Dear, my lover

Will is just a freshman at a boarding school, with his best friend from elementary. On one rainy day he gets a letter from a secret admirer, do you think will, will find the secret admirer?


2. Stacy?

  Dear my lover,

  So I know you’re probably anxious about what today’s clue is. BUT if you really stare at it you’ll probably understand what I’m saying. #2: I know your secret.

 Plus, Mitchell doesn’t know your darkest secret remember that.

 You know I keep imagining where you come running after me and you grab me by the wrist and say that you love me. But let’s get real why would you say that to me?  Well, this letter was short...

 I love you, your secret admirer.

 Will found it weird how everytime he received his letter it was either raining or there’s either a thunderstorm. He put his letter under his pillow and left. As he closed the door he saw Stacy right in front of him.

 They stared at each other for a long minute till Stacy freaked out and ran off. Will stood there confused. “Wait, is Stacy the one giving me the letter? Will told himself.

 “Say please and you’ll get it back” “why would I need to say that? just give it to me!” she yelled but Will ran and Nicole ran after him. She then went on top of him started to punch him in the stomach when Will was on the ground “give it back” “okay, okay” Will said while laughing.

 Stacy stood there watching them awkwardly “um will can I talk to you?” Nichole and will both stood up and Nichole snatched the pencil from his hand. Nichole gave Stacy the stare that said “your gonna tell him?” and she nodded softly.

 “Sure” Will responded they had left. Nichole stood there nervous.

  Stacey handed him a drink. It was awkward, Stacy didn’t know how to tell him.

  “I like you will, like a lot”






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