Final Defense

the six main characters are a super S.W.A.T team created by the government. the team is sent to a worldwide theme park and are ordered to retrieve a very important item. but what happens when a contagious virus is spread within the theme park? were they set up? did someone plan this to happen? or was it some kind of freak accident? read and discover the ugly truth.


1. CHAPTER 1 The Beginning Of The End

I wish all your dreams come true but keep in mind nightmares are dreams too- UNKNOWN

everything was pitch black, the only thing that could be heard were the voices of two people....a man, and a little girl. "everything's going to be okay ray, don't worry about a thing, i'll fix you".

I could hear the little girl's voice shaking with fear. "daddy you won't let me die right?...promise you won't leave me" she said on the verge of tears.

"I promise baby girl.....goodnight ".

".....DADDY! ".

I woke up gasping for air, my body was submerged in a cold sweat, and I couldn't stop shaking. I sat up clenching my chest looking around my room, thinking that someone was there... when there wasn't. I took in a deep breath, and let the air out slowly, hoping that would help slow my racing heart. "shit another nightmare" I muttered to myself. "well these sheets aren't going to clean themselves" I said looking back at my wet bed sheets. I got up out of my soaked bed and got into the shower.


as I stepped into the shower I could feel all the fear bottled up inside draining from my body. As the water pounded down on my skin my mind began to wonder back to the dream I had. "Who were they? I don't recall meeting either of these people. I don't understand? what happened to her, and why don't I know who they are?!".

I placed my head on the shower wall, and sighed with defeat. "I guess I'll find out when the time is right.... humph". I proceeded with my shower until the water started to get cold and quickly got dressed. I sighed heavily "I wonder what's for breakfast today, even though I don't even care for what's on the menu. my stomach is all tied up in knots, I don't think I'll be having breakfast today". I grabbed my wet sheets and started walking out to the laundry chute.


"come on zero 1 more rep, lets go, move it, 5...4...3...2...and 1!. great job zero you bench pressed 275 that's a new record, don't you think?"said melody.

"yea it's a new record alright but it's still not enough hey pass me a bottle while you're over by the cooler". I sat on the bench breathing hard, and my head in my hands. "oh man" I thought to myself, I hope she finds out the truth sooner or later".

"here you go zero drink up you'll need it". melody handed me a freezing cold bottle of water. oh "hey look she's finally up I guess she couldn't sleep forever right?" said melody jokingly.

as eve was passing the glass gym someone called out to her. "hey eve!" when she turned around she was met by two smiling men and a woman.

"...good morning jay good morning marcus".

"hey don't forget me" said the dark haired woman. eve showed the girl a kind smile "good morning valentine". eve's smile dropped quickly, and asked with coldness "did you finish working on the van like I asked you too?".

"uh yes ma'am, it seems that it took a little longer than I expected it too, but the job did get done just like you said" she stuttered.

"good girl now if you'll excuse me I have some business to take care of" she said while turning around. "I expect you all to be in the V.R room in 10 minutes do I make myself clear?".

"ma'am yes ma'am!" they all said.

"oh and jay go get melody, and zero too understood?".

"ma'am yes ma'am", and with that they went their separate ways.


"fuck!" whispered jay "eve is racing through this damn virtual course like there's no tomorrow". as jay was climbing a virtual wall, an arrow came flying his way. shit this is it i'm done just as he was thinking that someone pulled him over the wall.

"next time I won't be saving your ass now hurry up we're almost done we just gotta make it to the finish line before the others" eve said coolly. jay looked at eve's outstretched hand and grabbed it. eve gripped his hand, and helped him off the ground with immense strength.

"lets go then" he said with a grin. eve grinned back, and started to run towards the finish line with jay. they both finished before anyone could get there. when everyone was there eve made everyone line up.

"listen up guys we got company today, he's a very important man. we'll be visited by a military adviser. now I don't know why he's coming but all I was told was that we train in the virtual reality room"-- before eve could finish her sentence, in walked Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker was a well dressed, sharp looking, slim fellow;and he had a look that said he didn't take no for an answer.

"attention!" yelled eve as everyone saluted mr. parker.

"at ease soldiers" said mr. parker. he stood in front of eve and looked her dead in eyes. "are you the leader of this team?" he said coolly.

"sir yes sir! how may I and my team assist you this morning" she said to Mr Parker. Mr. Parker looked at eve intensely, he cleared his throat, and took a step back.

"ms. eve I have a mission for you, and your team you'll be leaving in the morning at 6 am so be ready by then, oh and please try to blend in with the crowd do I make myself clear?".

"sir yes sir!" yelled all of them, and with that Mr. Parker left. eve called out to her team "I don't like the way that guy looked at me something's not right with him" she said coldly

"well whatever the problem is we still have to listen to him whether we like it or not" said zero.

"I know i just-- I don't know there's just something about him i don't like" she said.

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