Inappropiate Circumstances

What do you do when you find out everything you were told, or even believed in is a lie? In this erotic thriller, Riah finds out just that. Even those closest to us have the most damaging secrets. Riah's life is full of betrayal, temptation, and sex. Can she make it out into the world without getting her manicure dirty? Sometimes a person's obsession is their biggest possession.


Maybe he was a little too drunk when he blatantly said these unsettling words, “I want to taste you.”

Riah still unconscious, doesn’t realize what is actually happening in the moment. Kevin’s heart starts to race with adrenaline as the tension builds up, he carefully removes Riah’s panties feeling the tension at the pit of his stomach. His warm breath seeping over her skin vitalizing every muscle in his body. He’s at the point of no return now, laying in complete darkness consumed by an unrequited pleasure. He then tenderly rubs her...


30. Atonement Part II

PART: 30 Atonement PART II

As the next night rolled in Shaun stayed up in his fitness room, desperately trying to keep his mind off of Riah. He was plagued by his speeding thoughts and insomnia. Rather or not he was able to face his demons, a decision was going to happen regardless, impacting his world and the love of his life forever.

If he stayed with Riah, she would know the truth about everything, and Shaun would become the complete opposite of everything he pretended to be for her. She would hate him, her sister, and everyone else who was practically involved. That is a lot a baggage for one person to carry especially by themselves. Now if he left her he would be abandoning her, just like his father did to him and his mother all of those years ago. It stained him and destroyed his character though he failed to admit the truth to himself.

Maybe pretending everything was fine would smooth over the surface. If he just could lie one last time to try to make things right, he was willing to take that shot. He had nothing else to lose and he was already drowning in his own despair. Even if he tried to forgive himself and stay with his beloved Riah, he wouldn’t know many times he would successfully stab her in her back?

Shaun’s time was officially up, it was time for him to step up and break Riah’s heart one way or another.

How do you let someone who loves you down? Obliterating their protective glass of their perfect illusion of you. Yeah everyone says no one is perfect, but do we actually adhere to it, or even believe that, especially when the pain hits close to home. Imperfections and dysfunctions are permissible, as long as it cannot effect us personally.

This was not the way it was suppose to happen, him ruining his love for her. Their life needed the foundation to be built from truth and loyalty, but lies kept caving Shaun in, confining him to his own demons causing him to feel claustrophobic. When he looked at himself, he saw the face of a stranger’s with no boundaries, and no limits.

Just like in The Book of Genesis, Eden is the abundant paradise of fertility, love and bliss. Then temptation slithered its way into the cracks of the land, encouraging the lovers to indulge in their own demise. If he could just turn back the hands of time, just for one moment to take it all back he would. And as far as Tia she wasn’t worth it, all of the trouble she brought. She had broken him, proving his love for her sister just wasn’t strong enough to stand against her twisted pleasure, just as she knew it would.

He decimated something that was growing into something beautiful before it could even begin.

He needed to feel her warmth even it was going to be his last time. It was killing him. He knew it was selfish and even heartless, to think of such desires. But he understood he was no longer the man she thought she loved and needed. Shaun had lied to Riah so much, he could not remember the things that were true.

He could sense her serenity, her contentment and he knew that it was a matter of time before he annihilated their universe they forged together.

Shaun walks into the living room, reaping a strong aura of bliss. It was Riah’s blithesome mood that complimented the lightly dimmed walls, that flickered from several candles being lit.

Riah’s attention instantly focuses on Shaun, spotting him walk into her relaxing zone. A black satin night gown hugged her luscious curves, as she sat down with a wine glass in her hand with the television blaring. Her knees were slightly bent, with her ankles crossing. Her curls looked untamed, free and wild as she looked a little buzzed, and smiled joyfully into Shaun’s shadowy eyes.

Her intuition was on point, sensing troubles in the water, feeling the darken energy move through her like warm blood running through her veins. She always knew when there was something bothering Shaun even if he wanted to push her out of his mind.

Once Shaun didn’t return his smile, it confirmed her feelings were true, and she put her red wine down and walked over to him.

Shaun is standing tall physically, but spiritually he is kneeling beneath her and begging for her mercy and forgiveness. Riah wraps her arms around his waist, placing her head softly on his chest not saying a word. His heart beat was slowly rising, as her angelic face pressed against him. Shaun takes his hand and runs his fingers through her silky coils, remembering past life memories of a simpler time in school, of him sitting eagerly behind her doing the exact same thing.

