Dear, my lover

Will is just a freshman at a boarding school, with his best friend from elementary. On one rainy day he gets a letter from a secret admirer, do you think will, will find the secret admirer?


3. Decisions

"Wait you like me?" Will asked so surprised "yea, I felt these feelings ever since Nichole introduced me to you" she responded while blushing. "I knew it! she did send me these letters!" Will thought to himself. "So I'm saying this now, I like you and I'm asking you out and when you have your answer I like to hear it but not know," she said smiled and left.


Stacy went to her dorm and opened the door with Nichole walking balk and forth. Nichole looked at Stacy "so how did it go?" "uh I still don't know he sounded shocked so I don't know yet" Stacy responded.

While will was was in his room he thought to himself "Well she is pretty" "but could she really be the one sending me these letters?" "well I'll just have to have to start to get to know her more than Nichole's friend" "What you thinking about?" asked Mitchell "oh yea Stacy asked me out but I still don't know so I just decided to get to know her more that Nichole's friends you know what I mean?" he asked "yea I guess," Mitchell said while opening a bottled water.

"You guy's don't look that bad I personally SHIP you guys" Mitchell suggested Will rolled his eyes. And he texted Stacy saying,


Will: "So I really don't know about this relationship thing so let's get to know each other more and from the dates we have I'll have to see what I think about you. So what do you think?"

Stacy: "okay I guess it's better than being rejected and I think it's fair so I agree :)" Will: "okay thanx. so what about tomorrow? or are you busy on Sunday?"

Stacy: "okay see you there at 3:00"

Will: "okay a date it is"

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