fight to give, as her reluctance was no longer there releasing herself unto her lover. Shaun became engulfed in a fiery lust, quickly picking up his pace. Riah felt like she was having an outer body experience, like she was dying, as she could now feel herself flowing freely becoming spiritually entwined with Shaun.


There energy was so powerful together she asked him to continue, and to not stop. Listening to her he didn’t. His strokes got longer and deeper, touching her breasts and feeling her tight wet grip welcome him. Looking into her eyes he questions her, making her go crazier.


“Tell me who this pussy belong to?”

Riah can barely speak from the commotion and intense thrusts Shaun is suffocating her with. He asks again.


“Riah still moans, “Yours baby.”

He takes himself out to look at all of the cream she gave to him, then put it back in, with a low tone he commanded, “That’s right baby give me that pussy, keep cumming on my dick.”

Unable to take anymore love from Shaun, Riah caved as Shaun came deeply inside of her. The sensation felt like heaven to both of them, as she felt him thumping inside of her walls, with a warm creamy fluid squirting out. He move backwards quite happy at his fiancé, now free. Untying her his breathing starts to revert back to normal as Riah is in a coma like sleep.


Shaun now tired himself lays beside her, in complete satisfaction.




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