Charlie and Amelia were happy.
Until he left her... only to return four years later.

Will she stay with her boyfriend?
Or go back to her Prince Charming?


4. • Two •

[WARNING; sexual chapter]


Songs for this chapter:
- Thinking of you | Katy Perry
- Lay me down | Sam Smith
- Loved You First | One Direction
- We don't talk anymore | Charlie Puth, ft. Selena Gomez


Chapter Two.


"Babe! I'm home!" Dylan yells and I hear the sound of the front door closing. I close my eyes in agony by the loud slam he causes, and the throbbing of my headache seems to grow even more.

Ever since Charlie followed me home, my head feels like it's on fucking fire, and even though I downed three glasses of water and an Advil, it still won't seem to go away.

After a few clattering sounds and some heavy footsteps, Dylan pops his head in through the door to the living room, where I'm currently snuggled up in two layers of carpets and with a steaming cup of tea between my hands.

His smile is wide, and his dirty blond, slightly red, hair is glistening in the rain that's pouring outside. He's wearing a black sweater and has already changed into his grey sweats. He sits down beside me, leans in and places a sweet kiss on my lips, his lips leaving a sweet taste and a smile on my lips. "How's your day been at the café?"

"Uh, good. Slow like usual," I smile, and try my best to push the pain from today away from my mind, and instead try and focus on my boyfriend, who's sitting beside me, taking a hold of my tea and taking a sip of it himself.

Though my try to, half, lie about my day at the café, he seems to notice that I'm hiding something and that something is something really important to me. He leans closer, puts the mug down on the table and pauses the movie that I've been half watching, half falling asleep to. "What's wrong, love? Did something happen today?"

"No, no. Nothing important," I start and give him a small, forced smile, which he clearly doesn't buy, as he raises his brow and stares at me like I'm an idiot. "I just, uh, had a run-in with a customer, that's all."

Dylan and I officially met three years ago, and I immediately started to take a liking to him. It had been a year since the day Charlie vanished, and my heart was still a blubbering mess, but Dylan seemed to be the only one, who was actually able to take my mind off of Charlie and instead make me smile and not cry.

"Are you sure it's nothing? It looks like you've seen a ghost or something?" He questions and furrows his brows and tilts his head slightly. No, not a ghost, just my ex-boyfriend who I haven't seen in four years and who suddenly wants to spend time with me.

"No not a ghost. Just an annoying customer. Don't worry, Dyl, he didn't bother me for long," I smile and lean into his shoulder, and he puts a reassuring shoulder around my arm and squeezes it gently to let me know that he's here.

Why can't I get that annoying customer out of my head, though? Why can't I seem to find a single spot in my mind, that's not occupied by that once curly-haired guy? Why can't I stop thinking about how his lips once felt on mine, and how perfect the two of us fitted together?

This morning when I woke up, I woke up to the sight of my perfect boyfriend, with his hair sprawled across his pillow and soft snores leaving his tinted lips, only a few thoughts about my ex-boyfriend entering my head, though quickly leaving. He wasn't going to come back, and I wasn't ever going to see him ever again.

At least that's what I thought.

I need a serious diversion, and even though I know that it's wrong, a really good one is sitting with his arm around me, and with a small smile on his lips as he watches the movie in front of us. Seriously wrong.

"Dyl?" I whisper and his brown eyes swiftly flicker to mine, before getting back to the screen.


"I want you," I say and with the tip of my fingers, graze his cheekbone and turn his head towards me. His eyes widen slightly, but he doesn't have time to respond as I crash my lips onto his and wrap my hands around his neck.

It takes him some time to understand what's happening, but when he finally does, his lips move in perfect sync with mine and I let out a content moan, causing him to tighten the grip he has around my arm, and slowly pushes me backwards, so I'm lying down on the couch; my legs wrapped around his waist, and my arms wrapped around his neck, never breaking the heated kiss.

"Fuck, Milly." He groans and slowly lifts me and with slow steps walks towards our bedroom. He pushes the door open with his shoulder and his lip start to work its magic on my jaw and down my neck, and I let out a pleased moan.