She looks up at Shaun, gazing in his face directly, with a pure unfiltered love she had for him. She decided to question him. “Baby, is everything okay? Is something wrong?”

He was inaudible for a second, swimming in the moment. “I’m just enjoying you right now, and everything you are.” He manages a sad smile.

Riah took in the timeless moment as well, being submerged in Shaun’s gallantry and affection. His scent from his cologne aroused her, holding him softly within her arms not wanting to blight on the indefectible scene, everything was perfect. She wished to stand with him like that for all eternity.

Shaun rarely displayed his emotions for Riah, though he loved her he was not always sentimental. Sometimes there would be instances where pride got the best of him, and he unconsciously shoved her away. Seldom Shaun compromised himself to his feelings, or the feelings of others. The only way he could make her feel how he truly felt was when his body intwined with hers. He could express himself deeply when he became tangled in her web of passion, and purity; she engulfed him in her blazing flames.

Shaun picked Riah’s body up, quickly but delicately. Wrapping her legs around him tightly she smirked a seductive smile. He carried her to the sliding glass door to access their private balcony, inviting her to bathe under the moonlight with him for the very last time. He was willing to make the romantic rendezvous stretch out as far as the horizon, kissing passionately on his lover’s neck.

The feeling this gave Riah, all she could do was gasp. “Oh my goodness....Shaun.” She couldn’t help but to blush shyly, as she was being swept off of her feet.

Shaun opened the door, and planted her lightly onto her feet. They then walk to the chrome painted gate, hand in hand of their high rise condo, peeking down to the small pieces displaying far below. Riah turns to Shaun, and moves her deep dark brown natural locs behind her ear, her diamond earring gleaming from the reflection of the moonlight that shined a radiant glow, vitalizing their skin. “You know I have always had this fear of heights. I don’t know if I have ever told you this, and really I am unsure of why I am telling you this now.” Riah cheeses and puts her head down bashfully.

He could feel it, the effervescence of the night, causing his skin to tighten a bit and his chest to rise, as he developed a small knot in his throat. Shaun planted a series of small kisses on her neck, grabbing her waist tightly, pulling her into his thick strapping grasp.

Riah begins to moan, as Shaun gifted her soul with an unlimited amount of appeasement, his mouthwatering strokes of his rainy tongue satisfied her beyond words. “Yessss...I missed you.”

Shaun moves his hand to her upper strap, moving it down to expose her shoulder and bare breast.

“Baby, don’t you think we should go inside?” Her gown suddenly flutters rapidly from a forceful gust of wind, leaving her legs unsheltered. She quickly pulls the velvetlike material down covering herself. But it was already too late—she had already provoked him. It what was underneath the sheer nightgown that caught Shaun’s full attention, exciting him.

“Shaun kisses Riah’s lips gently, relishing her sweet taste. Her kiss reminding him of fresh pineapples on a hot summer day. He licked his lips, kissing her until she started to lose air from her lungs. Riah turned to face the balcony view and held onto the very detailed railing, while Shaun stood firmly behind her with his manhood pressed against her. This caused Riah’s temperature to ascend.

Riah could feel his breath walking on the back of her neck, giving her goosebumps and causing the static from his mannish energy to make her hairs rise. He opened his hands to hold her waist powerfully, ready to gain full control over her body.

Riah exhales, being overtook by Shaun’s determined actions. She also could tell he was more sensual than usual, but she was enjoying it, letting him take lead to be free to do what he desired with her.

Seeing that Riah was relaxed and being lost within his touches, he slowly slid both of his hands around her waist down to her midsection traveling down to her hidden sex tucked neatly inside of her sexy lingerie. Riah’s body reacted to Shaun’s warm hands instantaneously, she started to feel herself quiver a little. His kisses and his hands worked wonders for her, while she closed her eyes and fell into his magical embrace.

Moving her panties aside Shaun took Riah’s clit between two fingers, and rubbed it gently, still kissing her neck while he played in the sticky wetness, drenching his fingers in her satiable liquids. Riah could feel the night’s breeze enter inside of her as well, feeling as if the wind was also her lover. Riah leaned backwards, losing her balance plunging into Shaun’s broad sturdy chest.

