Charlie and Amelia were happy.
Until he left her... only to return four years later.

Will she stay with her boyfriend?
Or go back to her Prince Charming?


3. • One •

Songs for this chapter:
- Walking in the wind | One Direction.
- Everything has changed | Taylor Swift, ft. Ed Sheeran.
- Hello | Adele
- Chasing pavements | Adele


Chapter One.

Life has been nothing but a broken shell the last four years. I don't know what did it; maybe it was the inevitable of him leaving me behind. I have always known that he would never be with me for long. 

He's a free spirit, and I was foolish for thinking that he'd ever stay. 

But the hurt of him suddenly being gone, it's still prominent. Everything still reminds me of him, even after so long time. In the first couple of weeks after he left, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, but most of all; I couldn't love. 

I have tried, but no one ever seemed to make me feel the way that he did. I wouldn't go as far as saying that he was my one true love, but it was definitely something like that. He and I had something extraordinary going on, and when I lost that, I was broken. Absolutely broken.

"Can you take orders now? I'm absolutely exhausted from that man over there," Sam says and points over to an elderly man with his lips set in a hard line. I let out a chuckle and roll my eyes at Sam's childishness, but make my way over to the man with the eternal scowl. 

"Is there anything I can help you with, sir?" I ask sweetly and smile down at the man. He lets out a scoff and tells me everything is fine, and with a nod, I walk over to finish my orders from before.

In the middle of making a coffee, the bell that signals that someone has entered the cafe goes off and I nod to Sam who's silently asking if I'm fine with taking his costumer. We do that all the time; changing shifts. Though, it's almost always Sam who wants to change, mostly because some old person has been rude to my best friend. 

Turning around, I try to spot the new person that have entered the café and spot short, brown hair, covered in raindrops. I put on my best smile and walk over to the table. 

Without looking at the stranger, I look down at my notepad and ask what he wants. "A black coffee, please," comes the answer, but by the sounds of his voice, I look up. Up into the eyes of someone, I have desperately tried to forget all about.

His green eyes are shining in the rain and his black coat is covered in rain. His once beautiful, long, wavy locks, have been turned into short, barely curly hair, that has lost its glow in the past four years. He looks more mature now than what he did before. That's what four years does to a person; it changes you from the inside out.

"Hi," he smiles and I almost smile back, suddenly forgetting what a hell he has put me through. But then I remember, and my eyes harden and my lips are pressed into a tight line.

He's here.

He's actually here. After four years, he's finally here, sitting in front of me with a wide smile plastered on his heath-shaped lips, and his dimples carved deep into his cheeks. "You...- you're here?" I whisper and briefly close my eyes to make sure I'm not dreaming or hallucinating this. 

"Looks like it." He gives a sad smile and a crease spreads on his forehead, sending a serious look, out. It feels like all air has been knocked out of my lungs, and my throat feels suddenly hoarse. I'm unable to speak. 

Many thoughts run through my head and I can't seem to find an end or beginning to any of them, and it's the same with all of my feelings, that are currently flying all over the place. But then I latch on to one single feeling. A feeling that I've been harbouring for four years, and now finally have the chance to express.

Anger. Anger from all of the years that I've been in the dark and wondering where the hell my boyfriend suddenly disappeared to. Anger from the non-existing goodbye note that I received, or even a simple sorryNothing

"What are you doing here?" I ask with anger laced into every word I speak.

"Ordering coffee, obviously." His smile widens, and even though I hate his guts, the sight never fails to make my insides melt. His dimples are still prominent and his slightly crooked teeth fit perfectly with his pink, heart-shaped lips. 

"Right," I mutter and turn around to make his coffee, but get stopped by a hand wrapped around my wrist; stopping me from walking away, like he once did from me. I turn around and look him in the eyes. 

"When are you off from work?" He asks with a sigh and let go of my wrist, and I notice a little cross by his finger. He had once told me that he would never get a tattoo, no matter what. He thought that it was poison to your blood, and he would never put himself through that. Guess he changed his mind.

"Why are you asking?"

"I want to spend time with you. We could go to that park where we used to look at the stars?" He looks so different. His skin has paled in the four years. He has gone thinner, and his cheekbones is much more visible. His green eyes, that once matched the trees in the park, have now faded into a matte green, that's barely there. 