He gently lays me down on the mattress, his eyes scanning over my body, which is still fully clothed. I grab the collar of his black sweater and pull it over his head, leaving him with a toned, bare chest on full display. He copies my actions and soon my shirt is lying on the floor with his sweater.

We teasingly undress each other, and by every item that lands on the floor, he gives me a sweet, but heated, kiss that tells me just how much I wants this. As much as me, I guess. Though at the moment, I'm doing this for all the wrong reasons.

I'm doing this to forget how Dylan's fingers, don't have the same teasing heat over them. Or how I miss opening my eyes after a kiss and look into emerald green, and not chocolate brown. I'm trying to forget how those green eyes used to rake over my body, and how he would bite his lips in a way to not let a scream out.

But no matter how hard I'm trying, I can't seem to forget it, and instead keep imagining that it's him that's pleasing my needs, and not my actual boyfriend, whose eyes is full of passion and lust as they look at my now naked body, that's lying for only him to touch.

He reaches into the drawer beside my head and pulls a silver, folio packet out and rips it open. He pulls the condom down his exposed member and quickly hurries to hover over me, licking his lips before connecting them with mine. The tip of his length teases my entrance and he lets out a heavy breath before pushing inside me.

His thrusts are gentle and loving, and I know that he's putting every emotion into this, and by the look in his eyes, I can feel the love radiating from his sweaty body.

"I love you, Milly, so, so much," he pants and picks up the speed of his tantalizing movements. His lips meet the sensitive skin on my neck and he sucks slightly and I moan at the combination of it all. My hands find their way to his messy hair, and I tug at the roots and bite my lip to conceal a high-pitched moan.

"I love you too, Char- Dylan." My eyes widen and I pray to the Gods above, that Dylan didn't hear, but considering his loud moans and grunts, I'd say that there's no risk that he heard.

Charlie. I was just about to say, Charlie, while having sex with my boyfriend. What is it with this man and him taking over my entire being with just one look? What is it about him that makes me doubt everything I believe in, and have been trying to build up in the past four years? What is it about him that makes him able to knock down the walls I've built up, with just one smile?

What is it about him, that makes me unable to forget him?

"I-I'm close," Dylan rips me out of the jumble in my head and I look up at the man that's currently whispering small proclaims of love and lust in my ear while lazily taking his last thrusts, and covering my face with small sloppy kisses.

I come the same time as him, and he slowly pulls out of me and lays down beside me, after having thrown the condom out in the trash. His breathing is ragged and his face is flushed with a deep crimson colour, that's matching his red, parted lips, that's letting small huffs of air out.

"Wow that was...- amazing," he smiles and turns his head to look at me. I want to reply to him. Tell him that I love him, and I want him to be the only one to ever hold me like that ever again. But I'm afraid that what will come out of my mouth, will only be the name of the guy that's ruining my life all over again.

Silence falls upon us, and the only sound that can be heard is our breathing and loud heartbeats. The sheet is lightly wrapped around our naked bodies, and we're lying close, so close our skin is touching. I close my eyes, thinking about how it would feel if it was Charlie lying there, naked beside me. But it's thoughts I can't afford to think.

A loud knock on the front door, makes us snap our head in the direction of the noise, and Dylan lets out a heavy sigh, but before he can get up, I look at him, put a hand on his chest and smile, and wrap the sheet around my naked body before getting up and walking towards the rapid knocking.

I can't help the growing gnawing in the pit of my stomach as I near the door and bite my lip. Something inside me tells me to not open the door, because the person behind might be the guy I walked away from earlier, but then there's the other part of it. The part that tells me that it couldn't possibly be him, for why would he show up here? He doesn't care.

My fingers wrap around the door handle, and I slowly push it down and pull the door open. Before being able to see who's standing behind it, a body rushes towards me and warm lips crash on mine. The taste the lips leaves is familiar, yet somewhat unfamiliar. Like, I know where I've tasted it before, but it seems like ages ago.