Shaun takes off his shirt revealing his chocolate chest and torso, he then ploddingly unzips his black jeans, whipping out his hard bulky lengthy dick. Riah clamors his masterpiece, wanting him right then and now—not caring if anyone saw or heard them. Riah faces Shaun, then kneels before him as if he was her King, ready to serve and suck him senseless. Shaun looked into the night sky placing one hand on Riah’s shoulder, and the other on her tender erect nipple. His touch drove her crazy, and it made her become extremely lustful.

This was a special night because Riah had never considered the thought of letting Shaun fuck her on the balcony, even though he tried to coerce her countless times. Now here she was, pleasing him and taking his large thick juicy dick into the deepest corners of her throat. She used her free hand to rub herself slowly, as her gown blew in the breeze again, exposing her round caramelized ass. Riah loved the way it felt as she squatted, and her pussy lips parted slightly, with the wind blowing on her skin. She was getting so wet hearing Shaun’s groaning, she didn’t want to stop until his body couldn’t take anymore of her full lips sucking and pulling heavily on his dick.

“Yes baby, you doing so good. Keep sucking it...yes suck all of it.” Shaun was in ecstasy, it felt like a fantasy to him that he wanted to last forever.

Riah did just that, rubbing Shaun’s stiffened shaft up and down encasing it with giant globs of thick sludgy saliva that spilled on her hand and then fell beneath her. Shaun started to fuck Riah’s mouth faster, even though he was enjoying her he felt like it was just a tease. He impatiently waited for the right time to fuck her tight little body. By now her juices was running down her thighs. Shaun could practically taste her juicy wet desert on the tip of his tongue.

He stops the sloppy head treatment then lifts Riah up by the hand facing her to give her a nasty messy kiss, swirling his tongue in a circular motion. Riah’s body quaked making her earth split in half. She knew what was next to come, she even anticipated it.

They both were too carried away with each other to try to stop their carnal escapade, that escalated to the maximum capacity. Shaun scoots down some, in a squatting position, then he places his massive forearms under Riah’s sleek thighs and heaves her body unto his shoulders like she was a doll without any pressure at all. She was weightless sitting around his neck, overly excited to get her craving satisfied.

Now his back faced the outside world, Shaun had a sizable appetite as he passionately vacuumed her clit, pulling and licking on the pink hood of her sensitive delicate knob. Shaun munched Riah’s body just like a hungry beast would. Basking in the way she tasted to him he let out a low growl, tightening up his strong grip as he locked Riah’s body on his face. Riah sought a bit of refuge from the stimulation of his lips, so she lasciviously dug her nails into his back. It felt so amazing to her she started to ride his face in the air, building up small contractions inside of her pulsating pussy. Riah rained effortlessly on Shaun’s face, showering him with her cum.

“Damn baby, please don’t stop.” Riah begged her lover to finish the full meal feeling another climax build again.

Riah had nowhere to escape from his strenuous sucking and nibbling. She tried to pace herself, the best way possible. Placing her tiny hands on Shaun’s head, she yearned to create some slack, but failed. Her body was now restless and powerless. The feeling she was intoxicated with was becoming so dominant, it possessed her completely making her forget she was outside. Shaun massages Riah’s thighs and nice soft ass creating ripples that traveled from her vulva to the middle of her abdomen. He was eating her so nicely she could feel his tongue touch the center of her soul.

Anyone could’ve been watching them in the darkness, and that is what made the whole experience better. Being at the very top floor on their dark balcony, becoming lost within each other’s world.

Riah moans begun to echo aloud, as she tilted her head back and forth, while he spread her ass cheeks so far apart to manipulate every nerve inside of her. Cream started to rush out of Riah, as she felt Shaun’s groping mouth on her shaking pussy. It was becoming more feisty by the second. Shaun couldn’t stop himself, he wanted to put his tongue inside of her pink tight lips and make her cum even harder, he wanted more. Riah’s heart started to beat a little faster, reaching an invigorating climax. Riah gripped her thighs around Shaun’s neck, as the peak of her summit dissipates. Her breathing reverts back to normal, breathing in and out with a sign of relief.

She only then notices the world around her, with open eyes. Laughing quietly thinking to herself how being so high up wasn’t so bad as she thought it would be long as she had Shaun there lifting her up. Riah felt the bold touch of emancipation, true freedom was what he gave to her.

