The Library of Magic Book 2 A novel

Roy, Delia, and Anna, the seer, are at Ryder Keep with Drake...and the dragon. When the evil Sorceress finds out Roy is back home, she uses a group of dark orcs to capture the elf.

The first sequel to The Library of Magic.


2. The Library of Magic Book 2-Part Two


Randall Fortescue ate his stew. 

Dar Kano smiled at him.

"Elsa is here", he said. 

"Is she with the Sorceress?", Randall asked. 

"No​", Dar Kano answered.

"I heard she was".

"You hear a lot of village gossip", he said. Randall shook his head. He was protective of Elsa. Suddenly she walked towards them in a red gown, and black boots on her small feet. "Elsa! How're you doing?", Randall asked. She smiled. "I'm fine, Randall. Mother was concerned about me during the Great Wars when I was young, when she forced me to court Franklin Deere. The marriage lasted six months", she answered. Randall stopped eating. Franklin Deere was a High Elf who wielded a lot of power. "I don't think that I'd force you into marriage...", he said. Elsa laughed. "I'd marry you, Randall. But in several year's time". He nodded, and continued eating his meal.


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