Final Defense

the six main characters are a super S.W.A.T team created by the government. the team is sent to a worldwide theme park and are ordered to retrieve a very important item. but what happens when a contagious virus is spread within the theme park? were they set up? did someone plan this to happen? or was it some kind of freak accident? read and discover the ugly truth.


2. CHAPTER 2 Don’t Look Back

life has many ways of testing a persons will either by having nothing happen or having everything happen all at once  - PAULO  COELHO

5:45 am military base garage

"wow valentine you did a great job with the engine, maybe this time the van will run without breaking down"said eve.

"Thanks boss I tried my best, it was a little difficult at first, but I managed to get through it" She said with a shy smile.

"Well no matter how hard it was you fixed it, and you did it in record timing. Now load up we've got a long ride ahead of us".

As eve was putting her gear on she noticed a small blue book about the size of a mini diary. "What's this?" She said as she picked up the book.

Christian w. Woods was engraved on the cover of the diary. "Hm that's odd this is my dads journal, but what's it doing out here?".as she was about to open his journal jay called out to her. She quickly put down the journal and turned around. "Yes?" she said looking towards jay.

"Are you ready we'll be leaving in 10 minutes" he said loading his gun.

"Yea I'm ready lets move we have to get to our destination as early as possible" eve said nodding to her team and got into the back of the van.


8:59 am on the road

As zero sat across from his his little sister he wondered what she was thinking. when it came to eve nothing seemed to faze her, it was like she was a zombie.  if she got hurt she would just get back up, and continue doing what she was doing. she could be bleeding out, and she wouldn't care! he knew it wasn't right to think like that, but that was his little sister, and sometimes he couldn't help but wonder what went on in her head. 

eve stared out the back window not paying any attention to anyone "hey eve" said zero. she turned her head to look at her brother. and gave him a look with her eyes saying that it was okay to continue talking. "where do you think they're sending us" he asked her. she shrugged her shoulders not wanting to say anything. and continued to look out the back window.

"uh eve, zero I think you should come see this" said Marcus. eve and zero looked at each other confused and made their way to the front of the van.

"what's the problem?" said zero . 

"look at the GPS it changed we're heading to a theme park. i'm not sure what the hell just happened but I think you need to inform Dr. woods, and see whats going on" said Marcus 

"i'm on it, I'll let the others know whats going on" zero said while moving back to melody, and jay. at that moment eve grabbed zeros arm pulling him back to front. "whats wrong?" he said immediately looking at eve shocked. 

"I have an idea" she said she leaned over valentines shoulder and pressed a small black button on the radio. zero was about to ask her why she was putting the radio on until he heard  a female voice. 

"good morning miss woods how may I as sist you this morning?" that voice!... it sounds like Carmen, but how does she know eve? they never met, at least I thought they never did.  

"call Dr. woods for me would ya" commanded eve.  

"of course is that all?" she said 

"yes" said eve sternly. as I could see she was starting to get a bit frustrated by Carmen, I don't know why though this is the first time I ever saw eve get so annoyed. 

"hello everyone now I know you're probably wondering about the change in your destination, but please try not to call me when i'm researching"  said a stern male voice.  

my father, I should kill him but if I did that then they would kill eve...dammit there's nothing I can do!. 

"why did you change the location" said eve.

"there's been a change of plans, this is where the new item is located. go there and search for the item, then make your way back here, but whatever you do don't open the item. I repeat with extreme caution DO NOT open the item do I make myself clear?".

yes sir said eve "we'll make sure to bring it back in one piece".    

dial tone

after that I went to the back to talk to melody, and jay about what just happened. when I looked to my side I could see eve was still talking to Marcus and Valentine. 

"hey eve what do you think this is all about? do you think its a trap?" asked valentine. eve said nothing, she seemed to be thinking about something. 

"whatever it is we'll find out sooner or later¨ eve said while looking at the  birds in the sky.


"here we are" said valentine "canon adventure theme park". the theme park was huge it at least took a few days to walk the entire park. 

as eve and her team got out the back of the van, with their weapons, they noticed the people around them staring at them. "so much for blending in" mumbled jay.

"should we split up?" asked melody. 

"no we stay together....I got a bad feeling about this place so lets move out as one" ordered eve.

as they started to search the park for the item, they noticed that they were at an unfinished part of the park. the park was brand new, and was only opened for 9 mouths. they stood at the front of the unfinished hotel castle. "they say there's supposed to be at least 300 rooms but it doesn't seem like its getting done fast enough like they said it would" said jay.

eve wasn't interested in the construction of the park hotel. she was more interested in the strange chills she was getting from the park. what the hell is this bad feeling i'm getting? this place is bad news she said to herself.  

just as eve was thinking that, a bloodcurdling scream was heard throughout the park. "what the hell was that?" said Marcus. 

"I don't know but we better keep moving" said zero, everyone nodded their heads is agreement.


"someone please! someone please help my son the blood won't stop coming out!" yelled a woman. she sat on her knees holding her son in her arms. "its okay baby mama's going to get you some help". she looked around at all the people staring at her in horror. she laid her son down, on the ground, and tried to get up, but was pulled down by her son with immense strength. "Alex?" she said. she didn't realize that her son was no longer her son, but now a monster of the undead. he lunged at her shoulder, and bit down hard on her flesh. she screamed in pain and horror that her son just bit her and was now eating her alive. 

"Alex no stop someone help me! "she screamed. the people around her ran in all directions, trying to get away from the gruesome scene. she fell over on to her back, and kicked her son off of her. she thought that would stop him, but it didn't, he got back up, and started to make his way to her once again. "oh my god" she mumbled. she quickly got up, and started to run as fast as her legs could go.

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