Shaun lowers her back on the ground, while facing each other eye to eye his forehead kissed hers. His thoughts taking over him completely, birthing him with poisonous thoughts invading his mind. He could not bare the burden of it being their last night together, and Riah didn’t realize it, she was trapped in the tantric mood.

Shaun turned Riah’s body around to face the dead street. The city lights overlooked all of the high rise condominiums, giving it a grand feel. Shaun places his hands on Riah’s, and caresses her wrists, then he places both of them on the balcony’s black steel finish, contemporary gate.

His member found itself nestled in between the trenches of Riah’s soft ass. He poked her slippery hole and eased inside without having to touch himself. Riah’s hand squeezes the ramp as Shaun body penetrated her deeply. She could feel it all the way inside of her. This made her legs buckle.

“Yes baby, mmmmm you feel so good to me.”

Riah loves the way Shaun just took charge of her body, claiming her flesh and soul. He began to wind his body up and down, thrusting every inch of him into her warmth and wetness. He could feel her opening up to him and losing herself all at once to his indulgence. His body stuck to hers cohesively and the thrill from Shaun’s dick made Riah reversed the plunging.

“I love this dick...oh my...” Riah became speechless.

Maybe it was from all of the excitement of being outside in the open, ravishing each other as passionate, unadulterated lovers. Riah refuses to hold back on slamming her pussy onto Shaun. Feeling his wide thick dick slowly gape her hole wider, as white thick cream expelled from Riah’s body. He was very pleased with Riah and her confidence, taking advantage of his dick inside of her, no longer timid of the sensation. It was a beautiful feeling to see her embrace him fully, and demanding he give her more than she could handle. The notion of him gloating because he taught her everything she knew.

Shaun groans under his breath, “Fuuuuuuuck baby, give me that pussy.” He grabs her hands even tighter, compressing his body against hers. Shaun needed all of her, every drop he could take, fucking her even harder and deeper with each second. Her pussy lips locked him within its warm cradle. Shaun couldn’t take it, the ribbed tunnel squeezing him with each thrust. Riah is panting, as he still has her hooked onto the railing.

Riah can’t resist the urge to cum again, she feels it building slowly. Right before she could release herself, Shaun took himself out of her. Not wanting the moment to end, they leave to their bedroom. This is a moment he wanted to remember her in, her lying beneath him opening herself as wide as she could stretch. Shaun just looked at her, placing his hands over her body and creating a photographic memory of her. Her skin calm, and peaceful. As he traced his fingers all over her, she wiggles around. His teasing was devouring her spirit.

“You are so beautiful Mariah.” He kisses her thighs, while rubbing her legs. Without any further words he raised both legs and put them over his shoulders. This was a way he could penetrate more deeply, while gazing into her resplendent eyes. He wondered could she see into the windows of his soul as he stared into hers?

She exhaled deeply, feeling his bluntness overfill her dense body. Riah grabbed the silk sheets, “Baby, oh my’re in my stomach.”

Shaun just held his head on her head, closing his eyes trying not to let the truth of his deceit flow from his eyes. This would be another ending for him that started as pleasure, but ended in pain. Shaun rocked himself inside of Riah keeping his course clear and concise, not changing his tempo.

Riah lifted her neck to kiss him in his mouth. Slowing up the pace didn’t help, it was the same effect. As he quickened his deep thrusts Shaun could feel his seed streaming through him. Right at his very last stroke he felt himself erupting and he pulled himself out of Riah’s temple, no longer granted a permission to give her the life that flowed from him.

They get up to take a bath together. Riah lays her head on his body in the large pearl garden tub. Shaun didn’t say another word. He just held Riah, feeling her heart thump softly on his chest.

“No matter what Riah, you know I will always love you.” Shaun kissed her hair.

“I know baby, and I will always love you too.” She kissed him back.

The night was ending as they both climbed into the bed. Riah fell fast asleep, and Shaun watched over her. He knew it was going to be the last time he would ever get to see her like this. The sadness grew, and Shaun became weary because he knew in the morning when she called out for him, he would be gone. And when she called his phone, he would not answer, the finally when the night came he would not return.

He kissed Riah one last time, and left without her knowing he was saying goodbye.

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