It takes me a moment to understand who it is that's planted his lips on me before I notice the familiarity the warm hands on my cheeks have, and how I wish that he would open his eyes so I can admire their colour. Charlie.

I don't have the time to either reciprocate the kiss, or pull away, as Charlie suddenly lets go of me, and the contact we had is lost. His wide and surprised eyes meet mine, before drifting over a figure behind me.

"What the hell, mate?!" Dylan yells and gently shoves Charlie's chest with a firm push. Charlie's eyes are wide and puzzled as they scan the scene before him, but after a few seconds, he seems to understand what is happening.

His eyes harden as they land on the sheet that's covering my body, and the single pair of boxers that Dylan slipped on, and I know that he understands what has just been going on. "Wha- what's going on? Amelia?" Charlie stutters and looks me in the eyes.

I bite the tears back and instead wrap an arm around Dylan's waist, and watch how Charlie watches my every move with anger and sadness. I know that it's a childish move, to flaunt it in Charlie's eyes that I've got a new boyfriend, but I don't know what else to do. I know I love Dylan, but since I laid my eyes on Charlie, I'm starting to doubt everything.

"Milly, you know this guy?" Dylan asks with disbelief and anger laced with the words he speaks. I know what this might look like to him. A foreign guy suddenly shows up, seemingly out of the blue, and kisses his girlfriend, who he then discovers isn't really a foreign guy after all.

"Uh, Dylan, this is Charlie. Charlie, this is...- my boyfriend, Dylan," I sigh and look up at Charlie, whose jaw is almost touching the ground.

When I first met Dylan, he, of course, could sense that something wasn't right with the closed-off girl, with a temper and bad attitude, but then I told him why. I told him about the boyfriend that I thought I would grow old with, who suddenly left me without a single word spoken. How I hadn't seen him for an entire year, and how I just wished, with all of my being, that I could just forget him and let the pain go away.

And immediately when Charlie's name slips my mouth, Dylan wraps a protecting arm around my waist and glares at Charlie, who looks like he's dying from shame and guilt. "This is Charlie? The bloke that left you years ago?!"

Me and Charlie both flinch my the loudness of Dylan's voice, and I look shamefully down at my feet. I don't know why I feel shame for telling Dylan about me and Charlie. I mean, he had a right to know why the girl he liked was as closed-off and sad as she was, and I needed to tell someone. Someone other than my newly-found best-friend, who didn't really know how to handle me crying my eyes out every time at work.

"Dylan, please don't make a big thing-"

"What the fuck did you think you were doing, coming here and just kissing her after the hell you put her through!?" Dylan continues, in the same noise level. I've always dreamt of boys fighting over me, but it is far from ideal, having your current boyfriend yell at your ex-boyfriend in a way, that I think, he thinks is sweet and loving, but really just makes me feel bad for Charlie, who's bowing his head in shame, by hearing the consequences his actions had on my side.

"I- I don't...- I didn't know... I thought that maybe..." Charlie struggles to form a coherent sentence and keeps his eyes glued to his feet like they were a treasure that no one had ever seen.

His hair is pushed back and his lips are pressed into a tight line, and without thinking further, I turn around, plant a quick kiss on Dylan's lips, and push him slightly back. "Dylan, please give us a moment."

"No! Amelia, I don't-"

"Please, Dyl. Don't worry, I'm just going to tell him to stay away from me, yea?" I look him in his blazing, brown eyes and they immediately soften. He nods shortly, and before closing the door behind him, he kisses me tenderly on the lips, holding it a second too long, just to show Charlie who I'm with. But it's been four years, Charlie doesn't have a right to be offended by me moving on.

When I hear the door closing, I take a step back and lean on the closed door; looking suspiciously at Charlie, who's looking me intensely in the eyes. It's first then I notice the redness in his eyes, and how he sniffs every five seconds. He's been crying.

"What are you doing here, Charlie?" I ask with a firm voice and tighten the grip on the sheet, that Charlie keeps glaring at with venom in his eyes.

