Dear, my lover

Will is just a freshman at a boarding school, with his best friend from elementary. On one rainy day he gets a letter from a secret admirer, do you think will, will find the secret admirer?


1. The beginning

Dear my lover, 

It’s really sad to say but this was the only way to express the way I felt towards you. So just consider me as your secret admirer. I’ll give you the first clue to every letter I give you, but only once a week i’ll give you a clue. #1: You know me. 

I know that was a suckish clue but I gotta keep it difficult. Oh, yea I forgot if you still don’t know who I am after all the clues I give you, then to bad for you then. Cause I would never tell you and after I give you the last clue that will be the end of these letters.

I loved you, like A LOT. I know I seem weird saying this but it’s the truth.

And maybe your asking “oh why doesn’t she just tell me face to face?” well it’s hard to do then when it comes to a girl(and especially embarrassing when you get rejected).

And you’re probably saying “well if I see who you are I probably won’t reject you” but i’m not trying to risk my reputation.

so i’m gonna wrap this up with just saying,

I love you- your secret lover.


Will had received this letter under his door, He had gone to a border school. Will sat there while the water was falling from the sky. “Who could this be” will said to himself, he then picked up the letter and chuckled.

He was eager to know who this girl was. “Hey will, wanna go watch the soccer game” asked his friend mitchell “oh, um yea sure” will said putting in his pocket. Mitchell and will were best friends, they new everything about each other since they went to the same elementary school.

As they walked down the hall two girls that will recognized was walking down the hall. Bump! all nichole’s books had scattered across the floor “Look what you did!” screamed nichole will helped her while laughing he said “sorry didn’t see you there” “yea sure” she rolled her eyes “common, nichole were going to be late” urged stacy.

“Bye” mitchell and will both said as the two pairs of friends started to drift apart nicole looked back, then kept walking.

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