The boy that was once full of life and joy, has been turned into a hollow shell, with no trace of emotions or of a past. 

"Sorry, I can't today. Or ever," I say through gritted teeth, and turn around, leaving him looking perplexed after the girl, whose life he once walked out of without looking back.

With determined steps, I walk over to Sam and let out a small grunt and blow a loose strand of hair away from my face, only for it to fall down again, and I let a frustrated sigh out. 

"Woah, what's got you suddenly so stressed?" Sam asks and puts a comforting hand on my shoulder. I shrug and close my eyes momentarily, not wanting to accidently look at the boy who almost ruined my life. 

Have you ever had the feeling of being absolutely nothing without a certain person? You love this person, and you would take a bullet for him or her. To say the least, your whole world revolves around this one person. What would you do, if suddenly, this person was just gone?

I know what I'd do.

I'd simply die, but I'd still be breathing. 

"Nothing, I'm just a little stressed. Y'know with work and all," I reply and rub my temples with my finger and open my eyes and connect them with Sam's worried, hazel eyes. 

"You sure, Aims? You look like you're ready to murder the next person who as much as looks at you," he jokes and gently nudges my arm with his shoulder and gives me a small smile, which I happily return. 

"Yea I'm sure. Thank you though." I smile at him and return to the coffee that's brewing behind me, sending the perfect aroma out and fills the air in the cosy cafe, where distant laughter and talking is coming from people, who's searching for a refugee. 

They are one of the main reasons that I wanted to work here in the first place. The people. They all come here for different reasons; some to get away from something, others to watch the girl that's always sitting in the back corner with a steaming cup of hot chocolate between her hands, waiting for the perfect opportunity to go over and talk to her. 

Then there are people like me. People who like to watch the other people, as stalker-ish as that may sound. Get people's life stories just by looking at them, getting to know each of the customers a little better.

There was once this old lady, Patricia was her name, and she used to always sit at the table in the middle of the café, watching each person that stopped by her. One time, I asked why she always came here at that specific time every day, and she answered, that this café was her late husband's favourite in all of London, and he died on that very specific time.

That's another reason I love the café; for its history. So many people have come and gone over the years, and I wish that I one day, could end up like one of them. With so many tales to tell my grandchildren, about how I used to work at a café where an old lady named Patricia used to come, and where an old man used to sing in front of the café, no matter what weather that was pouring down on him. 

But of course, the one, main, reason, which I'll never fully admit to, to why I'm working here, was the desperate need to start over. Start a new life without the remembrance of the curly-haired boy that used to be my everything, but whom suddenly decided that a life without me, was what he needed. 

"Aims? Amelia? You still with us?" Sam waves a hand in front of me and snaps me out of my daze. I blink a couple of times before I focus my eyes on his broad smile. 

"Sorry what?" I look up at him as he lets out a couple of chuckles and shakes his head. 

"I said that we're off. Are you coming, or are you just going to be standing there and looking into the thin air?" He laughs and I roll my eyes and laugh with him. Sam goes into the seating area of the cafe to finish up a bit and take the last couple of cups and plates that he missed the first time around, and in the meantime, I wrap my scarf around me and pull my coat on.

"Hey, sorry, we're closing up, I'm afraid you need to leave." I hear Sam's kind voice tell a customer and I smile at his kindness. I know how he hates those customers' that always waits until the last minute to leave, and let us wait for them and put our own lives on hold. Sometimes I think they do it on purpose and mentally laugh at us when we, for the fifth time, tell them to leave. 

"Sorry, I'm just waiting for Amelia to finish. I'm walking her home," I hear the customer reply and a shiver runs down my spine. He did not do that! I clench my jaw and walk towards the voices and push the small door open, and stare at the two men standing there, both with smiles on their faces. 

Their eyes snap over to me by the sound of my loud steps, and at first they look a little taken aback by my scowl and harsh eyes, but after two seconds Sam smiles at me and Charlie's smile widens even further, as if I'm Santa that came with thousands of presents just for him. 

"Aims, I didn't know you knew this guy? Who did you say you were again?" Sam smiles and looks at the green-eyed guy, that seems adamant to ruin my mood, that actually was really good this morning when I woke.