"Boyfriend? You've got a boyfriend, Mills?!" He questions and narrows his eyes at me, his jaw set and his hands pressed into fists. I give him a surprised look, but then quickly glare at his audacity to actually be angry with me for having a boyfriend, despite it being four years since he left me.

"What, you expected me to just sit around and wait four years for you to finally come back? Do you really think that lowly of me?!" I take a step towards him and jab a finger into his firm chest, but he doesn't even flinch the slightest. "It was you who left, remember?! It was you who just disappeared, so you have no right what-so-ever to just show up and kiss me!"

Tears are threatening to spill at any moment, but I bite my cheek to hold them back. "Well, I hadn't expected that you would just jump into another man's arms!" He yells, equally as high as I did, but the loudness of it doesn't do anything but add fuel to the fire that's burning inside of me.

"I didn't just 'jump into another man's arms'! I waited a year for you, but it was pretty damn clear that you weren't planning on showing up any time soon, and Dylan was there, to pick up the pieces of my heart that you shattered!"

I don't notice that I'm crying until Charlie reaches out and swipes his thumb across my cheek; catching the falling tears with ease. I close my eyes and pull my lips into my mouth, mentally cursing myself out for enjoying the burning feeling his touch leaves. A burn that I've been missing and craving for four years without it.

"Don't say that," he sobs and cups my cheek with his hand, and takes a step towards me. I don't have the energy to take one back, so I just stand still, and let him cup my other cheek too. He licks his lips and looks me straight in the eyes, his eyes glossy and on the verge of spilling tears. "Don't say that he was there. Don't pain me like that, Amelia."

"But it's true...- you weren't there, and he was."

"I know. God, I know, and I'm so, so sorry. I- I wish I didn't leave you, Mills I really do." he breathes and steps closer, now standing right in front me; his eyes never leaving mine, and his hands never leaving its place on my tear-stained cheeks.

"Then why did you?" I whisper, closing my eyes and leaning into his hand.

"Shh...- it doesn't matter, I'm here now, Mills. I'm here and I'm...- I'm not leaving ever again," he whispers and pulls me in for an embrace, to which I regretfully enjoy and wrap my arms around his neck, and bury my face in his neck and take in the smell of his familiar cologne.

I feel so unbelievably guilty for doing this to Dylan, but I need to just be in Charlie's arms just one last time to try and remember what it feels like to have him with me before I push him away and go into the arms of my loving boyfriend.

I want to stay here forever with Charlie, but at the same time, I know that I can't let him back into my life. Like Dylan said: Charlie put me through the worst kind of hell, and he can't just show up here and think he can just swoop back into my life, and expect me to have waited with open arms and open heart. I can't let him drag me down to hell yet again.

"It doesn't change anything, Charlie," I sob. I know that I'm making his shirt wet as hell, but right now, I don't care. I need to cry and show the broken man, whose arms I'm in, that somewhere deep inside my frozen heart, is a love that will always beat for him, but he needs to know, that I can't possibly let him dry my heart and find that love, because then I will end in tears.

"What do you mean?" He whispers and presses his lips to my forehead. I squeeze my eyes shut and let out another set of tears and bite my lower lip to try and just control it a bit.

"I'm still with Dylan, Charlie. You coming here doesn't change that." I say and pull away, and I open my eyes and look into his green eyes, that tears up and fills with sadness and at loss of any sign of hope.

"What? No, Mills, I- I can't be without you!" He pleads and tries to take me back into his arms, but I take a step back, press my hand on his chest to keep a certain distance and look away.

"I'm sorry, Charlie. I- I just can't do this again." And with that, I turn around and grab the door handle, completely ignoring his profanity and empty promises of staying this time around. Nonetheless, I open the door and with a last glance at him, I close the door and dry the new tears away from my cheeks, where I can still feel his touch.

I know I did the right thing by leaving him. I know that, but I still can't help but feeling a need for opening the door and jump on him and doing everything to feel his lips on mine yet again. But it's no use; I'm with Dylan, and Charlie has nothing to do back in my life.

I just wish it didn't hurt so much to let him go, again


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