True End


1. Welcome to the maze

It's so dark, moving fast. Lights are flashing. I'm scared out of my mind. In the corner I will stay please let me out.

I felt the contraption that I'm in stop and foot steps on the other side that I assumed was a door. It all went white as I tried to regain my vision. I looked up at a bunch of boys and a girl looking down at me. "Guess she wasn't the last girl after all huh," a boy with blonde hair and odd eyebrows said. I looked at them not moving from the corner I was in. A blonde boy jumped down into the crate, I jumped not wanting them to hurt me. "Don't worry love, I'm not gonna hurt you," his accent was thick but I had no clue where I had heard it before.He helped me up and out of the crate while everyone else went back to what they were doing. "Do you remember your name," a brown hair boy asked. I just shook my head. Who was I and why was I so, lost. The boy that helped me out of the crate introduced everyone. "My name's Newt, that kid with brown hair is Thomas, the grumpy looking guy is Minho, the one with the funny eyebrows is Gally, that over there is Chuck and the taller guy is Alby, and that is Theresa the only other girl in the glade. "Glade?" I asked. "So you do talk, yes where we are right now, we call it the glade," he responded. He walked around and showed me parts of the maze I didn't see when I first got out of the crate. He took me over to a pond, where for the first time I saw my reflection. I had blue eyes so blue they were almost grey, and bleach blonde hair tied up by a blue ribbon. "Winter!" I exclaimed. "What about it?" Newt asked me questionably. "No that's my name," I replied. "Winter, it's pretty, I like it. Newt replied looking at me with his dark eyes. They were so, sad looking. Like someone had taken away his happiness. "Well I should probably take you to meet the others before they think I stole you," Newt said with a smile. "Okay, but Newt," "Hmm" "You'll come too right?" I said. Of course love."

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