"I don't," I say at the same as the monster says his name, confusing Sam even further. 

"Okay? Anyway, it was nice to meet you Charlie, and Amelia, use protection," he smirks and winks in my direction before slowly walking towards the door, slightly laughing at my horrified expression, and Charlie's smirk. "Now I'll let you two kids alone, and have some fun." 

And with that, Sam is gone, leaving me and Charlie alone to strangle each other. Good, then he might leave me alone.

I lock eyes with Charlie, who has a big smile on his face and with his hands buried deep in the pockets of his black coat. I roll my eyes and push past him and start to walk towards the exit and get as far away from Charlie as possible. 

I push the door open with my shoulder and walk down the pavement, unfortunately hearing footsteps walking right behind me all the time. I pull my scarf further up and bury my hands in the pockets of my jacket, wishing that I had worn a different jacket today, because the cold winter air is biting. 

"So, where do you live?" I hear from behind me, and I clench my jaw and try my best to shake my anger off and just ignore him. 

"Why do you care?" I seethe and try to ignore him as he walks up beside me, and look at me with a sad expression with his brows knitted. He stops and grabs my elbow, turning me around so that I'm facing him and his stupid face, and what I see is heartbreaking. 

I see a broken man. His tearful eyes are ready to spill all of his secrets, in the form of tears. His pale skin looks even paler in the cold air, and his black coat does nothing to help that problem. If you didn't know him, you probably wouldn't think too much about his appearance, but for me, a person that knows him like no one else, I know that what I'm seeing is broken.

Like a porcelain doll that has been dropped one too many times, with glossy eyes, dull hair and a sad excuse for a smile.

"What? You think I don't care about you? Why would think that, Mills?" He whispers and tilts his head to the side, still with his hands around my elbow. 

I feel the tears well up in my eyes and I bite my lip to try and contain them from falling. How can he even ask that? He left me for four years, without even an explanation, of course, I think he doesn't care. Which he doesn't.

"Oh, I don't know, Charlie. Maybe it was you leaving? Or the fact that I've never even gotten an explanation to as why you left?" I yell, probably gaining an audience, but not caring the slightest at the moment. Right now, I just need to yell at the guy that has caused me nothing but heartbreak and misery. 

He pulls his lips into his mouth and closes his eyes; a habit that I know he does when he doesn't want to cry. Though he's not succeeding as a tear slides down his stubbly cheek, but he quickly dries it off. "Don't think that I don't care, Mills. I do. I know you don't think I do, but I really do."

The hand that's holding my elbow in place slowly slides down my arm and touches my hand, where he tries to entwine our fingers, but just as he's about to do it, I let out a sob and pull my hand away from him burning touch. Tears are now falling down my cheeks and loud sobs fall from my lips. 

"D-don't call me that. That name symbols something good, but you...- you ruined that completely when you decided to just leave me." I push his hand away with a strong force and glare at him as our eyes meet. His expression softens and a frown appears on his strong features. 

"You really hate me, don't you?" He lets out a humourless chuckle and looks down at the pavement with pained eyes. 

"How could I not?" I whisper and with a last look at him, turn on my heel and walk away from him, hoping to just leave him there, with his head bowed in shame and with tear-stained cheeks. Like how he deserves. 

As a gust of wind hits me, the tears again start to fall and stain my cheeks with its salty liquid. To think that he just shows up like that after four years with nothing as much as a phone call, and don't even say sorry or try to explain why

Why he just left me like that. Because if cares as much as he said, then I must mean as much to him as to get that so wanted explanation, right? I mean, if he truly cares, then he would be running after me with pleading eyes and beg for my forgiveness, but he's not. He's standing by himself, looking after me as I walk away from him. 

I keep telling myself that this is what he deserves. This is what he deserves for leaving me, and just coming back like that. But even though I keep telling myself that, I still try to convince my heart not to turn around and swing my arms around his neck, and kiss him till I can't breathe. 

But in the end, I make it home to my apartment without as much as looking back once, and just keep my eyes looking straight forward and focused on getting home and under my duvet, so I can cry my eyes out and tell myself that leaving him today like that, is what is going to do me good. 

At least that's what I'm telling myself, despite the whole new hole in my already broken heart.


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